Durian and Acid Survivors Trust International Fundraiser

I have an opportunity to eat the legendary Durian.

Many foreigners have the horror stories about this fruit. And I have heard them all. A whole bunch of people love it and claim it’s the King of Fruits. And a whole bunch of people think these people are clearly mad.

It’s infamous for it’s smell that has been likened to that of a rotting corpse. Which interests me, I figure it’s to attract flies like the Rafflesia. I am no stranger to dead people and India leaves them rather ripe. I have a surgical septic ward here where we have patients with gangrene and that is “rotting” meat. So I am ready for it’s alleged smell. But the fruit is banned from public places in parts of Singapore and Hong Kong.

So it’s a fruit with a delicious taste but a horrifyingly grotesque odour.

If you want photos? I will be in Malaysia for Christmas and I shall be attempting to eat it (or succeeding in it). Then think of this as a fundraiser for ASTI. Yes! That’s still running! Let’s see if we can get closer to the target.


A few people have asked me about whether or not I am involved in the cyclone said to make landfall in a few hours.

Firstly? I am expected to have heavy rain. The Cyclone hits mainly to the North.

Secondly? I am in Tamil Nadu, the Cyclone is set to hit Andhra Pradesh and Orissa which are to the North of here. I should be fine. Thank you for all the concern! I may go take photos of stuff in the rain though.


Reddit – The Philosophy of Rape

This one’s been doing the rounds on places like We Hunted the Mammoth. Reddit I think has an unfair reputation as a hotbed of MRA bullshit, it’s a subsection of the Internet. The majority of people on it have ideas that are like reality, slightly biased towards women. Then there are MRA. And so anyone speaking about women has to (in general) drive against the grain.

There are places for good discussion on Reddit, however there are places where people come into contact with trolls and other examples of racists, sexists and homophobes. So I can’t tell what this one is. Is it a troll? Or is it some manifesto by some misogynist creep. But the fact is many men out there think like this. That they are owed women or that women should like them.  [Read more…]

Common Core – This is why the USA needs more Arithmetic

I am amused by the arguments against the common core.

Primarily because I was a newbie participant in the old “Creationist” wars that many of our more famous atheists (See Aron Ra, PZ Myers, Thunderf00t and indeed Dawkins) were the big voices of atheism speaking for evolution. To see the USA finally admit that it requires a basic standard of excellence to be adhered to is a good thing.

But as always there are people who “simply don’t get it“. [Read more…]