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Apr 02 2014

Pfft! Physioproffe! Who needs him!


Now that Comradde Physioproffe is leaving you should all know… I hate him and everything he stands for. Freethought blogs isn’t big enough for two people who make spelling mistakes and swear a lot. And cooking? Pfft.  Anyone can cook! 

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Mar 29 2014


We have progressed a lot in the UK, today marks the first day we recognise gay marriage. And the UK hasn’t sunk into the ocean or perished in a ball of fire. And at this point I still wish to spend my life with Hera rather than “go gay”. I have no real urge to …

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Mar 24 2014

What Am I Up To?

So I got a “small” job writing a paper. A scientific paper. That’s right… I am going to (fingers crossed) get published. When I (hopefully) have it published then I will be super proud of it and show you all but at the moment it’s a work in progress. Cross your fingers, cross your toes …

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Mar 20 2014

Sam Weaver Redefines “Science”

Every living, rational, sane and sentient human being (including Richard Dawkins, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, “the science guy” and Bill Maher) has a religion. This alone sets the tone for Sam Weaver’s astonishing piece of apologetics, which is a polite word for lying in order to push a religious view. It is a …

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Feb 28 2014


So as many of you will know, I was waiting for my results for my exams hence my absence from blogging for the past few months. The results are out and I have had a setback. I passed both my surgical and medical exams, the issue is obstetrics/gynaecology and paediatrics. I don’t exactly know what …

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Jan 27 2014

Acid Burn Panel for FTBCon2

I am thinking of taking some time off from exam revision to do a panel for Acid Burns and ASTI as part of FTB Con 2 and my fundraiser. So I need suggestions of people to invite (and indeed if you guys want to speak about this) So give me a shout in the comments …

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Jan 25 2014

Hey! It’s Hera’s Birthday!

It’s Hera’s birthday and I am 1. Heading out to an Exam 2. Heading out to a funeral (a distant aunt passed away) So I am rather sorry I cannot be in Manchester to celebrate and inundated with work to boot. *hint* show her some love, she’s been feeling pretty down and I know you …

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Jan 19 2014


Got my first finals tomorrow. Medicine. So cross your fingers, cross your toes and if you can cross your nose because this is it guys. How do I feel? Like I studied enough but with major panic. I know I read topics, I just cannot remember stuff I read. People tell me that’s a good …

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Jan 04 2014

No Post For the Day

No Post for the Day, I have been dealing with another protest today, I am tired and I need to study for my exams. My report on today will go on tomorrow.

Jan 01 2014

Auld Lang Syne

It’s Hogmanay (New Year’s Celebrations) to you and wanted to wish all the readers and people who helped out over the year a Happy New Year from India.  

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