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Jun 30 2014

Musical Monday

Heading in for an exam. Going to leave on this note…

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Jun 26 2014

Ishq Ki Ijazaat

To Not Be Able to Love the One You Love is to have your life wrenched away.

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Jun 20 2014

A Collection of Republican Quotes on Rape

Someone’s collected Republican quotes on rape, it makes for an interesting read. I am sure there will be people who say that there is no rape culture out there but frankly? These are men and women in power at the highest levels who throw women to the wolves for personal power. Have a Look See.

Jun 09 2014


I kind of slept on my back funny and woke up a bit too suddenly! This has resulted in a sprained back making sitting down, standing up and lying down impossibly painful. Since I am still revising for my finals, there will be a period of shorter and fewer posts. This injury has kind of …

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Jun 06 2014

Photos, Merchandise and Cool Stuff

Since a couple of people showed interest in buying prints of my work, I have started a 20/20 account! If you want my photos on canvas prints, photo prints, framed or even as fridge magnets and on t-shirts? Here’s the link!

May 18 2014

Why would you even steal this?

Someone stole Jane’s Venus Fly Trap… Jane has some advice for them.

May 16 2014

Street Preachers at Abortion Clinics

This one’s by Tony Miano from CARM and it is a primer on how to harass women at abortion  clinics.  Few locations present as many challenges to the street preacher as do abortion clinics.  Few situations are more urgent and volital than preaching to people who are entering a building to kill their unborn children. This article …

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May 14 2014

Man Of Kneel Meets the Dark Knight

One of the biggest things bemoaned by the MRA movement and indeed a lot of conservative talking heads is bemoaning the loss of “traditional masculinity”. We bemoan the loss of the man’s man. Or at least the idealised version. Deep Voiced, Broad Shouldered, A Jack of All Trades and maybe a master of one too. …

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May 13 2014

Because My Sub-Species Reproduces by Binary Fission

We are, quite rightly, very often hard on women here at Alpha Game. We need to be, because they spend most of their lives having smoke blown up their pretty little asses by people of both sexes and all ages who want to curry favor with them. Since we want nothing from them, we have …

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May 11 2014


Fire! By which I mean someone left a kitchen stove on and a small block of flats got set on fire. By which I mean most of my night was spent helping people with smoke inhalation. So now I myself have smoke inhalation and am sat here in my clinic hacking up wads of black …

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