Laurie Penny does Not Get The Problem With Gender Segregation

Laurie Penny’s article on the fight against segregation gives me an ample opportunity to take on the issue of segregation. I disagree with her. Her statement that the entire atheist community is filled with “White Men” and that the argument has been co-opted by racists is rather problematic since it actually ignores all the people who are not White Men or indeed not racist but have sincere misgivings about the utilisation of Unviersity Property to behave in a manner that is against the ideals of the University.

I missed the arguments on segregation as I was trying to deal with racism aimed at me for complaining about racism in the gaming community. I know. It’s daft.

But the issue is something that’s tearing up both feminists and secular societies. Many groups think acceptance of gender segregation is acceptable. Many groups have a euphemistic attitude to segregation. And both sides are filled with strawmen.

Let’s be clear. I do not think gender segregation is appropriate. I think that on public land and with societies sponsored with taxpayer money from Student Unions, the emphasis should NOT be on segregation. Now there are defences that people have made against this and I will deal with them in short order.

I don’t write about women’s issues alone. I lack the education in the field. I just write what I know and what I see. I write from the perspective of a man. A non-white man. I am Asian. Like the majority of Muslims in the UK. Our culture is relatively similar with few differences in religious behaviour. The issue with criticising Islam is that any criticism of Islam is fraught with two problems. The dialogue is poisoned by extremists on both sides. On the one side you have people who issue death threats. [Read more…]

Weight Loss?

Why would you lose weight?

Oh well. It’s because you are a woman. You are planning to challenge for a leadership position in the elections. No one votes for a fat woman. No one wants to be represented by that.

John Prescott and Eric Pickles may be corpulent but their weight adds grandeur. I am afraid a woman cannot possibly lose weight without it being political. [Read more…]

National Prayer Breakfast and a further Dig at Atheism

The National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast is not a big event in the British Parliamentary Calendar.

It is however a day set aside to claim that Christianity has a role in making the UK what it is today. With the usual “Christian” spin on it. It’s the usual fallacy that without Christianity the UK will just implode into a world where sinister men wear long johns, cod pieces and bowler hats and visit violence upon the homeless.

It’s the usual batch of apologists. I mean remember these were people (AKA Lord Tebbit) who opposed gay marriage because it would lead to “a lesbian queen” (I imagine old Elizabeth turning around going “PHILIP! Apparently if we allow gays to marry I will have to give up the cock!”. Knowing Philip he probably replied with “Mmm…. Can I Watch?”)

It used to be harmless nonsense. The pitiful  attempts of politicians to desperately try to insert Jesus into a society that doesn’t trust religion be it the hypocrisy of the Catholics, the silliness of the Church of England, the madness of Islam. In fact the only groups with any real faith currency are Hindus, Jews and Sikhs because all three groups are law abiding and don’t try to insert their religion into other people’s lives.

But then people started trying to knock “atheism“. [Read more…]

FGM Hotline

The UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Hotline goes live today.

It is estimated that roughly 70 women a month are brought in with complications with regards to the practice. Most of these are young children.

The UK police are treating the practice as child abuse and a special help line to ask both about legal advice and to seek help if you have or know someone who is at risk or has been subject to this practice. [Read more…]

A Step Forward – Girl Guides

The Girl Guides of the UK have made a change. It’s a minor one really. It’s nothing big. But one that I applaud.

The Girl Guides have given up their “Christian” roots and become a secular organisation. It has changed it’s pledge from mentioning “God” and “Country” with “be true to myself and develop my beliefs” and “community”.

Needless to say? There are always going to be haters. And in this case it’s the Daily Mail. [Read more…]

Losing With Grace

It’s gg and well played to us.

The Church of England has accepted defeat in the fight to give the GLBT the same rights as straight couples. They are officially ceasing their direct support (naturally, Individual priests may still carry the fight) against anti-GLBT marriage.

The scale of the majority in both the Commons and Lords made it clear it was the will of the Parlliment. Well that’s the problem here. The Church still claims the British people are at heart “homophobes”. That we cannot give our grace to two gay people. I say  they are fucking idiots. We may have bigots. But we are more likely to laugh at them than let them rule us.

The EDL may march our streets but when I was in England the racist who yellled at me was sent packing by other people. [Read more…]