Didgeridon’t – Rolf Harris and the harm caused by Trolls/MRA

The heroes of our youth in the UK are no more. They died in ignominy. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville turned out to be paedophiles. While Glitter became synonymous with Child Molestation and went to trial quickly, Sir Jimmy Saville was beloved of many and a knight to boot.

He died and his legacy went down fighting against charges made. Now some may say the victims should have come forward earlier while the man was still alive so he could be punished. Maybe, but do you think we would have listened?

[TW – Rape, Sexual Assault, Paedophilia, Harassment]

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UKIP Daily – You Must Join Us! Or Else? You are One of Them…

The entire dialogue of UKIP can be summed up by this rather charming article.

Join us or terrible things will happen. So considering I have been writing about Islam and atheism and the various issues Islam has.

And I was accused of “islamophobia”. Which was interesting since I demonstrated a fairly advanced knowledge about the issues that was well researched and indeed well known if you paid attention to Islam in the way that we know about the various reforms of the Catholic Church.

So let us look at a genuine piece of Islamophobia.  [Read more…]

We May Have Been Christian, But Now We Are Human

This Easter saw a rather distasteful little issue rear its ugly head. It’s no real secret that the UK is a Christian nation on paper, but that it has made massive and useful strides towards a multicultural and secular society.

But this is not enough for David Cameron and Eric Pickles. David Cameron decided to claim divine inspiration for his “Big Society” plan. A plan that from the outside seems to be “Let’s Cut Funding and Expect the people who paid Taxes to directly cover the slack”. And Mr. Pickles was rather more vehement in his demand that atheists shut up and be part of the “Christian” country and to stop trying to change things towards secularism. [Read more…]

Why UKIP isn’t the one for us

“Perhaps if they did they would be better able to tackle us on policy, rather than having to rely on smear campaigns to try to undermine UKIP’s increasing popularity.

Were we to return the favour we would find an even greater wealth of embarrassment and disgrace in the other three parties’ ranks to also spread across the media.” – UKIP

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Bear Grylls – Women in the Woods

Bear Grylls has a new show in the making and it’s got women a bit hacked off.

The Island Of Lost Blokes will see 12 hardy souls join Grylls in trying to survive on a desert island using just their instincts and ingenuity.

12 Hardy Man Souls that is. Channel 4 didn’t quite think women would be up to the challenge or be willing to participate. [Read more…]

But We Want Gender Segregation

There is a line between Islamophobia and genuine criticism. The problem is Islam doesn’t take criticism well. In response to criticism Islam tends to label ALL criticism as Islamophobic.


Let’s take the usual one. There is a rising problem with radicalisation of young Muslims and a fetishisation of Jihad alongside a literal translation of Islam. To many Muslims the reaction is “All Muslims are Terrorists”. There is an unwillingness to listen to reasonable criticism and ignoring genuine problems and tarring all criticism as racism or islamophobic. [Read more…]

When Human Rights Goes Too Far

The European Court of Human Rights has lost its legitimacy in the UK by doing things that frankly the people of this country and their elected representatives do not want.

“This is not an issue that unites the Coalition. The Conservative Party’s intention is to go into the next election with an absolutely clear plan for change.

“And it is absolutely clear Parliament has the sovereign right to implement that change.

“We have been looking at a number of options, of which leaving the Convention is one.

“It’s not the only option we are considering and we will be bringing forward plans in the next few weeks.

“Later next year we will publish a draft Bill which will set out precisely how that legal change will take place.

“We will have a clear plan for reform which we will implement in government if we are successful at the ­election.”

– Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary of the UK

There are no words to how disappointing and how dangerous this idea is. [Read more…]