SSA May Day Mayhem – Update

Currently at $325, we are just $125 short of our tentative goal…

Avicenna is blogging for the SSA over the May Day holiday and will be doing so on the Saturday/Sunday too. He is trying to reach the goal of $500 of your shiny American Dollars. Help him do so by donating here. And leave your suggestions on the concurrent hangout happening over here.

SSA Blogathon

Well It’s 4:30 PM in India, I shall start my blogathon/google hangout at 10 PM here. The plan is to post something every hour and hang out with people reading the blog/get ideas from them.


Talk Nerdy To Me

Well, my internet is back on and I have decided to spend all night doing something very very cathartic.

My usual stress release is online gaming. At the moment the laptop and internet connection are perfect for playing a little game called League of Legends ( which is a rather simple game with an immensely high learning curve.

Any fellow FTBers fancy joining in? Give me a shout! I am mainly on the EU East server as AvicennaLast…