SSA May Day Mayhem – Update

Currently at $325, we are just $125 short of our tentative goal…

Avicenna is blogging for the SSA over the May Day holiday and will be doing so on the Saturday/Sunday too. He is trying to reach the goal of $500 of your shiny American Dollars. Help him do so by donating here. And leave your suggestions on the concurrent hangout happening over here.

Talk Nerdy To Me

Well, my internet is back on and I have decided to spend all night doing something very very cathartic.

My usual stress release is online gaming. At the moment the laptop and internet connection are perfect for playing a little game called League of Legends ( which is a rather simple game with an immensely high learning curve.

Any fellow FTBers fancy joining in? Give me a shout! I am mainly on the EU East server as AvicennaLast…