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Jun 23 2013

Steubenvile and Serena

Sometimes you run across something vile hidden in something benign. Serena Williams is a role model for millions of young girls particularly those of colour who often rarely played any sport let alone tennis which for a long time was treated as “posh” (It certainly was when I was growing up. It was football or …

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Jun 21 2013

It’s not violence it’s discipline

I will let you in on a little secret. I hit Tiga. It’s not what you think. it’s consensual. A little slap on the arse. OK… going to be in the doghouse over this but here goes.

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May 22 2013

Hags of Lag – *Thunderfoot doesn’t get Regressive Crap II – Electric Boogaloo

Well he is at it again! I have been sat on this for a while because stuff kept happening that required me to run around and be busy. I just attended an all day medical conference (on Breast Cancer and Reconstruction) and figured I need to unwind a bit. (I do have a post about …

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Apr 29 2013

Age of Kali – A Thug in Velvet – The Indian Man

Around a decade ago there was a watershed in Indian culture. We saw a concept come about in India and abroad. It was called the New Indian Male. The very idea of the New Indian Male was a gentleman. He wore clothes that fit and wasn’t picked out by his mother. He understood fashion. He …

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Mar 08 2013

Hags of Lag – You Called?

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you should know that Anita Sarkeesian’s series on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is up… If you haven’t heard about it then here are some simple facts. Anita is a feminist. Anita wanted to analyse a hobby notorious for it’s racism and sexism. Which is “Videogames”. When …

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Mar 05 2013

What Are You Thinking?

Boys will be boys. That’s what we say when we get up to hi-jinks and shenanigans. And my youth was filled with such shenanigans. Everything from beer laden break ins into a girl’s dormitory to chat up young ladies who smiled at us to epic drinking sessions. But that’s youth and I kind of have mellowed out …

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Feb 12 2013

A Voice for Me/n – I Cannot Respect You and the People Who Associate With You

You are judged by the people you associate with. If your friend is a thief and you regularly protect your friend’s thieving habit then you are abetting the theft. Now that’s a crime. Free speech is a lovely little thing. Freedom of Speech however comes with Responsibility of Speech. You are free to say anything …

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Feb 12 2013

I Get Mail – MRA Jpeg Edition

Urgh this is just terrible. Apparently it’s making the MRA rounds. I figured I should edit it to give better advice. If you got your own advice then go for it… I got a comments section for a reason (Hint!)

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Nov 07 2012

Age of Kali – No Honour For Old Men

India is changing. It’s not changing in a small way, it’s changing fast. It’s doing what took centuries for western nations to achieve in decades. But this means that there is a massive dichotomy between the two faces of India. Fast moving development of cities is not and cannot really be matched by the countryside. …

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Oct 30 2012

Hags of Lag – Repost

(Felt this was appropriate after talking to a friend… It’s a repost and I couldn’t figure how to do reposts properly.) Videogames tend to have fewer female participants in the competitive and indeed the online scene. There are a tonne of reasons which we can get into later but the primary reason is one that …

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