Age of Kali – A Thug in Velvet – The Indian Man

Around a decade ago there was a watershed in Indian culture.

We saw a concept come about in India and abroad.

It was called the New Indian Male. The very idea of the New Indian Male was a gentleman. He wore clothes that fit and wasn’t picked out by his mother. He understood fashion. He was gentler, kinder and indeed “more in touch with his feminine side”. His image on the big screen and in populist media was not one of the country boy or poor, but a middle class hero and his actions resonated the most with that demographic. In the minority of India that is Upper Middle Class this may hold true. More men broke gender roles and cooked, cleaned and raised children and this allowed more women to break out of those traditional roles and do non-traditional roles such as working. More men cleaned up themselves and after themselves. But what happened? Why have we shifted out of that? [Read more…]

Frankly Speaking About Anne Frank

America occupies a strange little world of its own. To the outsider it’s a land that’s filled with amazing things but whose inhabitants take it for granted.

It’s a strange culture too.

People often say “Avi! How can you comment on American culture when you aren’t even from there?” to which I respond with “I grew up knowing that “Cheerleader Girlfriends are Desirable”. American culture is less alien to me than mine is to the average American. Our airwaves, books and TV is innundated with it. I also have visited the USA on more than one occasion. I may not be perfectly in tune with it but I can tell when something’s up. [Read more…]

Of Priests and Prostitutes

There is a problem in many parts of the world with human trafficking and a lot of the charities that deal with “human traffic” are Religious and often don’t “get” trafficking. They often see themselves as “saviours” and don’t understand the underlying causes for sex work. Mainly because Human Traffic is near universally understood as Sex Work they often miss out on people who really require help but end up making life more difficult for those who want a different kind of help.

I put it down to prudishness. How can you sell your body for money? You cannot be happy! You must need help! [Read more…]

Piano Black – Sex

Sex: n: either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproduce functions.”

That’s the definition of sex, the cookie cutter dictionary definition. Yes it has to deal with the sperm fertilizing the egg and then the creation of life, yet I feel like it should mean more than that.  Sex is the ultimate form of bonding, physically as well as intellectually. However, sex, in my perception, is more of an expression. Often times, because very little in this life is absolute, sex alone cannot manifest into love. Sex can only come from love one person has for another.

That being established, sex is also a part of human nature, and all nature in general. Sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but we must know how to appreciate it.  I do not believe it should be crushed, or even glamorized. Sex is being. Yes, it’s scientifically, it was used to reproduce, but I believe it is much more than that. It is the bonding of two people, regardless of gender or race, so that they can become one. It is more about giving than receiving, fearlessly. Sex is something that should be taken very seriously. Although it is the pleasure and instant gratification that we get physically,the emotional connection between two people is what’s makes it worthwhile. An idealistic philosophy for an idealistic world. My experience is lacking in this concept, and it is always subjected to change, which is also fine too. I am completely aware that human flesh gets the better of us, and that person we had sex with maybe wasn’t the one for us after all. It is all a part of living and learning. So as I stated before that sex is not something that should be glamorized or more importantly crushed,

I believe it should be talked about with ease and comfort.  I also believe that we should discuss sex, scientifically as well as morally to our youngsters. It is very easy to think “oh well, if I tell my child about sex, they’ll want to have it” or even worse “oh, well the school system will explain sex for me”. Parents, adults, anyone who has been on this planet to learn a thing or two, do not rely on these attitudes to go about the topic of sex and the great responsibility of it. The “talk” is important because they should be aware of what everything is, how it works, and what happens if it’s not taken care of. It’s imperative to also teach them the morale behind this wonderful gift we can give to another human, and to let them know the gravity of their consequences good and bad. If our adolescents do know learn from a trusted parent or adult, they are most likely going to find out through other means that are usually not so accurate. Sex is a part of human curiosity, along other various topics of science, it demands to be explored as well as discussed.