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Apr 09 2013

Witch hunter – Papua New Guinea

Two women were tortured and killed in Papua New Guinea a few days ago after an angry mob decided to accuse them of witchcraft.

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Apr 01 2013

Death’s the Final Step

Dying is the last thing you will do with your life. We all are guaranteed to die, some earlier and in more tragic circumstances than others. Some go kicking and screaming and fighting to live, some of us die with acceptance and quickly. But the truth is we all die. Fear of death is natural, …

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Dec 06 2012

Of Faith and Fannies – Female Genital Mutilation and Islam

Cover (nook)

Female Circumcision (Genital Mutilation) is one of the major problems facing women in large parts of the world. The practice is seen from parts of Indonesia through some areas of the Middle East to (it is thankfully rarer but it still occurs) to Africa where the practice is widespread due to a long history and …

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Nov 27 2012

Dear Gilad Sharon – Nothing or Everything

“Israel has learnt Nothing and Everything from the Holocaust” – My old flatmate, a Sinti Jew

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Jul 14 2012

Fundementalist Church of Latter Day Sinners

The Fundementalist Church of Latter Day Saints are not associated with the Mormons. Mormonism is one of those brand new faiths. A cult that has gained religion status (The only difference between religion and cult is timeframe) and expanded into it’s current format. It’s changed a lot mainly due to to the fact that it’s …

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Jul 01 2012

The Case Against Religious Circumcision

Paperoairplane makes his case for why circumcision is important and why those who are against it’s cosmetic use are impinging on his rights. Circumcision is NOT essential to Judaism. The argument that circumcision is a painless (relatively speaking. It’s pretty painful. Ask anyone who has been circumcised as an adult if they would do it …

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Jun 10 2012

Why Aren’t You Married Yet

Tracy McMillan and the Huffington Post have surprised me by printing a selection of absolute anti-female drivel regarding marriage. Normally Huffington’s leftist stuff is harmless, if a tad fascinated with woo, but this is pure anti-female that is on par with “Math Class is Tough” Barbie. This two-part series is insulting, in equal parts, to …

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Mar 23 2012

And I will have my own Reason Rally too! With Blackjack and Hookers!

Infact! Forget the blackjack! Ken Ham’s usual crazy is black and this time trying to match wits with the collected atheist might at Reason Rally. And it’s where he simply doesn’t get it. The Reason Rally is an atheist convention. Camp Quest are a secular organisation. They don’t run around teaching you that there is …

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Mar 03 2012

Neo-Atheism is filled with crazy people

I recently read Bryan Appleyard’s critique of the new atheist backlash against the more moderate atheists who wish to not be seen as a rabidly anti-theistic.I don’t know… I am torn between both camps, it’s a pretty ridiculous issue being made by both sides. Atheists are not immune to stupidity, I have mentioned that I know anti-vaccine …

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Feb 20 2012

Cults and You

I spent most of the weekend reading the very lovely Suzanne Schumacher’s blog about leaving a cult. The cult is quite famous as the Follower’s of Christ. They were involved in a bunch of people refusing medical care for their children and praying instead. I advocate reading Does Air Exist, but urge readers to be respectful. …

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