Age of Kali – Dear India, The Rape Riots are a Message

Bwizamani Singh died on Christmas Eve. His only fault was his choice of career and what he was doing on that day. While most of us back home were preparing to tuck into turkeys and hams, Singh was covering the ongoing riots in Delhi against the rape of a 23 year old woman.

He was shot by the police…

As it is India struggles with freedom of speech without this sort of insanity. The reason for the shooting was accidental. The police were using live rounds to disperse the protesters and accidentally hit (which begs the question as to what they were fucking shooting at?) Singh.

Another reporter passed away in Manipur in a similar incident. The usage of live rounds to deal with protests must stop. Surely historical usage of such weapons should temper current usage? But worst of all is the reluctance to do anything… So all I have is this…

Dear India,

I was going to write a Christmas Message to the Roman Catholic Church about flogging hate, but instead it turns out I have to write a message of common fucking sense to you guys instead. I am ashamed to be an Indian man.

Do you fucking know why women are so fucking angry about the rape of a 23 year old? Why now every new rape case that comes to light in India (like the rape of Momoko, a Manipuri actress) will set off riots like the ones in Delhi?

Can you grasp why women are pissed? Why shouldn’t they be? They have fuck all to be happy about. Sexual harassment is so much the norm that they tell foreigners in guidebooks like the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide to watch out for sexual harassment. They tell them to try and travel in groups and to stick together and to try and bring a male companion with them to at least deter sexual harassment and rape attempts. Fuck all kinds of duck! Do you have any idea about how insulting it is to be regarded as “Molesters and Rapists” internationally? Fuck! My girlfriend is in Spain on holiday where a bunch of Indian men suddenly appeared to randomly hit on her while she took photographs. Do you have any fucking idea how creepy, misogynistic and just outright stupid that sounds? Has that every fucking worked? Has anyone driven around in their car honking at random women and had a woman get in of her own volition and without payment going either way? Have you ever wolf whistled a woman on the street and gotten a kiss instead (loved ones don’t count). You wouldn’t grope a woman in a night club unless she wanted you to unless you enjoy starting fights and being thrown out of clubs…, then why would you do so on a bus? Do you think that EVER works? And yes I understand there are women who fantasise about that just like there are women who fantasise about being raped but you want to know the most important part of a sexual fantasy is that it’s a FANTASY. If it gets acted out it’s under carefully controlled circumstances. If you like the whole Princess Leia Gold Bikini routine then you ask your partner to dress up as Leia/Jabba (I don’t judge you… you magnificent slime monster…). It doesn’t mean you should kidnap Princess Anne! If a woman has a rape fantasy it doesn’t mean you get to rape her… It means you get to PRETEND its rape. Fuck! This is basic. Basic stuff you need to teach all children. Consent is vital and consent gained through harassment or threats is NOT consent.

That is why I am ashamed. Because I have to say something this basic. You may say “Oh Avi, we Tamils aren’t like that”. We are. Rapes and harassment may happen less in the South than in the North doesn’t mean we don’t have the same problem, just on a different scale.

Pretty much any travel blog, guide or website on India says “Don’t dress in western clothes and prepare to get groped!” Incredible India? More like Incredible Rape Statistics. We are so pissed for around 600 Rapes in Delhi a year. The problem is how many rapes are actually reported? There are thousands of rapes in just Delhi that are going unreported. There are thousands upon thousands of sexual harassment incidents that simply go unreported. I bet there are at this point more women in India who have rape, molestation and sexual harassment anecdotes than women who have none… Any takers? All these women who are hacked off are hacked off because they have heard of friends being raped or harassed or have been the victims of this themselves.

The blame lies sorely on the men who rape, the people who obfuscate the issue and those who simply excuse the rape by involving something unrelated. If you came across a naked and unconscious woman and you had sex with her then you are still a rapist. It is not her fault, it is not the lack of clothes fault, it is not her presence that is the problem. It is always been the rapist. You cannot claim a lack of control over yourself because of her attire.

If I were wearing a suit and got mugged, no one would dismiss my case with the line “You shouldn’t have dressed for success, he must have thought you were a philanthropist”. No one would say “Well if you didn’t dress like such a philanthropist they wouldn’t take your money”. No one would say “Are you sure you didn’t give the money away and just are saying that to hurt this innocent charity case”?

It’s the same fucking them for rape. The fact that I have to make such a ludicrously stupid example up is how ludicrous it is to blame women’s clothes for being raped. What else do you want to blame? Our religions? TV? Games? Music? Movies? Those are all excuses because everyone knows that these rapes are due to a culture of sexual repression of both men and women and the consistent denigration of women and their rights. That in order to fix this Indians need to admit having a problem and destroy parts of a culture that they think is good and perfect. To claim that men cannot “control” themselves is insulting to the 50% of the entire world. It is denigrating your culture by excusing the behaviour of absolute bastards.

This collective rage has to be harnessed to make India better. The culture where we coddle our men has to stop. The culture where we treat women as arm candy has to stop. The culture where we don’t show women strong role models has to stop. The culture of treating women as unwanted, inferior or in some way incapable of doing things has to stop. Otherwise these rapes will keep happening and in a world where barriers are breaking down we will go down as “Rapists and Molesters”.

The Catholic Church has a reputation for hiding it’s child molesters for a reason. It is because it ACTUALLY did. Will India get such a reputation too? Will we start making Catholic Priest jokes about Indian men because that’s what it’s going to eventually come down to?

Eventually the rock throwing will stop, but the talking MUST start. India changes tonight and you cannot expect others to make the change. You have to do it yourself. It’s not for people like me to make this change for you. India is not my country no matter how brown my skin is. Indian however is my culture and this is why I weigh in.

We cannot keep being called a culture that is just endemically unsafe to women. It has to stop. Do you know how heart breaking it is to be told by your girlfriend that you are not like other Indians because I think the harassment isn’t attractive? That our dating strategy is akin to Stockholm syndrome…

The rage of these women is entirely justified. If you wish to show your support then please does so. Make some noise; let people in India who are in power know that they cannot keep hiding this horrific side to India. It’s our silence that has caused this to come to a point. All we can do is make noise and show the people who are fighting for justice and to stop rape in India that we support what they are doing. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, make your voices be heard. People in India need to know that we actually give a flying fuck and that we show solidarity against the people who make excuses and try and stop this change.

The rapes have to stop.

Merry Fucking Christmas and a Happy Fucking New Year.

Yours in disgust

Avicenna Last

Ashley? More like ASH-LIE ! Am I Rite?

Well I am done with my first batch of exams. And hence I am tanked up on weird sleep patterns and loneliness.

After writing my take on the sad events of Ashley Miller’s run in with her racist father, I was shocked to see people… actually I wasn’t that shocked. I know the Stormfront exists, and there are people who genuinely think like that. It’s sad but we live knowing that the people like that are few.

Oh the usual racist arguments were there… Black men are more like to kill their partners. (By that logic, white guys are more likely to sleep with your sister and your mother… Everything I learnt about white people I learnt from Jerry Springer.). People demanding she apologised. And oh yes I was paying attention to the Twitterz. The anti-atheism plus brigade were in full force there trying to co-opt her entirely shite day into whatever it is they are so hurt about.

But none come close to the crazy that this commenter managed to achieve.

Larry, in spite of your claimed high IQ, I can’t believe you would fall for this tall-tail by little miss “smart-ass.” You claimed you read her bio. She’s a feminist, an atheist and , ergo, a socialist democrat. NEVER engage these people. NEVER do it. They lie at the drop of a hat. They will do anything unethical, even criminal, if they believe it will further their warped ideology. Their ideology drives them. Nothing else. Miss “smart-ass” is most likely making up this entire, or most of, what she writes in this anecdote. And you fell for it. Her major objective here is to SLAM her dad – the “southern conservative.”

I personally thought “Sarah Palin Supporter” did the damage. The racism is just sprinkles really. Now it’s clear that the fruit fell really far from that tree but I think the main problem here is her dad believes in a fantasy world where black people aren’t human beings and Sarah Palin is the ideal role model for children along with “Maths is Hard” Barbie.

1) “Smart-ass” claims she has a black boyfriend. Well, where’s the picture of them smiling cheek to cheek? What a pic that be! This blog begs for that pic, yet it’s not prominently displayed at the top. Where is it? Well, it’s not there because “smart-ass” doesn’t have a black boyfriend (I explain why at the end of this post).

She is dating a black man not the Loch Ness Monster. Plenty of people date people who aren’t the skin colour as they are. And besides… Everyone knows that feminist atheists don’t show up in mirrors and on cameras. Which is why no one knows what I look like.

2) “Smart-ass” implies she brought her black boyfriend over to surprise her family members for Thanksgiving. Yeah sure. Like he would be a willing party to THAT! Think about it. Also, “smart-ass” claims her Thanksgiving is celebrated by her dad, his wife and his ex-wife (smart-ass’ mom) …all present together? Wife and ex-wife at the SAME festivity? Doesn’t happen people. Smart-ass’ Thanksgiving “surprise” should NOT be believed. If it’s true “smart-ass” and you really did bring your black boyfriend, show everyone some Thanksgiving pictures. Okay? Oh, also tell us where he slept that night. REMEMBER , feminist/ atheist/ socialist … lie ALL the time. It comes very easy to them!

Ah yes! It is a little known fact that the more melanin you have the more allergic to turkey you are. No, I think she wanted him to spend time with her FAMILY because he means something to her. And she doesn’t want to hide him like she is ashamed of him or that he is some toy to be put away when company is around.

And like all black people he slept in a coffin covered by dirt blessed by Tupac.

 3) “Smart-ass” claims she’s cut off from her dad,. Well if that’s the case, who’s paying for her graduate studies?

Student Loan? Job? If I can pay my way through medical school, she can do it too. If there is one thing people should take from this post it’s this. If you can do something then chances are there is someone else who can do it too.

4) “Smart-ass” claims that a “mutual friend introduced us” and it was a “long distance” thing. Oh yeah, now THAT sounds believable.

Because feminists are not introduced to men. They must bring hunt them down and paralyse them using their stings. Then and only then can they lay their eggs. Clearly Ashley is lying about this because she hasn’t posted pictures of the eggs yet.

5) No one with the professed beliefs of little miss “smart-ass” could acquire a boyfriend. Smart-ass’ beliefs and a boyfriend is like merging matter with anti-matter – KABOOM! Won’t work. Feminist are incapable of emotions or love. They are hate-filled women whom every male in his right mind would turn his back on.

Oh racist of little faith. Don’t you believe in the power of love? Or at least the power of Stockholm Syndrome? Or paralysing poison stingers?

AGAIN, the WHOLE and ENTIRE purpose of “smart-ass’ made-up story here is to SLAM conservative ideals and her dad. I don‘t doubt dad has told “smart-ass” to get lost! I would do the same if it were my daughter doing what she does. “Smart-ass” will get everything she deserves in life.

On a serious note? If you believe in the ideals of her father then you deserve the ridicule and flak you take for having such harmful, stupid and tragic ideals. If you would deny your daughter love and family because you think that me or any other man (or woman) who isn’t white as the driven aryan snow isn’t an appropriate date that it just means you are a terrible person. Because you cannot see past a stereotype.


Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working in Georgia to “go home”. It’s really that moronic.

And honestly? Let’s face it, racists are morons. There are two kinds of racists, the accidental racist and the guy who should be asking himself this question.

Today’s titan of white power wank is Greg Johnson with his lovely defence and blame shifting piece about the Sikh Temple Massacre. A little back story… I am aware of the difference between skinheads. There are essentially one kind of image that the word “skinhead” portrays. It is the image of the classical neo-nazi. The American History X look. The problem is it’s not. Skinhead was a movement born out of the Lemon subgenre of the Mod movement in the UK. Initially it was an all race movement based on the working class. White and Black kids got together and they shared a love of music. Bob Marley is considered “British Skinhead”… It’s musical influence is Mod mixed in with classical west indian music genres (Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady).

It began in the 60s where the big fear in the UK was the arrival of the south asians. Indians, the original skinhead neo-nazi movement was aimed at south asians. But even at this time there were a significant and vocal anti-nazi population of skinheads. In fact they were the majority. Bands such as Madness, Cockney Rejects and the entire traditional skinhead culture spoke out against the neo-nazi skinheads. However the damage was done, skinheads appeared in the media solely as racist pricks rather than a culture born out of a shared love of west indian music. Skinheads as a mainstream genre was dead. The fringe of ANTIFA and SHARP still exist. You see them at british neo-nazi rallies marching against the racists, but they are a dwindling bunch. I used to be part of ANTIFA, I met them at a BNP rally where I was working as a medic. I too had the preconception of skinheads as solely neo-nazi and then realised we had more in common with them. Such as a shared love of Madness… Fuck there are Skinheads such as Right Said Fred who are GAY. But in our minds when we say skinhead we think Neo-Nazi because the Neo-Nazis have a monopoly on the kind of epic douchebaggery that makes the news. It’s like if we considered the portrayal of the Minotaur themed metalhead in Dexter to be representative of all metal…

With this fascinating piece of needless trivia in mind. Let’s delve into Greg Johnson’s article about the August attacks on a Milwaukee Sikh Temple. [Read more…]

Baggy Silk Pants

I will point out that most Indians don’t give any fucks about whether you dress like them. We actually LIKE it when you do. Remember Hinduism has few restrictions on other faiths despite what the Hindutva say and do. “You can eat beef, I just won’t” is the attitude.

You can wear bindi, sandhanam, flowers, bangles, earrings, nose rings and the like and no matter what you are going to insult someone. And Hindus are going to get upset about a lot of things. I know Indians who are upset about women wearing jeans. Do you eat beef? Congratulations. You are insulting to a Hindu. Pork? A Muslim. You are therefore insulting to most Indians. Bacon Double Cheeseburger is pretty much the most offensive dish on the planet at this rate.

Some of the links here are just plain condescending to Indians… Really. They aren’t kids. Maybe 10% will get insulted about Obama dancing the Tandavaram, but you know what? 90% will be happy that someone thought it was cool. That hinduism is considered normal enough that you can portray people in poses associated with it. There is an article that mentions Joel Stein’s silly break down about brown people, but you know what? A part here that mentions “racist fonts” and I know for a fact all that’s going through my head as an ex-hindu atheist and british indian is “Great font for a take away menu. It was probably FROM one made for a take away. They are the only people who would want a english font that looks like hindi”. And all his article proves is that racists will always exist and it’s easy to be one if you don’t know about another culture. Big whoop, even the concern brigade here are being racist in a different way.

You have posts complaining about “bollywood parties” and why Indians tolerate it. It’s not tolerance but pride in the fact that you want to play with their culture. We want it to be seen. We know it will survive a bunch of white kids trying to “pet dogs and screw in lightbulbs” at the same time. As for the belly dance outfits? That’s weird but you know what? That’s what a lot of Indians wear. Lehenga and Choli is a real outfit in India and that’s a close enough approximation. And you know what? Indian bollywood movies steal a lot of real life outfits and have borrowed belly dancers and the like from middle eastern culture.

And get this through your heads. Indians aren’t all poor. The man who lives opposite to me in India drives a Humvee. My parents invested in property wisely but the house I live in is not small in any world and I am not “poor”. In fact I would be highly upper middle class. There are a lot of pretty well off Indians who go to the west and learn things and take them back to India. Not everything in India is super great. Not everything in the UK is super great. You can learn from each other and culture is not so fragile that it cannot change or suffer from being appropriated. And if anything,  India has done more to kill it’s own “culture” than any number of white women doing yoga in stretchy pants. Or wearing bindis. That’s like saying that we should stop using decimalised mathematics because it’s “cultural appropriation” (II + II = IV). Or that yesterday I culturally appropriated a Chicken Tikka Subway. You know what? I have seen Bill Bailey “culturally appropriate” a Indian band to play music with. All that happened was a new fusion of western and indian music making for a great show. Both cultures got enriched. You know what? A lot of Indian classical music is Sitar or Veena based and the Nadaswaram is a lot more nasal and more of an acquired taste than Indian classical. Want to complain? Complain that most Indian Indians wouldn’t know how to play the damn things compared to most westernised Indians. That’s killing the culture, Not background music to a documentary.Want to get mad? Get mad about that, then go out and fucking learn the sitar. Don’t whine about whitey taking our culture then not doing anything for it.

You hate jokes about curry? Why? It’s curry. It’s one of the most popular food types on the planet. It can defend itself. It’s popularity stands for itself. I don’t see the donner kebab requiring defending on the basis of it’s the food of choice for drunk people (including myself). You hate jokes about Indians owning corner shops? Or driving Cabs? Really? Would you rather they mocked our fascination with “engineering and medicine”? We do own a lot of corner stores, we do run them rather well judging by the sheer numbers we have. You don’t want to hear jokes about how we are hairy? Fuck that. We are hairy. Deal with it. We are like italians in that respect. Good food, we gesticulate a lot with our hands and yes we do have a lot of body hair. It’s a fact of life (Sorry ladies, if I was gay I would be a bear so grizzly that I would have to worry about poachers). You hate it if people “steal” our aesthetics? Why? Come to India, the walls of my house are painted in hospital green. That’s indian aesthetics because a lot of Indians just don’t give a damn. So it irritates me when people suggest there is a single concept of Indian aesthete because someone clearly thought hospital green was an acceptable colour for a wall when it isn’t even an acceptable colour in a hospital!  The ultimate joke is that a lot of the ideas of indian aesthetics are a product of western culture, in the same way that “rustic” is an aesthete based on rural construction techniques. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself some indian aesthete stuff. Hell one of the most british of aesthetes often derided and mocked is Chintz. Or Calico cloth. From Calicut in India. Borrowing a pattern or an idea to use is not WRONG. Someone doesn’t like Yoga being removed from Hinduism? Maybe you should remember that Yoga is mainly a man’s fitness routine. Women rarely got to do it in India but now… Now it’s mainstream. You may hate it when white people tell you about your own culture but you know what I am more insulted by? When brown people don’t know anything about their own culture. White people living the Eat/Pray/Love lifestyle and travelling around India as a spectacle? Really? Would you rather white people still think Indians travel around on the backs of elephants in India because none of them have ever been? And you know what? They are pretty worldly, they didn’t have to do the travel. They did something difficult and out of their comfort zone and learnt something about the world and themselves. That’s their achievement and it’s the very point of tourism. To go to a new place and take in the sights. Venice offers me romantic gondola cruises, food and beautiful architecture. India offers me vibrant people, experience and history. India is not denigrated by white people coming to have a shuftie anymore than the Queen Lizzie’s monarchy is called to question by the throngs of american and japanese tourists standing outside Buckingham Palace. And you may hate it when the civilised world thinks it has all the solutions to “our backwardness” but you know what? You have the luxury of being a relatively rich indian in a western society far removed from the reality of India. Do you really want to come argue that “Oh, whitey cannot understand why we abort female babies” or “Why women are so malnourished” or “Why we have a massive problem with sexual harassment” or “Dowries” or “Forced Marriages”. Really? Because people who thought like this helped protect a lot of abuse because they couldn’t possibly understand how “western ideals could be applie
d to Indians”. There is nothing wrong with taking the best ideas of a group of people and using them to improve your own. It doesn’t destroy your culture, it makes it BETTER. India has improved by adopting a lot of western culture. Gandhi and Nehru were both quite westernised. Without them there would be no India, but a balkanised series of states more interested in screwing each other over than India.

Reading some of the articles and you realise that the people complaining have forgotten one thing. That culture changes. Indian culture of 100 years ago is not the same as today. It’s like NWA complaining about Eminem being white. That rap born out of a pain of racism and institutional poverty is appropriated by a white guy.

Culture changes. It won’t die because a bunch of white guys dress like me or wear a bindhi or even tattooed themselves with Oms and wheels and (fuck it) the swastika. Any more than Indian cuisine will die if you used salmon instead of king mackrel or douse chicken tikka in gravy or shove it into a sandwich.

Yes, we do face racism but you know what? NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. You have to recognise the line between racist pillocks and normal people. All these posts about India and Hinduism just set out to make any Indian who lies between two cultures feel like a goddamn traitor. Oh, you dated a white woman, you traitor! You just buy into the idea that white women are more attractive. You don’t like bollywood (fuck you! I am tamil, why the hell should I like bollywood? I got tamil movies which are even cheesier and even sillier) you traitor. You just think western movies are superior! You don’t do x, y or z. You like a, b and c. How dare you take your friends out to wear a sari, don’t you know the suffering of Indians who wear saris or bindis?

Yes there are a lot of things that suck like “Fair and Lovely” and the like about Indian culture but you know what? That has nothing to do with a bunch of white people putting indian things on their foreheads or carrying our bags or dancing in movies. That has to do with a society that doesn’t realise that all skin colour is beautiful. It’s due to western influences and the idealisation of beauty but you have to realise one important thing. White people are as exotic to Indians as Indians are to White People. You are just as fetishised as our women are to you.

Do you understand how utterly moronic it is to define a culture by your skin? That by refusing to allow anyone else to partake in your culture you are preserving it’s mystery and it’s status as something that people will NEVER  UNDERSTAND and therefore will never be able to fight ACTUAL racism. Indian culture is thousands of years old and even older than judaism and survived multiple actual destructions of culture at the hands of countless invaders from nearly 900 AD who destroyed culture with swords and death. In the end all who tried got assimilated by India. Because you shouldn’t treat Indian culture as fragile, that’s one of the best bits of Indian culture. It assimilates both ways. For every second you spend whining about how white women shouldn’t wear the bindi because they don’t know the racism you faced for wearing it or the fact that racists have targetted indians for violence you forget it works both ways. That we have taken things from western culture. It doesn’t sound like you are defending indian culture, you sound like the tired white supremacist trying to defend “western culture” from us.

And you think that my culture will fall because you want to wear my baggy silk pants? Shame on you.

My pants are the baggiest and the silkiest…

I’m not Racist! I have White Friends!

Sam Harris yet again raises the spectre of Racial Profiling. It’s okay though!
Although I don’t think I look like a jihadi, or like a man pretending not to be one, I do not mean to suggest that a person like me should be exempt from scrutiny. But other travelers fit the profile far less than I do. One glance at these innocents reveals that they are no more likely to be terrorists than walruses in disguise. I make it a point to notice such people while queuing for security at the airport, just to see what sort of treatment they receive at the hands of the TSA.

The problem with this argument is that we do not know what terrorists look like. They don’t fit a stereotype in the same way that most people do not fit into stereotypes. It’s why we have those pesky judges and juries when it comes to deciding whether or not someone comitted a crime rather than simply looking for “Criminal Chararacteristics”.

The example Sam gives is a elderly couple who were searched and forced to follow the same rules and regulation all passengers have to follow. Well tough shit Sam, if I don’t get to fly with my giant bottle of mouthwash, bourbon and toothpaste, then granny doesn’t get to fly with them either. That’s the way a fair and sane society works. An insane society works by saying “What Could They Possibly Do With That Box Cutter? They look harmless enough!” and look where that lead us to? TSA randomly pick people out for extra scans and tests? Okay, but I don’t see why you should assume that there are no old people who are terrorists or why they shouldn’t be subject to the same level of security. Technically, TSA should do this to everyone and not just a random sample.

There are terrorists from across the globe of various ilks. Yizthak Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish terrorist. The Atlanta bombings, Unabomber and Timothy McVeigh were all white. Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated by a Tamil (a suicide bomber no less) and his Mum by a Sikh terrorist. At this rate we are just better off checking every one. If we are running by stereotype then I am quite likely to be a suicide bomber myself since I am Tamil and that’s what they are famous for (TSA reads this? I am not a suicide bomber, I am just making a point)

After much preparation, the couple proceeded toward the body scanner, only to encounter resistance. It seems that they had neglected to take off their shoes. A pair of TSA screeners stepped forward to prevent this dangerous breach of security—removing what appeared to be orthopedic footwear from both the woman in the wheelchair and the man now staggering at her side. This imposed obvious stress on two harmless and bewildered people and caused considerable delay for everyone in my line. I turned to see if anyone else was amazed by such a perversion of vigilance.

How is this a perversion of vigilance? By the very definition of vigilance, everyone gets to be scanned. And taking off your shoes is an obvious stress? Then why the fuck do I have to do it? It’s not stressful to take your shoes off. It’s a minor inconvenience caused by a single attempted terror attack by a man called RICHARD who was a British Carribean islamic convert. Therefore making him completely unassailable by the standards of racial profiling since “Jamaicans” aren’t well known for their massive muslim population and support for Al-Qaeda. This incompetent terrorist tried to set fire to his own shoe in the hope that PETN (nitrate) explosive would explode. It didn’t and he just burnt his own feet before they captured him.

The man behind me, who could have played the villain in a Bollywood film, looked unconcerned.

And here lies the problem. Sam himself has just demonstrated how utterly pointless racial profiling is.

The vast majority of people in Bollywood are hindus and are unlikely to blow up a plane in the name of Allah and Jihad. Infact the vast majority of muslims are unlikely to blow up a plane in the name of Allah and Jihad, but more are likely to sympathise with those that do if you single them out to fuck with their travel experience.

There are Islamic fundies who look like everything from central african to white to asian to indian to south east asian. Infact Islam is one of the biggest faiths in the world. However the stereotype is “Swarthy Middle Easterner, Beard, Turban or Woman in Hijab/Niqab”. This is primarily a decision by the colour of their skin and it’s a terrible one because we have had situations where we have shot someone who wasn’t “muslim” because we thought they were a terrorist solely due to appearances.

In fact, my wife and I once accidentally used a bag for carry-on in which I had once stored a handgun—and passed through three airport checkpoints with nearly 75 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

How do you do this by accident? How bad must you be to forget that “Duh! Guns aren’t allowed in Planes”. Does Sam just leave handguns lying around his house with no knowledge of them? Is this an actual true statement ? Because I don’t think that this is an acceptable thing to admit to.

Is TSA that lousy at their job? What would have happened if they caught him? (If you want to be silly? What do you think would have happened if Sam was called Ahmed and they caught him with the gun?)

Imagine how fatuous it would be to fight a war against the IRA and yet refuse to profile the Irish? And yet this is how we seem to be fighting our war against Islamic terrorism.

The british actually had more success by just checking everyone rather than trying to determine some mythical level of irishness. Remember the UK had the Lockerbie bombing so was not stranger to the scourge of Islamic extremism.

We should profile Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim, and we should be honest about it.

Islam is a faith… any human can believe in Allah just like any human can believe in Jesus or Krishna. They aren’t related to the colour of your skin or even the clothes you wear.

Now riddle me this, how the hell are you supposed to differentiate between them all? They all LOOK like people you would see everyday in different parts of the world yet they are all Muslims. That’s nearly the entire world that looks like these people. Do we reall think that harassing people because they “may look a bit muslim” is betteer than letting terrorists through based on the fact they didn’t look very muslim? How muslim do you have to look to set this off? This plan is terrible on so many different levels because it hacks off all the muslims and lends credence to the feeling of victimisation. You also hack of all the people who you “THINK” look like Muslims but are not. You also really weaken your security system because there are blind spots in it when it comes to people who happen to “not look like muslims”.

In any case, it is simply a fact that, in the year 2012, suicidal terrorism is overwhelmingly a Muslim phenomenon. If you grant this, it follows that applying equal scrutiny to Mennonites would be a dangerous waste of time.

That may be the case, but the entire point is not just the halting of islamic terror but terrorist organisations irrespective of which god they believe in. While it may be true that it is islamic terrorists that are gunning for us, it also remains true that the way to kill terrorism is to cut off the supply of terrorists which is to stop genuine idiocy against muslims and give them a say in helping stop terror. Without their support nothing can be achieved and alienating them will just drive them to support the terror groups.

When I speak of profiling “Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim,” I am not narrowly focused on people with dark skin. In fact, I included myself in the description of the type of person I think should be profiled (twice). To say that ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, dress, traveling companions, behavior in the terminal, and other outward appearances offer no indication of a person’s beliefs or terrorist potential is either quite crazy or totally dishonest. It is the charm of political correctness that it blends these sins against reasonableness so seamlessly. We are paying a very high price for this obscurantism—and the price could grow much higher in an instant. We have limited resources, and every moment spent searching a woman like the one pictured above, or the children seen in the linked videos, is a moment in which someone or something else goes unobserved.

Sam includes himself because he knows that no one would ever mistake him for a muslim. Why? Because he knows that the stereotype of muslim is “Swarthy Middle Easterner” and Sam Harris is not that. No one in their right minds in the west (bear in mind that many people post 11/9 couldn’t tell the difference between Muslims and Sikhs) would think he was a muslim anymore than they would think he was a hindu because of stereotypes. And stereotypes have killed in this case before. And it’s not like the USA isn’t short of cases where stereotypes haven’t lead to mishandling of people and cases resulting in utter tragedy.

What Mr. Harris doesn’t get is how dehumanising this is. That for his safety people like myself who aren’t muslim but who look “muslimesque” need to be checked for his safety. In response to 11/9 and 7/7 we have killed far more muslims than they have killed… A collosal 113000 in Iraq alone vs 3050 dead in these two attacks. We are far more dangerous to them than they are to us.

Imagine that you work for the TSA and are executing a hand search of a traveler’s bag. He is a young man in his twenties and seems nervous. You notice that he is carrying a hardcover copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You pick up the book and ask him if he likes it. He now appears even more nervous than before. You notice something odd about the book—the dust jacket doesn’t seem to fit. You remove it and find a different book underneath. How do you feel about this traveler’s demeanor, and the likelihood of his being a terrorist, if the book is:
A. The Qur’an (in Arabic)
B. The Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide
C. Overcoming Impotence: A Leading Urologist Tells You Everything You Need to Know
D. Dianetics

I do like Sam Harris and his work but this article is dumb. The guy seems to think that Israel’s approach to security has HELPED reduce terrorism when all it has done is to create a society that is endemically racist. Palestine is not free. It is a ghetto. It is a reservation. It is a “black only neighbourhood”. It is a walled off area where the only Jews around carry a lot of firepower. It’s an area where you are not free if you say Salaam rather than Shalom. It is a theocracy. It’s really that simple, do you think this sort of airport security helps in creating peace or has helped in maintaining the status quo of hatred by feeding the (quite real) Palestinian persecution complex?
Israel’s security measures are equal parts draconian and brutal. If it were any other group of people doing this sort of thing we would put up posters with Amnesty International logos and make witty and incisive jokes about their leaders and country. For example? North Korea?

Does North Korea know that they have named all their missiles after penises?
Because as of now their missile program looks like it could use some viagra.

We don’t with Israel mainly because we kind of created that mess and any criticism has to begin with us going “yeah, maybe creating a nation based on a 2000 year old book at the cost of other people is a terrible idea”.

Claiming that what they do is good doesn’t look at the social ramifications of what you are doing. You are basical
ly limitting the freedom of one group of people based on what they look like.

Sam Harris may have letters from Muslims who would rather be treated poorly than risk death on a plane. That’s fine. However I would rather everyone be treated the same rather than claim safety bythe application of stereotype.

Age of Kali/Rights of the Silent Majority – Clothes don’t Rape. People do.

The Bangalore Slut Walk was supposed to take place yesterday to highlight the increasing levels of sexual violence and rape. In essence it heralds a new wave of feminism in the old entrenched world of Indian chauvinism.

For most people who are unfamiliar with the goals of these walks, the Slut Walk is an empowerment movement amongst women who are attempting to hammer home a simple point; that a woman is entitled to wear whatever she feels like and that blaming her attire for rape is an argument of rape apologists who are unwilling to realise the failings on the part of the society and culture that protects rape.

And rape is common in India, in fact marital rape is so common that there are no statistics for it. It’s regarded as “acceptable” and normal. There are women who adamantly state that the marriage contract entitles men to sex whenever they feel like without any opinion of the woman and so therefore rape cannot occur. I am sure that no part of the civil or religious ceremony goes “Do you agree to have sex whenever the man feels like it, till death do you part?”. In fact, I am actually considered quite weird for actually asking “Why is it acceptable”.

The Bangalore Slut Walk was broken up by police who used the “For your own safety” argument. The reason? Right wing Hindu religious groups threatened violence should the march take place. And these groups have support from politicians who are often indistinguishable in India from criminal thugs. The message of the walk was simple; Clothes don’t rape people. People do.

The organisers were threatened by far right Hindu extremists from a variety of sources including so-called women’s rights groups who threatened to “beat them with broomsticks”. For instance the Ram Sena (A Hindu  Right wing group that can happily be called Neo Nazi and had a direct influence on me becoming an Atheist) offered the statement of

“I thank the police for taking these people into custody. They are spoiling the culture and are encouraging women to indulge in obscenity.”

It’s okay! It’s an Indian dress! The cleavage
is cultural and not obscene! Unlike jeans.

Indian culture once glorified the burning of women in Sati. Indian culture still encourages the ostracisation of widows (men are of course free to get married). Indian culture treats women as a burden, so much so that gender selective abortion and female infanticide are rife to the point where there are roughly 900 women to every 1000 men.

1 out of 10 potential women either meet their ends as sex selective abortion or infanticide. In some parts of India women are nothing more than sex holes and beasts of burden. A drain on the economy of the family due to the practice of dowry and a source of misery to the point where killing a female child was often seen as necessary.

Frankly? These are parts of Indian culture that should die. I am sure Indian culture would be better off without the sexism. Do you know what spoils culture? Holding onto to things that are blatantly harmful to it until it corrupts the good bits of Indian culture. I don’t see these arseholes complaining about Indian movies whose heroines who could happily be replaced with a dressmaker’s dummy for all the difference they make to the plot. I say that denigrates women because it inculcates the cultural idea that women cannot be strong characters without a “man to tame them”, that a woman can only demonstrate her sexuality around her “one true love”. I don’t see these arseholes complaining about the sexual harassment that is rife within the Indian male population (which is playfully referred to as eve teasing) which is a mix of japanese grope culture and full on sexual harassment. What I do see is people blaming the victims of sexual harassment and rape.

And it’s insulting to both genders. That women somehow are at fault for being amazing and beautiful and all that to men. That Saris and Salwar Kameez are rape armour and that the Purdah stops rape? That men cannot control their gonads around women? That man’s attraction for women is based on how much skin they are showing? I am half surprised that the Ram Sena didn’t come out and say that women would be less likely to be raped if they stayed at home and wore paper bags over their heads rather than work in a man’s world where they would turn good, honest, hardworking young men into slavering rapists with their vaginas. Fuck it! Why not go the whole distance and scar women’s faces so that young men are never enticed by beauty!

Or you could stop encouraging a culture where sexual harassment and rape isn’t a big deal.

The ultimate irony is in arresting some of the protesters and breaking up the march, the Police of Bangalore proved the point they were trying to make. That slut shaming and victim blaming is rife in Indian culture and rather than punishing the perpetrators of crime, the victims are forced to acquiesce to their ridiculous requests.

This is the purdah, an idea
similar to the islamic one of the headscarf
or the burkha 

The correct option would have been to provide protection for these women and men who were willing to march for a better future. To let them march, to make the point that women have an equal role in India and that equality is coming. That the clothes you wear doesn’t change the person you are. The correct option would have been to tell the religious right to “go the hell  away”. The correct option would have been to realise that victim blaming and slut shaming is the defence of the rape apologist.

All the Bangalore police have done is satiated male chauvinists and hindu extremists. It has proven that they are complicit in slut shaming and encourage the notion that it’s the woman’s fault if she is raped due to the location and the clothes she wears. In short, they have proven the need for such events such as the Slut Walk.

Show them some love, their facebook page needs it

Depths of Sleaze and Depravity and Children’s Literature

Sometimes I read the Huffington Post and a post by the user Jesus Germanotta irked me ever so much. The entire comments section contains such lovely gems as these.

I think this is precisely the problem that Greta Christina talked about . The idea that porn is somehow bad if everyone involved wants to be in it. That somehow anything Miss Grey does from now on is polluted by the fact that she once used to have sex for a living. And that this precludes any other achievements in life.

See Sasha has acted in real movies, ranging from experimental art house movies such as The Girlfriend Experience to the upcoming I Melt with You. She has released an electronica music album. She has released a photography album. But you know what? That never comes up.

Would we see this kind of outrage if Ayn Rand read there? No? Ayn Rand’s philosophy is far more toxic than simple sex or even very complicated sex. Would you require a permission slip if the Pope (A man who has actively helped protect paedophiles) decided to read there? Would you need one if a barely literate american footballer decided to read there? A certain ex-president? Dick Cheney?

Then why the hell does it matter that she did porn? Is she not a human being? If you cut her does she not bleed? If you tickle her does she not laugh? Is sex okay or is it some dirty little secret we hide from kids? Will you be telling these kids that they are a product of some sort of immaculate conception rather than 5 to 30 minutes of exertion and weird noises? Does any of this even matter if someone who has had sex in the past reads a children’s book?

And it shows the utter hypocrisy that we as humans are happy for her to take her pants off on our screens and be objectified but heaven forbid the object of your masturbation deems to be more than a picture on your screen. Everyone one us has had sex, some more than others. We are all a product of sex. Letting kids know that, isn’t wrong and never has been. We all have sex and if anything the catholic church has proven that leaving your kids around people who don’t have sex  tends to end poorly. I think the genuine issue is that society has conditioned us (and yes, I had to have an introspective moment to recognise that even I have the same problem) to regard porn stars as vacuous dummies who hate their job, their objectification and end up as burnt out husks in the evil porn industry. We cannot for the life of us understand women such as Dr. Brooke Magnanti who are smart and either trade/or have traded sex for money. We as a society cannot accept them being normal, or even happy because we are conditioned to treat porn as something shameful and so cannot accept when it stops being fantasy on a screen and starts being a reality. And we especially cannot accept it if it decides to show up and teach our kids to read.


So we accept that it’s not because she had sex, but because she accepted money for having sex. Sasha Grey’s biggest problem is that she had sex for money. She will never be taken seriously because people cannot disengage the idea that she had sex for money from the fact that she is a human being. And I see the semblance to the issue which atheism has in that she as a human being is not being judged for what she is doing but rather for doing something a bit sexy. It’s sad, that the worst issue of pornography is not that the public assumption is one that all pornography is degrading, abusive and exploitative. It’s that the public cannot accept anyone who doesn’t fit into the stereotype. Not even liberals….

She’s quit porn, but has a lot of fans and was part of the sex positive movement including producing some female friendly alt. pornography because *spoilers* women do like porn of their own *spoilers*. So people like to keep in touch with her via the twitters. Compared to other people in the industry she had a good time in it and is smart enough to realise that porn careers are transient and she has used that popularity to springboard herself into other careers including one in Education (which is a degree that she is apparently pursuing).

Oh Sasha! You simply cannot
cope with the depths of sleaze and depravity
that I can foist upon children!

And it is utterly sad that she will be tarred with the brush that somehow she is stupid or talentless and shouldn’t be allowed around children for this. Are we simply going to suggest that everyone who did a job that’s demonised in society be prevented from hanging around kids? Are politicians and lawyers going to be banned from schools? After all one must not tell lies. Are we going to ban soldiers? After all one must not kill. Are we going to ban doctors? Because doctors give out drugs? I was once a telemarketter. Does this mean I am not allowed around kids lest I sell them broadband and arguably access to more pornography than dear Sasha?