I Hate Shia LaBeouf But I Support Him

I often joked that Shia LaBeouf spent most of his career ruining my child hood. His roles in the remake of Rear Window started it. His role as whiney entitled douchebro in the Transformers movie cemented it. His detour to destroy the good memories of Indiana Jones only embellished his actions. The final straw was his role in the Wall Street sequel.

The sad truth is? He was easy to dislike. He was entitled. He was douchey. He stole and plagiarised less famous people. The bit from Transformers that defined him the most was his role in the Third one. Whining about his amazing house, angry in his car painted to remind himself of his glory days and angry that his girlfriend was more successful than he was. But I agree, he doesn’t write the scripts and I am going to assume he never really  spoke out against such hack acting. But he wasn’t a sympathetic character. He was a cock. [Read more…]

Stormfronter Mail – Ha Ha!

Oh my! Someone charming left me a message! Apparently they took offence to a variety of my posts ranging from the support of interracial couples and indeed telling people how much of a tit Vox Day is.

Fuck you, you Paki Fag!

How fast can you run you sand nigger? Now that real Hindus have taken power, your fake Muslim arse is going to be thrown out on the street where you deserve to be. Your country is shit, your skin colour is shit and you aren’t as smart. If you were your country would be as good as ours.

Dots good, Beards bad!

Now lets see you stand for those abhumans knowing they will come to kill you. [Read more…]

Appropriation of Nerd Culture By The Wimminz

Oh Tauriq Moosa? Will you never learn?  If you argue for a world that is kind and decent and inclusive there will be people who throw their toys out of the pram and make a fuss?

You may not call yourself a Nerd, but I do. I actually took umbrage to PZ Myers mocking a MRA’s love of Warhammer.

Because I like it too. 3000 points of Eldar, 3000 Points of Orks, 4000 points of high elves and 3000 points of Vampire Counts/Tomb Kings (because I just swap out the leaders – Hey I am not buying two sets of skeletons). These armies were built or nicked from an older cousin and lovingly played. I know it’s a silly universe but it knows it is silly. In the Grim Dark Future we will fight all our battles with fisticuffs. [Read more…]

r/atheism, Bigotry and the EDL

“There is no bigotry in r/atheism”.

Apparently the lovely folk in r/atheism forget that bigotry doesn’t exist until it’s pointed out. So r/atheism’s mods tried to put up some rules. No bigotted statements. AKA no racist, sexist and homophobic comments. To which r/atheism responded with typical verve by claiming it was impinging on free speech…

My response? Really? What about this thread where you linked to a far right/neo-nazi blog that supports the EDL (the organisation that’s been attacking muslims and damaging mosques in the wake of the Woolwich murder – English Defence League). [Read more…]

Age of Kali – The Embers Relight

When I first wrote about the Delhi Rape case in January, I was preparing for an exam to get my temporary registration to move on to the big subjects as a medical student. I was extremely busy but even then took a day off to go stand on the front lines of protests around me with the idea of providing medical coverage. A few readers from Chennai “asked” me to come down and I went to see.

[warning]TW – Rape, Paedophilia, Death[/warning]

And a lot of it was watching the anger that people had at such a horrendous case. I repeat the TW. [Read more…]

A Voice for Me – Naturally it’s Judgy Bitch on Whores and Big Red Steubenville Football

I haven’t been following the Steubenville rape case.

[warning]TW – Rape and Victim Blaming[/warning]

Frankly? It’s out of my monkeysphere and news out here was pretty “rare”. However my understanding of it was that two kids who played American Football got together at some party where they grabbed a sixteen year old girl who had passed out from excess libations and then raped her both digitally and in the “traditional” sense of rape. Then a bunch of adults weighed in and fucked everything up by not punishing these two “nice young boys” but instead blaming the victim because “American Handegg/Rugby For the Fragile” is a bigger deal than the right of girls to not get raped.

I blame Ed Brayton for this post. I wouldn’t have commented on this topic because I knew so little about the case.

However he posted this last night and I noticed that this (so called) Judgy Bitch had used the Delhi Bus Rape to denigrate the rape of this young lady.

And it made me angry for a whole bunch of reasons. So I decided to go do a little light reading. After all? I don’t have any work at the moment.

And the more I read the sadder I got. [Read more…]

What Are You Thinking?

Boys will be boys.

That’s what we say when we get up to hi-jinks and shenanigans. And my youth was filled with such shenanigans. Everything from beer laden break ins into a girl’s dormitory to chat up young ladies who smiled at us to epic drinking sessions. But that’s youth and I kind of have mellowed out (really mellowed out… celibacy for 5 years and only 3 weeks of contact with alcohol that doesn’t blind you). [Read more…]