Theadore Beale and the Hugos

Theadore Beale aka Vox Day is up for a Hugo Award.

This is just bizarre. See Vox Day is for want of a better description a rather despicable human being.

He’s got the trifecta. Beloved of the Stormfront, the man’s a racist.  A darling of the MRA and Pick Up Artist communities, the man’s an out and out misogynist. And a full blown homophobe.  [Read more…]

Why UKIP isn’t the one for us

“Perhaps if they did they would be better able to tackle us on policy, rather than having to rely on smear campaigns to try to undermine UKIP’s increasing popularity.

Were we to return the favour we would find an even greater wealth of embarrassment and disgrace in the other three parties’ ranks to also spread across the media.” – UKIP

Oh Really? [Read more…]

Open Mouth Insert Foot – Cliven Bundy

“I took this boot off so I wouldn’t put my foot in my mouth with the boot on, Let me see if I can say something. Maybe I sinned, and maybe I need to ask forgiveness, and maybe I don’t know what I actually said, but when you talk about prejudice, we’re talking about not being able to exercise what we think.

“If I say ‘Negro’ or ‘black boy’ or ‘slave,’ if those people cannot take those kind of words and not be [offended], then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet,” he added. “We need to get over this prejudice stuff.”

Privilege means not actually know what racially insensitive and grossly idiotic thing you just said and then saying another one.

Stormfront – Murder Machine

I think I am late to the party here. If you haven’t already heard? Ed Brayton is being a sued by a white supremacist. And while I was purchasing a new, sleeker and more powerful hamster to power my Internet, I was reading the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s look at the Stormfront.

I am aware of the Stormfront as I am aware of various racist groups due to contact with racist people on a normal day. It creeps up in a variety of places after all.

And there are some very very strange places where you find racism. Yes even us atheists. For those who haven’t clicked the links? The first is Pat Condell defending the English Defence League. Now I am of the opinion that the best way for English to be defended would be to ban the average EDL member from speaking it. The EDL are racists, the only difference between them and the Nazis is that the Nazis were snappier dressers. They are violent abusive thugs who have made life hellish for the people of the UK who just happen to be brown. [Read more…]

It’s Not Racist, it’s Trolling! Ignore them!

If you ignore them, they will go away.  And racism won’t affect you!

That’s what I was basically told when I reported a 45 minute tirade where I was forced to play a game with racists who kept up a wall of abuse after I spoke out against their racism. Not the genteel racism of unconscious stereotyping, but the full blown messages that invoked the worst excess of American Slavery, Colonialism and Apartheid.

When I spoke out, I was effectively told to shut up and stop complaining. That no one else wanted to make a fuss. The Racists got away with the same punishment as I did. I got slapped on the wrist for not playing as a team and they got a slap on the wrist too.

That’s more the fault of the system really and that’s the damn problem with racism. The system kept them safe. [Read more…]

Would you play a game where the protagonist was a Nazi?

It’s a rather “puzzling” surprise to many readers that I do play games. While poking around someone asked me a question.

Why can’t you play a game as a Nazi? Why can’t you play a WW2 game where you play as the “baddies”. I thought about it and I do have a genuine answer as to why that is possible but why no one would take the risk.

But we did play a Call of Duty game where we played the “Historic Bad Guys” (but at the time good guys). We played as Russians in the first two Call of Dutys, back when it was about showing the viewpoint of historical soldiers. Who here played Call of Duty 2 and forgot the training mission where you learnt to fight with potatoes because grenades are expensive, you are not.

So would someone ever make a game where you played one of the Axis powers in WW2?  [Read more…]

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Last week, Megyn Kelly of Fox News decided to inform us that Black Jesus or Santa Claus was not a real thing.

Never mind the fact that as a Middle Eastern Jew, Jesus would have been considerably swarthier than what Megyn thinks “white” is. St. Nicholas being from Lycia may not have been as white as the driven snow either. Indeed many depictions of him show him as considerably swarthier than the modern idea of Santa Claus.

But even after her sudden outbreak of foot in mouth disease, Megyn Kelly decided to do something even more ignorant. And in doing so exposed the general bigotry still pervasive both at Fox and in Conservative Americans.

[warning]Apparently this is a Parody that was posted around the net that I fell for. The price of falling for bad sarcasm.[/warning] [Read more…]

Who Gives a Fuck about Ducks?

I had to have this explained to me.

Duck Dynasty is a show about a bunch of rural Americans who got famous by producing and branding a specific brand of duck call that is either very effective or just generally liked. This has turned them into serious stars.

To put it into perspective, Duck Dynasty was getting viewing figures BIGGER than Breaking Bad and that’s a critically acclaimed show. I assume this is a rip roaring balls to the wall analysis of what it is to be in the duck call making industry. It however does not interest me since I don’t hunt and since hunting in the UK is the domain of posh buggers, the culture of hunting is rather more different.

I like duck but not enough to invest in personally shooting them out of the sky.

[warning]Contains Racism/Homophobia and a look at lynching as a method of fear and intimidation[/warning] [Read more…]


I participated in the “not your asian sidekick twitter hashtag” but then realised there is a small problem with it.

It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. It dealt with American Asian issues and by which I mean the definition of asian varies. In the USA it’s Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and maybe (I don’t know if Indonesians and other South East Asians are included) other countries in the region. But it does something peculiar since it leaves out South Asia.

It’s a problem. South Asians issues are rarely considered as part of Asian ones despite having the same issues.  [Read more…]