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Jun 05 2014

Racism is Live and Well

The Back Story?

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May 17 2014

Stormfronter Mail – Ha Ha!

Oh my! Someone charming left me a message! Apparently they took offence to a variety of my posts ranging from the support of interracial couples and indeed telling people how much of a tit Vox Day is. Fuck you, you Paki Fag! How fast can you run you sand nigger? Now that real Hindus have …

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May 05 2014

It’s Not Racism if we don’t Understand

There is an old racist meme I remember from the good olde days of not being a blogger. In it they had 3 brains. One was human and labelled “Caucasian”. Another was labelled “Orangutan” and allegedly simian. And the one in the middle was a mix of both and labelled “Negroid”. I had a laugh. …

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Apr 30 2014

We aren’t Racist! – UKIP

Lest we forget that Nigel Farage is himself not the most race aware person?

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Apr 30 2014

Like a Hugo Baws – Vox Day 2

I wrote about my take on the Hugo Awards and the fact Vox Day was nominated. It’s simple, if he is nominated and in the interest of free speech, I can write an article  pointing out he is a racist, sexist, homophobe and all round terrible human being and that we should not vote for …

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Apr 28 2014

Theadore Beale and the Hugos

Theadore Beale aka Vox Day is up for a Hugo Award. This is just bizarre. See Vox Day is for want of a better description a rather despicable human being. He’s got the trifecta. Beloved of the Stormfront, the man’s a racist.  A darling of the MRA and Pick Up Artist communities, the man’s an …

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Apr 27 2014

Why UKIP isn’t the one for us

“Perhaps if they did they would be better able to tackle us on policy, rather than having to rely on smear campaigns to try to undermine UKIP’s increasing popularity. Were we to return the favour we would find an even greater wealth of embarrassment and disgrace in the other three parties’ ranks to also spread …

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Apr 26 2014

Open Mouth Insert Foot – Cliven Bundy

“I took this boot off so I wouldn’t put my foot in my mouth with the boot on, Let me see if I can say something. Maybe I sinned, and maybe I need to ask forgiveness, and maybe I don’t know what I actually said, but when you talk about prejudice, we’re talking about not being …

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Apr 25 2014

Let me tell you about the Negro – A Cliven Bundy Story

Are you sitting comfortably? Libertarian gun nut and all round thief Cliven Bundy seems to think that taxation is theft and utilisation of public land without appropriate pay is somehow a right afforded to people. This isn’t a park for a picnic, but goverenment land for a profitable endeavour at the detriment of the land.

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Apr 18 2014

Stormfront – Murder Machine

I think I am late to the party here. If you haven’t already heard? Ed Brayton is being a sued by a white supremacist. And while I was purchasing a new, sleeker and more powerful hamster to power my Internet, I was reading the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s look at the Stormfront. I am aware …

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