Viera Scheibner’s Quick Points – A Rebuttal

Viera Schiebner at her non-muggle job.

I find this woman odious, a genuine harpy. Twisting the misery and suffering of countless children across the world to fit her world view of anti-vaccination and anti-medicine. Her work has recently begun to resurface courtesy of outbreaks of measles across Europe. It’s not sufficient that she misrepresents her “speciality” as a micro-paleontologist and uses her doctrate to make people assume that she is a medical doctor. Her work has routinely been called to question and is responsible for the idea that the whooping cough vaccine is responsible for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). She has also linked Shaken Baby Syndrome to vaccination and claimed that childhood diseases such as mumps, measles, whooping cough and german measles are vital for development and only cause fatalities under medical mismanagement. Her work forms the foundation of all sorts of moronic anti-vaccine ideology based out of Australia. In response to the previous Measles outbreak in the UK immediately post Andrew Wakefield’s shoddy research she produced her own Quick Points about the Measles Outbreak.

          1.     Peter Flegg failed to respond/refute that The Amish who claim religious exemption to vaccination had not reported a single case of measles for 18 years (between 1970 and December 1987).  He ignored my quoting Hedrich (1933), who is credited with coining the term “herd immunity”, and showing that measles have dynamics of 2-3 years and up to 18 years.  Not just 2 years as plainly asserted by Dr Flegg. 

Racism was also more
acceptable black then.
I mean back then!

Amish Herd Immunity comes from the General population who surround them having herd immunity due to our vaccinations. They are a tiny population that cannot move very far and is rarely in contact with other humans bar visitors who view them as a curiosity and a throwback to a simpler time of barn dances, buggy rides, simple home improvement and dying in childbirth.

And her data fails to understand how Measles spreads and stops at 1987 because there was a mass outbreak in the Amish community courtesy of two school kids who developed the measles rash starting on the 21st of March 1988. The disease cut through the amish like wildfire causing 142 cases of which one child died of measles meningitis. The ensuing fear of the measles caused an increase of vaccination in the Amish community which is normally around 20% to 70% due to fear of the disease.

In addition for the same period multiple other communities acquired the disease due to the practices of the amish of not following quarantine. Many amish children survived solely due to medical intervention from the US government.

Hedrich’s paper is a bag of useless in this day and age because back then roughly 4 million cases of measles were seen per year with nearly 15,000 to 20,000 complications resulting in roughly 450 deaths a year. Now in the west combined we don’t even have 450 cases of measles. It’s a testament to how effective vaccination is.

2.    It is a documented fact that measles vaccine was introduced in the US, and used in mass proportions coincidentally with the beginning of an 18-year cycle of no incidence of measles.  During that time, the vaccines kept measles epidemics occurring every 2-3 years in the non-Amish US communities at the time when the unvaccinated Amish had no cases.

The current outbreaks of measles are directly linked to the idiocy of Andrew Wakefield’s research and the people who were conned into not taking the MMR vaccine. There is a direct correlation to the increase in measles post reduction in vaccination. Also if measles had a 18 year cycle then we would have seen a lot more outbreaks rather than these piddly numbers of 100 to 200 (sad cases but still piffling) considering the USA was once home to upto 4 million cases per year.

3.    As far as the herd immunity and vaccination is concerned, there is no positive relationship there.  The vaccines do not even protect the individual recipients, notwithstanding protecting the community.  I quoted Rauh and Schmidt (1965.  Measles immunization with killed virus vaccine.  Am J Dis Childhood; 109: 232-237) who described a 1963 epidemic of measles in Cincinnati and wrote “It is obvious that three injections of killed vaccine had not protected a large percentage of children against measles when exposed within a period of two-and-a-half years after immunization”.   Actually, Dr Flegg unwittingly provided similar evidence for the ineffectiveness of measles vaccines by writing “full measles vaccination”.   It was precisely the failure of one jab of measles vaccines to prevent their recipients getting measles that prompted the introduction of further doses of the same (ineffective) vaccine. 

1963 vaccines have been improved on. Vaccines do not produce a total immunity but they produce a resistance. It’s like saying that people still die despite wearing bullet proof armour so we should not give our soldiers armour ignoring those who are saved.

The 1963 killed vaccine was not efficient. After the first dose only 25% had immunity after a year. After the booster only 60% and after the third dose only did it get to the 90% mark.

The modern Measles vaccine is the MMR and is a live vaccine which has excellent protection.

4.    Dr Flegg is plainly inaccurate, if not wrong
, in stating that it was only the recipients of the killed measles virus vaccine revaccinated with the live virus measles vaccine that developed atypical measles.  I quote Krause et al (1980.  Measles-specific lymphocyte reactivity and serum antibody in subjects with different measles histories.  Am J Dis Childhood; 134: 567-571)  who wrote “Since in the past, occasional cases of atypical measles have been noted in persons who as far as could be discerned had received only live vaccines, it has occurred to us that under certain abnormal circumstances, measles-specific lymphocyte sensitization can happen in individuals other than recipients of killed vaccine.  Recent trends have led to situations where children have received multiple doses of live vaccine. ” And further “…, we have wondered about the possibility of exaggerated measles-specific lymphocyte reactivity in some multiply vaccinated persons.” One is tempted here to ask, if multiple doses of live measles virus vaccines cause such abnormal circumstances why then administer multiple doses to start with?  Cherry (1980.  The ‘New’ epidemiology of measles and rubella.  Hospital Practice; July: 49-57) wrote “What about the possibility of waning immunity in those who had been vaccinated?  In the 1970-71 epidemic, studies in the St Louis area indicated that about one half of 10,000 cases of measles [now that’s a substantial epidemic at the time when the unvaccinated Amish reported no cases!] occurred in vaccinees and about half had been less than one year old at the time of immunization.   Some of the affected children in St Louis had mild, apparently modified, disease.  About one third of the vaccine failures showed only secondary specific antibody (IgG) response, that is evidence of prior immunologic stimulation to measles without subsequent protection.  Similar data for Cincinnati were reported by C.C. Linnemann Jr et al. and for New Haven by A. Schluederberg et al. both of whom noted a large number of “vaccine failures” in patients whose IgG was responsive but whose IgM was not…In short, since these studies indicated that vaccine failure rates increase with time, one could make a case for evidence of waning immunity: however, the influence of improper immunization in these “failures” could not be discounted”.   And there is more: “In short, the data suggested that a booster dose might not have any lasting effect on waning immunity.”  I am impressed that such a staunch proponent of vaccination as Dr Cherry so honestly reported on the observed fundamental problems with measles vaccination.

Okay. However there is no need for booster doses when using live vaccines as the low virulence but high antigenicity of the live vaccine allows you to give just a single MMR shot and gain life long resistance.

Also statistics!

5.    Having mild measles is not such a good thing, as Ronne (1985) demonstrated in his landmark article, aptly titled “Measles virus infection without rash in childhood is related to disease in adult life” Lancet; 5 Jan: 1-5).  He demonstrated that those adults who did not have measles in childhood, and, when having measles, did not develop proper rash, had substantially increased incidence of degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin disease, immunoreactive disease and some tumours.  These were only the four diseases he looked into, there may be other conditions which are prevented by having natural measles.  West (1969.  Epidemiologic studies of malignancies of the ovaries.  Cancer; July: 1001-1007) demonstrated that having mumps prevents ovarian cancer.

Those can be withstood and cured. Measles based complication kills children. Pneumonia, Otitis media, Acute Encephalitis, Corneal ulceration. With greater effects in adults than in children. In the west where technology is available the death rate is around 0.3%.

In rural parts of the third world the mortality rate for measles is 28%. The fewer the hospitals the greater the fatality rate. Measles is one of the biggest slayers of children across the developing world. In immunodeficient patients measles has a 30% fatality rate.

6.    It is a wishful thinking of provaccinators that measles epidemics only occur in the unvaccinated: quite to the contrary.  Outbreaks in even 100% vaccinated populations in the US (and elsewhere) have continued unabated (thanks for highlighting my typing error, showing Peter Flegg’s potential to be a good editor) to this day.   Hedrich (1933) talked about temporary herd immunity when about 63% of suceptibles get measles, which stops the epidemic until there is again similar percentage of susceptibles.  When 100% vaccination rate does not prevent epidemics, then, sorry folks, the vaccine is ineffective; moreover, the example of the above-mentioned 18-year cycle of low or no incidence of natural measles, but still characterised by regular 2-3 year epidemics of measles in the vaccinated, in fact means that the vaccine kept measles live and kicking.  Just like the polio and whooping cough vaccines.  Hutchins et al. (1988) reported on the Current epidemiology of pertussis in the United States (Tokai J Exp Clin Med; 13 (Suppl): 103-109 ) and demonstrated on their figure 1 that when the individual states in the US gradually one after another mandated vaccination around 1978, the incidence of pertussis increased almost three-fold, with the highest annual incidence in infants less than 12 months of age. “Children 1-4 years of age accounted for 25% of all cases but had an average annual incidence only 1/7th that of infants…Rates of hospitalization and complications such as pneumonia, seizures and encephalopathy associated with pertussis were highest in children less than 6 months of age and declined progressively with increasing age.  In addition, the mortality ratio was highest in the same age group.  Among children with pertussis aged 7 months to 4 years, about 3 of 5 had not received at least 3 doses of DTP (the minimum considered necessary for optimal protection)”.  Taken in isolation, this statement is meaningless: it is a well-documented fact that most cases of pertussis and polio (as an example) occur after the first dose. Similar contemporary increase was observed with polio: Figure 1 in Schonberger et al. (1984. Control of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States.  Rev Infec Dis; 6, Suppl 2: S424-S426) shows exactly the same as Figure 1 of Hutchins et al. (1988):  a sudden significant and sustained  increase in poliomyelitis between 1975-1979, obviously coinciding with increasing numbers of small babies being vaccinated within a short period of time.  This also illustrates the so called provocation nature of poliomyelitis, i.e. paralysis caused by other vaccine injections (such as DPT in this case) and vaccine-caused poliomyelitis.   Indeed, earlier authors, such McCloskey 1950 (The relation of prophylactic inoculations to the onset of poliomyelitis.  Lancet; 18 April: 659-663) reported on polio cases as  provocation poliomyelitis, a paralysis caused by DPT injections.   More recently, Romania reported on an u
nusually high (14 times that reported in the USA) incidence of provocation poliomyelitis ( Strebel et al. 1994.  Paralytic poliomyelitis in Romania, 1984-1992.  Am J Epidemiology; 140 (12): 1111-1124) after a variety of injections, and including DPT.       

There are many things wrong with this pile of waffle. First and foremost is the complete disregard to prior rates of infection of these diseases and the old mortality rates with newer ones. What consists of a modern epidemic and a 1950s epidemic are two different things. At one point polio was a fact of life. It was a case of “Jimmy has polio and needs his lessons in an iron lung” (or more likely Mtumbi has polio and is going to die because he is poor and lives in Africa where there are no iron lungs). It is also believed by the WHO and CDC that the Pertusis aspect of the DPT vaccine saved roughly half a million lives every year and countless hours of medical care. Prevention is better than the cure and the disease still affects 48.5 million people a year and kills around 285,000 people a year mostly in the developing world where the DPT vaccine is having difficulty being rolled out. This is due to infrastructure issues as vaccines must be transported at a specific temperature making it difficult to transport to areas with bad roads and poor links. It’s the same with all vaccines.

Post immunisation rates of Diptheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (all three diseases are deadly and fearsome in their own right.) are much much lower. Roughly 85% lower. The Pertussis vaccine is not for life and is stopped after the danger zone. Adults do not get the disease as fatally as children.

Polio still exists in the world. And it’s fearsome crippling effect still has a legacy across the globe for taking healthy young children and confining them to braces and crutches for life. Romania’s Dictatorial era wasn’t exactly famed for producing unbiased medical records and shouldn’t be used without proper research.

7.    I can quote hundreds of articles describing serious reactions to measles and other vaccines.

I can quote millions of cases of people whose children’s brains got fried by measles leaving them shadows of their former selves. I can show you patients who once ran but now limp on crutches thanks to polio. I can show you children dying because of whooping cough. I can shock you with the death caused by tetanus and show you visual representations of the mountains of dead babies due to the Rotavirus.

It has been proved without a shadow of a doubt that vaccination works and that while there are side effects of vaccination the risks are worth it. All it took for the current outbreak in Europe was a handful of selfish people who didn’t vaccinate their children and ultimately it was their children who suffered.

8.    The causal link between vaccination with live measles virus vaccine and SSPE was also described by Modlin et al. (1977) who wrote “Histories obtained in 350 of 375 clinically confirmed cases of subacute sclerosing encephalitis (SSPE) reported to a national registry showed that 292 had measles and 58 had no history of measles.  Forty of the latter patients received live, attenuated measles virus vaccine.  In patients with a history of measles, measles illness occurred before the age of 2 years in 46% and a mean 7.0 years before the onset of SSPE.  In contrast, there was no relationship of SSPE with age at vaccination in 35 of the 40 patients historically associated with measles vaccine, and SSPE occurred a mean 3.3 years after vaccination.”  Clearly the vaccine speeded up the development of SSPE.

Clearly it did not as there is a line stating “In Contrast, there was no relationship with SSPE with age at vaccination in 35 of the 40 patients historically associated with the measles vaccine.”. No what we have here is an incidence of quote mining. I transcribe for you from the actual article (Modlin et al; 1977)

 In contrast, there was no relationship of SSPE with age at vaccination in 35 of the 40 patients historically associated with measles vaccine, and SSPE occurred a mean of 3.3 years after vaccination. Based on estimated national measles morbidity data and national measles vaccine distribution data, the risk of SSPE following measles vaccination (0.5 to 1.1 cases/106) appears to be less than the risk following measles (5.2 to 9.7 cases/106). Because live measles vaccine is highly effective in preventing measles illness and a high proportion of children in the United States have received measles vaccine, these data are consistent with the observed downward trend in SSPE incidence since 1969.

This is a gross misrepresentation of research and elimination of an important line to enable the wacky theories of Viera.

9.     As far as the relevance of older publications is concerned: the relevance and validity of original research and especially description of case histories has never been challenged, it is still widely quoted; moreover, much of the older research is honest as I pointed out in the case of Cherry (198O).   Research into a variety of subjects, vaccines being no exception, was conducted intensely at a certain time (atypical measles in the late sixties and early seventies) and is not replicated every year.  Even more ‘modern’ research has not proved vaccines effective (the glaring example being the abysmally failed recent testing of HIV vaccine: a number of volunteers contracted AIDS infection from it) and a number of malaria vaccines failed one after another.  Quite recently, BMJ published Ufe Ravenskov’s letter “Should medical science ignore the past?” ( 2008; 337: a1681) critical of an article on hypercholesterolaemia whose authors selected only reviews if they included “extensive recent references” thereby missing important knowledge from the past.        

Atypical Measles Syndrome? That mainly occurred in people with the older vaccine or if the cold chain is compromised with the modern vaccine.

It’s insanely rare in the west because we have all sorts of controls that indicate the breakdown of the cold chain. Ufe Ravenskov’s letter fails to realise that there the level of excess cholesterol at death is not as important as the period during which cholesterol was high. One day of high cholesterol may be due to you having eaten a fat laden meal. What is important is cholesterol over a month.

Many of these papers quoted by Viera Scheibner are proved wrong or are incorrectly quoted and have nothing to do with statin based research. This is like posting a paper on elephant mating at a conference for particle physics.

10.     Dr Flegg, just as other vaccinators, begrudges valid and relevant research published in the sixties and seventies, however, he still subscribes to the idea of vaccination developed by Edward Jenner more than two hundred years ago, when, evidently, he had no knowledge of the immune system.

Edward Jenner’s small pox vaccine saved millions of lives across the globe and smallpox is itself extinct due to his simple casual observation and understanding of disease. Milkmaids seldom contracted small pox (hence the notion of the comely milk maid. They were attractive simply because
they didn’t get the small pox scars that made other women ugly). He found a disease that had small pox like conditions and indeed experimented with chicken pox as well without success (that’s more related to herpes) before stumbling on this idea.

He genuinely did not have any idea about how his mechanism worked bar the observation. So he simply infected people with cow pox noting that the actual virulence of cow pox was further reduced when taken from a living human with the disease (much like the eastern practice of variolation where actual fluid from small pox victims was used as a precursor to this to grant people immunity in the local community but with some risk (you could catch a less virulent form of smallpox).

The idea was not developed by him. The idea is simple. Our body’s immune system functions NOT by getting the disease but by T/B lymphocytes being sensitised to a specific antigen of the disease. If we could provide antigens without the actual disease then we would sensitise the patient against the disease and prevent the spread of the disease. This was pasteur’s work. We confirmed these theories by various antibody/antigen testing in labs. It’s an easily demonstrable principle and is actually the principle by which pregnancy tests work.

11.    Dr Flegg commits worse omissions than I by not revealing the vaccination states of those ‘victims of measles’ who had to be hospitalized and died etc. his sweeping statements ring hollow.

The current measles vaccine is believed to possess an 85 to 90% efficiency. Some people WILL get the disease when exposed to it but sufficient amounts of people will have resistance to prevent it from spreading as easily. Added to which partial resistances of those innoculted will produce a higher survival rate. It’s part of the reason that measles is so survivable in the west as the people themselves possess a faster response. The problem occurs when you stop vaccinating children resulting in a sufficient pool of people to allow the spread of the disease. A population of non vaccinated people sitting around away from the vaccinated people are safe UNTIL someone gets the disease. However if they are spread out evenly in a larger vaccinated population then there is no one to give them the disease, and even if one contracts the disease there is no one to spread it to so the outbreaks are small and contained.

12.    Last but not least: I like vaccines to be administered to provaccinators.  I can quote many examples of provaccinators refusing vaccines for themselves, such as:  the medical director of the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories at the time, was quoted in The Age (newspaper) on 18.4.1976 as not having had a ‘flu shot’ in ten years.  “I regard myself as a healthy-middle aged man and I think that I can withstand a bout of flu if I get it”.   The same article quoted a doctor from the Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne saying that studies of immunity imparted by flu vaccines showed effectiveness levels down as low as 30%.   Orenstein et al. (1981. Rubella vaccine and susceptible hospital employees.  Poor physicians participation.  JAMA; 245 (7): 711-713 ) reported on a vaccination non-compliance  by physicians.  I am also asking how come so many doctors like to administer vaccines to others when orthodox medical research (by provaccinators) demonstrated (whether consciously or unconsciously) that vaccines are ineffective to prevent diseases and the dangers are real.

I have had the polio, HiB, DPT, Tetanus Boosters, VZ, MMR and Yellow Fever vaccine. Most doctors have. Doctors do not like taking the flu vaccine because it will leave you ill for a few days and it’s hard to work with the mild flu like symptoms. Most of us healthy adults could fight off the flu and the flu vaccine is mainly administered to the elderly because they are prone to suffering the most.

13.    It is the orthodox immunological research that demonstrated right ab initio that vaccines by their very nature sensitise, ie. increase susceptibility to the diseases which the vaccines are supposed to prevent and also to related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections (Craighead 1975.  Report of a workshop: disease accentuation after immunization with inactivated microbial vaccines.  I Infect Dis; 1312 (6): 749-754).        

No it does not. It’s blatantly obvious that in the antibody/antigen system of immunology that antigen recognition sensitises you to disease and lets you fight it better the second time. Antigen recognition sans disease is what a vaccination is. It’s all the benefits of getting a disease with none of the side effects.

What is there to like in vaccines?
Why not let Nature do its own thing when it does it so well?  Nature knows what to do, people often do not (calling human species homo sapiens is a misnomer).  Medical errors and changing opinions are well-documented.  The benefits of natural, well-managed measles (meaning, not suppressing fever and not administering antibiotics and other drugs), or any other infectious disease of childhood, are amply documented in orthodox medical literature.  I suggest that Peter Flegg also reads those ‘dreaded’ historic medical papers.  The way he writes suggests to me that he does not seem to have learnt enough from “experience”, either.  Doesn’t he see scores of babies with ear infections right after their first dose of vaccines at 2 months?  Doesn’t he see babies dying after their vaccinations?  Doesn’t he see children with behavioural and learning problems? 

Because nature prefers if humans do not live past 45 and places a intense mortality rate on humans while Viera Scheibner lives in a first world nation where medicine has worked to make all those diseases a thing of legend rather than a fact of life to the point where morons like Viera can say such nonsensical things.

Orthodox medicine also lists the sheer numbers of children who are deaf, blind and mentally retarded due to measles (The ultimate irony was that Measles was more likely to make your child mentally regress than the MMR vaccine). No one gives out anti-biotics for measles (a viral disease) and in any case most antibiotics are given for actual bacterial diseases.

And I am surprised Viera does not see scores of babies with cradle cap linking that to vaccination. Babies get ear infections, and it is noted that HiB vaccinated babies have a 7% decrease in related ear infections.

The behaviour and learning problem link is heavily disproved, while the actual learning problems caused by weeks off from school, money wasted and permanent effects of disease are not mentioned. 

An uncomfortable truth – Men don’t like prostate exams

It’s a test that both doctors and patients fear, the dreaded rectal examination. It’s one of those social taboos that we do not understand. Why would anyone want to put their fingers “up there” and what could they possibly tell from that.
In women, it can be used to palpate structures much like a vaginal exam. In some cases it can be used to drain fluids that have accumulated within the body cavity.
In men however it has a more prognostic role. The prostate is the male uterus, it’s function is mildly secretory and in the maintainance of sperm counts. However with age comes a lack of use (it’s been indicated that masturbation helps. Gentlemen… go nuts) and with lack of use comes fibrosis. Fibrosis thickens the tissue and makes it difficult to urinate, it’s like compressing a hosepipe in the middle. [Read more…]

Faith Healing and Never Learning

When you believe in something religiously, you are considered to have “faith”.

I spoke about it earlier, the difference between a delusion and religion is merely what we believe in. A god due to it’s wide acceptance is considered “normal” rather than weird.

The problem with a delusion is that evidence against the delusion is twisted in order to fit into supporting the delusion.  [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – Oculus Reparo

I once asked readers what the most common genetic disorder is. A few got it right (Myopia) but you wouldn’t think there was any sort of quackery associated with glasses would you? After all glasses work. You would be wrong.

A new study states that injuries related to wearing glasses could have sent as many as 27,000 people to emergency rooms in 2002 and 2003. Over1,000 of these cases required further hospital treatment.

How much money do you want to bet that wearing glasses had nothing to do with these injuries but merely compounded them.

Falls, Sports Injuries, Eyeball Injuries The types of injury varied by age. Those over 65 were more likely to be injured by their glasses in a fall, while children 17 and younger were more likely to have sports-related eyeglass injuries. Injuries to the eyeball were most common in people aged 18 to 64.

Er… this isn’t the fall of the glasses. This is the fault of falls and indeed getting hit in the face with something fast moving and hard. Did you know that if you get into a fight you too could get hurt by wearing glasses?

It’s not a disguise! It’s health and safety!

A Leading Cause of Blindness 96 million people in the United States wear prescription glasses. Eye injuries are one of the leading causes of blindness.

I like how Mercola implies but doesn’t explicitly state that the glasses are responsible for blindness. Close to 300 million people in the USA wear underwear, genital injuries are a major cause of sterility. SAY NO MORE! *Wink “Wink* You know as opposed to not wearing glasses. So I actually got his link to his giant article… And man it’s a beast. It’s a gish gallop and a half. And it’s batshit insane and the worst bit is I wasn’t linked this by people going “Look at this Silly Billy”. I got it while looking through medical advice sites. People have purchased this from Mercola. So without further adieu? Let’s look into the sordid and profitable world of ophthalmology… We will be following a different format because I am sure you don’t want to trawl through Mercola’s Solid Wall of Text and then My own Solid Wall of Text so I will just break down his topics directly. If you are a masochist you can go read both of our works side by side but then I would have to salute you while saying “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard!”. If you do wish to witness the true wankery of Mercola (who shills harder than Mike Adams) then read them side by side though. My rants may have little context. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – and Cancer Quackery

There exists a massive problem in India and that is the notion of western medicine.

There is medicine and there is quackery. Vaccination is an eastern form of medicine but it is still used because it works. Medicine is EVERYTHING that works and is proven to work scientifically. Everything that doesn’t work is quackery.

Flogging “Eastern” Medicine is just a method of denigrating real medicine by equating “Eastern” medicine as an opposite equal.

And it kills. It’s simple.

Read this. This is not on a small website. This is a major website and it’s flogging some really dangerous things. [Read more…]

It’s Not Harmless

We keep thinking that quackery and medicine can co-exist. Complementary medicine and alternative medicine is a big business, preying on the lack of understanding about medicine, the fears about medical science and the apparent validation of quackery as a legitimate business. We don’t treat “quacks” as quacks. We treat them as doctors. We call their field “alternative” medicine not “bullshit”. An anti-biologist is a creationist. An anti-NASA dude is a flat earther. Not an Alternative Biologist or an Alternative Rocket Scientist. We call them out for the bullshit they peddle. Yet we don’t apply the same attitude towards quacks.

Hippa (names changed for privacy) passed away today. A friend of a friend. She died from complications arising from Necrotising Fasciitis earlier on sunday.

What went wrong? After feeling a pain in her hip she went to a chiropractor. From the Email she sent…

“Chiropractor says its a S-O joint compressing the sciatic nerve. My condition is worsening, as I can’t get up and down by myself or hardly walk. The chiropractic adjustments & massage don’t seem to be helping. I’ve contacted my orthopedic who is working me in today and ordering a stat MRI.”

1. There is no such thing as an SO joint. To my knowledge. In Human anatomy. There is a sacro-iliac joint. There is a Ilio-femoral joint. There is no Sacro-O (Obturator?) joint. We can give the benefit of the doubt as the patient may have transferred the information incorrectly. Happens. Medical Lingo is for the Nerds.

2. The Sacro-iliac joint is fixed… It cannot really impinge on anything barring fractures and what have you. It cannot compress on the sciatic nerve since the sciatic nerve is formed by the sacral nerves.

3. Spinal Disc herniation cannot be fixed by a chiropracter (cause of sciatica)

4. Neither can spinal stenosis and priformis syndrome

5. A chiropractor without a single x-ray, CT scan or MRI made this diagnosis.

NF is a disorder that can be treated. Broad Spectrum antibiotics and rapid surgical debridement can save lives if treated early enough. NF is easily seen (or not seen as I will explain) on X-Rays, CT and MRI scans. It can even be detected courtesy of basic physical examination. It’s a rare disease BUT one you have to keep in mind. Every doctor gets one…

To point out how badly the Chiro failed at basic medicine? During systemic exam the area over the skin would have some decolourisation. In addition to appearing like cellulitis which doesn’t respond to antibiotics there would be crepitations, severe constant pain that isn’t ameliorated by positional changes but is out of proportion to physical signs of damage, systemic illness, skin necrosis and bullae. He didn’t even do any of the things needed to diagnose his ORIGINAL diagnosis.

Two signs that are important to keep in mind is that with ANY joint pain or long bone pain an x-ray, CT or MRI is necessary. Immediately. On visualisation you will see gas even on the x-ray. It’s a sign that something is afoot and that requires exploratory surgery immediately. If you show up to a hospital going “my arm aches” even if it is tennis elbow (or wanker’s cramp) you will still get an X-ray or CT. The second sign is dishwater pus.

Now NF is hard to diagnose. The issue being that it looks like other conditions. But here is the thing. The other conditions are all pretty serious stuff too. Deep Vein Thrombosis, Limb Ischaemia, Gas gangrene or at best erysiplilas and cellulitis. But that’s why we have exploratory surgery and Emergency Debridement. We can save limbs, we can sometimes lose the limb but save a life. The disease still has a monsterous mortality rate (25%) but but 75% is better than 0%.

Like Steve Jobs, we cannot solely place the blame on the Chiro. She may have had medical care and may have still passed away. But the Chiro plays a big big part in why she died. Hindsight may be 20/20 but if she had seen a doctor initally it may have been caught prior to the stage of sepsis and shock and the ground work would have been laid out for a proper treatment. The Chiro’s lack of any professional skill, knowledge as well as the perception that he is a real doctor delayed her treatment.She believed that he had the knowledge to make this call.

And it cost her. It cost her everything. Jokes about medicine and chiropractic aside…

The validation of quacks as real doctors kills. It’s not complimentary. Bullshit isn’t complimentary to science. It’s not harmless.

Medical School

Have you ever wondered what doctor’s learn in medical school? It’s fascinating what people think medical school is like. It’s either a serious place where we all do work or filled with drunken party animal medical students… It’s a bit of both really.

However the one that got me laughing was this.

Two of the more amusing things I have noticed about the anti-vaccine movement is the notion that immunity has nothing to do with vaccination and doctors should not be involved in the healthcare process. Which is akin to saying that NASA shouldn’t hire any physicists. Big gravity is big business after all. I will also point out that the article is written by Jennifer Hutchinson. Who would rather risk near certain death (the Miluwaukee protocol has saved around 30 lives of which only 3 are not brain damaged) from rabies (it’s not 100% fatal but it is above 99.99% fatal unless you are part of this south american tribe… Basically. It’s fatal).

Do you ever wonder what doctors know about the dozens of vaccines they inject into your children? What they learn in medical school about vaccines? And after they graduate? Who controls what they are taught? My research has been quite an eye-opener.

We know how immunity works and how vaccines function. We learn about the effects of various diseases and we can understand the difference between incidence of disease and mortality rates and understand that vaccines don’t reduce mortality rate but reduce incidence of diseases. We know that our syllabus is dictated by a government licensing board of doctors. In the UK it’s the GMC (General Medical Council) in the USA it’s the American Medical Association. These are boards run by doctors that act as accreditation where they give a doctor a license to heal and enforce a code of conduct that everyone has to adhere to. It’s not a mysterious entity, there are actual offices you can walk into and we put our information online regularly.

First question: What do doctors actually learn in medical school about vaccines? Here’s what several have to say.

Actually we learn about vaccine function in biochemistry and physiology. We learn about schedules in Public Health/Social and Preventative Medicine. We learn about the various diseases in Medicine and Paediatrics.

We learn that vaccines need to be given on schedule. We are indoctrinated with the mantra that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’—neither of which is true. Doctors today are given extensive training on how to talk to ‘hesitant’ parents—how to frighten them by vastly inflating the risks during natural infection. …on the necessity of twisting parents’ arms to conform, or fire them from their practices. Doctors are trained that NOTHING bad should be said about any vaccine, period.”

Which is amusing since every vaccine we have learnt about has a list of things which you have to look out for. And this is a quote from Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

I was never taught how to talk to hesitant patients. India has vaccine preventable diseases. It’s obvious that kids vaccinated against Rotavirus don’t die as much as kids who aren’t. It’s obvious that polio vaccinated kids don’t get polio. It’s obvious that measles vaccinated kids are more likely to live. People can see it for themselves. So they get vaccinated because they actively fear these diseases.

I don’t know what planet Humphries lives on but Diptheria, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Polio, Pneumonia, Meningitis and the like are all terrifying diseases. Diptheria’s name is the Strangling Angel, that’s not a happy name. If your statement is “they are scaremongering about diseases” then our response is “you are not telling the truth and are scaremongering about vaccines”. Ultimately the big loser is not Humphries but the kids who die from vaccine preventable diseases. The myriad of so called side effects of vaccination are solely created by individuals such as Humphries to flog her bullshit for money.

Doctors learn a lot about diseases in medical school, but we learn very little about vaccines. … We don’t review the research ourselves. We never learn what goes into making vaccines or how their safety is studied. So, when patients want a little more information about shots, all we can really say as doctors is that the diseases are bad and the shots are good.”

Except I have mentioned five different subjects where I have learnt about vaccines. Maybe Dr. Bob from who this quote is from wasn’t paying attention in class. (Or Maybe He is a Big Fat Liar). Everything from how normal physiology works to the biochemistry to the method of vaccination. Oh I forgot there should be another subject as I studied Microbiology. That’s a total of 6 different subjects which mention vaccination and how it functions.

“I was taught that vaccines were completely safe and completely effective. But I kept seeing that my experience … in using and reading about vaccines, and hearing what parents were saying about vaccines were very different from what I was taught … When I look at the studies that the AAP and the CDC put out, saying that there’s no correlation between vaccination and autism or vaccinations and asthma, I have to say that the studies just don’t hold up to the scientific standards.”

So apparently the good Doctor Larry Palevsky didn’t learn anything about bias. That if you collect only side effects you get a biased view of how the system works. It’s like saying that you won’t use cars because you only talked to people whose children died in car accidents. The entire point of “a study” is to try and eliminate confirmation bias. If the statistical analysis of data shows that there is no link then the correct scientific standard is to reject the thing that was demonstrated to be wrong not reject the demonstration.

Next question: Who controls what doctors are taught? The pharmaceutical industry. How? Big Pharma provides hefty contributions to medical schools and teaching hospitals, advertises in medical journals, and funds the majority of research.

Every doctor in pharmacology is taught to use generic names. Every pharmacological textbook uses generic names unless a drug is under patent. So when we prescribe a drug we say Rx pharmaceutical name and the pharmacy that you take the drug to will match the drug they have in stock to the prescription. And no, most of us pay fees to be educated and the government spends tax payer money. There is no “big pharma” donation to medical education and in fact pharmaceutical representatives are routinely banned from talking to students in many parts of the world. In fact the biggest thing a drug rep can buy you is a sandwich or a meal and you know what? I don’t see any of these people condemning the million dollar hand out Andrew Wakefield recieved from people who were about to sue the MMR manufacturers in a class action lawsuit. What? Sandwiches and stationary are considered Big Pharma Bribery but half a million quid is not quack bribery?

Medical Journals routinely carry drug advertising but also there are independant drug testing bodies whose job it is to ensure veracity of drug tests. Everytime a drug gets pulled it’s not due to the actions of anti-vax or the quacks. It’s due to the action of big pharma train
ed doctors and scientists who work for independant drug testing bodies such as the NHS and FDA. Oh and the majority of research into drugs would be done by drug companies in the same way that the majority of research into space is done by NASA and other space agencies.

“If drug companies and medical educators were really providing education, doctors and academic institutions would pay them for their services. When you take piano lessons, you pay the teacher, not the other way around. But in this case, industry pays the academic institutions and faculty, and even the doctors who take the courses. The companies are simply buying access to medical school faculty and to doctors in training and practice.”

At no point have I ever seen a drug company approach me or any of my peers for us to flog their drug. I was taught generic names and I use generic names. In fact if patients ask for a name we are told to prescribe the CHEAPEST drug they can use. And in many cases the drugs they are given are free. And in most sane countries the medical service pays drug companies FOR drugs. In the USA because of a privatised medical system there is a hazy line where hospitals support certain drugs and the people who pay for your drugs are a third party. This argument is more to do with the idiocy of american medical systems rather than medicine.

The ultimate irony of the anti-vax stance is that it makes money for pharmaceutical companies. Vaccines don’t drop the mortality rate but the incidence of disease. More disease means more profit.

I’ve also wondered how doctors learn about new vaccines. After all, more are being developed all the time. It must be difficult for medical professionals to keep up with all those shots. Fortunately, Big Pharma makes substantial contributions to the billions of dollars spent on CME (Continuing Medical Education) each year. There are courses available in various formats, from webcasts and NetConferences to DVDs and onsite training. Their purpose? To teach doctors how to increase vaccination rates.

Most first world nations had 95 to 98% vaccination rates. Those who were unvaccinated were either really young or couldn’t be vaccinated for other reasons. It’s not so much as increasing rates as much as maintaining them. However anti-vax are setting out to reduce rates which means we have to respond with methods of increasing rates solely to ensure that the herd immunity doesn’t fall harming those who cannot be vaccinated.

And most CME’s are run by hospitals. It’s basically asking someone to come and speak about something they are good at. This article thinks money from CME’s makes its way into a doctor’s pocket rather than into the hospital’s. At best the doctors get pens, bags, markers and prescription pads. And that has been stopped as a practice. The best they get is “Lunch”. Listen, you could take me to the Fat Duck or to Gordon Ramsey’s for lunch but I am still going to prescribe only if someone can show me empirical proof that your drug or methodology is better than the existing. I have had a meal at a CME, it consisted of a cheese and ham sandwich and a chocolate bar. It probably cost them £2 if they bought it at Tesco. It probably cost them a quid to make. 

The CDC has online classes like “Immunization: You Call the Shots.” [6] And the CDC’s ACIP provides an online version of SHOTS, the current immunization schedule. [7]

Because heaven forbid that the Centre for Disease Control actually tried to control the incidence of a disease. 

The AAP offers the EQIPP (Education in Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practice) “Give Your Immunization Rates a Shot in the Arm” course. [8] Another AAP tool is the CASE model. [9] I have to preface this one by saying that anybody who knows me knows I am rarely speechless. But I was completely flabbergasted when I watched two videos designed to help doctors communicate with parents who have concerns about vaccines. I suggest that you watch both (“Do Vaccines Cause Autism?” and “Are There Too Many Vaccines?”). Just trust me when I say there is nothing I can say to prepare you for what you will see and hear.

I think the problem here is the delusion that autism is caused by vaccines (they aren’t) and so anything we say to the contrary is part of a big pharma plot to cause autism and destroy the planet by making everyone autistic. Teaching doctors to communicate with patients is vital to ensuring that herd immunity is maintained and that we don’t have to buy as many teeny coffins for patients whose parents thought that having a child gave them the same knowledge that a doctor has.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has created a curriculum to help doctors deal with the “immunization pushback” and to “combat pseudoscience.” To help them respond when parents say, “I was reading about vaccines online …” or, “I was watching this show about vaccines …” [10]

Yes. Because when a patient comes in claiming that they would rather trust a man who claims that water has a memory because it was banged against a leather clad board the immediate impulse is to call that man an idiot. Your second impulse is to call another doctor and maybe a few medical students along so that they can have a good laugh. However this is not conducive to proper practice. Education about quacks is important so you can recognise stupid people doing stupid things and insulate yourself from the inevitable stupidity backwash. If your HIV patient is told to give up his zidovudine by his faith healing group against everything you say then you atleast better be able to defend your drug vs his stupid. If he still wants to be stupid then he was informed and your duty as a doctor is done. You tried your level best to stop a patient from hurting himself but he being of sound body and mind made a bad decision. It’s not your fault. However to inform a patient you must know what stupid exists out there. I will point out that Suzanne Humphries up there is now a Homeopath (Apparently she regularly flogs homoepathic things while telling people she is against medicine despite still holding a proper medical practice).

A survey of pediatricians showed that 72.9 percent of parents refuse vaccines because they are afraid they cause autism, 61.5 percent because they aren’t sure the vaccines are safe (they’re too new or haven’t been tested enough), and 59.7 percent because they feel children get too many during the first 2 years. (That’s what I call progress!) With this in mind, is it any wonder that the emphasis on vaccine education for doctors is how to handle “vaccine-hesitant” parents?

Funny, apparently 1 in 10 parents are anti-vax or delay vaccinations. Not 72.9%. Okay I am being silly, I know what she means. She means that amongst the parents who refuse vaccination. 72.9% think they cause autism (if 72.9% of people think that the earth is flat it means that they are wrong. What a lay man thinks doesn’t change the reality of the situation). 61.5% of parents don’t know how vaccines are tested. 59.7 percent think 11 vaccines (That’s in the USA there are 11 multidose vaccines.) are too much. This isn’t 72% of parents, this is 72% of 10%. (AKA 7% of parents). Shoddy statistics. The 1 in 10 statistic is gained from a variety of sources ranging from Time Magazine to the Independant on ratio of parents who vaccinate to those who don’t. 1 in 10 may sound like little but before it was around about 1 in 20. The number of non-vaccinators has doubled which has increased the spread of disease by more than double (remember the weaker the herd immunity the
more likely the disease is to spread).

Concern: Parents who think vaccines cause autism
Response: There is no scientific evidence showing a link between vaccines and autism. Children’s immune systems can handle the vaccines.

Both responses are true. In addition we should point out that the doctor who made the claim recieved money from a class action autism lawsuit to the tune of a million dollars (half a million pounds) and he personally changed files written by others to falsify information including making claims that the MMR vaccine caused autism in a child 3 months before the vaccine. He also purposefully misdiagnosed a case of genetic epilepsy as autism in order to make the idea of vaccine damage a lot more severe. The childs’ behaviour was linked to the constipation brought on by anti-spasmodic medication to control his seizures rather than “autism”. In short the entire claim is based on a lie and perpetuating the lie was done at the cost of autistic kids who were exposed to repeated spinal taps and colonoscopies for no reason apart from making Wakefield a million dollars.

Your childs’ immune system can handle it. We face off millions of bacteria every hour. A few more won’t even faze us.

Concern: Parents who believe the vaccine schedule is a “money-fueled conspiracy”
Response: Doctors and public health officials support the schedule. Ask, “Do you really think I would recommend something that I didn’t think was best for your child?”

Have you ever considered that there is a conspiracy to lie to you to not vaccinate your child because mortuaries, undertakers and crematoriums aren’t selling as many teeny tiny coffins as they used to? I mean many of them are kind of cute. You can get them in pink, blue and fire engine red. Awfully big business death.

And if you think there is a big pharma conspiracy then you are highly delusional. Vaccination works. This isn’t up for debate. The drop of mortality in the 60s from 8 million to the current 1 million in measles is solely due to the Measles Vaccine (Mortality rates in Africa and India have slowly dropped but are still high, incidence however has fallen), the extinction of smallpox and the fall of Polio. If you think otherwise then no amount of reality will change your mind.

Concern: The source of vaccine-hesitant parents’ information
Response: Ask why they’re “taking medical advice from a celebrity, friend, relative, or magazine instead of from their child’s doctor.” Credible, scientific information comes from “reliable/stable groups” such as the AAP, NIH, and WHO. It’s not anecdotal, and nothing is being sold, such as a book, which would indicate a conflict of interest.

Yes. Why. I mean it’s pretty sensible. It’s like saying that you are refusing to wear a seatbelt not because of scientific information but because Ke$ha told you to. (Note, Ke$ha is not telling you to not wear a seatbelt… this is an example). Your source of information is vital and frankly every source that antivax bring up tend to be unreliable, biased, delusional and plain outright idiotic.

Concern: Parents who want to follow an alternate schedule
Response: Unvaccinated children can get sick and make other kids sick. Delaying shots delays protection. Ask, “You don’t delay putting your baby in a car seat. Why do you want to delay protection from vaccines?”

Which is reduced protection for your children. It’s perfectly sensible to ask what logic is driving their decision. Usually it’s “there are too many vaccines and my child cries” to which the answer is “yes but a little prick is a little pain while disease is a lot”. Also many extended or alternative schedules offer lower protection.

Concern: Serious side effects
Response: Serious side effects are extremely rare (1 in 100,000 children). Say, “Billions of people have received some vaccines. If they clearly caused a significant side effect, we would know about it.”

Yes, there are more children with cystic fibrosis than who are allergic to vaccines. Literally your genes are more deadly to children than vaccines. Cars are more deadly than vaccines. And yes, if there was a massive side effect common to billions of people across the globe we would know about it. 

Concern: The purpose and safety of vaccine ingredients
Response: Each ingredient serves a purpose and is necessary. There is “no known toxicity” to any of them.

In the concentrations present by the way given. Otherwise I can kill you with 5 ml of air. The same stuff you breathe and need to breathe to survive… 

With all the “continuing education” doctors and pharmacists are bombarded with, it’s amazing what they don’t know about vaccines.

What Suzanne means is “why won’t doctors listen to my stupid ideas!” and “I gave birth! Don’t you know that this means my points are as valid as your years of training even if I don’t know my coccyx from my olecranon.

From recent news stories, it’s clear that vaccines are being stored improperly. That expired vaccines are being used. And the latest? Reusing syringes. The Safe Injection Practices Coalition’s One & Only Campaign states that in the last decade, more than 130,000 patients in the U.S. have been notified of “potential exposure” to hep B, hep C, and HIV. The One & Only Campaign’s slogan, by the way, is “One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time.” Doctors actually have to be taught this? [14]

Actually there are a variety of other reasons. Usually it’s accidents. A patient may collapse onto needle bins. Plenty of junkies try and use any drug they can get their hands on. Oh and my personal favourite, many people who donate blood don’t tell the whole truth. Other places where needle reuse is common is in the hands of various quacks. So while a few of those 130,000 may be real cases of negligence a lot of them are just plain accidents.We do have needle safety and syringes are thrown out. Portraying this as an actual plan common to all doctors is highly imbecilling fearmongering at it’s finest. Doctors “Actually” know about this, however many hospital staff MAY NOT. And this is involving all usages of needles. There are 40 million inpatient visits to the hospital in the USA every year. In ten years that’s 400 million. Nearly every inpatient visit will result in the usage of an injection. 13,000/40,000,000 = 0.03% chance of not being accidentally stuck by a needle. Oh and it’s not 40 million usages of a needle. Many of these patients repeatedly need dosing with drugs via injection so it’s more than 40 million uses. I am simply saying that the bare MINIMUM number of injections in the USA per year is 40,000,000. It’s probably less than 0.03%. And again I must point out that this includes everyone who is allowed to give an injection INCLUDING alternative medicine (Ah!)

I bet few people have seen this story on the news. It’s not like the media has been all over it. Something as dangerous and negligent as reusing syringes and infecting people with life-threatening diseases. The irony of it is, I didn’t find out about it until I was researching what doctors know about vaccines.

Amusing how hepatitis is suddenly life threatening now, not when you want to vaccinate.  But again this has nothing to do with vaccination and everything to do with ne
edle stick injury. And Jennifer’s  research into vaccination and doctors is as demonstrated hilariously bad since she just asked a bunch of anti-vax quacks what they think (Seriously? Suzanne Humphries believes in bullshit and she still is considered a doctor). Not one person here isn’t shilling for anti-vax. Hell she could just contact any doctor and get a proper response rather than this.

In addition to these recent “errors,” I bet most doctors can’t name the ingredients and amounts in each vaccine. Or the risks and side effects (other than mild fever and redness at the injection site). Do they even know that some vaccines still contain mercury—more than the amount recommended in the EPA safety guidelines?

I bet that no anti-vax can tell me correctly how the immune system functions. Those that try either get it hilariously wrong or are purposefully vague about the specific or acquired immune system because then it involves a discussion about mechanisms and then they have to admit that vaccines work but they don’t want to have them because of stupidity.

Also? It’s just the flu vaccine that contains thiomersal which is ethylmercury not methylmercury which is a completely different chemical in the same way that that ethanol is delicious in beer but methanol is deadly. If thiomersal is mercury then common salt is sodium metal and chloride gas and therefore either going to burn a hole in your mouth or destroy your lungs.

Another thing doctors don’t know anything about—or they know but deliberately give false information when parents ask—is vaccine exemptions. Many doctors tell parents their kids can’t go to school without vaccines. Not true.

Not unless you claim a religious excemption. Which can come back to bite you. Basically it’s saying that you follow the teachings of superstitious people from 2000 years ago and don’t want to use vaccines but are perfectly happy to use cars and internet. Apparently those aren’t an affront to superstitious people from the past but stopping disease is. Your actual statement of fact is either “you think like someone who was wrong 2000 or so years ago” (Listen, Jews don’t have any religious exemption from vaccines that I know off and Hindus INVENTED vaccine’s predecessor so it’s pretty much Christians and Muslims who don’t vaccinate for religious reasons). No the Hindus didn’t know the mechanism of the disease, they just noticed that smallpox is less severe in those who catch the disease from transmission of pus rather than aerial transmission. It was an acute observation without underlying mechanism.

Do you think doctors read any of the studies that show a definite link between vaccines and autism? Studies like Dr. Wakefield’s and the subsequent ones that replicated his findings? I doubt it. They’re too busy reading articles published in journals like Pediatrics and written by pharmaceutical company board members. 

I don’t need to say anything else.  No study has replicated his findings. That’s why people looked into his work. He basically made a study. Idiot Journalists Ran with it. Doctors across the world smelt a rat and did the same tests as he did and found bugger all. They then went through his work and found out that Wakefield LIED TO MAKE MONEY. That’s the very definition of a shill. This argument is like saying “Of Course You will believe in Evolution if you read biology! You should read stuff from the Institute of Creation Research and Discovery Institute!”. And pharmaceutical company board members don’t write articles. That’s patently stupid. Look if you are going to make bullshit up, make it believable. It’s like saying that the CEO of Microsoft is out there personally coding for Windows 8. Or that the Board of Directors of McDonalds are out flipping burgers.

You can sum up in one word what doctors, pharmacists, and others are taught about vaccines. Propaganda. They learn what Big Pharma wants them to learn, and they help line Big Pharma’s pockets—and destroy lives in the process. “[Pharmaceutical companies] have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy based on past behavior. In a court of law, if such a company were an actual witness, an attorney would never put them on the stand due to a serious lack of credibility. Are you really going to take these companies at their word that these shots are safe when money and profits are impacted by their answer?”

No we don’t. We learn what reality is. We learn how you function. What the various parts of you are. What causes disease and how to treat it. We have saved billions of lives since the advent of modern medicine. We will keep saving lives. Vaccines have saved millions of lives every single year and the best anti-vax can do is make grandiose claims about shady conspiracies. Why? Because they have to validate a world view where there is someone to blame for their misfortunes.

If pharmaceutical companies are all untrustworthy because of their behaviour, what does that make alternative medicine companies? Flogging quackery that is no better than the placebo at exorbitant mark ups? There is Absolutely No Regulation of the alternative medical industry. In fact the levels of regulation within the alt. medicine industry are frankly homeopathic. If they were subject to the same regulation as the average doctor they would not be able to sell any of their bullshit.

The MMR costs $3 out here. The medication for Measles costs $15. A funeral costs $50.

Of Ducks and Pigs

One of the rising trends in medicine is the concept of integrative medicine. The idea behind this is the combination of Western, Eastern Traditional Medicine and other Traditional Medicine practices into a single cohesive practice. Actual medicine is combined with yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and a variety of other practices in order to treat the patient. It’s champions include Deepak Chopra and Prince Charles, and it claims to provide succor to mind, body and spirit…

It sounds wonderful, but it is pretty sinister. It’s proponents make the claim that they are providing medical care from every single source in a complimentary fashion.The idea being that there is a wide range of effective treatment options from every source and therefore patients should (theoretically) recieve the best possible care. Many of it’s champions try and delineate medical conditions into ones treatable by alternative medicine and ones that aren’t. So they won’t interfere with real diseases while providing support for chronic conditions. The also make the claim that with an integrative model of medicine you will have more choice and greater compassion.

The core of the claim lies in the workload of the average doctor. I as a student have had days in India where I have had to go through 70 patients. A queue of patients almost constantly coming through the door to be seen and “processed”. There is no time for understanding, hand holding, empathy and sympathy because it doesn’t help these patients. You can treat 5 patients or 70. The so called art of medicine is a lot more rougher this way. It is here the quacks rule. They do not have 70 patients to see. They have just one. They can afford the time to listen and indeed take down a variety of things that they are interested in. The modern doctor is portrayed as inhuman, technical, heartless and soulless.

Modern medicine is not perfect. But the truth remains. That we in the west have the best medical care available not only in the world but also throughout history. And it can only get better via the scientific basis of our medical science. Alternative medicine functions by making faulty claims about the weaknesses of medicine and that it can cover up these defects by the usage of it’s treatments. Now these quacks normally wouldn’t be able to match their treatments to medicine because they are clearly bogus treatments or scientifically proven to not work. So how does one gain legitimacy?

By quacks piggybacking onto medicine and utilising the lack of understanding of the layperson to further the belief that alternative medicine works. It’s the difference between wrapping your broken leg in plaster of paris or some sort of pristene clay handled by virgins. The plaster of paris may function perfectly fine but it isn’t as romantic as clay handled by individuals who have not had sexual intercourse, so people will assume that this magic and above all hypothetical clay is superior to plaster. The clay handling virgins will make a profit while the patient will get treated and everyone goes home happy. At it’s core integrative medicine is merely an attempt to legitimise quackery by stealing the benefits of actual medicine and applying it to quackery.

Except that the patient will have payed for something that doesn’t do anything better or faster than the medical alternative. In doing so the patient will believe it was virgin plaster and indeed spread the word mocking real orthopaedic plaster users as soulless barbarians who would encase their own limbs in concrete rather than the gentle caress of clay mud. And thus a quack piggybacks onto medicine to gain legitimacy.

One doesn’t need to disconnect the compassion in medicine from science. Cold hard fact can sit side by side with compassion. One doesn’t need to trade science for woo in order be compassionate. Integrating unproven and disproven treatments will not improve science and it certainly won’t improve bedside manner. All it will do is provide inferior care for patients. A good doctor is one with science, knowledge, skill and bedside manner. The very idea that a doctor cannot be compassionate but a chiro or a homeopath can is an insult to every doctor who does the best to meet the needs of his patients. The bedside manner of a quack no matter how good does not give validity to his quackery.

As doctors and medical students (and indeed as nurses and the various healthcare staff) we need to emphasise the art of medicine even within the limited time frame that we do have to see a patient. Otherwise the word “Doctor” will cease to have any meaning.

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

I found myself asking the question. Why disprove anti-vax nonsense? Well it’s because anti-vax are horrible luddites who aggressively campaign. You cannot get into a discussion with them without either them calling you something like “sheep” or them failing basic biology. Debate does not solve the problem because science doesn’t function by debate. I could debate the age of the earth or the theory of gravity but should I win it doesn’t make the earth 6000 years old or gravity function by gravity fairies.

Over the past few weeks I have learnt an important lesson. Anti-vax rules the vaccine debate because they are prolific blogger and routinely visit each other’s pages. It makes proper sensible advice hard to find. Anti-vax relies on one cardinal rule that we are all guilty of. We don’t trust things we do not understand. If we cannot understand something we instantly assume its bullshit. Anti-vaccine ideology isn’t new, it’s as old as the modern vaccine itself. Despite the elimination of some of the deadliest diseases to ever plague mankind they still think that vaccination is the second coming of Mechahitlersatan. When one searches for information on autism and vaccination, one is barraged by a series of quacks and luddites who spread misinformation which is what attracts more followers to their cause.

The backlash against posting honest science ranges from deleting comments, to banning people from speaking out. Good old harassment and bullying is often seen with some very vicious attacks on individuals. So I figure that the best way to fight back is to provide resources of well known arguments. Liz Ditz is handling a current challenge that I had hoped to help out before I got blindsided by three exams and a massive project to be done in a week (Now she has to do it!). So figured that I would tackle something a bit simpler and something I can be a bit more humorous and flippant about than Liz’s rather more serious tone.

What follows is a section from Guylaine’s book called The Medical Mafia. Where it describes the various methods we apparently destroy your health by making you live so long that you turn into decrepit old things rather than letting you live fast and die leaving a sexy corpse. So let’s review the Dr. (oh yes, she is a MD) Guylaine’s essay!

What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people’s health, both in industrialized countries and in the Third World? It is always difficult to presume the intentions of others, particularly when one is not close to them. And this is true in this instance. But there are certainly advantages for someone, somewhere, to so doggedly keep-up the campaign for vaccinations, by any and all means possible. They must profit someone, somewhere. One thing is certain. It is not to our advantage. In order to determine what these advantages are, and for whom, let us stop and look at the CONSEQUENCES of these massive vaccination programs and draw our own conclusions.

There aren’t any “World Authorities”. That title is much like the WWE World Champion, it doesn’t mean anything. We as a species can barely get along on the basis of gender, colour, creed and religion and I am to believe the fact that there is a nebulous and secretive cabal called the “World Authorities” who rule every single part of your life yet can be undone by a bunch of housewives who read articles on public websites which can be easily accessed. Okay this is a relatively mild jibe at this mythical organisation but if one goes into or Natural News one quickly learns that the medical professional’s decrepit form is powered by ancient spirits of evil.
Ancient Spirits of Medicine transform me into AVICENNAAAAA! The Medical Student!!!
1.   Vaccination is expensive and represents a cost of one billion dollars annually. It therefore benefits the industry; most notably, the multinational manufacturers. One sells the vaccines. The other then provides the arsenal of medications to respond to the numerous complications that follow. Their profits increase while our expenses go through the roof. To the point where we have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such as socialized medicine in the United States, for example.
Vaccination is one of the cheapest methods of disease prevention out there. Vaccination actually REDUCES profits since it reduces the amount of curative medicine being sold. Many nations actually produce their own vaccines at cost. “The Complications” that follow are not very severe (Mostly it’s inflammation of the injected area, pain and fever) and the few that are easily treated (Anaphylaxis, High Fevers) when compared to say things such as Diptheria or Pneumonia. People spend more money on calamine lotion and antipyretics to treat chickenpox (A disease that kills around 100 people a year in the USA without going into hospitalisation) than on the vaccine and that doesn’t even factor into loss of time in schools and work.

The argument here that vaccination is expensive is frankly nonsense. Vaccination in the USA is usually free of cost either provided by insurance agencies or by the government vaccination fund. All children are eligible for the basic set of vaccines.

And I do like the fact that “socialised medicine” is unacceptable. This just proves that the good doctor is a dumbass because the only difference between private and socialised medicine is that the you are insured by the government rather than a private company and the government won’t screw you out of stuff you need while private companies will try their best to not pay out. The total cost of vaccination is around $200 a
s a whole. The loss of earnings per day at a minimum wage job if you work 8 hours a day is around $50 a day. If your child gets chickenpox then congratulations, you will have to take at least 8 to 10 days off work (I am not counting Saturdays) which is $400 to $500.

Now something like the Chicken Pox or Measles is a common disease. These were once part and parcel of childhood (as were the deaths and permanent damage that went along with them). Even monetarily speaking (without factoring in the deaths or permanent damage) it’s cheaper to vaccinate than not. If we factor in the care that goes into the complications of these diseases, you end up with this costing way more money than the cost of vaccinations and this is without bringing in more lethal diseases like Pneumococcus or Neiserria Menigitidis.

2.   Vaccination stimulates the immune system, the body’s defense mechanism. Repeated, vaccination exhausts the immune system. It gives a false sense of security and, in doing so, it opens the door wide to all kinds of illnesses. Notably, to those related to AIDS, which can only develop on ripe ground, where the immune system has been disturbed. It causes AIDS to explode. It ensures that the illness flourishes perpetually.
The immune system is not a muscle. You cannot exhaust it by stimulating it or else you will have to live in a bubble. There is a near inexhaustible supply of cells (barring certain diseases) in your body dedicated solely to kicking arse and taking disease names.

Now this is a horrendous lie. AIDS is caused by HIV which targets cells that carry the CD4+ receptor. These are lymphocytes and some monocytes which causes a depletion in the specific immune system and our ability to produce antibodies. There is no “ripe” ground for AIDS. This kind of logic means that gay men vaccinate more than straight men and that Africa has more vaccination than the USA.

This is a outright lie and a dangerous one because we know that HIV affects prince or pauper equally. This is someone promoting the notion that she knows a way where the disease won’t flourish “perpetually”. If you have HIV and go into remission, she may claim you are cured and you may end up infecting someone else. This is just plain deadly advice not just for the patient but for the general population. 

3.   Vaccination leads to social violence and crime. What better way to destabilize a country than to disarm its inhabitants, and reinforce police and military control? The authorities subtly create situations of panic and fear among the population which, in turn, necessitate the reinforcement of “protection measures”, including forbidding citizens from owning weapons. The authorities then come across as saviours and strengthen their control. It is certain that, in order to impose a single world army, one must first disarm the citizens of every country. One must therefore create violence, if they are to achieve this disarmament, particularly in the United States where the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution.
Vaccination does not lead to social violence. If the author had her way she would blame Somalia and Afghanistan on vaccination rather than the very real problems affecting various countries. It’s scaremongering and the worst bit is that people believe this sort of scare mongering. They honestly do not understand how vaccines work. No, vaccinations actually reduce childhood mortality and reduce loss of work leading to increased productivity and earning and therefore creating a more stable society.

And if we assume point 2 (weakened immune systems) is correct then how on earth are all these violent criminals causing all those crimes if their immune systems are run down and they are constantly sick? AIDS patients may be a lot of things but I haven’t seen any beat up an old lady for her money. I think you are confusing vaccines with PCP.

At no point does a vaccine require you to not own a weapon. A vaccine will function just fine whether you are equipped with harsh language or ICBM. Forbidding people from owning specific weapons designed to kill human beings is just common sense. The USA’s murder and accident rate with handguns is testament to this. You aren’t safer in the USA because of guns, you are actually in a world where any conflict can quickly and rapidly escalate from scary to lethal. And there is no plan to create a “One World Army” or rule you through mind control nanobots or voodoo shaman.

In order to progress as a species we need to work together. We need to realise that nationality and religion are things that hold us back. That the greatest achievements of humans have always come when we put aside our differences and work as humans rather than representatives of the ground we consider home. We have come a long way as groups of apes and the next logical step is to create a global society of Humans or Earthicans or Terrans or what have you that can work together to improve the world.

Maybe there were naysayers like this when families started banding together to form tribes or when tribes became villages and cities. But to me it smacks of a fear of cooperation of man.

4.   Vaccination encourages medical dependence and reinforces belief in the inefficiency of the body. It creates people who need permanent assistance. It replaces the confidence one has in oneself with a blind confidence in others, outside ourselves. It leads to loss of personal dignity, in addition to making us financially dependent. It draws us into the vicious circle of sickness (fear – poverty – submission) and, in this way, ensures the submission of the herd so as to better dominate and exploit it. And then lead them to the abattoir. To slaughter. Vaccination also encourages the moral and financial dependence of Third World countries. It perpetuates the social and economic control of Western countries over them.
Vaccination means you use fewer medicines because you don’t fall sick as much. And the human body is actually rather efficient. The problem is what we consider acceptable death rates are no longer the same. In Nigeria, death of infants is a fact of life. Out of a 1000 live births, 120 will die in the first year of life. In India its better but 60 will die. In the UK only 4 out of a 1000 will die.

I don’t know how the good doctor lives but I am reliant on a lot of people. There are people who grow my food, who make my electricity, who deliver my food to supermarkets where I buy them. There are people who drive buses I travel on and there are people who rely on doctors like me for treatment. You aren’t less of a human being because you rely on humans. You are just part of a modern society rather than living in a Mad Max world. I assume the doctor is a libertarian and so thinks that a world where everyone is self reliant and no man cares about another is some sort of Randian utopia rather than Somalia or Afghanistan.

In order to wrench itself from moral and financial dependence on “big pharma”, South Africa undertook a local African medicine strategy to controlling HIV. This resulted in the infamous “Salad Stand” at the International HIV and AIDS conference which got laughed at. It was funny as hell because we knew it wouldn’t work. What was not funny was that South Africa stopped giving out retrovirals and condoms and instead gave out “Salad and Vitamins”.

The net result was 2 million more cases of AIDS (the increase in HIV transmission due to this decision above the normal rate of increase) often affecting women and children. There is no such thing as “Western Medicine”.  There is medicine which is based on evidence and scientific methods and there is quackery. If you can prove that your stuff works then you get adopted by medical practice.

Obviously a libertarian would think that helping other human beings is evil because it breeds weakness or something equally Atlas Shruggedesque. Randian philosophy by nature is one that rewards selfishness and punishes charity.

5.   Vaccination camouflages the real socio-political problems of poverty of some due to exploitation by others, and results in techno-scientific pseudo-solutions that are so complicated and sophisticated that patients cannot understand them. In addition, vaccination diverts funds which should be used to help improve living conditions, and channels them into the banks of the multinationals. It widens the gap between the dominant rich and the exploited poor.
Vaccination just stops as many people dying from vaccine preventable diseases. You have to have to be rather delusional if you think that reducing the deaths of people will somehow result in them being exploited. And for a doctor this individual is awfully idiotic considering her entire education would be based on “techno-scientific” solutions to problems. A stethoscope is a technologically based scientific solution. This is like shouting that a pointed stick is a techno-scientific solution to starvation and attack by animals and that we should not make spears. How else will we know who is superior and who is inferior if not for the tiger?

There is an idea that medical care in third world nations doesn’t focus on improvement of living conditions which is a rather bizarre idea. I have never seen anyone involved in quackery or anti-vaccine lobbies out in India giving out superfoods or $40 a month multi-vitamins and supplements or teaching poor uneducated villagers about new agriculture methods, hygiene, family planning or building them facilities such as clean drinking water, toilets and sewerage. In fact it’s mainly people who are for vaccination who do these things.

If you complain that we should never use anything we don’t understand then the good doctor had better start explaining to me how her computer works. Because I don’t know how exactly it works. I know it’s by scientific principles rather than pixies but that’s pretty much the limits of my knowledge on the matter. We should instead communicate by shouting!

And how does giving out free (yes, the Indian government gives out the vaccines needed for free) vaccines make the people who get them poorer? Anti-vax have some really shady business ideas where we make profit by giving stuff away. No business ever made a profit by giving away things for free. 

6.   Vaccination decimates populations. Drastically in Third World countries. Chronically in industrialized countries. In this regard, the former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State in the United States, who ordered massive bombing of Vietnam, and member of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Robert McNamara, made some very interesting remarks. As reported by a French publication, “j’ai tout compris”, he was quoted as stating: “One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness.” (Translation)
Vaccination does not decimate populations. I work in a third world country. It’s got 1.2 Billion people in it. It’s got 4 times the population of the USA. That’s not decimated at all. That’s actually a lot of people.

Robert McNamara did not say that. If he did then vaccines reduce the number of people dying. The best example is this. Measles used to kill more people than Smallpox. If we take the current rate of HIV mortality and add it to Smallpox and then DOUBLE the value you would still be short of the number of people per year that Measles used to kill. Prior to vaccination, 8 Million People a year died to Measles. By contrast the current mortality of HIV is 1 million a year and Smallpox was 2 million a year.

We need to control our populations. There are more people on the planet than we can care for. If we do not control the population it will get controlled the way evolution always controlled our populations. Through starvation. We will run out of food and just die. Instead, what we have learnt as people is that if we artificially control our populations by family planning we end up with an excess capacity for food and resource production resulting in an artificial boom. We in the west live in such an artificial boom. Most people in third world nations
do not. The method we achieve this is through education, economic improvement, feminism and condoms and other forms of birth control. Human beings don’t think like Soup Kitchens. We don’t serve food till we run out, we take what food we have and split it amongst ourselves. If you have food for four and there are five people who need to eat then the number of people who starve is five.

Vaccines reduce the mortality of such people who live in such conditions. They are less likely to try and beat the odds by having more children. Women in these conditions cease to be purely vaginas and uteruses and start becoming productive members of society. As for J’Aime Tout Compris? It’s a magazine that predicts that all European Societies will due to immigration and that there will be a new Crusade against Islam. It’s a conspiracy theory rag filled with fear mongering pushing the idea of “Culture” (Hint… it probably means punch all the swarthy people) War.

7.   Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated. It facilitates targeted genocide. It permits one to kill people of a certain race, a certain group, a certain country. And to leave others untouched. In the name of health and well-being, of course. Take Africa, for example. We have witnessed the almost total disappearance of certain groups. Some 50% dead, estimate the most optimistic. Some 70% dead, according to the less optimistic. As if by chance, many were in the same region, such as Zaire, Uganda, the extreme south of the Sudan. In 1967, at Marburg in Germany, seven researchers, working with green African monkeys, died of an unknown hemorrhagic fever. In 1969, also by chance, the same sickness killed one thousand people in Uganda. In 1976, a new unknown hemorrhagic fever killed in the south of Sudan. Then in Zaire. It is noteworthy that sincel968, virologists (virus specialists) have installed their sophisticated equipment in certain hospitals in Zaire. At a CIA hearing, Dr. Gotlieb, a cancerologist, admitted having dispersed, in 1960, a large quantity of viruses in the Congo River (in Zaire) to pollute it and contaminate all the people who used the river as their source of water. Dr. Gotlieb was named to head up the National Cancer Institute! A couple of years ago, Reuters reported: ‘An illness similar to AIDS has killed 60,000 in the south of Sudan. They call the illness, the killer. Families, whole villages, have disappeared This illness, the Kala-azar, takes the form of a fever and toss of weight. The symptoms are the same as those of AIDS The immune system is deficient and one dies of other infections.” It is obvious that Africa, particularly those countries in the center and to the south, contain fabulous resources that have always incited westerners to crush their inhabitants to take over their riches. And beware anyone who stands in their way. The colonies have disappeared. But not colonialism.
There is no way to select a “specific population to be killed” beyond the wild fantasies of neo-nazis and idiots.

Africa is rife with tribalism as an underlying force. Large parts of Africa still have tribalistic divisions rather than distinct nationalism. It’s why Hutus killed Tutsis. It’s not due to vaccination. People in Africa are rejecting the underlying tribe and now fighting for their nations. It’s a long way to go and we in Europe are also prone to it (Just look at the Balkan Conflict). In the USA it manifests itself as gang violence. It’s just that the USA and most of western Europe deals with this sort of violence a lot more effectively than Africa. The massacres were caused by this kind of ideology, not vaccination. In fact those who vaccinate such as the MSF actively place themselves in the way of such conflicts and try to halt it.

Marburg Fever was brought to the west due to monkeys imported from Uganda (oh!) and was controlled by German and Yugoslavian experts who dealt with the outbreak in Marburg and Belgrade. There is no such thing as a “Cancerologist”. Oh and Kala-Azar was first described in India. The name is Urdu for Black Fever. It’s spread by a protozoan parasite from the Leishmania genus. The causative agent is many many many times bigger than a bacteria which itself is massively larger than a virus. Kala-Azar’s more proper name is Visceral Leishmaniasis. It is spread by a sandfly.

It’s not AIDS.

This is just a horrific lie. If Africans read this and think that she is onto something they would not accept medical care and the end result would be a lot more dead Africans. And there would be no blame attributed to Guylaine.

8.   Vaccination serves as a form of experimentation, to test new products on a great sampling of a population. Under the guise of health and the well being of the population, people are vaccinated against a pseudo-epidemic with products that one wants to study. The vaccine of hepatitis B seems to be the choice of authorities to accomplish this goal. Yet, this vaccine is manufactured by a process of genetic manipulation. And it is much more dangerous than the traditional vaccine because it inoculates into the body cells that are foreign to its genetic code. Moreover; this vaccine is produced from virus cultivated on the ovaries of Chinese hamsters. One can only imagine what future generations will look like! But there is more. It is also reported to cause cancer of the liver. Despite all that, it enjoys great popularity among the authorities, who impose it first on all those who work in the health field, and then on the rest of the population. In 1986, the medical authorities administered the vaccine against hepatitis B to Native Indian children in Alaska, without any explanation or the consent of their parents. Many children fell ill. And several died. It seems there was a virus called RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus) in the vaccine. (1) American Indian tribes have been subjected to many vaccinations. Let us be aware that they are difficult to beat into submission, and they own vast tracts of land which the authorities would like to have for their own benefit. Recently when I met a group of Native women to chat about health with them, the subject of vaccinations cropped up. I was giving them some information on the topic when, suddenly, the group’s nurse confided in me that the federal government had given her complete freedom in the management of their health, but on one strict condition. That every vaccination had to be scrupulously applied to all. The silence was deafening. We all understood. In 1988, the Ambassador of Senegal gave a radio interview reporting on the ravages of AIDS in his country where entire villages were being decimated. A few years earlier, scientific and medical teams had come to vaccinate their inhabitant
s against hepatitis B. In 1978, a new vaccine was tested on homosexuals in New York. And in 1980, on those in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St-Louis. Officially, this “new vaccine” was against hepatitis B and, as we now know, it caused many of them to die from AIDS. It sounded the “official” beginning of the AIDS epidemic in 1981. The vaccination program of homosexuals against hepatitis B was led by Saint W.H.O. and the National Institute of Health . There are reports of collaboration between these two organizations in 1970 to study the consequences of certain viruses and bacteria introduced to children during vaccination campaigns. In 1972, they transformed this study to focus on the viruses which provoked a drop in the immune mechanism. Wolf Szmuness directed the anti-hepatitis B experiments undertaken in New York. He had very close links with the Blood Centre where he had his laboratory, the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the FDA., the W.H.O., and the Schools of Public Health of Cornell, Yale, and Harvard. In 1994 a vast vaccination campaign against hepatitis B was undertaken in Canada. It is both useless, dangerous and costly. And what for? Is there a hidden agenda? I note that the Province of Quebec is a particular target, over the course of three years.
I hope the good doctor doesn’t eat anything with DNA because that too inoculates into the body cells with a non-human DNA code. And I doubt that the author is a doctor. Any high school student knows that Viral DNA code does not become more hamster like if you grow it on hamster cells. Also the virus causes hepatitis and cancer of the liver. The vaccine actually reduces it.

The RSV co-infection seems to be found only in the works of Guylaine. Nowhere else does it mention this making me think that she is a liar with pants constantly on fire.

HIV is a disease with a well known transmission system and the fact that it kills you by reducing your immunity means that it was very hard to initially diagnose because every HIV patient eventually can die of various different diseases depending on the local incidence.

To blame HIV on the Hepatitis B is a frankly insane statement. Particularly considering the suffering of gay men. The HIV epidemic is due to the small population of Men who have Sex with Men (AKA few partners), the relatively casual attitude to sex and the lack of condom usage (Because men cannot get pregnant). This resulted in a greater chance of a MSM coming into contact with someone with HIV and shagging him. It’s nothing to do with vaccines and everything to do with basic statistics. (Roughly 3% of men are MSM, so out of 100 men there are 3. Now, if 1 man sleeps with one woman, then that man has slept with roughly 1% of the available women assuming there are 100 women. By contrast the MSM has slept with 50% of the available men if he sleeps with one man. On a large scale that means a single HIV positive homosexual man can infect a greater percentage of partners even if he were less promiscuous as the average heterosexual man because his sexual pool is much much smaller. It’s mathematics and it’s harsh. It has nothing to do with sin, promiscuity or anal sex and everything to do with populations.

Hepatitis B is a massive problem because it is not just a STD and can be transferred by contact too. It may not be an epidemic but you know what? It really screws up your liver and I would rather have a liver than risk it. And yes, those who don’t vaccinate actively reduce the herd immunity and make society sicker. If the net number of non-vaccinated reaches a critical point a disease can make resurgence. 

She knows all this but didn’t know that Kala Azar is caused by a parasite. And something tells me that the vaccine didn’t cause these injuries but something else. It’s kind of like how anti-vaccine have claimed that Shaken Baby Syndrome (A series of injuries created by violence towards an infant) is caused by vaccination (It’s not, it’s caused by someone attacking a baby). Claiming vaccines cause random exotic diseases is a well known anti-vaccination trick.
Why was there such a murderous will. Like Native peoples, the people of Quebec are also a “bother”. They believe in their cultural identity and in sovereignty. What is more, Quebec with its Native territories, encompasses huge reservoirs of water which many a multinational have their eyes on. As an acquaintance of mine who sits on the California water management board said, “Water today is gold.” Could one think of a more appropriate biological weapon to possibly remove any impediments to accessing that resource?
Or you know. This is just paranoid fantasies created by a doctor who claims that Kala Azar is caused by a virus thus making me doubt her credentials. She is also appealing to the “Won’t Someone Think of the Native Americans” crowd who think we are still out to get all their land (well not me personally). Every study in the world of any worth has shown vaccination to reduce disease. 
9.   Vaccinations permit epidemiological studies of populations to collect data on the resistance of different ethnic groups to different illnesses. It permits one to study the reactions of the immune systems of large numbers of the population to an antigen (virus, microbe) injected by vaccination. Should it be within the framework of the fight against an existing illness, or one that has been provoked. In 1987, certain American laboratories and the Department of Biotechnology of India signed an agreement authorizing the testing of genetically manufactured vaccines on the people of India. This agreement was met with fierce opposition because it gave access to epidemiological and immunity profiles of a population. This data is extremely important from a military standpoint. It is even more valuable because India has never experienced yellow fever. And, at time of writing this book, it had known only a handful case of AIDS. Over and above all that, the private American laboratories proposed to test products on the Indian population for which they had no right to test in the United States! And the Indian authorities acquiesced!
Yellow Fever is heavily vaccinated for in India for travellers going abroad because of two African diseases that came to India. Chikengunya is a miserable bastard of a disease (It left me with arthritis. My joints still hurt when I have a fever) and Dengue (it nearly killed me. It kills a lot of people in India). Yellow Fever would kill a lot of people.

Seriously? Epidemiological studies prove vaccination works. This is basically “I Hat
e Epidemiology Because It makes My Arguments Look Stupid”.  And Yellow Fever cannot be found in India for the same reason Malaria cannot be found in Quebec. It’s because there are no intermediate hosts. Yellow Fever is spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which doesn’t live in Asia. It cannot be spread. Also HIV in India is heavily controlled by drugs, education and the usage of condoms. When HIV came to India there was no South Africa like shenanigans. It was dealt with. HIV still exists in India. There were 5.5 million cases but the new case rate has dropped significantly due to education and condoms reducing it to just 1.5 million. It’s not a handful of cases but it is a testament to education and condom usage without the interference of quacks and the Roman Catholic Church.

10. Vaccination is a biological weapon at the service of biological warfare. It permits the targeting of people of a certain race, and leaves the others who are close by more or less untouched. It makes it possible to intervene in the hereditary lineage of anyone selected. A new speciality is born. Genetic engineering. It is flourishing, enjoys much prestige, and is receiving substantial research hinds. The challenge is staggering. To find a vaccine which gives an illness against which we already have the vaccine! In this way, we would be able to send in troops who have already been vaccinated against the killer vaccine, which they would then spread among the enemy. It is absolutely crazy and insane! Meanwhile, industrial theft is in full swing. Captain and biologist of the US Navy at Fort Detrick, Neil Levitt, reported the disappearance of 2.35 liters of an experimental vaccine. A dose sufficient to contaminate the entire world. Fort Detrick is a research laboratory which manufactures vaccines. It is located quite close to Washington, in Maryland, and it is attached to the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda, a suburb of the capital.
More scaremongering. You cannot target a “Certain Race” genetically. That’s fantasy. Genetics doesn’t work that way. And no you cannot intervene in the heredity in any way using a vaccine. Genetic Engineering saves countless lives. If you know anyone who has a son with Cystic Fibrosis or Duchenne’s you will notice that they will not attempt to have another child. Because a geneticist would have sat down and drawn out how the condition is traced through the genetic line and lay down the risk factors for another child to be born with the same disease. Most parents love their children and would not risk bringing another child into the world to suffer a genetic disorder. That is the most simple work of a geneticist.

Every diabetic on Insulin you see uses a product of genetic engineering. Without which their life expectancy would not be as high as it is.

Also? 2.35 Litres of Vaccine = 2350 ml of vaccine. Each dose is 5 ml = 470 doses of vaccine. There are 7,000,000,000 people on the planet.
It is hardly astonishing that, in every major vaccination campaign, one finds the same tangled web. Government, the military, Saint W.H.O., financiers, researchers, laboratories, universities, the CIA, and the World Bank.
The Government and World Bank care about development, vaccines reduce mortality rates and are a indicator of healthcare. Research and Laboratories care about finding out new things and new treatments and so are interested in vaccines. The military has large groups of men who live in close quarters where disease can spread like the plague so worry about vaccine. The WHO care about vaccines in the same way that the WWF care about Pandas or the WWE care about Sharpshooters.
Just saying that a lot more people would watch this that’s all…
In the name of the defense of our countries, we manufacture the most murderous of weapons. War; whether it be biological or not, is war. And weapons kill. Biological warfare is a giant business, largely financed BY OUR FUNDS, through the medium of the military, research, and our donations. It is also financed, and without our knowledge, BY OUR LIVES. Those of our children and of millions of innocents who have been sacrificed. It is we, those who live in the Western world, who are responsible for all the illnesses and acts of genocide in the world. By our acceptance of vaccinations, both at home and abroad.
No country has ever used a biological weapon for the same reason that no one ever keeps a wild tiger as a guard dog. Because in general, one prefers their weapon to not be indiscriminate and not likely to backfire and kill all your own guys.

Measles vaccination saves roughly 7 million lives every year. I fail to understand how saving 7 million lives is genocide. The doctor is a quack and I declare shenanigans. She doesn’t know how vaccines function, she makes shit up and quite honestly she didn’t know how a well known disease described in 1903 is spread. She is either lying or delusional and I frankly don’t know which is worse.