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Apr 12 2014

Spin Doctor – Pro-life and the Glorification of Gore

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Mar 19 2014

Masimo Pigliucci – Abortion ethics without the experiences of real life is just inadequate

I thought the debate was over. Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life? We sit and debate ethics in the ivory tower when we should base our ethics on real world outcomes. It is for this reason we have recently clashed with Secular Pro-Lifers and the rather puzzling stance. In every case they don’t think women or doctors should …

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Jul 14 2013

You will know them by their love

Wendy Davis has become a house hold name for her epic filibuster. On Friday, Senators convened to debate the Texas Abortion Bill. But one thing missing? The objections this time were simply ignored. The Texas Abortion bill is a religious bill. I don’t think anyone is a fan of abortion. It is a medical procedure. …

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Jul 03 2013

Rick Perry – What if Your Mother Aborted You

“It is just unfortunate, that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.” – Rick Perry Rick Perry said that at the National Right to Life Conference (I wonder if the National Right to Life Conference is anti-death …

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Feb 03 2013

Uteruses Do Not Work That Way

Swanson: I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with …

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Nov 14 2012

Faith and Begorrah

Well faith certainly. As of now most of us have heard about the death of Savita Halapannavar who was denied life saving medical care. For those who haven’t? Savita required an abortion. Not because she wanted one but because she needed one. She had a medical condition where her cervix prematurely dilated. Now there are …

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Mar 13 2011

Rights of the Silent majority – Danielle Deaver

All across the world we as human beings are fighting for the rights of the “silent majority”. Women tend to outnumber us men, and rather than make grandiose comments about how useful/useless the other gender is, I would rather there be a world where there is no discrimination on gender at all. Afghani women are …

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Mar 06 2011


http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2011/03/fetuses_to_be_presented_as_wit.html In recent days we have seen a drive in the US to repeal a vast amount of women’s rights. Both the Republican party and their more right wing counterparts are notoriously anti abortion, which is a touchy subject at the best of times. We have seen vast amounts of legislature in place this year …

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Feb 26 2011

Six Pregnancies

http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/a-six-pregnancy-tests-in-one-week/Content?oid=6782526Oh my, as if women didn’t have enough issues with their rights to have a child without people pretending to offer unbiased medical attention. I understand a fair few comments on that page wonder if this is a good resource to encourage women adoption over abortion. A lofty goal and one I can understand your logic, …

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