Six Pregnancies

Oh my, as if women didn’t have enough issues with their rights to have a child without people pretending to offer unbiased medical attention. 

I understand a fair few comments on that page wonder if this is a good resource to encourage women adoption over abortion. A lofty goal and one I can understand your logic, but frankly carrying a child is a big stress. Yes it may sound like callousness but quite frankly life doesn’t begin at any specific foetal age. It is a continuation of life since at no point does “life begin” sperm is alive, so are eggs. The fusion of it does not create life, merely continues it in a different individual who will one day be developed enough to live independently. Until then it is a growth of sorts. 

The decision to abort is never an easy one despite how blasé the above paragraph is. You are taught to show compassion irrespective of the person’s views. To never judge because you can never understand how difficult the decision is. For each mother the decision to abort is a little private hell of ifs and buts. 

It never helps when there are individuals out there who wish to prevent these women from the basic human right to decide what happens to your own body. I do understand the need to have proper non judgemental advice and council but that’s what we hope doctors learn.