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Apr 09 2013

Tenth Largest Religion

Can you guess what’s the tenth largest religion on the planet?

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Mar 26 2013


Not sure what to think but The report showed that security officials and intelligence agencies believe that a priority for Britain is improving its ability to detect biological attacks, treat victims and decontaminate attack sites. “Biological will get easier from a terrorist point of view,” Mr Farr said. The Telegraph have an article on the …

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Jan 10 2013

A Correction – Pakistan/India

A correction, I reported incorrectly that 8 soldiers were dead, the news is that 2 soldiers are dead. However while the deaths has reduced the story is even more moronic and insane than I previously thought. You know how we say that WW1 was caused by the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Well this was …

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Dec 22 2012

The Problem of Morality

Jack Kerwick’s article on Atheism and the Problem of Morality got me thinking. Why do people think atheists have a problem with morality. Well apart from the fact it is a typically carpenter god orientated article it’s filled with some of the standard and sadly all to common notions about our morality. Morality is one …

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Nov 22 2012

Let them Eat Rice and Beans

I understand Americans have a festival dedicated to eating food tomorrow. But spare a thought for those on food stamps. Fox News Certainly hasn’t. Apparently, Andrea Tantaros thinks the food stamps would make a great diet for people to go on. In that vein, I should sell untreated water as a great way to lose …

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Nov 20 2012

If you vote for ignorance you just breed more…

Apparently the Republican Party is planning to run with Rubio for 2016. Really? Rubio? I won’t mock his love of rap music as a positive message (Some of it is positive, but mainstream rap is extremely entrenched in overt misogyny and violence and the glorification of such.) The Republicans need some cool and honestly if …

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Nov 08 2012

Hags of Lag – Leeeerroooooyyy Jeeenkins

Remember the attempt to shame Colleen Lachowicz (the Democratic Candidate for State Senate in Maine)? It basically involved “attempting to portray her in a negative light due to her hobby”. Her hobby being World of Warcraft. In particular her choice of playing as a Orc Rogue (and a high level one at that too). Nothing …

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Nov 07 2012

Age of Kali – No Honour For Old Men

India is changing. It’s not changing in a small way, it’s changing fast. It’s doing what took centuries for western nations to achieve in decades. But this means that there is a massive dichotomy between the two faces of India. Fast moving development of cities is not and cannot really be matched by the countryside. …

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Feb 23 2012

Don’t Stop Reporting II

I didn’t really do a blog post celebrating a year of A Million Gods, but today’s events kind of reminded me of when I started. Today Marie Colvin and Remie Ochlik were killed in Homs as part of the Bashar Al-Assad Government’s offensive on the Syrian people. It is rumoured that they were killed as …

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Nov 17 2011

Modern Slavery

It’s been a long while since I was back home, I am a Mancunian and I do miss it all the time. But things seem to have changed since I left. This is frankly despicable, it’s not a scheme that encourages labour, it’s a scheme that encourages slavery. You know that thing where you work and you …

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