Sonny Bunch – Progress? Nah!

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The Beacon’s editor in chief is Matthew Continetti. Sonny Bunch is the managing editor. Bill Gertz is senior editor.

In short? American Right Wing Magazine. Gotcha! [Read more…]

How to Dismantle a functioning Medical System

The fascination with the dismantling of a socialised medical system is a conservative wet dream. It’s as if the very presence of the NHS is a fetid sore on the arse of the United Kingdom rather than the reality.The NHS is a shining example of what socialised medicine can do. The UK isn’t the best in the world, but it is extremely close to it. It’s a difference of inches rather than miles. It is a far cry from the USA whose massive spending is matched to a complete lack of service. In fact what we spend in the UK per person, per capita is actually pretty good value for money.Well, what’s the problem with the NHS? [Read more…]


There is an Arabic paper about the concept of frivolous fatwas.

See in Egypt there was a period where there was a rising Islamic fundamentalism which was harmful to Egyptian life. Not only does Egypt have a cultural diversity it is also a major tourist destination.

And a lot of the Muslim Brotherhood were incredibly sinister. There are recent stories of mass graves and torture. But to get into the mindset of the Salafist and Islamicists in Egypt you have to look at the sort of things they wanted banned.  [Read more…]

SSA May Day Mayhem – Prison Architect IRL

For those who are not aware of Introversion Software’s rather cutesy but serious game, it puts you in charge of a Prison. While you control the way it works you don’t control the staff and running the prison is down to how skilled you are at balancing the books.

One of the most contentious parts of running a prison is “perks”. As in what perks do you “give” a prisoner. And there is none as contentious as the TV. Whenever people hear that prisoners have TVs they respond with “TV! They Are Criminals!”. Or worse “TV! Food? Board? Why! That will just encourage people to commit crime!”. The people who say this have no idea about prisons or indeed “what freedom means”. [Read more…]

Un License to Il

There are 3 end-game scenarios in the North Korean conflict that’s been raging for nearly 60 years now. Threats of war are not new, what’s new is the increase in deadliness, the intensity and persistence of these threats. Kim Jong Un means business and that business is “Danegeld”. He relies on threatening to self destruct to make himself look strong at home and get aid from abroad. There are 3 real options for what can happen. [Read more…]