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Mar 04 2013

Piano Black – Science and Other Oddities

Science – what does it mean? Everyone talks about it, but have you noticed that no one really says a word about it? So, what is science?

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Mar 02 2013


PASSED EXAMS! But have no booze to celebrate. And er… no money in hand since I spent it all on new books yesterday. I should have a “Party Fund” for celebrating such events. Oh and I got my AC Fixed. And my net is relatively stable and not fluctuating like it has for the past …

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Feb 28 2013

Piano Black – Growth

It’s amazing to see how things grow overtime. We see plants grow, we see babies grow, one can even see the day “grow” into the night and the night grow into day but what about when the growth is mental and internal rather than physical and external? I am pretty sure this is what I …

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