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May 03 2014

Cruel and Unusual

Oklahoma botched an execution. This is not news but I can help explain why it got botched. See Marcus Ranum (Long time reader and big time donor to A Million Gods) wrote this and I wished to expand on it. Clayton Lockett did a horrible thing. An inexcusable thing. He murdered another human. He raped another …

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Oct 28 2013

The Moral Majority

In every nation there exists something called the “moral majority”. It’s a self identified group of holier than thou activists who believe  that they are so wholesome and good that their way of life is the only way of life to follow. These people are usually self identified as religious, either right wingers or identify as …

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – There Are Four Lights

Why We Caught Bin Laden! 

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Apr 28 2013

Greg Ball – Torture

This kind of caught my attention this morning because I have been poking around the aftermath of the various political talking heads out there. And Greg Ball caught my eye with his spectacularly bad idea.

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Dec 15 2012

The Right to Bear Arms

What occurred in Connecticut was absolute pandemonium. The scenes were completely grizzly and judging from the comments it has polarised the gun debate. The tragedy is simply unbearable to read about…

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Nov 27 2012

Dear Gilad Sharon – Nothing or Everything

“Israel has learnt Nothing and Everything from the Holocaust” – My old flatmate, a Sinti Jew

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Nov 10 2012

Age of Kali – Moral Police

The Indian rule of mob is well known. When my bus ran over a drunken pedestrian who slipped and fell into traffic the result was the entire population of the bus doing a collective hit and run and fleeing the scene. I didn’t. Me and a few other medical students tried (well succeeded) in saving …

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