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Aug 06 2013

Star Parker Doesn’t Understand Abortion

Big News there? A right wing conservative doesn’t understand medicine? In other news, water is wet and it’s hot in India.

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Aug 03 2013

Everything’s Worse Now

This one’s from Joseph Farah Yes. I know. Joseph Farah  is like Catnip To Ed Brayton. But this is a trope I love debunking so there! We like thinking that we are too beautiful for this sinful world. That as we die the world has gotten that little bit more worse in our passing. Our …

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Aug 01 2013

Easy Mode Blues

I never really understood Alan Keyes. Let’s face facts. The majority of black people in the USA are poor due to the social and economic pressures of American society. Simply declaring racism to be over does not stop racism. And we live in a strange world where we can accept that different coloured horses don’t …

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Jul 21 2013

Suzanne Venker’s And the War on Men

War on Men has reached a whole new front. Not content with her article last year Suzanne Venker is back with another article to claim that the world is so much  more terrible for men.

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Jul 15 2013

I Disagree

I agree with the sentencing of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin Case. I don’t agree with what he did but I agree he didn’t break the law. To demand he be jailed is unfortunately “illegal”.

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Jul 13 2013

Washington Times doesn’t Get Secularism

It’s kind of weird when a relatively mainstream newspaper posts something like this. But then I realised I was confusing the Washington Times with the Post. The Washington Times used to be sponsored by the Moonies and is a rather mad paper.

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Jul 01 2013

Gaming the System

An excellent rant about benefit “fluffing”. In an ideal world we would need no benefits. There would be no reason to have it, but sadly we don’t.

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Jun 26 2013

DOMA and Prop 8

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you should know that the Supreme Court of the USA struck down both DOMA and Prop 8 thus legalising “Gay Marriage”. Don’t you know what this means? Gay people can  get married to each other! So what does this mean for the USA? Well… Nothing. For the majority …

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Jun 18 2013

Oh WND, some of your sponsors are amusing

Amusingly stupid and racist that is. The Internet has a fascination with bacon. What’s not to like? Bacon is rather tasty and while baconnaise is an assault on all that is good about food bacon generally has been a force for good. That is until bigots and racists got hold of it. While poking around …

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May 07 2013

This is Why We Need Science in Schools

If you haven’t heard it yet, Zack Kopplin tried and failed to get the “Louisiana Science Education Act” repealed. For those who are unaware, this was passed into being by fellow brown person and all round arsehole Bobby Jindal. And it’s a piece of legislation that allows for the teaching of anything from literal creationism …

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