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Jul 19 2014

Conservative Nonsense about MH17

As the tragedy of the Malaysia Air flight unfolds there are two stories I must mention. Tragedies really. As many people here know my Girlfriend (Hera) is… a Malaysian. So I had a few questions about her safety in all of this.

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Jun 28 2014

Ann Coulter Doesn’t Get Football

Yeah this kind of needs to be done. It is no secret that I love football. I grew up watching it. I am rather irritated that I cannot see the matches at the moment and that England managed to go out with a whimper rather than a bang. It’s no secret that I was a …

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Jun 16 2014

I Get Mail – How Soccer is Ruining ‘Merica

This one was so preposterous as a mail, I figured everyone should have a laugh! It is no secret that the rest of the world is crazy  for football while “America” is not. Instead America plays four sports of which only one is  played widely enough to have a World Cup (Ice Hockey). So it …

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May 31 2014

American Shariah – AFA, Bryan Fischer and Harvey Milk

Ah! Bryan Fischer’s AFA. If you ever want to realise that being religious doesn’t make you moral, look no further.

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May 30 2014

They Took Our Gunz!

It”s no secret that the tragic murders by Elliot Rodger are effectively the news of the week. But there is one group of people who had to intervene. It is no secret right wing Americans and the NRA defend guns to the hilt as a method of rejecting tyranny by killing beer cans and paper …

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May 21 2014

Gay “Revolution”

Joseph Farah bemoans the “homosexual progress in or society due to the gay revolution”.

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May 14 2014

Ann Coulter – Shining a Light on Slacktivism or Queen of Oxygen Thieves

I have generally stayed out of the Boko Haram issue. Mainly because I really had nothing to say on the topic. I understand the problems with the Boko Haram in that they are similar to the Indian Naxalites, operating out of strongholds where there is an effective governmental black hole, but I also didn’t want …

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May 12 2014

NRA – People Like Us Fight the Boko Haram

The National Rifle Association were first brought to my attention via Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine and Eddie Izzard’s stand up comedy. But what a lot of people don’t realise that they have their own “News Channel”. I would have thought it would be gun reviews but it also involves commentating on the news.

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May 07 2014

Bryan College And A Second Scopes

Bryan College in Dayton is named after a rather infamous alumni. William Jennings Bryan who was Creationism’s defender at the Scopes trial. But student dissent is changing that. See the school’s’ statement of belief is that Adam and Eve were the divinely created progenitors of mankind and not created from other life forms.

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May 03 2014

Steve Hickey – No Mate. Just No

Thought for today. How would the reservations in SD be different today if the AIM leaders in the 70's were disciples of Gandhi. Not too late — stevehickey (@stevehickey) April 28, 2014 If the American Indian Movement was inspired by Gandhi, they would probably be around your property refusing to move and keep breaking laws …

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