I Get Mail – Dipanjan Biswas – You Should Give the Homeopaths a Chance

I don’t understand the fuss and I think this post is really very commercial. If Homeopathy can treat Ebola and save thousands of lives, its worth a try. How does it matter what it contains as long as it can SAVE YOUR LIFE. A Wife will bless it for saving her husband, a child will bless it for saving his parents, a mother will bless it for saving her son. You make ego sound more important that drawing a smile in people’s faces ! You are demeaning life in this way. You should be infected with Ebola and then after that think about writing this post.
You seem to be a writer working for the medical companies’ profit rather than for the entire human species. Had these remedies been so easy, Ebola would not have been this famous as AIDS because they are almost untreatable. But the most famous treatments come from the oddest of places. Thank God you are not a doctor !
Do remember that it was Socrates who was executed once for proposing once what the entire world believed was false. He was executed for telling that the earth revolves around the earth wheareas the world at that time believed the opposite and for this he was executed. We are far from Socrates time but you are speaking like one of the people from their times and so are the people who are supporting the cause without doing an investigating on their own. Stop behaving like puppets and use the brain God has given you.
I am not saying that Homeopathy is the only solution but it should be given a chance to be one of the solutions.


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I Get Mail – A Quickee

Uh I post on the Slymepit sometimes and I’d never heard of you, nor do I have any idea who Richard Sanderson is, nor have I ever claimed that “FTBers are slacktivists”.

However a variety of members of the Slymepit have.

In fact I came over recently to read a few posts. A fair few like discussing “REAL” activism. It is one of the reason the Slymepit have in general left me alone apart from the faux pas by the few who don’t know what I do.

To your peers, a slacktivist is just someone who writes about a topic. Because I actually do “real social justice”.

…… However, what happened to you was reprehensible and you have my sympathy. I’m just perplexed as to how it somehow supposedly has anything to do with me.

Have you read the forum that you are part of?

Let’s see. You got Pitchguest trying to convince people that my rape accusation was not malicious but a stunt to demonstrate the callous nature and ease by which fake accusations go through while ignoring the very real difficulties it caused.

You have deniers of such accusations in your midst and the only reason there aren’t more in that thread is because this caused “Real Damage” to someone who actually was helping women. In short? The little object lesson backfired by actively harming women.

You can’t stop Child Birth, women who would have delivered at hands of doctors delivered in the hands of untrained midwives who are for emergency deliveries we cannot cover rather than for these. Some of those were difficult. Only time will tell us of the damage caused.

It nearly cost me my job and my career. So people who think FTB are filled with evil bitch feminists who hate men and their man parts could mock PZ.

And this sort of thinking is part of the Slymepit.

Okay just look at this way. A bit ago there were Individuals mocking Taslima Nasrin for being a professional victim and not speaking well. You mean like Jessica Ahlquist? Or are only young white ladies allowed to be “victimised by religion” and speak about it?

To explain the level of difference? Taslima has a religious fatwa on her head for her death set at an amount of money that’s frankly obscene and has had people attempt to kill her. And the Slymepitter was mocking her English. Question? I bet she speaks English better than his Bengali.

The Slyme’s done things like that. Tasteless and mildly hurtful things that allow majorly hurtful things to slide through and then to cover it up.

The condemnation of the actions of the Accusers is only taking place because the Slyme think that the joke’s gone “too far”. They had no problems with the #FTBully thread people and often laughed at their antics until it goes too far  then it’s tutting and shaking of heads.

The faux rape campaign  and all who participated in it have actually harmed real physical women who don’t have access to proper healthcare. The people who sat around gleefully cataloguing other false rapes are part of it.


Dear Camille Marino, You are a horrible animal and a horrible person

Dear Camille Marino

I officially declare victory. You have shown your true colours as a human being, and I am embarrassed to share the same species as you. Your attitude to humanity is toxic and you aren’t a revolutionary but a terrorist and a hypocrite. Feeding of our progress only to condemn it.

“as is quite obvious, i have no time or energy to waste on you and the self-serving oblivion from where your disjointed ramblings emanate.
however, in this one instance, i will take the time to address you with civility and sincerity.”
Sometimes poor decisions in life manifest themselves in
questionable tattoos before they manifest in
errors in philosophy.

You say that you have no time to waste on me, but I say this is because as I am a harder target to deal with than the students you normally terrorise. I defend my field far better than you attack it. I have stated that there is no better way at the moment than animal testing for all it’s flaws. You wish it to be stopped but haven’t provided a single alternative instead hiding behind rhetoric and good old fashioned anger. You don’t answer you deflect the question with threats of violence and property damage like your hero, Walter Edmund Bond.

You aren’t educating anyone, you are threatening. You leave the teachers because they can defend themselves against your clumsy jabs. You leave out the grad students because they would simply rip your arguments to shreds. Instead you target first year undergraduates fresh out of high school simply because they are incapable of defending themselves and because you can drum up support from the non scientific community around them who fail to realise where their lifestyles come from the hard work of others and that without those biologists many of their lifestyles are completely unfeasible.

You have offered civility but it is impossible to be civil with a terrorist. You may as well ask us to be civil with Osama but frankly madam you are a grade A lunatic. I was civil as my posts repeatedly explain medical experimentation. I knew very well that you will not listen to them. You are no different from the creationist, the religious fundamentalist or any merchant of pseudoscience. No explanation I will give will suffice until the day you require our help and every single word you have stated against my field is proven wrong.

While you may wish for our deaths or injuries to save animals we don’t wish for yours. We won’t refuse you treatment no matter what you have said or done to us. That’s because we take our oaths to human beings very seriously.

Apparently you survived inspite of this rather than
because of this. Man apparently we should just
not have ICUs.

“i died in a motorcycle accident in 1993. i was resuscitated yet remained comatose for the better part of a month. when i finally regained consciousness, i was a complete quadriplegic — unable to move a pinky or a toe. i was unable to speak or see, and every involuntary motor function was dependent on machines and round the clock nurses to intercede with tubes to do everything from breathe for me to feed me. i was 28 years old and wholly unable to communicate. but my mind remained intact as i listened to the plans being made to have me live out the remainder of my life in an institution. 

i was confined to a bed for three solid months, imprisoned in my own body for far longer, and didn’t even begin to walk again for an entire year. i lived with people in every state of injury, sickness, and debilitation. i have NEVER met a single person in a truly desperate and dire situation who would not rather volunteer themselves for experimental treatments than wait decades for some pseudo-scientist to continue to torture innocent animals pretending to be on the verge of some earth-shattering breakthrough for mankind”

The man has achieved more with his brain and a single
finger than we have with our health. Also he has
an amazing sense of humour.

Your story begs questions. A quadriplegic is an individual with a complete trans-section of the spinal cord resulting in a loss of motor function. One tends to not be cured of this condition, not without a magic in any case. To this date no quadriplegics have ever regained function to the point where they are walking around and threatening biologists and doctors. Christopher Reeves and Stephen Hawkings are quadriplegics. You are and were not. If you were and were cured by science then we would be throwing parades for your doctors and Stephen Hawkings would be on Strictly Come Dancing learning the Riverdance and possibly picking up a rap career as E=MC Hawkings. Hell Christopher Reeves would have starred in Superman Returns rather than having died so tragically while hoping for a cure while confined to either a bed or a wheelchair.

“i was confined to a bed for three solid months, imprisoned in my own body for far longer, and didn’t even begin to walk again for an entire year. i lived with people in every state of injury, sickness, and debilitation. i have NEVER met a single person in a truly desperate and dire situation who would not rather volunteer themselves for experimental treatments than wait decades for some pseudo-scientist to continue to torture innocent animals pretending to be on the verge of some earth-shattering breakthrough for mankind”

Shenanigans has been called!

You may have been in a coma, but my biggest doubt comes from the fact that you seem to have made a full recovery from it with no ill effect. I have an uncle who had a 3 week coma and that ended up with him being spastic (the medical kind) and unable to walk or talk properly. Any injury strong enough to place you in a 3 month coma is strong enough to really scramble your brain. I am calling shenanigans on this. SHENANIGANS!

You have shown a distinct lack of understanding of how animal experimentation functions. We test animals to destruction. We cut them open to see how they work, we make things go wrong on purpose to see how they go wrong and we see if we can fix the things that have gone wrong. We test to destruction to find out mechanisms of things and how they work. If it works we don’t simply say “well done mouse”, we dissect it to see how it worked and it’s mechanisms. If we think a gene produces a specific protein, we knock out that gene and see if the animal produces the protein with or without the gene. As we do this we slowly build up a picture and we find out how proteins are formed which relates to a condition. It’s absolutely necessary because medical research doesn’t take place like in CSI or a science fiction lab. The TV portrayal of research is simply not true. The TV portrayal of nerds especially is kind of irritating too, most of us aren’t like the cast of the big bang. 

If we are experimenting with a disease we also have to kill the animal to see how disease affects various organs as most animals are intrinsically attached to them. We simply cannot infect people with diseases and then take kidneys and lungs, livers and spleens out without killing the person.
For instance all drugs that are tested on the brain have to have brain chemistry analysed and the way that is done is to actually kill the animal and take sections of the brain before the activity has stopped. I am sure guillotining a human to take sections of their brain will not have too many volunteers. Atleast not in the quantity we require for research.

We often study the physiology of animals and the pathology of various diseases. How would we study blindness in children? It would require knowing which kids are blind beforehand which is impossible as we aren’t mind readers and it’s difficult to diagnose blindness in infants. Or it would involve blinding some kittens and seeing how their optical cortex develops through cutting open their brains at various stages of development. It’s easier to do that then “blind some children” because “children are people”, cats are not. It’s easier to simply suture a kitten’s eyes shut and then observe the atrophy of the cortex than do so to infants (kittens are born blind).

Then the research was done to see if we could reverse the atrophy. To give sight to the blind and sound to the deaf since it turns out that lack of stimulus is one of the issues leading to cochlear implantation aimed at babies.

The research in question has been used to treat congenital blindness providing sight to children born blind. It’s also been used to detect hearing losses and correct that via cochlear implantation at a young age. It’s incredibly life changing procedures that mean children that are born deaf and blind can hear and see.
No parent would volunteer their child to be blinded or deafened for this research. No parent of a blind or a deaf child would volunteer their child to be dissected for this. There is no other choice but animal experimentation. In most animal experiments a similar dilemma is faced. However most parents would volunteer their blind or deaf child to receive the treatment we come up with from this experiment with the warning that the treatment is experimental and we don’t know if it would work or not. Remember half the people who sign on for the experiment won’t have the treatment as a control to see the placebo effect. Statistics are compiled meticulously at every stage to show efficiency and effect before this treatment is okayed for general usage.
“the reason you do not experiment on people who would gladly volunteer themselves is because some speciesist human has decided that it is unethical and the NIH only funds animal torture. so human experimentation would not be nearly as lucrative.”

Under the sea! Under the sea! Down were it’s wetter
here it is better take it from me! 

Naturally, you don’t care about these people. To you the kittens are more valuable than the people it saves. The NIH does fund human experimentation but only after we figure out how things work in animals because it’s illegal to kill people solely to find out how things work because it’s against human law and it’s also highly unethical. We execute people who do these things, and the name Josef Mengele springs to mind. Yes it is “speciest” but frankly if given sufficient incentive you would eat meat. And it’s no more or less speciest about your follower’s consumption of plant and fungal life or their abhorrence of certain kinds of animal life. I mean clean drinking water is practically the death of billions of organisms but you don’t seem to mind their deaths.

It stems from the idea that we like fluffy animals. No one is standing up and defending hagfish or lampreys (nor should they! Lampreys are a pest in some parts of the Great Lakes.), no one is suggesting we leave the cockroaches and rats that plague our cities alone, because rat infestations do not end well for human beings. But a lab rat is a fluffy animal. It’s white for heaven’s sake! As are guinea pigs, but it’s hard to stand up for sea urchins or drosophila or c. elegans. The latest drive to denounce medical research in the UK is by attacking the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts campaign. The BHF’s actual adverts are to encourage people to realise that there is real progress in the field. Animal liberation’s attitude is that this progress is selfish because humans want to live in the place of a few fish. It’s easy to say that when you aren’t dying of a heart issue yourself. Wanting to live is not selfish, it’s human. Nihilism does not suit as a species and humans are addicted to life. It’s why we value volunteering and sacrifice so much. 

“now i want you to understand me and understand me good. the only reason i am a high-functioning individual once again is because NO disinterested medical “professional” with a god complex has the power to dictate my future. i didn’t care what they said or thought then, and i don’t care what delusional nonsense any of you spout now. you are all irrelevant blood-money sadistic opportunists and merit no consideration for your educated guessing or illogical rationalizations.”

I take it back, 3 months of coma may have affected you in some other more subtle way. You aren’t a high functioning individual, you are kind of an insane and dangerous person. And if your story is even remotely true then you are a high functioning individual because doctors and nurses used medical technology developed on animals to ensure you stayed alive after your motorcycle accident. Your future was dictated by medical professionals despite what you think .

The fact remains that our illogical rationalisation and educated guessing saved your life. You are alive to sprout your luddite nonsense at us because of us. It’s not delusional, this is the truth by your own admission that doctors saved your life (even if I think it’s not possible to recover from quadriplegia and that you are making stuff up or are misrepresenting a more serious condition.).

“and, btw, if i were ever to meet a quadriplegic who would rather volunteer an innocent animal to suffer than volunteer themselves, i would personally throw them out of their wheelchair, kick their arroganct speciesist ass into the gutter, and film them as they lay there helpless in the sewers like the waste of humanity that they are.
then i would upload the video to nio and eat carrot chips with humus as i enjoyed watching them die a slow and torturous death over and over and over again.”

I actually have posted Camille’s words here because I am sure she will delete or try to change them. She tried to weasel out of her actual threats against medical and biology students when she first came to my attention but this is stored for posterity. I Avicenna, hereby declare that these words are the true testament of Camille Marino, owner of Negotiation is Over.

This is a threat, an actual one against someone disabled who wants a cure. It shows what kind of person you are. A bad one. An embarrassment to humanity as a whole.

Even if you injured yourself killing a quadriplegic in such a manner I would save your life. Then I would send you to jail for being a criminal. I may be a an arrogant human-centric blood profiteer with a god complex but I  have the grace to know the difference between right and wrong. You however are wrong.

Take a look around you. Almost every single person here is here because of medical technology and training developed on animals (How many of us were born in hospitals or were delivered by trained medical professionals?).

“now, please don’t bother me again.

you know nothing. you are a sadistic piece of arrogant shit. and you annoy me.


I maybe those things but I am not the one who hypocritically took advantage of medical science to live while simultaneously mocking those advancements. I am not the one who bandies my IQ as some sort of power level nor have I stated that I am a high functioning individual. I am not the one who has threatened to kill quadriplegics should they utilise medical treatment developed through experimentation.

You don’t annoy me, you scare me. That there are people out there who have to deal with your nonsense in person.

Your’s Sincerely,

Avicenna (esq.)

One of these things is a toothy parasite spreading ill
health and disease while feeding of more productive
and healthy members of society.
The other is a lovecraftian horror that lives in the sea.

Newsflash! Doctors make you sicker! Whales are not endangered! Sarah Palin to join Voltron! Obama to replace army with Power Rangers!


Ah! Hesh Goldstein. Purveyor of nonsense and woo extraordinaire and a prime example of an individual speaking as a mother. Mike Adams is a big fan naturally, hence we have to put up with this Opinion Piece called “The Plot to keep you Sick”.

If we really wanted to keep you sick, we would not treat you. You would beg for our cures as your disease progressed. Doctors have done that in the past and still do in some parts of the world. Many people have taken advantage of that power, abusing it in exchange for conversion to faith or to make money. 

“What would you do if you learned there was a concerted effort to keep you sick? And what would you do if you learned that the way they could do that was by the food that you ate? Would that upset you? Well, be prepared.”

It would upset me if any of this was true. Why the fuck would we do that? I mean seriously, we got stuff to do that doesn’t involve killing you slowly through complicated and expensive food modification.

The best way for me to explain this is to put it in the vernacular of the street, relating to it all as pimps, hookers, and tricks.

I am sure you could think of another way to describe us without embarrassing us with your grasp of pimping.

The pharmaceutical industry, first and foremost, is in the business of selling drugs. In order to sell drugs, people have to be sick. They have to be sick either through natural causes or by inventing diseases. We’ll get to the natural causes down the road.

No shit Sherlock. Inventing diseases? This should be good.

Up until about eight years ago there was never such thing as “Restless Leg Syndrome”. Before “Gastric Reflux Disease” took on such a fancy name, it was simply known as heartburn. These are just a couple of examples of how the pharmaceutical industry invents diseases to sell drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t come up with a disease called “Refrigerator Door Syndrome”. I guess the main symptom of that would be opening up the refrigerator door and looking for something that didn’t exist five minutes ago when you did the same thing. 

Up until 150 years ago people thought leprosy was caused by making the abrahamic god angry. Turns out it’s mycobacterium leprae. Gastric Reflux Disease is a variety of disease from simple heartburn to more sinister issues such as echalasia cardia and sphincter incompetence. Echalasia cardia means food sits in your oesophagus. These are not made up diseases but ones that can be seen on an x-ray. It’s just that some drugs apply to a whole gamut of diseases. And Restless Legs Syndrome is a condition seen in Chronic Kidney Disease. Way to give an example that’s real and quite nasty. Stay classy!

The one thing they don’t tell you when you take prescription drugs is that because they’re synthetic toxic chemicals there is a really good chance that you will experience severe negative reactions to these drugs. The bad news is that President George Bush made it so that you can’t sue the pharmaceutical industry if you get sick or die. So basically you’re just subjected to taking their drugs and hope for the best.

Actually we do tell you. I make it very specific to my patients the side effects of medication and hence encourage prevention rather than cures. And “synthetic” has bugger all to do with “toxic”. There are plenty of natural toxic chemicals that we use too such as Curare and Atropine. Even willow bark extract (AKA Asprin) causes side effects such as stomach ulcers. No. You have a choice. You can take our drugs and have a good chance of surviving a lot of diseases, or you don’t have to take our drugs and cross your fingers.

In the year 2007, or thereabouts, the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, spend $15 million of taxpayer money to stockpile the Tamiflu vaccine, which was supposed to ward off the bird flu pandemic that never came. The irony of this is that in 2009 it was proven that the Tamiflu vaccine was completely worthless and that it didn’t work . The other scam was the H1N1 flu vaccine that was created to contain the swine flu pandemic. That one never materialized either but they sure sold a lot of vaccines. Now, in Hawaii, because they’re holding so many vaccines that never got used, they are recommending that children starting at 6 months old must get a second shot. See what I mean about the pharmaceutical industry being a pimp? Another nightmare is the Gardisil vaccine which treats the papilloma virus. Not only are they giving it to young girls to prevent cervical cancer, now they want to give it to young boys as well. What they are not telling anybody is that this vaccine causes sterility.

Tamiflu is not a vaccine but an analogue of sialic acid that inhibits influenza viruses and not a vaccine. So the first bit is madness. The second bit is a treatment for preventing HPV infections. It must be administered pre-intercourse and the safest way to do that is to give it to young children since vaccines don’t work in retrospect. It stops uterine cancer in women. In men it will reduce the incidence of genital warts (sterility) and penile cancer (sterility). The vaccine has no link to sterility any more than the actual diseases. Uterine cancer is rather common and it turns out the vast majority of uterine cancer is caused by HPV. Genital warts are common enough to be listed as a major STD. Penile cancer is relatively rarer than these but it is still up there.

Other big pimps on the planet are the big food companies. These guys are merciless. They don’t care what they sell as long as they sell it and make a big profit. The best way to do that is to sell you food full of fat, sugar, and salt – the heavenly trio – to keep you hooked.

No one is forcing you to eat unhealthily. Doctors keep telling people to eat balanced food for a reason. 

Let’s look at reality for a minute. Most people are hooked on a flesh-based diet. People are so addicted to this due to conditioning that they can’t see reality if it came up and bit them in the butt.

By the time an animal is slaughtered, that decomposing flesh doesn’t m
ake it to your supermarket for at least a week. Do you mean to tell me that after a week a dead body can remain as bright and rosy as you see it in the supermarket?

Conditioning? Mate, we have canines for a reason. Our bodies do really poorly at digesting pure vegetarian diets. We need a balance between meat and vegetables. And meat contains essential amino acids which are lacking in plants since we are pretty much made out of meat ourselves. 

And not only that, but that you can walk into the supermarket and not be bowled over by the stench? Why is that? It’s because of the color enhancers and the stink reducers and the ammonia to kill the bacteria and the carbon monoxide to keep it pink and rosy, that it stays that color and doesn’t smell.

Because stuff is frozen! Honestly, if you take a freshly killed animal and place it within a cold environment, the things that make meat rot do not occur. Ammonia would smell to high heaven and make your food taste bad. Carbon Monoxide is a gas and applying it to your food would turn it bright pink rather than the deep red of red meat.

Chicken is even worse. After the chickens are killed they are, if you’ll pardon the expression, cleansed in a bath full of pus, urine, doo doo, and rot. And the USDA says, if you cannot see the doo doo through the clear wrap, it is okay to sell.

I checked with the USDA, they don’t say that anywhere. And after chicken are killed you have to pluck the feathers off, drain the blood (since we as westerners have forgotten how useful animal blood is as a binder in our food. I am myself quite partial to black pudding. It lets me pretend to be a vampire without the sparkles.) and then wash them with running water. No one does this. I have seen chicken being slaughtered in places with no FDA oversight and this does not occur at any given point. What you are describing is the process of loosening feathers where fresh killed chicken are dipped into hot water to make it easier to de-feather.

When you buy a food that is processed, you are buying something that is devoid of natural flavor and contains MSG, or a euphemism thereof, to give it its flavor. Did you ever wonder why when you go into a supermarket you can see food on the shelf for weeks without it spoiling? Did you ever wonder why that was? It’s because of all the preservatives to increase the shelf life to increase the profit to not have any loss. Nowhere in that product is there any concern whatsoever for your health.

There are other methods of preserving food. Tins for example are sealed hermetically without air. Freezing is also pretty good. No need for any artificial flavours there. Making Jam and Pickles are methods of preservation that are millennia old. Not all processed food is evil, some of it is very sensible.

In Hawaii, we have the rare distinction of being the Spam capitol of the world. We even have Spam festivals here. I have a friend who told me he was friends with the Hormel family children, who by the way are all vegetarians. They were forbidden to eat Spam. Hawaii also has another distinction – it is the colon cancer capitol of the world. Some people will never learn.

It’s because pork was the food du jour of Hawaii. During WW2 preserved pork became popular as wartime food in the natives who had never seen such food before. Just encourage people to eat less spam, not be a complete killjoy. You only live once you know and food is rather delicious. 

Then another outrageous pimp is Monsanto. Monsanto says they will save the world with the food they produce – the genetically modified food they produce. What does that mean? It means that they take a food and make it impervious to whatever amount of their cash crop Round Up they spray on it. In other words, they will spray the hell out of the food with their favorite pesticide to make sure that no weeds or bugs hinder the growth of their products. Just as a side note, in India they did an experiment. They went out into the woods and they hung normal food from one tree and genetically modified food from another tree. They came back a week later and found that the regular food was all eaten and the GMOs were untouched. It’s not hard to realize that the animals are innately smarter than the people.

I call utter fucking shenanigans here. Monsanto are many things. Thugs, jerks and arseholes but they won’t sell you food that’s going to kill you because it’s an idiotic proposition. They need you to live to buy their food again. And I am in India, I will guarantee you that monkeys will eat anything you leave out. If you leave your shoes outside you are better of buying a new pair rather than one that has been in their filthy little paws. They are complete pests. And people like you helped stop the rolling out of golden rice, a plant which will save thousands of lives across the world if asia and africa since it fights beri beri. Some people do not have the luxury of our diet to get fresh vegetables and rely on staples. 

Moving on to the hookers now, I guess the head of that group has to be the medical profession. With the best of intentions these guys go to medical school and wind up being subjected to curriculum that is funded by their pimp, the pharmaceutical industry. When they graduate from medical school they come out with a “take-a-pill” or a “cut-it-out” mentality. To say that when a person graduates from medical school is nutritionally clueless is an understatement. When a doctor treats a patient for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, constipation, or whatever, it is always with drugs. When an oncologist treats a patient for cancer it is always with chemotherapy, radiation, and endless periods of time when your immune system hits rock bottom. Nowhere, ever, do they ever treat with nutrition.

Now it’s personal. I don’t get any funding from my pimp. I didn’t even know the pharmaceutical industry gives out money in the quantities you imply. The biggest thing I have gotten out of a drug rep is a little case for a laptop (it does not fit). Mostly its pens, highlighters and stress toys. Do you want to know what the treatments for those diseases are?
1.       Hypertension – Caused by Genetics, Foetal Factors, Obesity, Alcohol Intake, Sodium intake, Stress. We tell people to control that in mild hypertension by lifestyle changes that include eating differently. In medium to severe we employ our drugs. There are secondary mechanisms such as renal and endocrine disorders that need different drugs.
2.       High Cholesterol – The treatment is to reduce sequestered cholesterol rapidly. We also tell patients to alter their diet.
3.       Diabetes Mellitus – caused by insulin deficiency. Autoimmune disease treated by insulin administration and by altering diet. Seriously if you don’t control it your feet fall off and you die of kidney failure. Insulin has changed the disease from lethal to chronic and allows patients to eat a normal diet. You can control some levels of diabetes without insulin and we encourage a diet for that.
4.       Arthritis – Auto Immune disorder. Most of the medication is pain and inflammatory related to make life easier.
5.       Constipation – Symptom rather than pathology. Variety of reasons. Roughage is the usual treatment for most people and changes of diet. Few cases do we respond with hard drugs. There are some severe cases of constipation that require a variety of laxatives.
Nutrition? We treat with diet modifications. Nutritionists are snake oil merchants, a dietician is a scientist. And cancer kills people. Chemotherapy saves lives. If you are encouraging people to not take chemo and instead eat magic fruit then you are quite possibly killing people.  

Then of course you have the mainstream media that will do everything to protect their advertising dollars. Which, by the way, comes from pharmaceutical ads and ads from restaurants selling the foods that make sure you always see your doctor. Not only that, but the articles that appear somehow never favor plant-based diets or natural cures. Did you ever wonder why that was? It’s all about money! No one really gives a damn about you being healthy.

So pETA do not advertise nowadays? Articles favour balanced diets. Plant based ones have issues with balance that have to be supplemented artificially. For that you may as well eat a healthy balanced diet and enjoy your food. You are so worried about being healthy you have lost the love of a good steak there mate. (yeah as an atheist Hindu I do know that steak is amazing…) Enjoy your food, eat healthily but don’t let it dictate what you eat. Sometimes you need to eat a chimichanga.

Next we have a government agencies. We have the FDA, affectionately known as the Fraud and Drug Administration; the CDC, affectionately known as the Centers For Deceit Control and Procrastination; the USDA, affectionately known as the US Department of A@#$%&#s; and the FTC, affectionately known as the Federal Treachery Commission. Why do I describe them as such? Because they do anything to protect big business and little to protect the people.

The CDC encourages vaccination. If it wanted to “help big pharma” it would be anti-vaccine. A single round of tamiflu to fight influenza infections is around $60 at the low end. Pricey but that’s what R&D costs are and people do have to make a profit. Nothing comes for free. The flu vaccine is a lot cheaper at around $1 and would stop the spread of the disease in other people as well earning its cost back many times over. This is without calculating ICU flu patients who cost 1000s of dollars a day to keep alive or the mortality costs of not taking the flu vaccine. Vaccines save money and lives and are the most effective way of stopping a disease cost wise. These are big businesses because in order to make a vaccine you need money to run very expensive research labs. 

It is a known fact that cherry juice is a great remedy for arthritis pain. Yet, the cherry growers can’t say that and if they do the Fraud and Drug Administration will shut them down. Celestial Seasonings, the tea company, made the mistake of saying that one of their teas was sweetened with Stevia, a natural herb. Well, the FDA wouldn’t hear of that. So, they told them that if they didn’t take Stevia, listed as a sweetener, off the label they would shut them down. Pimps, hookers and tricks.

A fact you say? We can test it out. We get three drinks. One artificial water with cherry flavour, one cherry juice and the third the actual NSAIDs we provide and we test them side by side. We give it to arthiritis patients and empirically decide which is better. If we win, everytime you make a claim about cherry juice we break your legs (metaphorically speaking of course. We really just drag your name out and expose you as the charlatan you are and stop you from giving medical advice without knowing much about medicine.) Also… The FDA regards stevia as a safe consumable. It didn’t in 1991 when there was a complaint and evidence of mutagenic properties. 

You all know that the CDC is a big pusher of fluoride. What a travesty that is. But what you didn’t know was that in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of August 17, 2001/ Volume 50/ Number RR-14, on Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States, on page 4, in the third paragraph, it says,” fluoride’s predominant effect is post-eruptive and topical.” This means it works on the surface of the tooth after the tooth has come into the mouth. Nowhere, anywhere, does it say you have to drink the poison. Pimps, hookers and tricks.

In poorer nations they use chlorinated water which tastes awful. And the word topical means to place in your mouth. The LD50 is 12.5 g. The concentration in water is 0.5 mg/L. In order to OD on water based fluoride you would have to ingest lethal amounts of water. 12500 Litres of water to be precise if you weigh around a 100Kg. 12 and a Half Tonnes. 

The USDA is in bed with the dairy industry. The USDA protects the dairy industry as if it were a golden goose. Let me give you a good example: back when Bill Clinton was the the President, he hired Dr. Josylyn Elders, a black woman, as his Surgeon General. Dr. Elders, in her first week in office was going to make the announcement that Blacks were 95% lactose intolerant, that Asians were 80-85% lactose intolerant, that Latinos were 75% lactose intolerant and Caucasians were 70% lactose intolerant. Dr
. Elders never got to make that statement. She was fired after a week. It’s a classic case of a government agency protecting big business rather than the people.

I would assume the USDA is pro dairy because they are an agricultural body. The incidence of lactose intolerance in the USA is 11%. There are 30 to 50 million people who suffer from intolerance.

These are just lies. No seriously, your pants should be on fire and your nose should be long enough to poke out someone’s eye out. If one is lactose intolerant, one does not buy milk anymore because it gives you diarrhoea and cramps. These values are verifiable. I would quote a medical textbook but you probably would claim that it is a book of lies. Instead again I offer to put out a poll to find out. 

Next we have, on the hooker list, the Public Health Officials. Boy oh boy, do they love to push vaccines full of mercury, thimerisol and toxic adjuvants. Autism anyone? Recently, an organization named Autism Speaks went public about trying to reverse autism. And they listed so many things that they were going to do. But somehow they failed to mention the vaccine connection. So I asked that question to the Director of Autism Speaks. I was told that vaccines do not contribute to autism. I then asked if the organization accepts donations from the pharmaceutical industry. The answer I received was, “not that much.” Pimps, hookers and tricks.

The MMR Autism link was sunk. Mr. Wakefield prostituted himself to the anti-vaccine movement in order to make a lot of money as part of a class action lawsuit. He tampered with data and showed no rigour in experimentation. Thimerisol is rarely used. Mercuric compounds are chelated out quite harmlessly. Toxic adjuvants such as formaldehyde are naturally produced in your body in larger quantities than in a vaccine vial.

Anyway, with regard to vaccines, a child by six months old has received nine vaccines. By the time the child is seven years old it has received 47 vaccines. And by the time that person is 70 years old, they have received 160 vaccines. You really mean to tell me that there’s no danger in this? In New Jersey and New York there are no exemptions to vaccines. They are trying to do the same thing in Hawaii.

There is a slight danger. However the danger is not taking those vaccines. All those diseases are killers or mutilators. And the vaccine schedule for different countries is different. I am pretty sure american kids don’t get the BCG vaccine. Your viewpoint exists because of vaccines. Without vaccination you would remember what polio did to people and how smallpox killed or the fear of tetanus. 

Recently, in Hawaii, there was a Hearing in which a bill was introduced to offer vegetarian and vegan meals in the public schools. The bill said that these meals “shall” be entered in the public schools. Two entities voted against this. The Board of Education and the Department of Health. When the wording of the bill was changed from “shall” to “should,” meaning that now they had a choice to do it or not, these two entities voted in favor. Nothing like keeping kids sick and protecting the interests of the corporations.

Are you seriously telling me that your country is so bullshit that it cannot offer a vegetarian option? Vegan options for children are not a balanced diet and I would regard it as abusive as vegan diets lack in Iron, calcium and essential amino acids which are things children need growing up. I cannot endorse it as a medic as a healthy option since it is completely imbalanced. 

I guess we also have to add the “shrinks” to the “hooker” list. They are a group of jerks that invented “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” as an excuse to put kids on drugs just because they might space out in the classroom.

ADHD children do not “space out”. Their minds are as if a bomb has gone off. They cannot concentrate on anything and twitch and run around and are incredibly tragically uncontrollable. The medications are given to help parents deal with them in severe cases.

Let’s talk about the Dentists for a minute. Because the Dentists are hesitant to accept the low pay that Medicaid pays, they advocate fluoride. What a convenient way to ease their guilt. In Alaska, where dentists seldom go, especially in the remote parts, there are people that are trained as DHATS (Dental Hygiene Attending Therapists). These people can basically do what Dentists can do and are willing to go anywhere in Alaska. Guess who opposes them? The Dentists that refuse to go into the “boonies” to treat the people.

Fluoride genuinely helps prevent caries in teeth. It’s hardly rocket science and was tested to death. The statistics are phenomenally in our favour and the price of treatment with fluoride.

Let’s get back to Monsanto for a minute. We already talked about their GMO scam, but don’t forget these are the people they gave us Agent Orange. And we all know how wonderful this chemical is and the lasting effects of its exposure to our men that fought in Viet Nam. Recently, there was worldwide news that the bee colonies were collapsing. Why do you think that was? Because the bees have a hard time with the GMOs. In addition to all of Monsanto’s horrors they are also involved with MSG and Aspartame. Nothing like putting something out there that screws up your brain as well.

Bees are dying out because of a tick parasite. Our inbreeding has reduced their ability to resist the parasite. They drink nectar, how on earth would GM nectar poison them? Agent Orange was a terrible invention but was done during a war back when people didn’t know anything. MSG is a Chinese cuisine invention that gives the 5th taste. Aspartame is an artificial sweetner. Agent Orange causes birth defects by the way. Nam veterans have PTSD not Agent Orange poisoning. War screwed up their brains. Soldiers in WW1 and 2 also had it quite tragically, its only now that they receive support. 

Hopefully, at this point you have a clear indication as to why you have to take complete responsibility for your health. You have to understand one thing: adhering to a flesh-based diet will cause you to succumb to degenerative disease. And even though the animals have died so you can put them on your plate, they have the last laugh from the grave by giving you arthritis, heart disease, cancer, constipation, and type-2 diabetes for openers.

None of those diseases are exclusive to meat eaters. Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and affects vegetarians equally. Heart Disease is actually reduced by consumption of fish. We may have more cancer but we survive our surgeries more than vegetarians do (Haemoglobin baby, we got more of it
and more RBCs too). Constipation is helped along by a balanced diet and Type 2 diabetes is not caused by eating meat but by damage to the Islets of Langerhaan cells in your pancreas.

This diet, affectionately known as “the diet of death,” adversely affects personal health, healthcare costs, and our children’s ability to think clearly. This diet has a negative affect on Corporate America because the workers poisoned by processed foods suffer from repeated sick days, the inability to focus, failure to learn, and failure to create new ideas. With their brains fueled by junk foods and with failed education giving them few options for earning an honest living, more people turn to crime. In time, the prisons become filled with people incarcerated for behavior that could have been at least partially prevented with proper nutrition. With disease rates skyrocketing, violent crime on the rise, education failures rampant, and healthcare costs bankrupting families, happiness hits an all-time low. As junk food consumption continues through multiple generations, the genetic integrity of the population declines. Then, because the population is dulled out because of all the junk foods they are eating, economic productivity hits rock-bottom and employers shift jobs overseas where people seem to have much higher levels of productivity. To say this is a losing situation is a gross understatement.

This is all bollocks. I am sorry but I have probably lost most of my few readers with the length of this. Everything in your article is filled with failure and weak sauce. People have too many sick days because the USA has no socialised medicine to catch disease early, instead people try and push through the disease aggravating it racking up sick days. Children drinking coca cola is the fault of their parents rather than the industry. Education standards have been rising unless and until idiots put their mitts into the system suggesting pseudoscience.

The genetic integrity thing is just madness. Are you seriously suggesting that junk food alters DNA? I want proof. You cannot make such claims without proof.

Earlier in this article we talked about the pharmaceutical industry wanting to drug everyone and anyone to make a buck. But we really didn’t talk about the problems that a medicated population invokes. Medicated drivers are no different than drunk drivers. This dullness also carries over to the workplace where medicated workers tend to make many more mistakes. You have people taking a medication to treat one disease and this somehow creates another disease because of the adverse effects of the synthetic chemicals. Because the pharmaceutical industry has a monopoly, the high pricing of the medications creates very high healthcare costs. And when those medications pass through the bodies of the consumers and eventually get dumped into the rivers and other waterways, they pollute the environment. And now, believe it or not, the FAA has relented and is allowing pilots to fly while on antidepressant drugs. Shades of Columbine!

All of this depends on the medication. Asprin is a medication and it’s not going to change my reaction times. And we do warn people as to the effects of the medication. And all medicine has side effects, we do mention them specifically and only administer medicine if the actual disease is worse than the side effects. Morphine’s addictiveness is less of an issue when you are dying in pain of cancer.

Let me leave you with one last thought: if there was a concerted effort to keep you sick so you could die early and assuming you could die before you reached age 67, who do you think might benefit? How about the government? And why? Doesn’t Social Security kick in when you reach age 67? If you die before you reach that age there is no danger of Social Security ever running out. That’s because you won’t be around to collect it at the age are supposed to. Food for thought!

So this is a giant conspiracy to kill you guys by the age of 67 so we don’t pay your social security and we do this by wasting billions of dollars on stupid plans that you can fight with carrots…
Repeat after me class. If I ever wish to defeat anyone for profit I will make sure my plans cannot be undone by the application of legumes. 
You are spoilt by our medical system, if you were to live in say Swaziland you would be regarded as a freak for reaching 72 years of age which is more than twice their life expectancy. If we wanted you dead we would stop treating you for diseases that kill you and instead leave you to die. 

How to Slay a Strawman

It’s a bad practice to construct strawmen to tear down. It may convince people that your arguments are strong but it invites real people to discuss your ideas because they take umbrage to your strawman portraying the subject matter incorrectly. It’s kind of like claiming to be a chess grandmaster because you keep beating yourself at chess. Someone will challenge you and they may be the real deal.
I recently came across a irate letter from a “medical student” to the lovely people at Nature News outraged at the bias in their reporting. The reason I doubt that the medical student is real is that a lot of his arguments are incoherent and structured terribly. There is real evidence for vaccination being better than the alternative.
What’s quite scary is that there is no real argument between medicine and these individuals. We just ignore them for the most part, quite bemused that people would put their faith in a fruit smoothie made by someone whose degree was purchased over the internet while our calculated doses are maligned. I think it is the comfort of knowing that the majority of us are kept in the money by simple human stupidity and that there is no way to change the viewpoints of an individual.
Medical student: I don’t think I have ever been more angered by a website in my life. So much of this information is completely faulty.

Z. Miller: All of the information on our Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute website can be verified.
I had a look around the Thinktwice website. It’s rocking the finest code out of the 1990s. The Thinktwice Global Vaccine institute seems to be packing some strange brand of crazy conspiracy theories. Apparently polio vaccines can cause AIDS (a belief from tribal Nigeria no less that has spread across a lot of the muslim world). This alone has crippled any basis of legitimacy your website link has. Any medical student with a few minutes of time could have checked this out. Then there is the lovely idea that only a handful of people died from small pox in 1967 when the smallpox eradication program began. I would say that the figure given on the website is wrong. According to the Website, the WHO posted a mortality rate of 12,000 worldwide. In 1967 the WHO posted a mortality rate of 2,000,000 individuals. 2 million dead place it as one of the bigger killers of human beings. It was lower than the year before because smallpox was the first vaccine.  The vaccinations quickly dropped the rate. And put it this way, the smallpox disease was deadly and the same arguments that you use today were used back then including the idea that we would turn into cows as the attenuated virus was from cattle.
So to recap, your source has no idea how polio vaccines work and has outright misstated the figures for smallpox and misjudged the disease that killed one in ten people.

MS: Your site states that “Many of the disease outbreaks that we are warned about today, are caused by, and occur in, recently vaccinated children.” This is because of plain old numbers! The majority of kids are vaccinated (because their parents and their doctors use LOGIC), thus, more diseases come from them.

NZM: Actually, the majority of kids are vaccinated because the medical industry uses coercive tactics, intimidation, skewed data, and compulsory vaccination laws in order for children to receive an education. Without these factors, many more people would not receive the shots. Furthermore, several studies have shown that educated parents are the most likely to reject vaccines. For example, a recent study by the CDC found that vaccinated children tend to have mothers who are poor, unmarried and did not go to college. Unvaccinated children tend to have mothers who are financially stable, married, and have a college degree. In addition, medical doctors have little influence over their decisions. [Pediatrics2004;114:187-195.]

Another recent study published in theAmerican Journal of Public Health,confirmed that vaccinated children are more likely to have mothers without a high school diploma while unvaccinated children are more likely to have mothers who graduated from college. [Am J of Public Health(Feb. 2007);97(2).] Another study conducted last year found that
parents with more education were less likely to get their daughters vaccinated against HPV. [PLoS Med(May 4, 2010);7(5).]

Your medical student has zero idea of how things work. This is basic high school biology that is expanded in medical school. Vaccinated people are sensitized to a disease and their immune system is ready to respond to the antigens submitted when a pathogen enters their system preventing it from taking hold. They don’t transmit or carry diseases that they are vaccinated against because their immune system responds to any pathogen before it can even infect them. It’s the reason that people like the Amish are healthier now than a hundred years ago. This is due to the herd of people around them having fewer diseases to pass on because we have improved both standards of hygiene and improved our immune systems via vaccinations. Remember how people say that if you let children play in dirt their immune systems are boosted? This is a scientific way of doing that without telling our children to get diseases such as tetanus or TB or Polio.

Compulsory vaccination laws are designed to create the herd immunity and to ensure your children don’t get a horrible disease. We aren’t coercive. We simply state that “there are some deadly diseases out there and vaccines are the safest way to protect your children against these diseases. There is always a risk but the disease itself is probably riskier.” 

Skewed Data? I study in India where the MMR vaccine’s penetration is poor. One of the biggest killers of children is meningitis caused by Measles. The MMR vaccines cuts down on the side effects of the individual vaccines. It saves lives. Prior to 2002 in the US a measles death was unheard of. The scare mongering of people like yourselves has cost the lives of nearly a 1000 people (As verifiable by the Jenny McCarthey Death Count website) who would have normally died. This death toll does not match any reduction in the incidence of autism either. 

As for demography… I checked your sources.

The first one is about gardasil a voluntary vaccine. Majority of middle class America is of the belief that HPV is a STD and so don’t vaccinate their children because it means admitting that their children have sex. While poorer families know that their kids have sex. Gardasil will save quantifiable amounts of young women’s lives and stop the spread of penile cancer in men. Its brilliant since vaccinating half the population stops the spread of a virus that causes cancer. We know it causes cancer because of something called Koch’s Postulates which you would know about being a trained medical professionals. 

The second article specifically mentions that the uptake of vaccines is low in black communities but high in Hispanic ones. Hispanic communities often have living relatives who are familiar with diseases such as Tuberculosis (BCG vaccine), Polio and other childhood diseases and so physically have seen the change that vaccination has achieved in their society in decreasing mortality.

Another point to make is this. Not all degrees are equal. I would not trust a engineer to handle my accounts despite the fact that an engineer is probably as smart as an accountant. If one looks at the vaccination rates in science graduates, teachers and doctors, one sees that it’s incredibly high.

Lastly, more often than not we encourage vaccinations to families utilising government medical systems such as those who are poor because here vaccinations are the most cost effective way of saving money on healthcare because they both prevent disease and the spread of said diseases through a population.

MS: Your implication that the diseases result from them being vaccinated is a terribly false claim. One baby DOES put others at risk. Some kids can’t be vaccinated because of allergies to ingredients in vaccines. They are now put at a far greater risk of getting diseases from those who are unvaccinated by choice.

NZM: Regarding ingredients in vaccines, I recommend the following video on Overdosed Babies. It explains in detail the exact ingredients in vaccines — one of the reasons educated parents reject the shots for their children. It is unethical to obligate parents to poison their children and play Russian Roulette with their lives in order to satisfy vaccination quotas. If it’s true that some children cannot be vaccinated, as you claim, because of the current composition of vaccines, then the medical industry and vaccine manufacturers must be held responsible to improve their products so that everyone wanting the shots has that option. However, families should never be obligated to risk their childrenaa???s lives.

It should also be noted that many diseases certainly DO result from vaccination. This is due to adverse reactions and/or failure of the vaccine. This is well documented in the medical literature.

Your medical student does not understand basic immunity. I seriously doubt his qualifications for this reason and believe this person to be made up. One baby does not put anyone else at risk if everyone in the population is vaccinated. What the risk is that your website espouses unsound practice under the guise of medicine. Traditionally this is what we call charlatanry. You actively pretend to be doctors and espouse false ideas on medication and healthcare that people believe because they cannot understand medicine because in order to understand how medicine works you need to have a medical degree while the idea that “natural means good” is something that we parrot daily to our children regarding food and we apply the same logic to medicine. W
e generally tend to forget that rattle snake venom is natural too. And it is incredibly bad for us. What you are encouraging is the weakening of the herd immunity creating populations of people where disease can spread because more and more people follow your ideals at the cost of their own health or worse their children’s health.

Thiomersal? It’s not used in most modern vaccines. And again chemistry is important. Mercuric Sulphate is a chelatable metal salt that is excreted through the body. By your logic NaCl is a deadly poison since eating Na results in your mouth being set on fire and inhaling chlorine is one of the major causes of death circa WW1. And educated parents are often not educated. A philosophy degree counts as educated when it means an incredible understanding of philosophy but a terrible understanding of humoral mediated immunity (Note Humoral Immunity works by antigens. Not by taking Vitamins) 

I would hope you never trust me to fix your plumbing or trust your plumber to treat your heart attack.

MS: A child does not have the right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. It sickens me to think that parents out there make the choice to not vaccinate their children and put them at a far greater risk for disease. It disgusts me.

NZM: Perhaps we should put you in charge of health decisions for all families. Then, everyone could simply do as you say and no one would need to think on their own anymore. Your arrogant and self-righteous attitude is disappointing but quite typical of the average doctor. You appear destined to perpetuate the damage we see in vaccinated populations.

Okay. Finally your Medical Student makes a decent point. Children are completely stupid. Their excuse is because they are children and must learn knowledge to fill up their brains before they can be set loose on the world. Otherwise they grow up to not understand it. You don’t let children decide what they should eat because you end up with sick children. 

Have you seen an unvaccinated population? The percentage of Indians affected with Ghon’s Focus is 30%. Indian children are given BCG vaccinations at birth to increase their immunity to TB. TB still kills millions but it would kill 10s of millions without this vaccine and without our medication. Perhaps you should come see a population without widespread vaccination to see what you are missing out on. Doctors never say that we should make your decisions for you. We encourage patients to understand our field.

And letting medical professionals make health decisions would produce better results than letting untrained individuals make decisions. Again the analogy is that despite my education levels being extremely high I am not allowed to fly an aircraft despite arguably being as well trained (at something different) as a pilot. 

It is a simple fact that people who have followed your advice have died because of that advice. You are as complicit in death as Dr. Spock is (making your children sleep on their stomach increases cot deaths). You may genuinely believe in it but you are wrong and quantifiably so. If you wish I can design a triple blind experiment (Your treatment/Placebo/Real Medicine) where we sit down and in a completely unbiased way treat patients. If you really want I can suggest we go down to Bihar where there are plenty of lepers so our cures are now binary (you either cure the leper or you do not) and we can test our medications vs. placebo effect in an unbiased way and settle the differences once and for all. Infact, Mr. James Randi has repeatedly agreed to sponsor such a test and indeed offered a prize of a million dollars to the winner. I would very much like to win that. It would make my life a lot more comfortable.  So how about it?  

MS: You state that “Recently vaccinated children carry the disease germ and are able to spread it to other children.” First off, “germ” is in no way a technical term. Vaccines carry DEAD or INACTIVE disease cells.

NZM: Please forgive us for not using the technical term “dead disease cells” to describe the antigenic component designed to stimulate antibody production. Your choice of words is much more descriptive and illuminating.

Medical Student again does not understand vaccines. There are many types of vaccines. There are live vaccines where a non virulent strain is used to sensitise the body’s immune system. There are attenuated vaccines where the pathogenic strain is heavily weakened (this is the original theory of the Rabies Vaccine). There are killed vaccines where the lifeless pathogen is induced. This is preferred in bacteria and viruses where toxin production is seen. Then there are antigenic vaccines which collect various proteins indicative of pathogenic reactions that the body responds to. Now the body identifies these and responds via lymphocytes. Usually this means nothing noticeable or a low grade fever/symptoms as the body fights the perceived theat. Occasionally we see hypersensitivity reactions in much the same way as a peanut allergy because any antigen is potentially allergenic.
What you are trying to do is portray your Strawman as a jerk who cannot understand and use simple English. I am afraid most doctors these days are incredibly well trained at talking to patients.

MS: Other children cannot “catch” a disease from another child just because he or she has just been vaccinated.” These are all lies.

NZM: Actually, this is quite common and well documented in the medical literature. Vaccinated children can, and do, pass the disease on to others. Scientists euphemistically refer to these cases as “secondary transmissions.” You can read the product insert of the chickenpox or FluMist vaccines to get an idea. For example, the chickenpox manufacturer states:
“Post-marketing experience suggests that transmission of vaccine virus may occur rarely between healthy vaccinees who develop a varicella-like rash and healthy susceptible contacts.” The admission that it “rarely” occurs is grossly understated when compared to other data showing much higher secondary transmission rates.

These are extremely rare and this is mainly seen in the chickenpox vaccine which is a tenacious virus. The varicella rash lasts for a few days, does not cause fever or any of the other symptoms and its transmission rate is a lot lower than say full blown chickenpox. You don’t see this in killed vaccines or antigenic vaccines. 

MS: You state that “Doctors almost NEVER admit a correlation between vaccines and serious reactions.” I would like to see your website cite studies that show that these complications were the result of a vaccine. I would like to see you prove how DEAD cells suddenly become alive and cause disease in vaccinated individuals.

NZM: Our site does list many studies. For example, the Hib vaccine has been linked to diabetes. [BMJ(Oct. 23, 1999);Autoimmunity2002;35(4):247-53.] The hepatitis B vaccine has been linked to MS and pediatric multiple sclerosis. [Neurology2004;63:838-842;Chinese Medical Journal2006;119(1):77-79;Neurology(Oct 8, 2008);Neurology(Dec 17, 2008).] I would also recommend the following book to you:Make an Informed Vaccine Decision by Mayer Eisenstein, MD. It contains numerous studies showing correlations between vaccines and serious adverse reactions.

It would also be enlightening for you to spend time reading the reports filed with the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). There are about 25,000 reports filed annually and the FDA has estimated that adverse reactions to drugs are underreported by 1:100. In other words, multiply 25,000 by 100 to get a better idea of the true number of people likely to be hurt every year by vaccines.

Medical Student here does not understand that viral cells are the very border of life and chemical and exist solely in a biochemical state of life and the definition really is hard to apply to them.

The HiB vaccine which you so proudly state causes an increase of 0.6% in Diabetic cases.

The study makes no correlation of the socio-economic statuses of the individuals studied. Higher socio-economic status increases diabetes in children. Now to specifically deconstruct your statement specifically. I have pulled up the paper you mentioned. the incidence in 100,000 people normally of diabetes is (at age 7/age 10) 261/398, 237/376, and 207/340 for 4, 1 and 0 doses of the vaccine.

        The source of your information is faulty. The website seems to be incredibly anti vaccine claiming to be fighting for the benefit of vaccines yet not listing any logic in its reporting. Seasonal flu has a mortality rate of around 0.1%. The incidence of flu in an unvaccinated society is roughly one in three. Lets say 30,000 flu cases = 30 flu deaths (This is without other flu effects). The thing is a flu is something that appears yearly in different forms. Having the disease once is not a guarantee that you will not get it again. There is a good chance that these unvaccinated kids will get the flu again and again. Within 4 years (4 vaccination schedules) the flu vaccine would have saved more lives than  the 60 diabetics, saved more people from permanent illness and saved more money for everyone involved. Just remember even with vaccination roughly  41,000 people died of the flu in just the US. 
      Now you are going to understand something special about medicine. The human body is brilliant and it’s evolved to survive. The checks and balances that power us is called physiology. When physiology goes wrong it forms the pathology of a disease. There are many reasons for that and we are all familiar with them. However, medication is a chemical method of altering physiology to create a variety of effects. Not all of these effects are good, you cannot affect a system without affecting others in the same way that you cannot push down on a seesaw without something going up. No system in the body is unlinked and a drug that has a positive effect somewhere can have a negative effect somewhere else simply by nature of how different parts of your body work. 

MD: Sincerely, a future MD who is sickened by the fact that she will have to deal with patients who share these views in her future career.

NZM: Sincerely, a medical research journalist who is disturbed by the number of people hurt and killed by vaccines every year, alarmed at the deceptive, autocratic methods that are used to increase these numbers, and deeply troubled by the callous attitude that medical industry perpetrators have toward their victims.

If you are indeed a medical journalist then you would know how many lives are saved by vaccines. What you have is bias. You do not understand medicine because to you it’s all about drugs and chemistry. Your view stems from vaccines themselves. Vaccines have made our world safer from childhood disease. The USA’s infant mortality rate is 6 per 1000 live births. It’s high for a first world nation. Most of Europe packs in at around 4 (Vaccination is compulsory in a lot of places here and it shows in the demographics). Vaccination is common here and has eliminated a lot of the childhood diseases which used to kill our kids. So we forgot the fear of these diseases. You yourself proved it by linking to a website which didn’t understand the sheer horror of days when smallpox still existed and the fear we have that there are forms of it still out there that can return. The same site linked polio vaccines to AIDs a tragic rumour that spread through Nigeria resulting in a resurgence of polio killing unknown amounts of people despite polio and HIV not even being from the same family of viruses. The very same website treated the flu like a joke, not something that is one of the leading causes of death in our elderly.

Why? Your world is safer now that we made it safe. You have forgotten what we have done to make it this safe and the price people used to pay. The third world is far away and we don’t like hearing about people dying from curable diseases because of a lack of resources so we never paid attention to all the lives saved. Vaccines are the cheapest way to decrease mortality.

No doctor will say that medicine is safe. The symbol of medicine is a staff with a snake coiled around it. The snake represents pharmacy, poison that can cure. You don’t study biochemistry so you cannot understand the interplay of drugs. You have no grasp of physiology, pharmacology, microbiology and pathology. There are always effects no matter what you consume, some wanted and some unwanted. We don’t give medicine to those who are not sick for a reason.

Remember, in sufficient quantities oxygen will corrode your lungs and water will burst your cells. The building blocks of humanity are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Yet Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen can produce chemicals so corrosive it will burn our flesh. Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen determine the fate of our cells. A different combination gives rise to hydrogen cyanide which will determine the fate of our cells in a very terminal way. There is always a price in taking medicine, which is why we ensure you require it. Our work is transparent. There are countless websites where we routinely sit down and explain how things work with brutal honesty.

You are entitled to your opinion. But if you proceed to give medical advice then we are entitled to point out the flaws because you are killing people with this advice. Some people do not have recourse to free medicine and must make the choice. They think yours is cheaper and follow your method. By the time they come to us it is too late to help them. Medicine is preventative as well as curative and prevention is our forte.

And the offer to participate in a medical study still remains. I am certain I can rope in a fair few medical students who have the talents to prove you wrong and there is always James Randi’s prize to make the deal a bit sweeter.  Time permitting of course, I do have to study medicine.