It Gets Better – Dear Cardinal Keith O’Brien

A Copy of the following Letter has been sent to Archdioscean office and Cardinal’s Residence as a voice of complaint against the letter written and published in the Sunday Telegraph by Cardinal O’Brien.

If you wish to voice your complaints as well, please take the time to do so and I urge that there are no active threats. Let us not sink to the depths of the homophobes but hold ourselves to a better standard. The addresses are and

Dear Cardinal Keith O’Brien 

I don’t see why you guys are complaining about the
economy when there are gays to complain about!

I think we have different issues that we worry about most. For me it’s the economy, the state of our education system, the rising cost of student loans and the fact the people I helped get into power either stabbed me and the rest of their voter base in the back or have no spines. 

While you seem to be more interested in what gay people get up to in the privacy of their own homes. But this has raised a more apt question. We need to ask is why should the Catholic Church have any say in the functioning of our fair nation. What qualifies the cardinal to comment on social policy despite his only visible qualification being the belief in a god and the fact he hasn’t had sex since 1965. Are we seriously suggesting that we should listen to his ideas on why gay marriage should not be called as such? Are these honestly the arguments that you wish to support? 

The Coalition for Marriage parrots the same idiotic diatribes that homophobes have for decades. It’s not even hard knocking down their views. Free speech dictates that we allow you to voice the views you have (Bear in mind the history of the Church with regards to free speech is less than stellar. If Cardinals actually dictated law, we can be damned sure there would be a lot less free speech around.). 

Separate! But equal!

Gay people do not want a variety of legal protections, they want the same protections. In much the same way that black and asian people didn’t want “A variety of equal protection” but EQUAL protection under the same rules. We want an equal society. and it’s impossible to have an equal society if we are drawing up more divisions. The arrangements we put into place were gay people settling for the only thing they could get. It’s not equality. It’s nothing even close to it. 

The problem is now you have to have two sets of laws that need to be constantly updated to match each other. Well? Why have these laws when we can simply just lump the two together and have the same bloody law for everyone? Every time you talk about tax breaks for married couples you need to talk about a tax break for couples in “civil partnerships”. It’s just a ridiculous solution because you assume that marriage means the same thing in every culture.

Historically speaking, marriage has meant a variety of things. The bible alone allows you to

  • Marry your dead brother’s wife
  • Marry your prisoner of war (female)
  • Mate slaves like they were livestock
  • Marry multiple women
  • Marry a woman and her slaves
  • Keep Concubines (also female)
Marriage! It’s not so fun if you are a woman!

Notice how women don’t have any say in any of this. If you as a catholic can honestly accept that women have equal r
ights to men then it’s not a big jump to accept that gay people also deserve equal rights.

So can we just call a spade a spade and call O’Brien out for the homophobe that he is? It’s hatred and bias and bigotry that’s endemic in our society that is being purveyed and encouraged here by the Cardinal. Faith in god doesn’t make you  good. Your actions, your behaviour and your achievements make you good. Do you really need examples of Catholics doing naughty things when the church is well aware of the value of action over faith? 

The physical well being of gay people is fine, The Cardinal merely is referring to old “homosexual HIV outbreaks” as a major problem. The problem being that for a long while gay men had no reason to utilise condoms which halt the spread of HIV. In addition men who have sex with men (a distinction that is important as not all gay men enjoy penetrative anal sex. In fact there are probably just as many straight men who enjoy anal sex and a lot more straight women who enjoy it than gay men. The HIV deaths in the homosexual population may be out of proportion to their population, but their numbers are falling. Remember the AIDS patient who dies today is representative of the statistics about condom usage in the 90s. In addition the men who have sex with men community is a small one and each individual represents a greater proportion of society than the average straight man. So you are more likely to sleep with someone with HIV, resulting in a faster spread of the disease just by dint of having a smaller population and having a reduced choice of sexual partners. 

Mentally? The mental issues of homosexuals is a problem. They are more prone to suicide and depression and mental illness. Mainly because of people like Cardinal O’Brien who create a culture of acceptable bigotry against homosexuals which creates a culture of harassment.

Don’t know what you two are smiling about!
No Jesus means no spiritual well being!
Can’t you see how sick you are!!!

Spiritually? The spiritual well being of people seems to work out just fine even if they don’t believe in your chosen version of a god. I don’t see the Cardinal coming out and stating that he is worried about the spiritual well being of Muslims or Hindus mainly because those two groups are a lot more vocal than homosexuals. I assume this is because the ensuing backlash would be a catastrophic blow to the church but homosexuals are acceptable targets for this kind of cultural imperialism because they aren’t universally liked in society. The Cardinal is appealing to the lowest common denominator of British Society to give weight to his words. 

And you are still scaremongering. 

The redefinition of marriage doesn’t impact anyone except homosexuals. Society will not fall because we include them in marriage. There are more important things taught in school than what a marriage is like science, mathematics, languages, history, geography, economics, PE… This is scaremongering at it’s finest as it paints a picture where the legalisation of marriage will somehow break our schools and destroy society as we know it and we will be reduced to the fragmentation of the UK into feuding neighbourhoods. The implication that marriage is vital to the functioning of society is ridiculous. Society will function without it. Many Scandinavian countries don’t have high rates of marriage and function just fine without it. The repercussions of such a change will be negligible.

If we don’t ban gay marriage, Tina Turner
will kill you with a crossbow.

Yes, words can be redefined at a whim. We changed what we meant when we meant the equality of man when we let people of colour (like myself) into that definition. Lest the good Cardinal forget, the creators of apartheid and segregation was the United Kingdom. We changed the laws when women went to work. And likewise we can change what the law means when it comes down to the definition of marriage. Throughout history? Polygamy, Polyandry, Forced Marriages have all been used to define marriage. The idea that we marry for love is a relatively recent one.

Gay’s Getting Married!
Must be due to Miscegny 

If same sex marriage is a law then the teacher who wants to tell pupils that marriage that marriage means the single union of a man and woman will have to join the teacher who wants to tell pupils that human beings all came from Adam and Eve who lived in a garden 6000 years ago. Their choices are either teach reality or don’t teach at all. It’s not rocket science. What about the teacher who wanted to teach children that black people are not as developed as white people? Should we have kept the law so that he could keep teaching his bigotry?

The teacher’s right to hold stupid views should not be respected. The teacher can hold whatever viewpoint he feels l
ike in his house but is not entitled to those viewpoints in the administration of his job which is the education of children. There are more important things to teach than the vagaries of marriage. You are allowed to show dissent, and we are allowed to dismantle your view points.

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights is obviously insufficient for the task. The Universal Declaration is a humanist document and is subject to change. For goodness sake, it’s not gospel. The definition is just becoming a bit more universal than it used to be. It’s not a grotesque subversion of a right, it is the expansion of that right to include more people. If anything the right to get married got a bit more human and a bit more universal.

The Cardinal thinks marriage is trying to imply that marriage is a divinely inspired institution created by his particular god, and not that it was a series of rules created to stop fights breaking out and a method of controlling breeding rights in the same way that apes control breeding rights by simply just beating the living daylights out of other males when they try to mate with females. This began as a refined method of ensuring all males in a group (Yes. I realise I sound horrifically sexist but at this point we were probably not recognisably human as a species) got a chance to breed creating a more harmonious society. Marriage was created by people and by extension a government. Many tribal groups have an idea similar to marriage, even people living at hunter-gatherer level. They have a form of government and while it isn’t similar to ours it is still a government. The laws pertaining to marriage are defined by the government and by expectation and not by the  church. Otherwise I as an atheist cannot get married since any eventual marriage I have will not be under the eyes of any god. So far all O’Brien has managed to do is convince me that we shouldn’t give government breaks to people who get married. Why should a religious institution be protected by government when it blatantly discriminates against people? 

For a man who isn’t going to get married the Cardinal seems to be awfully interested in a institution he knows nothing about. We aren’t blasé about marriage so much as realising that as a human being marriage can be extended to other people without cheapening the ideas on which humanists have built marriage. I fail to understand how letting gay people get married will reduce the alleged stabilising influence it has on our society. Gay people make up less than 5% of our society and are we honestly suggesting that letting this 5% marry each other will somehow cause our society to fall apart? Do you realise how utterly moronic this sounds to any sane human being? 

Bad things happen when the Catholic Church
thinks about children.

And the assumption that a child’s parents need to be married in order to have a “mother and a father” is grossly insulting to the umpteen amounts of children who are born out of wedlock. I understand the church is behind the times but it’s 2012. Bastards aren’t indicative of a massive failure in morality so much as an indication that the parents didn’t feel it was necessary to sign a form and drop a couple of thousand quid on a ceremony before they got married. You may think this is a massive moral failing but I think that just makes you a ridiculous dinosaur holding onto the prejudices of the past as if they mean anything in a society which has grown from strength to strength as a whole and that believes that we should not discriminate against the GLBT community over something as simple and as meaningful to some as a marriage. 

I speak with experience on this matter.

I am not sure about what they are teaching in sex education in the Vatican these days but I know you guys are incredibly bad at it. The Gay and Lesbian communities cannot have children “normally”. I thought all of us knew that. Gay men have to use surrogates and lesbians have to use a male sperm donor. The argument that “all children deserve to begin life with a mother and father” is not an argument against gay marriage but against gay adoption and artificial fertilisation. Those are entirely different topics and the Cardinal is just trying to confuse the issue while clouding the fact that biologically speaking two gay men and two lesbians cannot have children any more than I can get a chair pregnant. 

You may think that all children deserve to begin their life with a mother and father but I know that all children deserve to be loved. Not all children are blessed with a happy life, many lose their biological parents to death and disease. Many cannot be cared for by their biological parents and are put up for adoption. Whatever the case may be, the world and indeed the UK is filled with children who are not loved. Now I don’t know what makes a good father but I damn well know that what children need is love. And if two gay men or two lesbian women are capable of loving a child then the child will grow up happier and can achieve things in it’s life in a far happier environment than in a series of foster homes which aren’t permanent. Now these GLBT couples are not taking away children from “straights” but they are taking children in who don’t have loving families and giving them one.

The idea of gender roles is no longer widely accepted. By the Catholic Church’s definition of mother and father I have none because both my parents were doctors. I was raised by babysitters until I could fend for myself. My mother is a surgeon and her job is a traditionally male one. She broke gender boundaries as dictated by society thus making her a terrible mother since she didn’t sit at home teaching girls to be homemakers and follow female role models. She instead IS A role model for young girls everywhere. Children can grow up without conventional mother and father figures, and so can be brought up by two men or two women. If the bloody president of
the USA can be brought up by a single mother then I am damn sure a kid adopted by a gay couple can be brought up in a similar way. 

And then the Cardinal moves on to poly-amorous relationships. Well for starters, poly-amorous people genuinely love each other. It’s not all fun and orgies but genuine work stemming from the belief that love is not a finite thing and that a person can love more than one person. And that a honest relationship like this can work, with the operative word being “honest”. 

Even if a poly couple sought to get married, it would be with their “main partner” or the person whom the share the greatest bond with. It would not be similar to this hypothetical case of multiple men and women since it usually is a chain of partners rather than a web. And again, I don’t see what the problem is in creating a social contract that accepts it. And this is an assumption that poly couples believe that fidelity is the mark of a marriage when by nature poly people do not believe in the version of fidelity we do. Their fidelity is more based on a honest open relationship and the fact that they can love more than one human being at a time. Ours is that we cannot comprehend a relationship where sex is not the major determinant of fidelity.

While Catholic Sex Education is a muttered
warning about Father Johnson

The final strawman of this travesty of bigotry comes from the argument that somehow school libraries will have to carry stories containing homosexual themes. It’s a mad world where we consider homosexual themes of something like King & King (a mild book about a Prince’s search for a Princess culminating in him falling in love with another Prince). Older high school students in the Boston region were given a pamphlet that wasn’t so much about homosexual advocacy as much as it was about helping boys (it’s aimed at men) realise a bunch of resources about their homosexuality while treating it as patently normal and providing sex education in a colloquial fashion. I had a similar class to this when I was 15 and 16 in Grammar School. Education should deal with these themes. What’s the point of education if we fail to educate people about the reality of the situation. 

MTV Cribs is destroying what it means
to own a house!

Same sex marriage is not compulsory. If you don’t want to get gay married, don’t get gay married. It’s that simple. I am sure that gay men aren’t going up to Abu Hamza wanting his blessing for their marriage and I am sure gay men won’t be visiting Cardinal O’Brien for his benediction. Gay people don’t want to get married in a ceremony around a homophobe in much the same way that I don’t want Nick Griffin officiating at mine.

The slavery analogy is faulty and illogical but then again what’s new? You are an institution that believes in magic, logic isn’t your strong point. The argument is more akin to saying that there are two laws. The first being that only people may own property while there is a second law stating that coloureds are not people. The good Cardinal in this case would be against the removal of the second law for fears that it would destroy the first law as black and asian people bought houses and this would denigrate the spirit of house ownership.

 You can compare slavery to marriage all you like but this isn’t a Rodney Dangerfield or a Bernard Manning joke. This is serious business. Slavery is NOTHING like this and you are not only insulting the GLBT community with this analogy but insulting the memories of those who were kept as slaves. And it insults marriage.

I want to get married some day. I really do, I am single now, but one day I hope I will find a nice lady who likes my angry rants, giant lists and sexy tan who agrees to marry me. And I don’t think marriage is weakened or crippled or damaged in any way by sharing it with the GLBT community. I don’t think my marriage to this fantasy woman will somehow become cheaper if more people can have the same sort of meaning from the event that I do. I consider myself a fairly staunch defender of marriage but accept that what I believe a marriage is about is different from what someone else may see in it.

With that in mind? I think the greatest damage to marriage done in this argument is not by the GLBT community but by people like Cardinal O’Brien. Good grief! The man thinks the sole reason for a marriage is to have and support babies.

Marriage has existed for countless reasons.

  • To have babies while treating women as nothing more than a traded uterus. 
  • For political gain and intrigue
  • For peace in times of war 
  • For money
  • For power
  • For love
  • Because of an accident
  • For fear of loneliness
  • Because of a pregnancy
  • Because of what society says
  • To hide a secret
Of all those, love is the only one we in the first world really marry for. That is the ideal that we want as people even though we know that people marry for other reasons. I think of the normal idea of an arranged marriage as a horrid insult, a coercive situation
where two people are married because of what their parents think and often for money, power and what society says. Many marriages in rural parts of India and Pakistan treat women as nothing more than a burden where the boy has to be paid to take a uterus of their hands. And suddenly we think that gay marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage?

Marriage is fine as it is. If your marriage is the eggshell thin marriage of Cardinal O’Brien then you should fear for marriage as we know it. If the antics of the latest celebrity marriage being flogged for money to newspapers won’t destroy marriage then do you really think a bunch of gays getting married will? If the latest celeb couple du jour break up, do you think it will affect marriage?

That’s the difference between your paltry idea of marriage and mine. Mine would be based on love, respect, humour, sensibility and a shared idea of what we wanted in life. And that kind of marriage is universal and not just for us straights. That kind of marriage will make the United Kingdom a beacon of tolerance and better for the small but significant community of us who call themselves GLBT.

In Disgust,


It Gets Better – Do Something Good

Rolling Stone carries an article about the war on teenagers who merely belong to the GLBT minority and it is heart rending to read.

Show your support. Don’t just say that “it will get better in some nebulous future”, try and make it change now.

Be the change you want to be. Don’t let people suffer in silence. Bullying is wrong, and society sponsored bullying is just as unacceptable. 

It Gets Better – Invictus

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Henley

William Henley’s teenage life was a terrible one, as he suffered from tuberculosis until aged 20 he had both legs amputated due to miliary TB. The surgery was done prior to the widespread usage of ether and Henley did not have any anaesthetic while they sawed through his legs to save his life.

When lying in a dark room recovering from the horrific procedure, Henley wrote a poem to strengthen his resolve into words. William Henley went on to becoming a successful lawyer graduating from Oxford.

And the words of Henley live on in us. When I am at my lowest, I often read this poem to gain the fortitude and indeed focus my own desires to make the changes that I want or tough it out. When ever I felt like giving up, the words would come to me and encourage me to fight harder. I learnt about this poem from Nelson Mandela.

Mandela would write this poem down every single day he was in jail. When they took away his freedom it kept him free. When they took away his pen and paper, he carved it into the desk.

And I want to share that with people. Maybe they will see the same meaning in these words. In the idea that someone is truly their own master and that we can survive the odds. That no matter how bad things are we can do better and we can do something to make it better. Maybe it will encourage some person to keep trying to reach their goals. Maybe it will help some kid bullied at school to not let it hurt as much and give him the strength to persevere.

Because nothing describes humanity better than Invictus. Unconquerable. We are the only species that sought to get hit by lightning to see if it could be done and then did it again simply to see if it was just dumb luck or does lightning behave the same way every single time. And then we went off to see how we could make and use our own lightning.

And yes, every single one of us is capable of all the good things that we so desire. Love, Compassion, Care, Kindness, Honour, Intelligence and all those other conditions that we so desire. And it all comes from the fact that one of our best strengths is that we will not give up. The words that hurt us have meaning to us, then these words can have meaning too.

It does get better. Do not give up. 

It Gets Better – Enough is Enough.

Im a casualty of love.
Well, Im tired of life really. Its so hard, Im sorry, I cant take it anymore.
First Id like to mention my friends Nancy, Abby, Colleen, jemma, and Kasia
Being sad is sad : /. I’v been like this for way to long. I cant stand school, I cant stand earth, I cant stand society, I cant stand the scars on my arms, I cant f***ing stand any f***ing thing.
I dont want my parents to think this is their fault either… I love my mom and dad : ) Its just too hard. I dont want to wait 3 more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know It will get better? Its not.
I hit rock f***ing bottom, fell through a crack, now im stuck.
My favorite singers were lady gaga , Adele , Katy perry, and Jessie james, Christina aguilara and most of all I think KASIA!!! I LOVED Singing, and she helped me a lot : ) Im not that good at it though :”/, Im going to miss you guys
(well You know who you are, But to the people who didnt like me (many) A big f*** you, Go ride a unicorn. But w/e I love you anyway.)
Remember me as a Unicorn :3 x) MAybe in my next life Il be a flying squirreel :D
Il fly away.

This is the last post by Jamie Hubley on his blog. Jamie was a 15 year old Canadian who committed suicide after being bullied at school about his sexuality. This is just a week after Jamey Rodemeyer also committed suicide after being bullied.

Before I start I can honestly say that this actually affected me in a very profound way. It took me nearly 2 hours to place all my thoughts down as I walked the fine line between rage and writing. Because I felt a personal sympathy as I was on the causative side of these kinds of feelings when I was in school myself. And looking back at when I was just a kid with more hair than common sense, this is the one thing about myself I am genuinely ashamed of. I would love to start up some sort of Agony Service for bullied kids. Just an IM service or a Skype line so that kids can call up volunteers across the globe and speak to someone who would just listen to them. Maybe even something as simple as an email system where we can respond to such people. Maybe give them a bit of hope to hang in there till it does get better. This was just a kid who wanted someone to talk to, someone who may have given him the hope he needed to go on.

We can talk about how “It Get’s Better” and how we ourselves rose above the bullies. How we learnt and grew from all of that. But it doesn’t help kids who are being bullied right now.

We are adults, we all are responsible for this. It won’t get better unless we make it better ourselves. We cannot simply expect the gay kid, the kid who isn’t like the others and the nerds to put up with this kind of nonsense. We cannot expect them to simply keep fighting while we cheer from the side lines. It’s time we acted like adults.

We have to stop bullying now. All of it. It’s hard, bullying is the natural state of any group of people. But at least we can try and curtail the excess of it. Kids don’t learn homophobia from other kids, they learn it from parents. Our society is filled with racism, homophobia and hate so kids learn that and take that with them to the schools where they just apply our behaviour to their peers.

Be it racism, sexism or homophobia. All bullying is wrong. We shouldn’t tolerate it, we should stop it and we should stop it now. It does get better, it really does. But it would get better a lot faster if we did something about it ourselves.

I do feel that we as adults should reach out to kids who suffer from bullying. That we ourselves can use our experience to fight bullying on all fronts, from adult life to schools.

For me school was some of the best days of my life, but I know I was responsible for some level of bullying of kids for their perceived sexual preference. For me school was some of the happiest days of my life to the point I never understood why no one would ever hate school. But for some kids it’s the worst possibl
e place on earth, and we need to start changing that. It’s not something that can happen overnight, it’s something that takes time and effort but we have to start right now.

Enough is enough, we need to take responsibility. 

It Gets Better – Chess

It is under your bed!!!

Apparently the gay agenda is in full swing again.

The american religious right simply does not get it, the gay agenda is the same as the straight agenda. To have sex with people we want to have sex with. There is no difference except in the target market.

Basically the fuss is about a play where the lead portrays a gay chess playing ultra geek who is a pastiche of every bullied student in bizzaro land (because let’s face it, there are rather few chess millionaires than there are ones of the outdoor sport). In a world where we are trying our level best to stamp out bullying, be it based on race, intelligence, social status, awkwardness or who you like. It basically is meant to provide a look into a school if the popularities of activities and cliques were reversed.

It’s alright! It’s very easy to confuse
vampires and gay people.

Instead we are treated to a tale of incredible amount of homophobia from the audience. The play has done it’s job in proving to us how deeply ingrained the problem is. The people who formed the audience were shocked by something so utterly natural as a kiss that many left as if you could be turned gay from watching a kiss or even if you were kissed by another man. And the thing is despite all this the anti-gay brigade simply don’t get what the problem is. This is hatred, if it were a straight kiss there would be no complaint, despite many thousands of gay teenagers trying to come to grips with their sexuality in a similarly awkward way.

The USA’s education system is failing because of the SATS, standardised testing forces teachers to teach towards a test rather than towards and education. Yes, I understand the value of competitive exams but kids across the years don’t require it. Because kids are expected to only read what is necessary it reduces the breadth of knowledge they possess as they aren’t really working to produce education but are working to produce parrots.

A parrot does what it’s taught to do, in this case pass exams and be homophobic. The fault lies not in the parrot but the person who is teaching the parrot these things. There are no moral objections to homosexuality. There are only religious objections and those are usually based out of superstition and a section of the bible that also claims we should throw our children out of the house dressed in sack cloth if they have any pimples and that we should eat locusts but not pork.

If one is happily able to accept a BLT as a choice then one is equally able to accept homosexuality as a choice too without frothing at the mouth. Blaming the homosexuals for the fall of the american school system is just icing on the anti gay cake.

Not to be confused with the Gay Cake which is fabulous!

For once I would like the real issue to be discussed. This play is not a product of the Gay Agenda, which basically consists of being left alone to have sex with other consenting adults without people bringing the law and religion into it.

No dear readers… This is obviously the work of the deeply insidious Chess Agenda!

A Foundation built on lies is no foundation at all

Ah! The simpler life of barn dances, buggy rides
and kalashnikov

Erin Friar, thinks that religion makes a strong foundation for children.

I believe it makes one of the weakest of foundations, because it is a foundation built on the concept of culturally acceptable superstition. To put it into perspective, I had a couple of americans (online ones) get a bit angry when I pointed out that the Taliban’s ethos are no different from the Amish. Both believe in a simpler life, it’s just that the Amish don’t believe in modern guns and forcing other people to do their bidding while the Taliban do. They are both luddite societies, it’s just that we “like” the amish despite their insane sexism (the finest of the 17th century). Mainly because in the USA the amish are seen as harmless and quaint while the taliban are seen as backwards.

I don’t have a belief in any gods.  Hinduism? Christianity? Islam? Scientology? Hippy Tree malarkey? None of it. I do not believe in any higher power as there is no evidence for these viewpoints and vehemently oppose religious indoctrination of anyone because it clouds the reality of the situation and allows people to be controlled easily resulting in some horrific abuses of human dignity throughout civilisation. From the deaths of those who opposed the believers of the Old Testament Gods to those who were sacrificed on the pyramids of central America to the million or so dead from the Partition of the British Raj. From the holocaust to the Japanese war crimes, from the crusades to the ethnic cleansing of Rwanda and the Balkans, from the encouragement of ignorance and virtual slavery of the mind to the molestation of children and bigotry, through it all religion has controlled people. And it’s why I am stating that his stance is wrong. 
I don’t believe in a god, there isn’t any proof and I find that any proof provided is laughably naive. To me standing up and stating that Religion Provides a Strong Foundation For Children is like standing up and saying that Homeopathy is a strong foundation for Science or Creationism is a strong foundation for Evolution. And it shows here. Erin Friar’s article makes the implication that the USA was founded on Christian principles rather than humanist ones and that the secular founding fathers enshrined freedom of religion rather than “Christian principles” with good reason. Do you really think the vision of Christians is one that will lead to a strong and powerful USA? Or do you think it’s constructing a balanced society that doesn’t believe in magic? 
Religion can provide a structured environment, but so do a lot of other things. Have schools stopped doing that? I mean it’s not even 10 years since I left high school and I vaguely remember having structure in my life. My parents also ensured that I had a structured life too. Maybe I am just weird in thinking that child care is the parent’s job rather than some guy in a robe with questionable sexual habits. Spend some time with your kids, plan things out with them. Follow the plan. Your kids will be more structured than going to a big building and following pointless ritual that doesn’t really achieve anything.  There is necessary structure and unnecessary structure. If 6 to 8 PM is homework time then 6 – 8 PM is useful. If 8 to 8:30 is sit crosslegged and chant Om at an idol time (replace with appropriate religious ritual) then that’s pointless piece of structure in your child’s life. You may as well make it run around with your pant’s on your head time. The child is just learning superstition. I used Hinduism as an example because Christians will read it and go “Heh! That’s nonsense.” but the same applies to saying hail marys or reading the bible because that’s part of your structure. 
Pictured! Someone whose
family believed in Mazda.

The person who wrote this doesn’t care about structure in so much as the Christian ritual, the child is only considered to have a structured day if the child is doing a Christian structure.

Next, Erin moves onto the aspect of humility. Stating that religion encourages humility in each of us by the use of Saviour Mythos (eg. A rescue from a divine source be it Jesus or Prometheus or Mazda or Krishna).
Humility is learnt from our parents, it is learnt from being taught scale and realising how utterly brilliantly small yet monsterously large we are. The magic words of Science are “I Don’t Know”. No religion has stood up and held it’s hand up admitting ignorance when they know a lot less. Do not confuse ignorance with humility, humility is understanding your limitations and not exceeding them. I am humble enough to not give you any advice regarding dating, driving a car, plumbing, stock market investment, wedding plans, particle physics and organic chemistry. I know I can’t give any proper advice due to my ignorance in the field. But religion? Religion’s assumption of divine purpose exceeds any humility. It is a fake kind of humility aimed squarely at outdoing each other in claiming to be more humble than the next. The most important words in human civilisation are “I don’t know but I wonder how it works” not “maybe if we close our eyes and chant some words it will work out for the best”
Erin then takes a whack at the usual idea of taboo, and how it can shape you into a sensible adult. 
The ideals of the church do shape people the minds of young people, they don’t know any better. Children are ultimately ignorant and stupid and gullible. These are survival traits, you are meant to impart knowledge to them which will make them stop being stupid, ignorant and gullible and to use their education and other people’s experiences to avoid the same faults. It ensures our kids learn how to be spear makers, farmers, legionnaires, alchemists, doctors and lawyers… It means we can teach them a skill set that doesn’t appear in the wild. However it also means you can teach them to fear a non existent being and give their money to a man with a special book because the book says so.

Pictured. The result of the Church’s
measured stance of taboo on sex.

The Church plain lied about drugs, alcohol and sex. The marijuana advertisements of yesteryear are naive and the church doesn’t spread the truth about it which results in more people of faith using and doing drugs simply because they don’t hear the actual truth. Alcohol is fine in moderation, and treating it as a product of the devil makes people blame the devil for their weakness and addiction rather than working on fighting it themselves. Sex is great, the church’s stance on sex actually causes greater amounts of underage sex because kids quickly figure out the church is lying and then spend all their time trying to get the “nice happy feeling” because obviously their adults are a bunch of tools who don’t know what they are talking about. This is exacerbated by a combination of the anti-contraception and pro-life stance of the churches and by the anti-homosexual stance of it. Not all drugs are equal and many religious people treat marijuana like shooting up heroin from a needle used by a HIV patient when the only thing they have in common is that both are illegal to use.

The problem is the use of Taboo and Satanic to describe problems. Why is sex such a taboo? Why are drugs bad? Why is excess alcohol bad? Not because God Says So. But because sex needs to be taken in context of the various kinds of relationships and with safety into mind and with your own choice and dignity rather than church’s implied teachings of female servility. Because some drugs such as crack, meth and heroin are nasty as hell while some drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy and LSD seem to be a lot more safer, labelling all drugs as equal to Heroin is stupid. Alcohol needs to be taken into context of normal usage and balance rather than telling kids not to do it until they leave the house when they just go nuts. The reason religious kids are so prone to going off the rails is because they are lied to about these things and a single try turns them into a life of excess. .
We finally come to the lines that state that faith in God helps fight suicide. People who commit suicide are depressed or have reached the bottom and have given up. Some change their minds due to a random occurrence and find god (I wanted to jump off a bridge but it was closed today so I saw it as a sign). Some don’t (I cut my wrists and didn’t die so I am going to hang myself to make sure.). And remember the amount of people particularly gay children and mothers who have had an abortion who are hounded and harassed by the faithful often driving them to depression and suicide by bullying.

A suicide is a person who needed help. I have read suicide notes, a few of my friends attempted it. My best friend was gay and wouldn’t come out because I was a bully myself and both of us took pleasure in the usual “gay jokes”. I found out when I found his suicide note, he hadn’t acted on it yet. I lost a distant cousin to it when he failed an exam and the stress got to him. What saved him was the luck that I came across the note and the response of me and my friends to confront him that we knew and that we didn’t care about his love of men that he was still our friend and that it was okay. That we would stop referring to things as gay or making jokes about others being gay. We basically grew up and realised how stupid we were. 

Most suicide attempts that fail are failed during the ideation stage. They are foiled not by something as inelegant as god but by humanity. The brotherhood of man and the kinship between people who know what a rough day means. The words you need to know to save a suicidal person’s life is not “Believe in My god” but “Are you alright? A penny for your thoughts?”. People like the Samaritans or just passer bys in the street often show the true potential of humanity, of our limitless potential for kindness, compassion and love by spending time with a complete stranger in kinship to save a life in a little way.  God doesn’t enter into this one bit and you don’t need to be superman to do this. You just need to show humanity. My one little piece of humanity stopped my friend from killing himself. I wouldn’t have had to show it if I was not a horrid little teenager in the first place but that’s the point of being a teenager. It gives you the time to be stupid and to learn. As the same friend said last year as I was the best man at his wedding. “This was the boy who bullied me at school, this is also the man who saved me from myself and gave me the chance to be here”.

To me that shows  the vital difference, the note made me grow up and be responsible and sensible and good. 

People kill themselves for a variety of reasons. There are the delusional, people with psychiatric issues who believe no harm will come to themselves despite the suicide or that it’s part of a greater plan. There are the religious suicides which range from the Jonestown massacre to the suicide bombers of Islam and the empire of Japan. There are the forced suicides that also come from the Islam (a lot of the suicide bombers are coerced with threats to their family). There are suicides for honour, for love, for politics… Then there are the depression suicides. These are the ones we are most familiar with, the people who kill themselves because they don’t want to live anymore. Depression is no joke and it must be faced with therapy, drugs and compassion rather than insulting their condition with the idea that somehow it’s due to insufficient faith in magic. You fight depression by teaching people to have faith in themselves, and to try and be the changes they want to be. You treat their mood and then try and encourage them to take care of themselves and find things that make them see life the way we do.
There is no right way to raise a child, each is different. If you want to raise a well rounded child then what you want is to teach them the truth about the world and you do this through science and education and by being involved in their lives rather than encouraging them to believe in a mythological creature.

Having children behave around christmas is cute but eventually they are told Santa isn’t real. Having adults behave the way they do around their myriad gods is just embarrassing. 

It Gets Better – I have appealed to your humanity, now I appeal to your greed.

Andrew Sullivan  writes for Newsweek about his marriage. His GAY marriage.

We forget that gay people just want love and that they have the same feelings as us. I have loved and still love someone in my life that I would do these things for without even questioning. I know I would do these things for the people I loved and for those I still love.

All they want is a stupid piece of paper that recognises their marriage in the eyes of the law. We don’t lose anything. Infact, the USA has lost so much denying them this simple piece of freedom.

How many hours and how many dollars were wasted by idiots trying to deny gay marriage? How many hours of debate? How much disruption caused by both sides of the argument with their protests? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper simply to give them the rights?

How much time could have been spent doing “anything else” than argue over what two people do in the privacy of their own homes and the personal feelings of what constitutes grossness. It doesn’t matter if someone chooses to love and indeed have consensual sex with the same gender or is compelled by their genetics, their upbringing, the effect of androgens or the effects of the gay agenda. It does not matter one bit. What matters is that people assume that love between two people is unacceptable because they cannot see the attraction.

To put it into perspective, I am not that attractive. The last woman I loved (and still do love. She is sadly out of my physical reach and thus it remains unrequited though we do stay in contact) is incredibly pretty. I would be incredibly hurt if people wandered around telling her that her feelings for me (should she have any) are unnatural because I lost a fight to the ugly stick, It  hurt every time someone brought up the fact that “I was no good for her solely because they couldn’t see the attraction”. It didn’t matter about who I was, it mattered as to what I looked like.

And I figure it’s the same when people think that gay people cannot feel the same kind of love that we do. Just because we don’t see the attraction, doesn’t mean a gay man cannot.

And so I appeal not to your sense of humanity, but to your sense of greed. Save money, let gay people marry. It won’t solve the economy but it will solve the traffic disruption at the very least!

It Gets Better/Rights of the Silent Majority: Marriage Vows and You

The FAMiLY LEADER recently released it’s presidential candidate pledge to defend marriage. It’s purpose is to record the personal convictions of each presidential candidate regarding marriage. Only those who agree to “defend marriage” may be endorsed by this group.

The wording is to protect the judeo-christian idea of marriage and fuck over everyone else, the agreement is barbaric and actually goes back into the past to strike at the simple rights of women. This is not a set of rules that defends marriage. This is a set of rules that disenfranchises everyone but straight judeo-christian men.

And Michelle Bachmann in her infinite ability to prove to us that she isn’t a feminist has signed it. This alone should raise warning signs.

Let’s delve further into it’s depths to learn about what Michelle now stands for.

“Presidential Candidates who sign the Marriage Vow will sign off on support of personal fidelity to his/her spouse, appointing faithful constitutionalists as judges, opposition to any redefinition of marriage, and prompt reform of uneconomic and anti-marriage aspects of welfare policy, tax policy, and divorce law. The Marriage Vow also outlines support for the legal advocacy of the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), humane efforts to protect women and children, rejection of anti-women Sharia Islam, safeguards of all married and unmarried US military personnel, and commitment to downsizing government and the burden upon American families.”

It’s a good summary. It specifically points out that it’s doing this for the women and children. After all women have to be married to happy right? And they say they wish for faithful constitutionalists. Will they reverse the freedom of black people? The rights of women? The emancipation proclamation?

Ah but let’s remember that they wish to bring in faithful constitutionalists. This bit is important (and highly embarrassing since it’s a brit showing off his knowledge of american law which is utterly butterly daft.)

The actual document begins with this -

“Faithful monogamy is at the very heart of a designed and purposeful order – as conveyed by the Jewish and Christian scripture, by Classical Philosophers, Natural Law and by the American Founders – Upon which our concepts of creator – endowed human rights, racial justice and gender equality all depend.”

There are many flaws with this section. For starters if you are a constitutional purist then you are sworn to remember that the US constitution then separation of religion and state is entombed in it at a very early stage. Thus voiding the judeo-christian viewpoint of this and the whole designed and purposeful order. Classical philosophers often were bigamists or practiced homosexuality themselves. The american founders were also deists who didn’t believe in gender equality or racial justice on accounts that the american constitution did not allow women any rights to vote until much later and treated black people as inferior to white in so much as they were kept as fucking slaves. The American Founders themselves had black people as slaves. Property. They had no goddamn clue about modern rights, racial justice or gender equality. And neither does this document as we delve deeply.

Natural Law are the laws of nature where rape, infidelity and incest are common enough. We aren’t followers of natural law because pretty much everything humans have done since we first took our earliest steps on this long road to being awesome has been “unnatural” as we have not relied on natural process as much as our brains to enforce our development. The fact is that you wear pants which is unnatural. The fact is that unlike the birds my method of flight is to place myself in a metal tube and compress air by the mechanical contrivance of a jet engine and hurl myself at 500 MPH along the sky flicking the Vs at gravity and stupid birds while sipping red wine and watching a movie. And nature is filled with polygamy and homosexuality.

“Enduring marital fidelity between one man and one woman protects innocent children, vulnerable women, the rights of fathers, the stability of families and the liberties of all Americans under our republican form of government. Our exceptional and free society simply cannot endure with the transmission of personal virtue from one generation to the next, by means of nurturing, nuclear families comprised of sexually-faithful husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. We acknowledge and regret the widespread hypocrisy of many who defend marriage yet turn a blind eye toward the epidemic of infidelity and the anaemic condition of marriages in their own community. Unmistakably the Institution of Marriage is in great crisis.”

What we see here is a “why won’t you think of the children?” argument. Children are fine in happy homes, happy homes require happy parents. If parents aren’t happy with each other then the home is not happy and the children suffer. If splitting up makes parents happy then the children are happy. Do you think kids don’t notice the lies and misery of their parents? They are children not goldfish. If your dog can tell when you are upset then they can.

Vulnerable women are generally vulnerable because of the bloody husband. Majority of vulnerable women are those in the sex trade (we shall see about that later), the poor (bad advice! What’s the difference between sex for money and sex for a comfortable life?) or the chronic abuse cases. Preventing them from leaving their husbands does not help chronic abuse cases. And how is reducing the liberties of gay people and women supposed to be increasing liberty for all?

The USA is not an exceptional nor is it a free society. It is one of many other societies. Personal virtue is acquired not by adherence to a book but by the acquisition of wisdom and experience to use that. It isn’t innate. A child is virtuous only by the idea of innocence, that the child’s lack of knowledge is endearing. It isn’t it’s endearing because a child is harmless. The gap of knowledge must be filled. Virtue is the application of knowledge to do things that are appropriate. Not to follow faith blindly. The average american is no different from the average person in the rest of the developed world.

“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two parent household than was an African American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American president.”

Are these clowns suggesting that black people were better off as fucking slaves? Property? Chattel? Do you guys even know how to make a real argument?  The child being born to two slaves is many orders of worse of than a child born to practically anyone else. You would have to be Josef Fritzl to make that child’s life worse than slavery.

“The out of wedlock birth rate is 41% of white people and 70% of black parents – a prime sociological indicator for poverty, pathology and prison regardless of race and ethnicity”.

 Really? Being born to single parents is the cause for poverty not being born to poor people? Bloody hell! We are obviously going about it wrong. Ecoute bien s’il vous plait (Listen very carefully for I shall say this only once!) correlation does not imply causation. Poor people may just be less likely to marry because they don’t see the bloody point of it.

Pathology? You mean single people are
more likely to bloody die? No they aren’t poor people are in your nation because they don’t have access to proper healthcare. The big issue is that people are poor, not that they aren’t married. That’s like saying that the biggest issue of someone dying of thirst is that he isn’t baptised.

“About 1 million children suffer through divorce each year – the outcome of about half of first marriages and 60 percent of remarriages, disproportionately affecting economically vulnerable families”.

Why are the children suffering? Surely living in a unhappy home is equally suffering? Would you rather a million children suffered in unhappy homes than made a clean break out of it? Sometimes loves in a marriage goes away. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Should we punish both parties for all time?

And I think children are not selfish little dicks who only care about their own happiness. If mum and dad are happier apart and with new lovers then the kids may not understand why dad had to go away… but they will understand that their parents are happier and that leads to them being happy.

“The tax-payer borne social costs of family fragmentation exceeds $112 billion a year, especially when all the costs to the justice system are recognised.”

The research is by the incredibly biased source of the Institute for American Values. I would place that figure under contention. A quick question though. How many tax dollars are lost in tax breaks for highly unconstitutional marriage which is only of the Judeo Christian model?

And I am highly skeptical of this cost. Majority of divorce is by mediation rather than court and shouldn’t cost this much.

“Social protection for women and children have been evaporating as we collectively debased the currency of marriage. This debasement continues as a function of adultery, quickie divorce, physical and verbal spousal abuse, non comittal co-habitation, exemplary infidelity and unwed cheating among celebrities, anti scientific bias which holds in the absence of empirical proof than non heterosexual inclinations are genetically determined, irresistible and akin to innate traits like race, gender and eye colour as well as anti-scientific bias which holds, against all empiricle evidence, that homosexual behaviour and sexual promiscuity in general optimises individuals or public health”

Social protection for women and children have been on the increasing. You touch a child and you get to go to jail for child abuse. Women’s empowerment has been marching on despite the efforts of these people. Women don’t need social protection like this. This is akin to the purdah or the burkha. It protects women from “real abuse” by lumping that in with other non abusive things. That’s like saying we will prosecute rape on women harshly and then proceeding to ban them from driving cars.

Adultery is no different from cheating, it is an act of thoughtlessness and one that harms those we love by the betrayal of trust and love. It’s not some mythical sin that tarnishes the soul, it is just a thoughtless move. Quickie Divorce is actually what sane people call “no fault divorce”. The ability to sit together and mediate a painless divorce is one of the best things that has happened to women and men. If one person is miserable under the old system they had no recourse till things became so toxic that they couldn’t even stay in the same room to decide on how to deal with life. Now 95% of divorces are no fault divorce and are settled amicably with both sides being generally happy with the settlements allowing them to move on with their lives rather than be forever yoked to a bad situation until it ends horribly.

Gay people seem to like people of the same gender exclusively. I don’t see why it would be a choice. You could parade a thousand sexy men in front of me and I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. I don’t see the attraction. I expect gay men would respond the same way to women. Even if it were a choice, it wouldn’t matter one iota about what they did. At it’s heart it is love. Love is just two people realising they are right for each other. Physically and mentally. It isn’t some forbidden thing, it’s just people seeking companionship.

Sexual promiscuity is at the heart of 1970s feminist drive. It is at the heart of the liberalisation of culture regarding women and part of female environment. The idea to realise that a woman can seek pleasure in sex just as a man can. Safe sex is actually better than victorian values. Because victorian values are a sham. You have so many hang ups about sex that boys and girls behave weirdly. Safe sex actually makes the public safer because it is blatantly obvious that loyalty to one person and no contraception doesn’t work. We see this in places like the Philippines where promiscuity still occurs despite “values” with devastating consequences. And no these aren’t threats to public health. You know what’s a threat to public health?

Incomplete medical coverage caused by a privatised healthcare system and non universal healthcare. Things your stance is for.

The list of candidate promises come up next, but we do have to laugh at some of them.

  • Personal fidelity of a spouse is appreciable but what does that have to do with competency to rule a country?
  • Surely respecting the marital bonds of others means accepting that gay people can get married? Their marital bond matters too.
  • Election of constitutionalist judges is a faulty idea. The entire point of the constitution is it is a living document. The original constitution is pro slavery and anti women. Progress is improvement of the ideals of freedom of the 17th century to the modern version.
  • If the institution of marriage is mandated by the judeo christian god then it is illegal to provide government support as it is a religious institution. 
  • Marriage is failing because people get married too early without realising that love is sadly transient. When it exists it is beautiful, two people whose lives and minds interact in an unfathomable way unique to each one. But it eventually can die. Widows and widowers do remarry. Waking up one day and finding out you no longer love the person you are now forever yoked to is a damning thought. We all think we are the love that lasts the ages and even the universe, but most of us fall short. It is better to move on and be happy than to be miserable or worse delusional. 
  • Married people? Well not really. People in relationships tend to have all that because relationships make you happy and happy people live longer and take care yourself better. People in relationships tend to raise kids better simply because there are two parents available to care for the child. Not because there is some mystical properties of marriage.
  • Anti-marriage welfare policy includes alimony, tax breaks for single parents, divorce law and extended “cooling off/second chance” periods. Bollocks. Those are necessary for a modern society and women’s rights. Holy crap do you want abusive husbands to go back to their wives to see if they can “work it out”? Force unhappy people to sit together without mediation for x months before they get divorced and expect them to think about it sensibly? If one partner doesn’t want to be in a relationship then there is no point forcing them to stay in one. No fault divorce is a product of that. 
  • DOMA and the definition of marriage are backwards. My marriage to a woman is not going to be tarnished by sharing the moniker with some gay people. I hope to find the woman of my dreams one day. I work daily for that very day, but I would be a complete arsehole if I declared that others may not experience the love I feel. Gay or Straight or Bi or queer, everyone deserves th
    e chance to love and marry. And I am an atheist, if Judeo/Christian marriage is the norm, then my marriage is not protected. I come from a Hindu culture, I would want a hindu ceremony as well and therefore it wouldn’t be protected.
  • Human trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Coercion into sex are all sad problems. But not ones that can be solved by this stupid rule.
  • Pornography is healthy if it is produced by willing people. I see no problem with people producing videos of their activities for other people. You may not like it but that’s your problem. If I don’t enjoy a church service, then I wouldn’t go to a church. I would declare churches banned. It’s freedom of expression. If prostitution is banned then how will prostitutes put food on their table? Oh wait, by being prostitutes. All you are doing is reducing their protection. You want to protect women? Then legalise prostitution. Fight pimps. Let the girls keep their money instead of funding crime. Keep the girls healthy, let them move out of their slums and away from the abuse and the crack and the disease.
  • Abortion and Infanticide are being used together here. Here is the thing, abortion is part of the whole “sexual health of women”. All pro life movements have done is increase the number of abortions courtesy of reducing education. And abortion actually increases when banned with horrifying effects as women taking matters into their own hands. Innocence isn’t being stolen, it is being replaced with wisdom. 
  • Miltary policy being bandied around is barbaric. It assumes that all gay men want to sleep with straight men. It assumes that all men want to sleep with all women. I love women, they are ace but I have no interest in lesbians or indeed most women. I can work with women without trying to sleep with all of them. And banning women from front line combat is a stab in the back for women who qualify for front line combat. They aren’t delicate flowers, if they are good enough to serve then they are good enough to fight for the roles they qualify in.
  • Sharia Islam isn’t a real thing. And the laws stopping you from spreading your religious nonsense as law protect the rest of the USA from Sharia law. Infact this piece of legislature is more anti-woman and anti-human than you realise.
  • Robust Childbearing does not improve the USA. It is a first world nation. Having more people than jobs doesn’t actually work for Indian and China (the only two nations on this planet with more manpower than the USA.) they are actual detriments to be corrected. China’s brutal policy is having an effect. India’s policy is simply so out of control that it is damaging the environment, infrastructure and economy. Nearly 60% of children are malnourished. Demographically it is not helpful. Economic wise it just means more unemployment because jobs must match people. Strategic? Are you planning to march people into the teeth of guns in human waves? Then wanting a billion americans is a fucking pointless exercise! The USA’s army’s strength is small size and high technology. Actuarial? Security? These points don’t make any sense apart from atrocious policy designed to wreck american economies by overcrowding.
  • Downsizing government means loss of government oversight which protects american families. The biggest cause of bankruptcy in the USA is healthcare costs from the lack of coverage of medical care and the cost of privatised medicine. Not big government. Naturally that defence budget won’t drop nor will the salaries of politicians. And lack of oversight caused the economic downturn. 
  • I am sorry the First Amendment covers pornography (Flynt) and the separation of church and state and actually stands against your definition of marriage as it is solely a biblical world view you are pushing. Not a human one. 
Ultimately it is terrifying that Michelle Bachmann is so blinded that she thinks that signing this protects women or is in any way justice. It hurts women and it hurts marriage.

Marriage isn’t something that cannot defend itself, its a human institution. Giving gay people the same rights as us straight people isn’t the downfall of marriage, it is just the correct thing to do as it is equality.

Women don’t need you to hold their hands. They are fully capable of being equal to men. All this legislature does is remove their rights to a sane relationship. This is a step back, not a step forward. The manifesto indicates the sheer idiocy of the republican stance and how fundamentalism poisons your perception.

When a british man in India can point out a flaw in your own plans and the rules of your own constitution then you have lost perspective. 

It Gets Better – Dear Arch Bishop Dolan

I did send a response to the Archbishop of New York about his stance on marriage,  However as his comments are moderated, I assume that my post will be deleted. So I shall post it here as a letter, hopefully someone will read it and it may reach him.

Dear Archbishop Dolan

I disagree. Your nation was founded on the principles determined by man. There was no God mentioned in your constitution until the 50s when the USA had a sudden attack of god fearing to differentiate themselves from the USSR and the “godless commie”, to the point that being an atheist was regarded as equivalent to being a soviet spy. 

Your nation was founded supporting the oppression of women and the belief that white man is superior to all others and can own other human beings as property. The idea that America is “the land of the free” only became reality in end of the 1970s by the action of human beings. It has persecuted native americans, black people and various ethnicities at one time or another. And it is your history, denial only hurts those who fought to create the current USA. 

The bible says that slavery, rape, stoning and unbelievable brutality is acceptable. What you have now is a world tempered by human wisdom. Incest was acceptable in the bible. Selling your daughters as sex slaves was acceptable. Oh lest you forget I too have opened a bible once or twice and can quote scripture too. And while you may defend your faith by saying that the “Devil May Quote scripture”, I will point out that the clause you use to hate gay marriage is in the same part of the bible as all that. 

What you want is something awful. You wish to protect christian marriage. Do you think Hindus are not married simply because they worship other gods? Muslims don’t get married because they call your God Allah rather than Jehovah? Jews because they don’t believe in Jesus as a Messiah? Atheists because we don’t believe in any god? 

And it’s a shame that you think marriage is so weak that gay people getting married would somehow destroy it.

One more thing. The constitution of the USA states (under the First Amendment) states that it will not support any religion over another indicating that there is no state religion. If marriage is enshrined in religion then every argument you have made is a reason why the Government of the USA should not support Marriage using various tax breaks, benefits and rights to property and in case of emergency. 

And by your logic, single parents are just as incapable as gay people as raising kids and these kids should be taken away and put in foster care. Only the catholic church can suggest that kids should be raised in dormitories and moved from house to house and be unable to settle down and be children rather than be adopted by a loving family. Who cares if the person is gay, straight or single. They are offering children a loving home, stability and a life that they wouldn’t have SIMPLY because you assume that men cannot take care of kids. Because face it when you think of gay marriage you are thinking of two men trying to raise one child. 

I find it insulting that women have made so many strides yet your organisation simply thinks of them as nothing more than child raisers and us men as physically incapable of caring for a child. If a single mother can care for a child then a single father can and if they can then two men or two women can care for a child. EVEN if they were not as good as the straight couple, it’s a lot better than a foster home at providing a child with the loving environment they deserve. 

The “true” meaning of marriage does not include me as I am a straight atheist and there is no god in my marriage. And you probably won’t even care about what I have to say because “quite frankly religious leaders tend to not listen to atheists”. But what I speak is the truth. To you true marriage is christian marriage ONLY and if it were upto you, the rest of our marriages wouldn’t count for anything. 

I may not believe in Jesus but his message was one of love. Your message is one of hatred.

Your’s Sincerely

author of A Million Gods