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Nov 06 2013

It Get’s Better – 10 Reasons

I managed to find a list from Defend Marriage (provided by a very nice reader), listing 10 reasons equal marriage rights for GLBT must be opposed and I figured that a short rebuttal is necessary against the most common arguments people give against equal marriage rights. I know a lot of the readers probably agree with me, …

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Oct 28 2013

The Moral Majority

In every nation there exists something called the “moral majority”. It’s a self identified group of holier than thou activists who believe  that they are so wholesome and good that their way of life is the only way of life to follow. These people are usually self identified as religious, either right wingers or identify as …

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Oct 21 2013


I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real – NIN

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Mar 27 2013

You are Ruining Our Idea Of Marriage

Everytime I hear about arguments against Gay Marriage, I ask the people who make them “Why does it Matter”? The GLBT aren’t going to somehow denigrate our straight marriage. And then I saw this and realised why they fear it. Are you ready? It’s NSFW. It’s NSF for those who are of a nervous disposition. …

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Mar 23 2013

If we let gays marry, then what about the Jedi?

See! They told you so! First we let Adam and Eve become Adam and Steve now we have to agree to marry Qui Gon Jin to Mace Windu. Why? Because Scotland is planning an amendment to the current Civil Partnership and Marriage laws which will allow any group purporting a belief to conduct weddings. The government claims …

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Feb 06 2013

An Equal Music

It is Official… The United Kingdom has passed the bill legalising “gay marriage” by a vote of 400 to 175. It is widely expected to pass at the House of Lords. I am rarely proud of the idiots who I voted into power (Lib Dems) but this is a good step forward.

Dec 29 2012

Bullying Isn’t So Bad

Our Internet world is filled with tales of tragic teens who die by their own hand. Cruelly tormented daily, these teens feel sufficiently alone and alienated from society that they don’t think that things will get better. They cannot see past their daily torment and feel the need to end it all. One of the …

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Oct 30 2012

Hags of Lag – Repost

(Felt this was appropriate after talking to a friend… It’s a repost and I couldn’t figure how to do reposts properly.) Videogames tend to have fewer female participants in the competitive and indeed the online scene. There are a tonne of reasons which we can get into later but the primary reason is one that …

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Jul 07 2012

It Gets Better – Things Can Change

Normally I stay away from Reddit, it was a bit beyond me and I heard tales of abject misogyny. But this is equal parts inspiring and tragic and makes me want to join in. Things won’t get better unless we make it better ourselves. Despite all the doomsayers and judgements and deaths, the HIV epidemic …

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Apr 15 2012

Hail to the King

Apparently the Catholic Church in the USA wants to raise awareness of freedom and wants to spend a fortnight trying to raise awareness and campaign for it. But I wanted to do a bit more poking around so I found the actual letter which the bishops wrote and I don’t think they know what freedom …

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