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Oct 16 2013

I Get Mail – Clarifications and a Response to Kacyray

This one’s a comment by Kacyray that needs some addressing.

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Oct 10 2013

I Get Mail – Medicine’s A Killer? Only if you don’t understand how it works

There are people who honestly think that medicine makes the world a worse place to live in. That if somehow we replace it with the holy grail of alternative medicine then all our ills will be cured and we will live long healthy lives bereft of any problems and die happy. But the fact of …

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Oct 03 2013

C.Nillson doesn’t Get Racism

In the wake of the Pat Condell post I got this little piece that was rather amusing so I figured it should get a response.

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Sep 30 2013

I Steal PZ Myers’ Mail

Dear PZ, I’ve lurked since forever at Pharyngula, and wanted to ask so many questions, but feared ridicule and contempt. I wish there were room for folks like me at FTB. There is. Plenty of room. Voices can be heard. Oh you may hear about us banning those who speak up but frankly? Only two …

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Sep 17 2013

I Get Mail – Tim Bo

Tim Bo has the rather nice honour of being one of the nicest people to ask a question. And he deserves an answer. The other place was getting bogged down in distraction so he gets a decent one here.

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Aug 28 2013

A Response to Believerskeptic – It’s not racism, it’s blog architecture

It’s amazing. If someone here on FTB starts a very hypothetical, very academic, “Gosh, does white privilege really exist?” sort of conversation, it will get 200+ comments. Actually there is a reason for that. Well two. Academia is meant to create discussion. People discuss “Academia” all the time! This was a “What a tosser” post. …

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Jul 18 2013

I Get Mail – Sell Out

I used to read you when you  were on blogspot, how could you sell out? Now you ask for donations and accept money from advertising. How could you sell out? What sort of a role model are you setting for other atheists from your community who you represented to sell out for money? I won’t …

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Jul 07 2013

I Get Mail – Did you really write 18000 words on Afghanistani culture and the MRA who approves of it?

Yes. Yes I did. It’s not exactly 18,000 words though. It’s around 14,000 words. The other 4000 or so are the words I have quoted from the MRA. How long did it take? 7 hours or so. I may have finished earlier, I was playing Football Manager at the time Why? Because the people of …

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Jun 29 2013

I Get Male – Beta Blocker

I have generally stayed out of the whole anti-FTB malarky unless it lands on my door. For those who are unaware? There are a sizeable group of people on Reddit and a forum called the Slymepit who actively dislike pretty much anything Freethought Blogs does. On Reddit this manifests as “guaranteed downvotes” to any posts …

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Jun 28 2013

A Voice for Me – Now Sinking to a New Low

I got this on a link from someone who was also disgusted by this. (Some names have been changed to protect people) I “know” an accidental paedophile. We met a lovely lady in a nightclub. My friend pulled that night and went out with her for a couple of weeks. She “looked young compared to …

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