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Mar 19 2014

They Took Our Jerbs!

1. I think he means “Descent”. Nothing very decent about that shirt. 2. It’s okay! It’s only referring to people who are black! and we hate those guys. Black guys though? He has no real problems with them. Some of his best friends are black you know. 3. Judging by that “descent” error, I think …

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Aug 30 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different

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May 07 2013

Allah Needs Help

I must be dreaming, because I had to ask myself “Is this real life? Or just fantasy?”. Taslima covered it better than me, but if you haven’t been paying attention to Bangladesh then now is a good time to go read up about it. Caught in a landslide of sudden rising Islamic fundamentalism, there has been …

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Apr 21 2013

Untrue Facts

If you haven’t read it already then I suggest you go down to the Guardian to read Dean Burret’s “untrue facts” about Andrew Wakefield. It’s a good way to learn something entirely new about the man.

Apr 17 2013

Nazi Movie Reviews

Yes… That is a real thing. There is a far right book reviewing movies out. And the foreward is dynamite! It’s great for a laugh and to watch racists completely miss the point of a movie.

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Apr 12 2013

I Eat Cool Stuff


Comrade Physioprof isn’t the only one who eats cool stuff.

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Apr 12 2013

Alan Keyes uses words. I don’t think he understands what they mean.

I seriously don’t think he does.

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Apr 08 2013

Ideal Crime

I don’t normally endorse crime but…

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Apr 06 2013

Erotic Manipulation Prong

Part two in today’s WND-a-thon is a comedy entrant from Joseph Farah. It’s comedy because his entire fear is based on a movie. A movie that me and Ed Brayton have discussed in length. Narrowly missing out the top spot of the worst action movie we know of. Oh it is a remake, the original …

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Apr 04 2013

The Price of a Big Heart

I got approached by two patients today, they lay on the floor of the hospital. This is not a new thing. People sit on the floor all the time. There isn’t enough seats sometimes and the Indian habit of the lotus position lends itself to sitting on the floor. The young woman pulls herself up …

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