No Blurred Lines

What follows… is a response to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Let us just say that Blurred Lines was pretty damn  shady. Okay it had a catchy beat. Okay it’s video basically was pornography. It was popular. But it was tasteless and had issues with the way it treated women and the rapey context of the lyrics. [Read more…]

They Took Our Jerbs!

Phew… I am safe

1. I think he means “Descent”. Nothing very decent about that shirt.

2. It’s okay! It’s only referring to people who are black! and we hate those guys. Black guys though? He has no real problems with them. Some of his best friends are black you know.

3. Judging by that “descent” error, I think this fine chap will be on his way out. I assume to Europe where we have to deal with his terrible T-Shirts and baseball hats.

4. So will John McCain be getting kicked out?

5. Listen mate. If you insult Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern people, no one will bring you take away. Not without adding “the secret ingredient”.

See all this makes me want to do is steal something near and dear to this man and despoil it by participating in it. Something cultural and make it deeply uncool for white racists to do.

Judging from the facebook suggestion?

I think this means I have to learn to line dance to Achey Breaky Heart….



Allah Needs Help

I must be dreaming, because I had to ask myself “Is this real life? Or just fantasy?”. Taslima covered it better than me, but if you haven’t been paying attention to Bangladesh then now is a good time to go read up about it. Caught in a landslide of sudden rising Islamic fundamentalism, there has been no escape from a reality of violence that has plagued Bangladesh claiming 15 lives.  [Read more…]