Ethanol Based Cancer Treatment

Apparently Hitchens isn’t using logic according to this humour free priest.
There it is! It’s the obvious inconsistency in his atheistic philosophy and what he assumes to be a rational approach to his life. By bringing this inconsistency to light, I mean no disrespect to the man as a human being. His suffering is real. Anyone with an even ounce of compassion will feel sorry for what he and all cancer sufferers endure. Many Christians continue to pray for Christopher’s physical healing as well as for a spiritual transformation in his heart and mind.

That’s the thing. We don’t need prayer. Whether you pray or not Hitchens will live or die by sheer luck and his medical treatments. The medical treatments hedge the bets in his favour but he can still lose. It’s sad, it’s horrid, but it’s the truth. There is no god watching over him just as there is no god watching over anyone else when they survive cancer. There is just human beings.

Yes, I do feel sorry for him. No one should have to suffer like this but I have hope that he will live courtesy of medicine. It’s not the magical effect of prayer but the effort of Hitchens and the various medical staff who treat him. 

In order to understand the discrepancy in his thinking, we can compare his cancer to something even worse. Hitchens and others believe he definitely has cancer. I do too. The tests and symptoms prove it. In comparison, Christians believe that they definitely have “spiritual cancer” that is far more devastating in its consequences than other types of cancer. The symptoms prove it. The empirical evidence is strong. Destructive thought patterns and harmful behavior all back up the claim that man has the “cancer of sin” in his soul.

This is specifically not compassion. And it shows the flaw in the “pray for you” mentality. They have just made up a problem that isn’t even in the same league of terrible as real cancer. The “cancer of sin” is one of the most horrid doctrines of christianity. It results in humanity forever beholding to some imaginary being for the things that are normal but perceived as sins. Everything you do is inherently sinful so repent! And this is apparently from a kind and loving god.

The doctrine of sin of christianity is a leash on mankind.

Millions of Christians have testified how faith in Jesus Christ has not only forgiven their sin, but also delivered them from themselves and their pernicious behavior. The empirical evidence is strong. Hitchens can point to some “professing Christians” who don’t “walk the talk,” but what about the millions of genuine Christians who do? What about all the hospitals, orphanages, and homeless shelters run by Christians which demonstrate what a changed life is all about? 

There aren’t as many atheists as christians, but atheists also do these things. Only better, christian charity comes at a price. Let’s just say that catholic charity in Africa didn’t help control the spread of HIV and merely encouraged it.

There are plenty of secular charities out there. The biggest medical charities are the Red Cross and Medicin Sans Frontier and both are secular bodies. How many hospitals run by christians failed to provide women with basic medical care? How many failed to provide abortions or information on contraception to women who need it the most? How many orphanages were home to horrific abuse of children? How many shelters such as the Hephzibah House girls or the Magdalene Laundries exist?

The absolute monopoly on morality does not belong to people who believe in an immutable morality as handed down to by a 3000 year old bronze age culture. Charity isn’t unique to christians, all men are capable of charity. 

Plenty of people’s hearts are changed by atheism. Plenty of people change what they do because of a single moment in their lives. It has nothing to do with Jesus or Allah or Vishnu but everything to do with wanting to do something that makes a change. Such as this man, it’s not religion but human compassion, something we all are capable of not just christians. And he didn’t do it because god told him or to save the people from a metaphysical fate. He did something to make the difference right now. 

During his speech in Texas he stated, “There is no absolute truth.” Any yet, he seems to believe that he absolutely has cancer. He says he would travel to Omaha if a cure was available here. If there is no absolute truth, then how could anyone know if some “ethanol-based” cancer treatment or any other treatment was really effective? Here is how you would know. If the body gets healed and the cancer is gone, then the treatment worked. If the sinner begins to live a noble life rather than a selfish and mean-spirited life, then the treatment worked there too.

There is empircal evidence for cancer in the neoplastic cells we see under a pathological specimen, while there isn’t any for any god. And ethanol based cancer treatment is a reference of Hitchen’s love of scotch. The problem with christianity is that they define nobility by how much you believe in Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are kind, or loving, or educated. All that matters is how much suspension of disbelief you have.

There really is absolute truth. Christopher Hitchens experiences this to be true in many areas of life, including his physical condition. Suffering in the midst of cancer is very tangible. Death is absolute. Hitchens knows this because none of his family members or friends who have died have come back from the dead.

Prove it. The bible isn’t proof no more than Harry Potter is proof of the existence of wizards, dark or otherwise. Death is not an absolute, but a part of life itself. In death there is life, not for the individual who died but for those who continue on. Does not the cow die for humans? It’s meat becomes ours. In time our meat will become that of worms and bacteria. In time our bones will return to the soil or as we are cremated, broken down to our component elements.

There remains One Person who is willing to be Christopher’s friend who actually did come back from the dead. His apostles allowed themselves to be killed for their faith after they witnessed His resurrection. The empirical and historical evidence is conclusive. The changed lives of million
s of believers prove the reality of God’s grace through faith in Christ.

Which person would that be? There is no proof of Jesus’s existence any more than there is evidence of Shiva’s. Why should you claim that Shiva’s resurrection was not as miraculous as Jesus’s?

The list of gods who resurrected outside of Jesus Christ include Ishtar, Jullungul, Quetzacoatl, Xipe Totec, Phoenix,  Adonis, Baal, Melquart, Osiris, Amun, Cronos, Dionysus, Orpheus, Persephone, Kali, Shiva, Izanagi, Kaknu, Odin, Gulvig, Baldr, Attis, Aennaes, Bacchus, Veles, Inana and many more… It’s actually a rather big list.

The evidence for their resurrection is just as valid as yours. If you are going for “youth” then Odin is the youngest resurrection god and the oldest one in here that’s still worshipped is Shiva (pre-aryan proto-hindu myth Above 4000 BC)

Are not millions of lives changed by Islam or Hinduism? Why should yours be special? And atheism changes lives too because it’s closest to the truth. That there is probably no gods and we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. That we should look at the world through the eyes of science rather than blindly following the teachings of people who didn’t know that much about the world. That there is no shame in not knowing but there is in ignorance.

To borrow John 8;32 – Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

And to geek this out a bit

As much as we scientists don’t believe in Gods, we’re also the closest to them. Talk about irony.”
- Edward Elric – The Full Metal Alchemist