Losing With Grace

It’s gg and well played to us.

The Church of England has accepted defeat in the fight to give the GLBT the same rights as straight couples. They are officially ceasing their direct support (naturally, Individual priests may still carry the fight) against anti-GLBT marriage.

The scale of the majority in both the Commons and Lords made it clear it was the will of the Parlliment. Well that’s the problem here. The Church still claims the British people are at heart “homophobes”. That we cannot give our grace to two gay people. I say  they are fucking idiots. We may have bigots. But we are more likely to laugh at them than let them rule us.

The EDL may march our streets but when I was in England the racist who yellled at me was sent packing by other people. [Read more…]

Why I Fight

We only have one world for the moment. One life in which to live on this earth, No hell below us, and above us only sky. Most of us on the internet are lucky enough to live in paradise of civilisation but there are people who live in a very real hell. And it’s not upto any mythical god to save them. It’s upto us. We are responsible for ourselves, we are not babies but adults and it’s time to act like adults.

This woman would have been ostracised by her society due to the stigma of her disease and their ignorance, she is alone and left alone to die. Religion would deem her sinful for the way she probably contracted it. Religion probably caused her to contract it due to stances on sex education, female empowerment and contraception. The quacks would try and milk her for all she’s worth by offering her snake oil and false hopes. Alternative medicine would claim that our methods don’t work and that we are probably responsible for her condition.

What I fight for is the chance to show real hope to such people. To give them a real chance. It’s things like this that reaffirm your faith. You don’t need god to have faith in what human beings can do if we really put our minds to it. It is my hope that we humans can destroy this disease and make it go the way of Smallpox. But for that we need to fight ignorance, religion and human greed. And we can do this by ARVs, Condoms, Education and Empowerment.

It is my greatest wish that one day while reading an Anti Vaccine site there is literature about how HIV wasn’t so bad much like how smallpox is treated today. Because on that day, I will know that I would have worked towards turning one of the most feared diseases in the world to nothing more than a rumour. And on that day we would have eliminated one of the greatest scourge’s of mankind.

You don’t need ARVs or Medicine to make a difference. Just a smile and a kind word can do wonders. Compassion is at it’s core the most powerful and beautiful thing a human can do.