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Oct 23 2013

Trans Progress

The hijra are “untouchable”.

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Oct 21 2013


I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real – NIN

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Jun 06 2013

Losing With Grace

It’s gg and well played to us. The Church of England has accepted defeat in the fight to give the GLBT the same rights as straight couples. They are officially ceasing their direct support (naturally, Individual priests may still carry the fight) against anti-GLBT marriage. The scale of the majority in both the Commons and …

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Apr 26 2013

Hags of Lag – This was a Triumph

Certainly made me smile.

Jun 11 2011

Why I Fight

We only have one world for the moment. One life in which to live on this earth, No hell below us, and above us only sky. Most of us on the internet are lucky enough to live in paradise of civilisation but there are people who live in a very real hell. And it’s not …

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