An uncomfortable truth – Men don’t like prostate exams

It’s a test that both doctors and patients fear, the dreaded rectal examination. It’s one of those social taboos that we do not understand. Why would anyone want to put their fingers “up there” and what could they possibly tell from that.
In women, it can be used to palpate structures much like a vaginal exam. In some cases it can be used to drain fluids that have accumulated within the body cavity.
In men however it has a more prognostic role. The prostate is the male uterus, it’s function is mildly secretory and in the maintainance of sperm counts. However with age comes a lack of use (it’s been indicated that masturbation helps. Gentlemen… go nuts) and with lack of use comes fibrosis. Fibrosis thickens the tissue and makes it difficult to urinate, it’s like compressing a hosepipe in the middle. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks – A homeopathic challenge

A Gallon? Really!

Apparently nowadays I am a big pharma dog, simply for the belief that real medicine is superior to homeopathy. Big pharma has not got me anything bigger than a really shitty disposable ball point pen. Apparently I have skipped out on the going rate for big pharma hand outs and opted to be paid in good wishes and pats on the back. [Read more…]

Age of Kali – Deadly Woo

Well, it’s nearly the start of the monsoon and the ugly spectre of mosquito borne disease raises it’s head in India. So naturally the Government has decided to lend a helping hand.

We know that homeopathic pills do not function. They are effectively nanodoses of things based on the notion that water has a mystical power to fly in the face of all known chemistry and biology.

Dengue is a nasty disease that can cause internal haemorrhaging. It kills by the thousand in India every year and it’s not something to be trifled with. This is a sad waste of money, lining the pockets of woo merchants rather than spending money on actual preventative measures and education.

A lot of people will die this year thanks to this. Hurray for pseudoscience.

Myths versus the Truth of Homeopathy

Now listen very carefully Avicenna!
When you click the pen three times in a row,
it will break and you will have to go get a new one.

Apparently we in the medical industry are heavily paid (yeah right) by Big Pharma to spread a disinformation campaign about homeopathy. And apparently the secret to everlasting life is in stationery since the only things I have ever gotten from a pharmaceutical giant for free are supplies of stationery. Basically my pen says Disprin on it and it probably like any other click ballpoint pen out there, except that exploding one from Golden Eye.
Homeopath is the biggest quack group out there, their infiltration into the third world (Homeopathy is very big in India and China) is aided by poorly educated and corrupt politicians who themselves don’t know what it’s about and ignorance. You see, homoeopaths do not portray themselves as anything less than an equal to a doctor. The entire persona of a homoeopath is designed to provide the illusion that they are the equivalent of a doctor. 

In response, I shall start wearing
a fez.
For instance, the white coat is actually being slowly phased out of medicine on accounts that it is a great way to spread disease and it honestly impedes the doctor. However, patients do expect the perceived uniform of a doctor to be present, somehow thinking that modern doctors with their short sleeved shirts and lack of extreme formal attire somehow are less professional than their coat wearing counterparts. . 
So homeopaths have adopted this symbol wholesale, indeed often boasting actual trained doctors within their ranks. Doctors who seem to lack a basic understanding of biology and chemistry, but doctors nonetheless. Any website boasting a homeopath portrays them as visionaries with intimate knowledge of human physiology and pathology which even doctors don’t claim to possess while normally posing around in photos in a white coat.

Homoeopathy is portrayed as a economic alternative to conventional medicine, with money going to homeopaths rather than doctors and indeed the shadowy cabal of nefarious individuals known colloquially as “Big Pharma” who seem interested in killing you for unknown profit rather than selling you a product for a known profit. Big Pharma’s conspiracy theories involve them being guilty of everything from the crime of being rich and making profits as a business, to the crime of making expensive medicines that involve vast amounts of research and investment that needs to be paid off and even to such lofty crimes such as genocide by vaccination. Natural News, steps up to defend homeopathy against the alleged myths being spread by us nasty medicine folk. 

The homeopathic approach to healing maintains a deep respect for symptoms of illness as important defenses of a person’s immune and defense system. While conventional medicine often tends to assume that symptoms are something “wrong” with the person that need to be treated, inhibited, suppressed, or biochemically manipulated, homeopaths tend to assume that symptoms are important defenses of the organism that are most effectively resolved when treatments nurture, nourish, or mimic the symptoms in order to initiate a healing process. Ultimately, these two different approaches to healing people have led to various conflicts.”

Conventional medicine doesn’t treat symptoms as something wrong rather than something indicative of an underlying problem. Symptoms range from “cough” and “fever” to “burning urination”, “repeated sore formation”. Some of these can be simple such as cough and fever (Cough and Fever can also be indicative of more deadly diseases). Some of these are serious depending on the nature of the individual (like diarrhoea) and can and should be controlled. Some symptoms are heavily indicative of serious issues (a rash that does not disappear under cold pressure). Some symptoms are treated (Headache, Diarrhoea), while others are given relief or are plain ignored. 
Conventional medicine tends to leave symptoms alone unless they would harm or otherwise affect the patient negatively since feeling better is half the battle. It tends to treat the underlying condition as well as the symptoms to improve patient condition. So a symptom of cholera is a fever and watery (described as rice water) diarrhoea, this symptoms are classical of the disease. The treatment would be an antibiotic to fight the cholera causing bacteria, anti diarrhoeal medication so that the person stops defaecating themselves to death and finally rehydration to replace lost water. The patient is also given an anti-pyretic so they don’t have as high a fever so that they are comfortable. Thus the underlying cause (bacteria) and symptoms (diarrhoea/anti-pyretic) are both treated.

Homoeopaths claim that they would increase the symptoms by giving you something that causes a fever and a laxative, despite knowing full well the cause of death in Cholera is the diarrhoea which is “just a symptom”.

Homeopaths contend that increased rates of cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and various chronic diseases for increasingly younger people may result from conventional medicine’s suppression of symptoms and disease processes.It is therefore no surprise that conventional physicians and Big Pharma have a long and dark history of working together to attack homeopathy and homeopaths.

Increase in chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease are due to the lifestyle we lead. This includes simply not dying from huge numbers of very common diseases as we see in third world countries. Nigeria for example has a very low death rate to cancer and heart disease but has a colossally high death rate to nearly everything else. The average life expectancy measures in at around 47 years. In the past, people simply didn’t live long enough to die from cancer and heart attacks, or in the past no one cared about the vast majority of people who died and so didn’t keep records.

Medicine doesn’t stop death, it merely delays it. It gives you time. From just 10 seconds to say goodbye to the people you love to 10 decades to live your life as you see fit. The time it gives depends on the technology it has available to treat a specific disease. As per the technology, every single one of us will die. You are going to have to die of something. For most of us it will be heart attacks (and we are the lucky ones), some of us will die by stroke, some by respiratory failure, some by cancer and some by accidents. Some of us will die maliciously, some will die unexpectedly and some of us will know it’s coming and try to make our peace with those who we love and cherish. Medicine is the tool by which we do that.

However? The thing is for the time being these are diseases that we cannot prevent but can forestall. Even medication exists to reduce the time frame of these diseases, placing controls on them to reduce their effect on our lives until it is the unfortunate day that we die. We are working on fixing that and indeed we have given people a second chance at life through technology that wasn’t possible before.

With this in mind let’s see what Myths, me and the other big pharma stationery club members have perpetrated on its quacks.

Myth #1: “There is no research that shows that homeopathic medicines work. 

In Case you didn’t get it.
The argument they use is that homoeopathy is not standardised. It is tailored uniquely to fit the needs of each individual patient as if the homoeopath in question has the ability to discern your physiology through questions (He cannot) rather than tests. The assumption in medicine is that everyone is the same inside except in rare cases which are mentioned. The most common case of people being different on the inside depends on whether you can write your name in the snow or not.
In fact we do tailor our drugs for gender and indeed per person depending on reasonable assumptions we can make such as height, weight, allergy profiles and previous drug interactions and lifestyle.

Dana Ullman’s argument is that homoeopathic drugs don’t work the same for each person (unlike real medicine which works the same for most people with a few variations courtesy of the person’s innate physiological make up. All of us work roughly in the same way with a few “silent mutants” whose physiology varies but is still functional enough. These people suffer from adverse reactions called idiosyncratic reactions, where they react in weird ways to the drug. Eg. In India there is a caste called the Arya vaisya chettiyars who live in Tamil Nadu. They suffer from a fatal allergy to suxamethonium chloride which is a drug is given to induce muscle paralysis over short periods of time during intubation.
So this means that according to Dana, a single homoeopathic drug cannot be tested against a placebo. This is a rather weird argument since surely some of the patients would have received sufficient benefit to atleast implicate some level of action rather than producing an effect equal to the placebo.

Myth #2: “The research studies showing that homeopathic medicines work are ‘poorly conducted studies’.”

When you claim that water that’s been shaken causes massive effects in patients over and above the placebo then yes… your work does get tested more. Mainly because you are making a fantastic claim that requires testing.
The Lancet does not TEST hypothesis and theories. It merely publishes papers for other doctors to test out and analyse. This is called peer review. When a homeopath posts a paper, the ensuing backlash is due to doctors reading the experiment and writing out various ways the experiment is faulty ranging from a lack of control, a lack of proper blinding and lack of sufficient rigour in statistical analysis including very tiny populations or papers such as homeopaths logging their water versus a drug’s side effects rather than effect.
In fact many of the arguments against the placebo show wild variations on retesting because many homeopaths don’t understand bias or how placebos must look like the drug and so on. A simple example of how efficient a placebo effect could be is a simple test of a placebo IV injection versus a homeopathic pain medication in pill or capsule format. The pill would do worse than the injection due to the placebo effect. Homeopaths often assume the number of pills given doesn’t make a difference but it does.

So a real test would be a homeopath who writes out a diagnosis and Rx and the Rx is filled either with a cocktail of whatever quackery he writes up or placebo of those. Then the overall efficiency of homeopaths versus the placebo can be tested as a group for a symptom rather than as an individual medicine. The homeopath cannot oversell/undersell as the Rx would be delivered to the house. I am pretty sure in this scenario the results would be the same. That homeopathy is generally the same as the placebo.
And this is without mentioning that homeopathic testing is done in an incredibly subjective manner even including dream states and feelings of the individuals taking the drugs rather than by physiology.

Myth #3: “12C is like one drop in the entire Atlantic Ocean.”

For those who aren’t aware, homeopathy is based on the claim that water has a memory and that the less you use of the active ingredient, the more you have an effect due to the claim that water somehow behave like a solid with the imprint of the molecules present in it rather than like a liquid that are all well aware of.
If it helps, picture all this mathematics being
taught to you by the Count.
The logic is incredibly stupid. Water is a dipolar liquid, the molecule of water is itself neutral but the hydrogen area of the molecule has a net +ve charge as the electron is dragged towards the oxygen molecule. This is called a dipole and is based on the fact that electrons behave like probability densities of negative charge rather discrete particles. This causes water’s unique properties such as how it acts as a solvent and how it expands when it freezes and it’s lack of volatility as a compound. However it still is a liquid and so any dissolved substance is normally spaced out evenly in the solution. When the dissolved substance is removed the water reverts back to normal.
So water has no memory even if you smack it against a leather table board and dissolve it. And here I must post a disclaimer. What follows is some mathematics that is VITAL to understanding why homeopathy is bullshit.

The second problem with this argument is the problem of concentrations, in particular the C. 1 C is what you get when you take 99 parts of distilled water and 1 part of the substance. A 2 C solution is taking 1 part of a 1 C solution and diluting it with a 99 parts of distilled water and so on with each increasing value of C taking 1 part of the prior solution and diluting it with 99 parts of water.

The formula for this would be 1/(100)^n where n = the value of C. So 1C would be 1/100, 2 C would be 1/10,000 and 3 C would be 1/1,000,000. And you can see what the problem is right here. I apologise, what we are going into is some serious arithmetic and it’s vital to understand how this works.

3 C is one part per million which is a very small amount. The number given in this example is 12 C which is 1/1000000000000000000000000. So there is one molecule of active ingredient in 1000000000000000000000000 molecules of water. We are actually pretty smart ourselves. We can work out what those many molecules of water weighs via the avogadro’s number which is constant of number of molecules within one mole (a unit, not a mammal). Chemists prefer using it since working in molecules is highly irritating and because moles are linked to molecular weights which are the weight of one mole of any substance (so 1 mole of hydrogen weighs 1 gram, 1 of helium weighs 2 and so on…) 602300000000000000000000
1000000000000000000000000 molecules of water = 1000000000000000000000000/6.023 x 10^23 = 1.66 moles
Hydrogen weighs  1 gram per mole and oxygen 16 grams per mole. So water would weigh 18 grams per mole since it is made up of 2 hydrogens and one oxygen atom. This works out at 18 x 1.66 = 29.88 grams of water. Water by happy fortune is the key unit of the SI scale so 29.88 grams of water would occupy roughly 29.88 ml, a shot glass rather than an ocean of water to contain a single molecule of active substance.
However the concentration most homeopathic medicines range from 24 to 50 C with 30 C being the most common. Not 12 C at clinical doses. 24 C isn’t double the strength of 12C… Remember each progression of C is a dilution by a factor of 100.
Using the previous formula, the dilution factor of 24 C (the highest concentration and therefore the least stupid value) we come up with a concentration of 1/1x10^48.
Which is one molecule of active ingredient in a stupidly huge amount of molecules. This we can work out the weight of.

 1x10^48/Avogadro’s constant =
1660302174995849244562510.3768886 moles

The weight of which is 29885439149925286402.125 tonnes which occupies a volume of 29885439149925286402.125 cubic metres or 29885439149.925 cubic kilometres. 

On planet earth there is approximately 1.3 Billion cubic kilometres of water in our oceans, lakes, rivers and ice. This is 29.88 billion cubic kilometres of water required to carry just 1 molecule of the active substance.
The argument (if you haven’t blown a fuse with the mathematics/chemistry lesson) is that there is no active ingredient in the homeopathic preparation since it is so dilute that there isn’t anything in there but distilled water. Even if you are working on a small scale by batch no. 14 or 15 there is probably nothing but distilled water in each test tube since by serial dilution you have pretty much eliminated any active ingredient.
And this is without going into the sheer nonsense that a 50 C concentration would entail.

Myth #4: “There is nothing in a homeopathic medicine. It is just water.”

Well, if you waded through the mathstravaganza then you would realise that yes, it is just water.
And I call shenanigans on the Indian Institute of Technology, (which is an esteemed engineering university in India and not some hack science mill) for sponsoring such industrial grade garbage as the research quoted in this article. The paper seems poorly written and I wonder how long it took to find such nanoparticles and whether this holds true across the board of all samples or that they found it in one bottle out of hundreds.
And this is without levelling the charge of performing lousy science to give credence to an industry of snake oil merchants who are often given free rein to practice in India with deadly repercussions to their patients who cannot tell the difference between a homeopath and a real doctor.

Myth #5: “If we do not presently understand how homeopathic medicines work, then, they cannot work. It’s witchcraft.”

If we don’t know how homeopathic medicines work, then why the hell aren’t homeopaths the slightest bit interested in their function? Why does homeopathic cyanide have no effect unlike homeopathic medicine? Why aren’t homeopaths producing irrevocable proof that water has a memory? Why are instead homeopaths so content to not change and not do any research? Why are all their papers posted in tiny magazines and peer reviewed only by people who understand the arcane proofing system rather than a scientific test? Why is there no conclusive data like actual medicine and no logical explanations on how the drugs function?

Homeopathic medication functions on a similar effect to the placebo effect, this is well known.  There has been no repeatable, conclusive experiment to prove that homeopaths produce a discernable physiological effect similar to actual medicine. These aren’t myths, these are facts.

Homeopathy isn’t witchcraft. It’s bullshit. Industrial grade bullshit that is killing people in third world nations by passing itself off as real medicine in order to make a quick buck of the suffering of people. This is also a fact.

The proponents of homeopathy utilise fudged research in third world nations to flog expensive treatments in the west. This is a fact.

The proponents of homeopathy utilise the fact that stupid people in the west who buy their drugs are held in high esteem by poor people in third world nations. They use this to flog their drugs to people often telling the people to throw away their medication. This is a fact. 

People have died from taking homeopathic medications. Not because of the homeopathic contents, but because of the lack of an effect. This is also a fact.

One doesn’t need to spread myths about homeopathy. Not when the truth will suffice.


I have few opinions about Steve Jobs death. I really do, to me he was just another CEO who made a product that I never owned mainly because I couldn’t afford to own them. The whole shebang was generally out of my reach price-wise. To me they were designer luxuries like a pair of expensive jeans, cool to look at but an unjustifiable purchase. And yes I wanted one, but luxuries being what they are and all…

But I was aware of his disease and indeed his work on more affordable things such as Pixar and their movies. I can see that he brought a lot of joy to the world via his technology. To me Steve Jobs is the man who mixed technology and art rather than the man who made smart phones popular or what have you.

I lost a friend to pancreatic cancer. The disease is quite insidious but I understand that Steve Jobs had a neuroendocrine tumour. This is a relatively slow growing tumour which means that he had an excellent prognosis of living a longer life. Most pancreatic tumours are incredibly aggressive but his specific one is not, it grows a lot slower and many patients outlive the disease.

I was aware of Steve Jobs’s usage of an alternative medicine based diet and indeed his delaying of treatment. This may have contributed to his untimely death but we cannot say for sure, it certainly wasn’t doing him any favours. But what we can say for sure is the alternative medicine bandwagon didn’t really wait for the body to cool before they started to circle the carcass.

Mike Adams in his typical charming way blames his death on medicine.

It is extremely saddening to see the cost in human lives that modern society pays for its false belief in conventional medicine and the cancer industry in particular. Visionary Steve Jobs died today, just months after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy at theStanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In recent months, he appeared in public photos as a frail shadow of his former self. The thin legs, sunken cheek bones and loss of body weight are all classic signs of total body toxicity observed in chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients.

Mike Adams sells quackery, his website actively advertises products that make him money. His entire spiel is reliant on you falling for his nonsense and forking out money for his product rather than medicine. In short he is a pharmaceutical company that deals in sugar pills. Hence his love of denigrating working products. Not once does he mention the special diets Jobs put himself through nor did he mention Jobs delaying his initial treatments before embracing real medicine wholesale. He had radical surgery to remove sections of tumour (Whipple’s Pancreaticodudeonectomy) and had to have a transplant when it recurred in his liver. The man was fighting a real disease and he fought it using medicine. By contrast a friend of mine who perished from pancreatic cancer died in under a year from diagnosis. Mr. Jobs survived courtesy of all this and experimental hormone linked chemotherapy which improves the specificity of chemo.

It’s utterly shocking that Mike Adams would flog his nonsense by name dropping the dead but he certainly goes onto parade a bunch of famous people’s names like some grotesque hitlist of medicine. He also mentions Michael Douglas on that list which is kind of weird since Mr. Douglas is still very much alive.

It’s a disingenuous mechanism of fooling the ignorant. See all these famous people have died from chemotherapy without mentioning all the famous people who survived with chemo. I see not one mention of Kylie Minogue in his list. Maybe it’s because she fought cancer and lived.

But what’s the sell here?

The simple combination of vitamin D and selenium, if taken in combination, could probably prevent more than 80% of all cancers in America. Yet the American Cancer Society and all the mainstream cancer non-profits don’t dare advocate vitamin D or selenium. If solutions were readily available to everyone,how would the cancer industry maintain its profitability?

Mike Adams the health ranger is trying to flog pills using the death of another human. Pills that do not work. Pills that will cause the death of their patient by not actually doing anything. Particularly since Vitamin D is produced naturally by our bodies and Mike Adams is providing a supplement that isn’t even necessary.

And it never mentions mechanisms or types of cancers or how selenium and Vitamin D kill cancer cells but not human ones. Wait a minute… If Arsenic is the Poison of Carbon that Means Selenium is the Poison of Silicon based life forms.

Holy moly! Mike Adams isn’t even making stuff up, he is just lifting out the plot of Evolution before the rest of the article degenerates into rambling nonsense and conspiracy theories about people tracking where you are with your iPhones. Which is incredibly stupid since if we wanted to spy on Mike Adams we would just look up his Twitter feed. What is it about conspiracy nutters who assume that the world is out to get them and then write about it on the internet where any damn fool can see it? Do they assume that the powers that be don’t have broadband?

He isn’t done with this though and tries to flog a friend’s nutritionist stuff stating that it could have saved Steve Job’s life. This man in particular teaches you “How to minimize your genetic predisposition to diseases such as diabetes, heart and thyroid disease”.

Yes, he is offering to do the impossible. Your genetic predisposition can be counteracted by removing other variables that contribute to a disease but it can not be eliminated because it is genetic. If your genetics are being changed, it is a bad thing. Changed Genetics are caused by Mutagens. Mutagens cause Cancer, not Ninja Turtles and he ends with this challenge.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but how many conventional doctors are dead in their 50’s and 60’s? All the people I know who follow drugs-and-surgery medicine are either dead or dying. If you’re smart, you follow those who are healthy, not sick! And Dr. Bisci is a shining example of authentic health — he sets an example we would all do well to follow for lifelong health.

In a bid to encourage readers to do something, readers who are above the age of 50 please go tell Mike Adams how you survived the scourge of medicine and how all us medics die young.

It is true in one way, doctors do tend to die younger than their patients. Medicine is a stressful job, one of the most stressful in the world. You go in daily to cure patients but there isn’t anyone who treats doctors themselves. We are more prone to falling sick due to exposure to sick people all the time and more prone to stress related disease. We are more prone to dietary issues because many doctors spend large amounts of time in hospitals and don’t get to eat balanced diets.

Because patients come first. A lot of doctors destroy their own health to treat patients. My mother got varicose veins from standing so long. My aunt had to have a hip replacement aged 45 after a patient knocked her over. Our family is filled with people who have injuries from being doctors. And not one of them wo
uld trade patients over our own health.

Maybe I haven’t been fair. I don’t think it’s fair to compare these people to vultures. Vultures are a part of life. These people are worse in that they are willfully ignorant. Delusionally so. Any evidence provided turns you into a pharmacological shill who accepts bribes (of ballpoint pens!) and they simply ignore you. I don’t know how many people have suffered serious injury or death at the behest of people like Mike Ranger but many of those are certainly preventable.

Tales From the Crypt of Idiocy – God Without

Considering the sheer amount of measles outbreaks, I was wondering when the homeopaths and naysayers would begin a counter drive against science.

Harmless! Except for mental retardation and death!

Never fear! Natural News’s very own “health ranger” Mike Adams is on the case with his new documentary of two parts called “God Within”.
Slick little presentations like this is what drive the anti-vaccine and alt. Medicine movements. This appeals to their world views that science is something evil because it is done by big corporations unlike back in the day where it was done by rich nobles who had a lot of time on their hands.

Yes this is a long and drawn out article. I will warn readers that, but sometimes you have to demolish idiot arguments otherwise we will be upto our cojones in morons claiming that medicine doesn’t work because of some new gobbledegook driven by a horrific misunderstanding of physics.

“I have always admired physicists they seek answers by answering questions of nature. And when they follow they follow a rigorous scientific approach to the quest for knowledge, they refuse to be sidelined by dogma, personal belief or trickery”

As are medical scientists and doctors. It’s why we don’t believe in Alternative Medicine. Because it is based off trickery, dogma and personal belief.

“Science in it’s most pure form is about the search for truth, I am not referring to the bastardisation of science by modern corporations which use the language of science to push a kind of intellectual tyranny involving for profit GMOs, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals. I am talking about pure non-corporate driven science and the quest for human understanding”

Just a normal day of work!

Most science nowadays needs expensive equipment. We have learnt all we can from the simple and now require money to run expensive equipment. A simple device such as a MRI machine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention scientists have to make a living of their inventions otherwise we end up in a situation like the old apprentice method where masters closely guarded secrets which actually slowed down advances.
The ultimate irony is Mike Adams does make money from corporate sponsorship. The only difference is his sponsors are homeopathic drug companies often owned by real drug companies making him as much their crony as we are. The only difference being that our drugs work while his does not. GMOs aren’t as evil as he makes it out to be, drugs are fine if you take them at your doctor’s prescription and vaccines save quantifiable numbers of people.
Homeopathy does not. If we compared “real disease” cure rates homeopathy has an appalling track record. No what Adams wants is the olde days of individual scientists making shocking discoveries. In his mind those laboratories never mention the individuals working under them or their research being based of other works. The Wizard of Menlow Park (Thomas Alva Edison) actually at one point hired everyone’s favourite mad scientist and all round awesome man Nicholas Tesla.
Even back then science was being done by teams of people for profit, because not everyone can afford to sit around all day doing experiments and eventually poor people started becoming very good at science rather than just the people who were lucky enough to go into university and have money and estates to tide over their little fancies. Even prior to that the physicists often were part of engineer’s guilds and built things for the state while these discoveries were just “foibles”. Leonardo Da Vinci was actually a state employee for a fair while.

“Fertile grounds for exploration in the fields of quantum physics, the many worlds interpretation and the study of consciousness”

You found answers to medical problems in quantum physics which explain wave particle duality of light. The many world’s interpretation which has nothing to do with biology. And the study of consciousness which has proved beyond a doubt that consciousness is linked to brain architecture rather than being something divinely granted to us. We know this because the world is filled with young men who drive fast motorcycles and wear improperly fitting helmets. Tragically, we learn that being smacked upside the head is a good way to lose consciousness, often permanently and that alterations to the brain cause a variety of different issues relating to the conscious behaviour of individuals.

And what does any of this have to do with GMOs, Vaccination and Medicine, I shall never know.

“As a fan of Hawking’s work over the years I was looking forward to reading his explanations of The Theory of Everything and The Grand Design, the invisible hand behind it all. What I found in his book however rather surprised me, on the very first page of the book I found myself quite disappointed at the apparent lack of understanding of the universe from someone as intellectually capable as Hawkings. As you will soon see his words recall what can only be called the “great failing” of modern day physics to address the meaning behind the math. Far too many mainstream physicists seem to be stuck in what can only be called the Newtonian era of Consciousness, which is to say that they don’t grasp the idea that consciousness exists at all”

Let me get this straight. Mike Adams think Dr. Stephen Hawkings is wrong as Adams believes in souls while he does not?

A soul is a concept that human consciousness is not dependant on the architecture of the human body, that it somehow is alien. This is simply not true, consciousness is a lovely illusion brought on by the complexity of our brains. We assume that what makes me “Avicenna” is somehow unique and not merely chemistry. A further extension of this logic is the idea that what makes me “Avicenna” will survive my death and live in an eternal heaven. That is what a soul is. However we know that human consciousness and personality and all the bits that make us “human” are reliant on the architecture of our brains. Free will is linked to this complexity in that we can avoid following our reflexes and drives based on using our conscious thought to over-rule them much like how we can use our conscious thought to control the strength of the sphincter on our bladder.
What Adams is peddling here is industrial strength woo and herculean levels of bullshit in an attempt to discredit an intellectual titan by appealing to a very appalling lack of understanding of physics in his target audience.

“This mainstream physics is to reality what conventional medicine is to healing. In other words it has all the technical jargon but none of the soul and so it misses the whole point”.

Yes, medicine makes you a stone hearted monster whose only drive is to poison and cut! Not like homeopathy where your only drive is to peddle water that’s been smacked against a table a bunch of times. The soul is there in medicine, it’s just that people don’t see it. The satisfaction of a job well done, the satisfaction of giving someone a bit more time on this planet and the satisfaction of doing something people would regard as magic if not for your honesty on how it worked.

“Conventional Physics is high level mathematics desperately seeking to avoid any discussion of what it all means. You are not allowed to talk about consciousness or free will or the spooky connectedness that is been experimentally demonstrated to exist in all things in the universe. Because that brings up too many questions.”

Spooky Connectedness? Oh you mean how numbers tend to explain things and how if you link numbers together in equations you can link various phenomena under unifying mathematical equations which can be expanded in various ways to explain various events in elegant empirical fashion since mathematics is the true universal language of science and is without bias (for the most part) since no matter how much you wish it 2 + 2 = 4 (except for exceptionally large values of 2)

Most of these things are explained by mathematicians and physicists. Infact that’s pretty much what the Grand Unified Theory is and why physicists want to find out what it is.

“Questions about God”

If your model requires input from a magical non-provable entity in order to function then you have not grasped the point of physics.

If we start bringing God into equations then our world becomes very boring. It’s like if Newton decided to attribute the effects of gravity to invisible gravity fairies rather than effects of mass deforming space and various other theories (I am but a medical student who watches the Discovery Channel but I know a bit of physics, any physics based readers can help me out on this).

Where would we slot God in? Which God? What equations can calculate the incalculable and the unreal? We may as well assign values for boobquakes and other nonsensical ideas while we are at it. And indeed, then we may as well pack up and go home and replace physics textbooks with a piece of paper that says “MAGIC” if we are to start throwing god into equations. Infact we may as well declare everything to work by magic because “we could all be wrong and everything coincidentally works like this because it is pleasing to a big sky wizard”.

“Philosophy is Dead? It’s a stunning statement not so much in it’s abruptness but in it’s arrogance, which presumes that philosophy’s success is determined only to the degree it can keep up with physics. Conventional physicists believe that physics alone can explain everything. The Grand Design will only become apparent if we can only work out the math.”

Philosophy isn’t dead, it is sadly a decript shadow of it’s origins. It cannot keep up with science as science was unleashed from it’s constraints by the invention of the scientific method. The idea that peer review and universality of science meant that science exploded out of the starting lines leaving the comparatively staid philosophy in the starting lines. Science began to actually start answering questions raised in philosophy that were thought to be unanswerable.

Sadly philosophy is now a subject for the relatively easy going student with very little real world applications when compared to science however once upon a time philosophy carried a lot of weight because we simply were not very scientific. So actually talking about logic was more sensible than testing things out. Now we are in a situation where we are encouraged to experiment our thought experiments out and thus cross the line from philosophy to science.

Hence philosophy deals with the metaphysical while science expands what the physical entails. And hence why philosophy is kind of a silly idea since you are basically discussing what colour invisible unicorns are rather than building devices that see invisible unicorns if they exist.

“The Theory of Everything? Not just physics stuff? I find that hard to believe given that the average quantum physicist probably doens’t know what’s in a hot dog much less the entire universe”

Well since human beings work by molecular interactions which can be modelled in physics, I suppose yes the theory of everything could encompass that. And Adams find it hard to believe because he thinks water has a memory and that immune systems are responsible for autism.

Also the idea that a lack of knowledge in something doesn’t preclude you from expertise in some other field. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to fix your car but that doesn’t stop you from hiring him to fix your pipes.

“There is no definition that defines physics as the study of all that is.”

Really? Since when has science laid out boundaries. Physicists and Biologists do not get into knife fights over who gets to study the mechanics of bird flight. There are no science police who show up and bust chemists for dabbling in biology or biologists doing a bit of physics.

“Physicists are often wrong”

Scientists are often wrong. Hell Dr. Hawkings is famous for proving Einstein wrong on some bits. Scientists are relatively graceful losers, they will grumble but know when they have been beaten. No one begrudges the losing side of a scientific debate IF they have been holding to true scientific principle.

“The big questions that philosophy seeks to answer. Questions that cannot be asked through the study of physics alone. What is consciousness? Is there a God? What happens after death? How do we know what we know? What does it mean to exist? Can love be measured? How does consciousness interact with matter and energy? For what purpose if any are we here? Are these questions considered so unimportant that the knowledge seeking branch is to be discarded?”

  1.   Consciousness is the illusion of individuality brought on by the complexity of the human brain. It is a product of a vast network of neurons and complexity. Ultimately it is entirely chemical.
  2. No there isn’t a god since in order for one to exist there would have to be the ability to break the laws of physics at will. There is no proof of such an entity existing beyond wishful thinking and fables.
  3. Nothing happens after death. You die, your body rots and becomes food for a variety of organisms that break down organic matter. The end. Quite honestly an afterlife is just wishful thinking and incredibly childish.
  4. Existence means different things to different people as different people see different things in existence. Some fill their brief period in the sun with delusions of a god, others with something concrete like a family while others pursue goals such as improving other people’s lives in any small way they can. Some people are deluded and wrong and some people are not. People exist solely for the sake of existence!
  5. Love is merely the bond between two people and it cannot be measured logically since it is based on individuals and their notion and ideas of love and is based on unmeasurable things like culture.
  6. Consciousness is a product of matter and energy. Introduction of matter and energy to consciousness is “not very good” and can cause disturbances since consciousness is a product of the architecture of the brain. These we class as psychiatry.
  7. You are here for no purpose bar what you impose on yourself.
Neat eh? And I don’t even have a philosophy degree. A lot of things can be answered by carefully observing the world and experimenting. Turns out all these questions have been answered. It is just that people don’t like the answers we give them.

“Shut up and calculate!”

Mike Adams has a very strange understanding of physics. Of all the scientists I know and love my physicist friends often do use the “Shut Up And Calculate” school of dealing with weird things. Because it is not so weird after you break things down to mathematics.

“Consciousness collapses waves of probability into seemingly real particles in our seemingly real world. Without a conscious observer there is nothing to translate the laws of physics into observable, testable evidence in the first place… Consciousness is physics in the same way that E=MC2, which explains that energy is matter just in a different form.”

Yes Physics only exists if there is a conscious observer. That is true. However the actual mechanisms work whether the observer is a human being or a bacterial cell irrespective of who is watching. Physics is explanation of phenomena such as the waves of probability which still exist irrespective of whether we are looking or not!

Also E=MC2 states that the destruction of matter releases colossal amounts of energy since C = the speed of light which is “A Really Big Number”. It’s the principle of atomic energy and indeed the nuclear weapon.

“Francis Crick stated that awareness was no more than a feeling generated in the brain.”

Dr. Crick is right. We are an awesome chemical reaction. And that is more amazing than any stupid soul or magic consciousness. Can you imagine the countless tiny reactions of calcium depolarisation in my brain releasing neurotransmitters to control my fingers via the biological electrical cables that make up my nerves? That the entirety of my existence is so intricately complex that the amount of processing power for my hand and fingers on the motor cortex rivals that of my entire legs? It is phenomenally more interesting than the magic that Mike Adams believes in.

If you want true wonder realise that at our very core we are a binary beast like our laptops. Yet due to the nature of our brain we have a very analogue system based on the binary of active neuron or inactive neuron.

“If scientists are biochemical robots with no free will, then who do they believe wrote their books? Is Hawking’s The Grand Design a spontaneous regurgitation of biochemical ricochets cascading through his head without any intention, then by definition the book must be a mindless account of physics. In writing that humans are biochemical robots, Hawkings has not only lost his mind but he believed that he never had one to begin with.”

Rather tasteless there considering the only thing left on the man is his mind (And what a mind!). The assumption Mike has is that the brain functions at random firing away every neuron rather than an evolutionary function dictated by nearly 3 billion years of life on this planet. What Mike is describing is the “brain storm” of an epileptic seizure rather than the thought process.

Biochemical robot indicates the cellular mechanism that enables us to function rather than our neural chemistry which is reliant on a variety of things to come to conclusions. The same neural chemistry also can come to a wrong conclusion too depending on how we interpret data.

With regards to movement when electrical stimulation is applied to the brain during Awake Brain Surgery “This is a fallacious and illogical argument from the outset. I can tie a string to you and move you around like a puppet but that doesn’t mean that you can decide to move that same toe on your own through conscious intention translated through the brain. The mind you see works being translated through the brain which is a biological organ”

This is without the understanding that severing of the motor nerves results in loss of control. Severing of the pyramidal tracts in the spinal cord causes complete paralysis and a reversion to primitive reflex arcs rather than conscious movement because conscious movement is related to the brain and the nervous system rather than something special.

Conscious thought is not translated through the brain since it is part of the brain. Severe damage to the brain affects conscious thought. Simple chemical derangements can result in severe effects to consciousness. You can detect conscious thought by brain activity on MRI machines. It is not something independent of the brain. There is no magic “mind” that controls the brain at all.

He makes an assumption (and a pretty baseless one) that we have a unknown control mechanism. Primarily because this unknown control mechanism is one that he requires to exist for his brand of snake oil to work.
He uses the example of a radio controlled helicopter without realising that the remote works under principles we understand physically and can see rather than by something esoteric and undetectable.

“Determinism is a very dangerous philosophy as it absolves people of their own actions.”

Fuck no! Since when? Was I asleep when that happened?

This entire line of thinking from Mike assumes that humans as biochemical robots are absolved from not acting on laws that we have imposed on our self. The laws of society stem from the complexity of the society we live in and the need for us to produce a unbiased (or as close to) system of rules and regulations to solve problems. People who break these laws are criminals and are punished to discourage people from such crimes. Some crime is big such as murder, other are small such as jay walking. Being a biological robot means that you have machinery of a robot but your brain is the thing that determines what you do with your life and should you break the laws then you will suffer the consequences. Most people do not want to suffer consequences so follow the rules. The rules have evolved too. The 10 commandments are “a simplistic set of rules”. However by the end of Leviticus we are worrying about eating owls and wearing poly-cotton mixes because frankly the rules have exceeded those basic 10. That’s how our society has developed. Building rules that apply to us till somethings are ingrained into our very being.

The frequently invoked plea of insanity is only frequently invoked in the Movies Frequently. It is not a get out of jail card, it is a good way to get worse things to happen to you. Jail time ends, crazy time does not. In exchange for an insanity plea you can end up living the rest of your life in an institution under a doctor’s whim.
Mike Adams seriously thinks a psychiatric plea is one that works. Not one that is normally binned outright or used in serious cases where you lose all rights as an individual since you are no longer capable of making decisions and are sent to a psychiatric ward rather than jail which may be worse since psychiatric wards for violent patients are almost all restraint ready with burly men who are encouraged to give you medicines to make you easier to handle. They can keep you l
onger than a real jail often for lesser crimes than one would think possible.

“If we are biochemical machines, it would seem that we could be held accountable to pre-crime! Because as Hawking openly states, that if we knew the complete molecular state of someone’s brain today we can perfectly predict every thought and action they may take in the future.”

Crime is only crime if you commit it and not if you are thinking about it. Mike Adams is just inventing fears at this point. EVEN if we could predict future crime, we would intervene to stop the crime rather than punishing the person pre-emptively. (Yeah Minority Report was just that stupid!)

“But the belief that human beings lack souls or consciousness is far more serious reason. It can provide a scientific basis for the commission of heinous crimes against humanity… including genocide!” (dum dum DUM)

There has never ever been a scientific justification for genocide. Infact of the “genocidal fuckheads” that populated the world, none of them followed any scientific principles. Stalin’s deaths were due to following Lysenkoism, after rejecting Darwinism as Bourgiose (this lead to various famines that caused Stalin’s death toll to be so high). Nazis were religious and believed in souls. As did the Japanese. Pol Pot believed that people with glasses were smart and smart people were anathema to the state so killed them. None of these are scientific justifications for anything.

The world is overpopulated. We are dealing with that problem by “handing out condoms and teaching people that having one or two kids is best because having kids you cannot feed is stupid”. Not by committing genocide.

The people who have committed genocide have believed in souls. Nothing makes for a good genocide like religion and mindless ideology rather than rational scientific thought.

Also apparently the USDA is killing Cougars, Falcons and Owls (Thundercougarfalconburger?) and a whole zoo of animals for shits and giggles because they have no consciousness. (Last I heard is that Cougars were on various “no hunt lists” and so the USDA is not hunting cougars). And murdering the eco-system has actual consequences in fucking up the ecosystem. I am sure the USDA is out there killing foxes, rabbit, rats and perhaps badgers but not cougars, falcons and owls which actually eat pests that we “don’t like”.

“If the US government is already involved in the murder of animal species deemed too populous then by extension the same approach to managing human populations would quite easily be justified under the philosophical belief that human beings are mere biological animals too”

Ah yes the slippery slope argument so beloved of the Anti-Gay Marriage activist. If the government kills vermin then by logic it will kill human beings! If the government legally transplants kidneys then what is to stop it from stealing all our children’s organs and selling them to zoos for money!

Mike is nuts, and makes insane assumptions. Determinism is not a pretext for genocide and this is what we call a straw man argument. Mike has created a threat that does not exist. AKA that following the idea that man is a biological machine means that we are deterministic and this will lead to a lack of value of human life leading to genocide. When in reality we are possibly at the point of time when we there are fewer genocides going on at the moment than at any previous point in time because of how we have progressed as a species beyond the stupid constraints of religion, caste, creed and colour and have instead decided to embrace everyone as human.

No government would be able to utilise this argument and be called scientific because scientists will kick their arguments to the kerb. Like we have always done to such morons who tried to co-opt our fields for politics rather than for the benefit of human understanding.

“Adolph Hitler would have welcomed such a philosophy, making it all the easier to poison millions of Jews if you don’t think of them as human beings and instead consider them as mindless robotic machines waiting to exterminated. If Hawking’s book had existed, genocide would have been carried out under the name of science and the idea that jews were mere soulless animals to be exterminated at will. And anyone who opposed that idea would have been called unscientific!”

Instant Drama: Just Add Nazis (zombie Nazis for double drama)

Mike Adams has crossed so many lines here. What Mike has said is insulting to the Jewish survivors of a heinous act. Adolph Hitler would have had Mr. Hawkings gassed even before the Jews for starters rather than read his work. The Nazis were also firm believers in religion and of the soul. Hawkings is both disabled and an atheist so would have been in the camps as well.

Genocide was carried out in the name of science despite science stating that what was being done was insane. Jews were exterminated due to 2000 years of belief that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. Gypsies were killed because they had darker skin. Religion twisted and tainted scientific understanding because people believed that Jews didn’t have souls and were not human as opposed to everyone believing they were equal.

Mike has not only insulted the Jews but also Dr. Hawkings whose personality and sense of humour mark him as a nice person. I have a strong feeling Dr. Hawkings would stand for what is right rather than the twisted teachings of the far right and racial superiority that go hand in hand with the belief that one is “god’s chosen”. At best Hawkings points out that we are all equal and the colour of skin is like a paintjob on a car rather than anything significant.

“Science has given us the Atomic Bomb and other technology with which to commit mass genocide has also given us other technology that justifies genocide. Ethics has kept up with physics, but physics has not kept up with ethics.”

The atomic bomb was discovered as part of a race to keep it out of the hands of very dangerous Nazis who would have used it indiscriminately considering their ethical view of the racial superiority of the Aryan. The Japanese were the same since they believed in the inferiority of everyone. The atomic bomb was dropped and ironically probably saved countless Japanese and American lives from a protracted war that would have cost the Japanese millions of lives in the invasion. Sad but that was a very sad era of humanity and The Bomb ended it. It also ensured that world wars were kept to a minimum. Fear of the bomb has reduced warfare and encouraged peace. We all remember those days and we all want peace now thanks to just two of them to end the last great war. And hopefully as long as we remember that war no one else will want to wage such a war ever again.

I am not sure if Stephen Hawkings says at any point that we do not have free will. Or that consciousness is nothing. I believe he stated that free will is a product of a complex brain and that free will is bound to logical pathways rather than true free will and that conscious thought is a product of a complex brain rather than something unique to it.

“Under the brand of science, we are all soulless meaningless biochemical robots, who have fooled ourselves into somehow thinking we are self aware.”

What we state that there is no soul, what you are is what you are. You are meaningless in the grand scale of things. Whether you live or die the world will go on. We are biochemical in nature. And we are self aware as a product of a complex brain and evolution rather than due to a god.

Humanity is all that. And that is far more fantastic than Mike Adam’s wish that we possess magic powers or the divinely mandated right of man to be man. We are far more interesting than that.

“ Part 2 on May 31st

Oh hell! There is not enough alcohol in the world! But fine! Since I started, I guess I will have to finish… Stay tuned for more Tales From the Crypt of Idiocy.

This is not the way to do it!

Its a real crying shame. India has so many issues with healthcare. So very many. When 50 out of 1000 children die before the age of 1, do you really think you should be encouraging people to take part in frankly outdated practices? Really Cuba? I hold you, as a mere medical student, the ideal model of a medical system for a developing nation. Cost efficient and designed to provide amazing healthcare at a cost to people who need it. But I am sorely disappointed. But this may not be Cuba’s fault, they are notoriously scientific in their approach to medicine. This may be India. In order to make up the gap in available doctors, the Indian government recognises alternative medicine as a medical degree.
I understand a lot of people know what homeopathy is. But ayurveda? Its an old system of natural medicine. Some of it is pretty sensible. Like how to keep your teeth clean. If one travels in India, you will notice an above average standard of healthy teeth despite a relative lack of dentists and indeed tooth brushes. People take sticks from a Neem tree and pith it so that it forms a brush. The neem sap is naturally antibacterial and the stick forms a good brush. Common sense and application? Certainly! However one should not listen to its plans on maintainable of blood pressure or many of the countless other bad ideas it has. 
Again we are all familiar with Yoga, in general a way to flex your way to health. Great if you are in shape, not so great if you are like me and are for want of a better description “a chubby bugger”. Yet yoga practitioners in India make claims of the system that make Dhalsim more realistic. From cures of diabetes to stopping devious sexual thoughts. 
Unani. Now this is one I had to look up. I ran into these individuals as part of a community medicine rotation and what I learnt made me sick. They are traditional greek humourists. As in the believe in the balance of humours. This is medical thinking that outdates the bible. They are leech merchants and belong in a Monty Python sketch. 
Its deadly, the fact is that the indian government is mainly made up of people with poor education. Its run on dirty tricks and mudslingling rather than policy. This allows such charlatans to thrive. The idea may be that India can cover up the gaps in the system using natural medicine. They are desperate. Or that people are more likely to come to a traditional healer where they can be treated with modern medicine instead. However the fact is that the government encourages so called local healers as full fledged doctors carrying equivalent ranking to what people call western medicine. So as a poor person being treated for malaria, your doctor may administer you quinine bark pills or western medicine or homeopathic water.
Here in lies the problem. Western is an idea of a foreign invader. Temples have started placing restrictions on what they call as western clothing. A lot of temples state that women cannot enter dressed in western clothes (AKA Jeans, Skirts and so on) and must wear a sari or salwar kameez. However a lot of temples have gone one step further and stated that men cannot enter wearing western clothes. Making it a sarong, yes gentlemen. Just a sarong. Women will have to avert their eyes from our shining masculine bodies lest we inflame their passions with our gigantic muscles and shapely legs. (Or in my case make them run away laughing/screaming because of my lack of those things) Its an evil thing filled with change and a degradation of the Indian Culture whether it be KFC or indeed Medicine. 
So you are fighting from a position of weakness because you are foreign. You see some really tragic things. Families who won’t use any contraception because they believe in what the catholic church says despite having so many children that they cannot even feed them properly causing the government to step in with food aid which only encourages them to have more children because they think the lord will provide when it is the tax payer. Families which bring children in with screw worm infections due to an ancient practice of anointing the child with cow dung. Polio outbreaks because people are told that the polio vaccine is a kind of contraception, that the two drops they place on your child’s tongue mean that he will only have two children. People nod and listen then promptly go back to doing things the way they always did and listening to the charlatans and quacks. 
Just remember, the real danger of homeopathy is not back home in the UK or in the US. Its where they can call themselves doctors and receive government money to treat people who don’t know any better and who are just doing what their fathers and grandfathers did. They are killing people for money here. Its nothing short of murder. And that’s the real shame. Because we can do something back home by opposing these monsters and exposing their lies. The less support the indian homeopaths receive from their sugar daddies back in the west the more lives we save and the easier it makes facing down the local brands of their pernicious faith in water.