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Dec 02 2013

Will, Skill or a Bill

I have often pushed the Mantra of Charity as something to be approached in a sensible way. Do what you can and what needs to be done. If you cannot pay or have the skills to help then you can still spread the word. You can get others to donate and or volunteer. The story …

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Nov 29 2013

HIV Has A New Strain

There’s a new strain of HIV that”s been discovered in Guinea-Bissau (West Africa). It’s more aggressive than the other two major strains and causes a rapid progression from HIV+ to AIDS according to the researchers at Lund University (Sweden) Instead of around 7 years it takes around 5 years to develop AIDS. 

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Mar 30 2013

I Get Mail – Sex for the Gods

This was watched and reviewed at the Bengaluru/Bangalore Meeting of Freethinkers and it got me thinking and one of it’s members asked me if I could have look at it. It’s about the Devdasi or the sacred prostitutes of India. I am not against it, it’s not incorrect but it has a few misconceptions that …

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Mar 29 2013


A bill in Kansas which could theoretically allow the forcible quarantine of those who suffer from HIV/AIDS. Ignore the spin on the article, it’s fantastic but the law in question allows for the quarantine of those who suffer a communicable disease and by chance “HIV/AIDS” comes under that category.

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Jul 07 2012

It Gets Better – Things Can Change

Normally I stay away from Reddit, it was a bit beyond me and I heard tales of abject misogyny. But this is equal parts inspiring and tragic and makes me want to join in. Things won’t get better unless we make it better ourselves. Despite all the doomsayers and judgements and deaths, the HIV epidemic …

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Mar 17 2012

Ignorance is Deadly

Sometimes you find articles such as this and you are simply lost for words. This is a terrible piece of advice. Of the 27 million or so HIV positive people on the planet, 22 million are from Africa. Roughly 22 million HIV/AIDS patients are black.This advice is part of the reason why there are 22 million HIV …

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Aug 16 2011

It Get’s Better – Let Joe tell you a Story

Ricky loved Madonna made my heart break a little. We often forget people after they become statistics. In 2007 alone out of roughly 250,000 men who have sex with men (the term Gay Man is not used anymore because it ignores people who experiment and people who are bisexual), roughly 5000 a year die. But remember …

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Jul 21 2011

The Changing Face of HIV and AIDS

Click to see a Larger Image It’s a stunning piece of information, simple and elegant enough to portray the fight against HIV/AIDS that we are facing. It’s still a big problem, it’s not going to go away. All those numbers of people at the moment are still guaranteed to die. We need to change that. …

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Jun 11 2011

Why I Fight

We only have one world for the moment. One life in which to live on this earth, No hell below us, and above us only sky. Most of us on the internet are lucky enough to live in paradise of civilisation but there are people who live in a very real hell. And it’s not …

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