Demonic Yoga

I often am irritated by the yoga brigade. Yes, yoga is a great exercise. I like it for that. Yes, meditation has benefits, we have seen some scientific evidence for the calming effects of meditationg. We aren’t saying Yoga lets you shoot fire and meditation lets you access a higher plane of consciousness. We are just saying that these are good exercise both physical and mental.

So it is rather puzzling when Christians buy into the magic powers aspect of “yoga”. [Read more…]

Denigration of Yoga

Yoga is a “big deal”.

Let us get this straight. Yoga in it’s modern form is nothing like it’s origins. Which is fine, boxing is not like it’s origins either and fencing hasn’t resulted in deaths recently.

Yoga is in effect a series of stretching exercises, resistance training and callisthenics that build up the flexibility of the body. It’s not magic, it’s basic common sense. It is however a Hindu tradition and steeped in “Ideas” that are based on Hindu tradition such as meditation and the idea of exercise to bring calm and peace.

In a nutshell when we go to the gym rather than pounding rhythm, Yoga is about building your body through holding awkward poses that strengthen the muscle. In effect your body is your resistance and weights. [Read more…]

I Get Mail – Sex for the Gods

[notice]Testing out my three tier comments policy. Expect fancier artwork to be put in place when I can get some up but consider this topic a Yellow one. Stay on target, and discuss away. And at all points will there be no personal attacks and no bigotry. The following topic is NSFW as it contains a discussion about the sex trade. If you like what you read then pass it on, as I do feel there are a fair few misconceptions[/notice]

This was watched and reviewed at the Bengaluru/Bangalore Meeting of Freethinkers and it got me thinking and one of it’s members asked me if I could have look at it. It’s about the Devdasi or the sacred prostitutes of India. I am not against it, it’s not incorrect but it has a few misconceptions that we can clear up. [Read more…]

Atheism is Justified

It’s rare to see Hindus bash atheists but they do so rarely. This it’s that our Atheism isn’t Justified according to the Hindustan Times.

I have taken five reasons why people don’t have faith in the existence of God. The first reason is the low or nil success rate of our prayers. Everyone prays from time to time, but our prayers are not always answered. We have many questions regarding God and generally about spiritual matters, but we are unable to get satisfactory answers. Scriptures appear quite mythical. God appears very distant even to persons who regularly do many rituals. And many exploit others in the name of religion/God by promising quick fix solutions.

No. These things create doubts in religion, but the ultimate reason is that there is no evidence for a god and scripture appearing mythical is a euphemism

But are these reasons good enough and valid? Are they based on facts? Judge for yourself. Let us start with the first reason, i.e. the poor success rate of our prayers. Let me give some examples. A student has not studied properly and he is praying for success in exam. A partisan fan prays for his team’s success. A gambler prays for winning a lot of money. Should these prayers be acceded to? The rule regarding prayers is very simple: if the cause is deserving, God generally helps.

Yet there are students who pray who pass their exams. There are fans who pray and get a team win. There are gamblers who win.

India is home to some of the poorest people on the planet and god doesn’t answer their prayers. Either this means that the gods do not exist or that your god thinks lottery wins are more important than starving people. There are plenty of deserving causes that god chooses to ignore.

Now let us take the second reason for lack of faith in God. Human beings are inquisitive by nature, because they are intelligent species. Unfortunately, we either don’t ask from experts or try to find answers within ourselves. The third cause for disbelief in God is equally unacceptable. This is regarding scriptures. Who wrote them? Did God write them? No, human beings did this. Are they conveying exactly what God had said in the past? The fourth excuse is equally fallacious.

Except the experts in religion regularly say things that are plain idiotic and are responsible in the case of Hinduism of a hegemony of oppression that is only now starting to crumble. If scriptures are fallible due to the humans who wrote them then so are the so called experts you claim who know the true meaning of “scripture and faith”. And the gods appear distant because they are non existent.

God is not distant for persons who follow His instructions to know Him. We cannot invent our own system and hope to know God. The last reason is extremely unfortunate. Fraudulent persons have done a lot of disservice to  humanity by making a business of cheating the innocent public in the name of God.

Even if you chanted the Vedas and sacrificed ghee you would not be able to appease a non-existent being. You may pray for the health of your loved ones but you still check your blood pressure at a clinic.

So what is the conclusion? Is atheism justified?

Until you can prove without contention using empirical evidence that your god exists, a skeptical viewpoint is not only justified but also the logical norm.

Age of Kali – Beefeater

I have been trying all day to get my hands on this.

I failed. Apparently the book isn’t really published in the South. I may try a large publishing house like Higginbothams but it’s apparently a weird book.

I think everyone has covered this. My point however is something different…

They easily cheat, tell lies, forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes,

I will point out that India still has the unnatural sexual acts law which makes fellatio and cunnilingus a sexual deviation punishable by law.

How bad do you have to be at giving head to actually be reported to the police? God Avi! That was so fucking terrible I needed to call the cops. Maybe next time you won’t be as terrible as this!

I think David Poddar is thinking of a different kind of meat swallowing.

However this is the most amusing one…

“The Arabs who helped in constructing the Suez Canal lived on wheat and dates and were superior to the beef-fed Englishmen engaged in the same work.”

I am rather proud to be Indian and proud to be British. I know my history.

Which is why when someone says something like this all that goes through my head is “If the Rosbif are so indolent, vapid and prone to sex crime, and the vegetarian Hindus and (hah! I have lived in the middle east. Arabs LOVE meat! Middle Eastern Food is a meat lover’s heaven.) those date and wheat eating arabs are this superior. Then How the fucking hell did the beef eaters freaking take over both the Arabs and the Indians? Last I heard the incredibly superior arabs were on the receiving end of the colonial stick. As were the Indians. It’s kind of hard to claim that you are superior to the Englishmen in every single way after losing to them over and over.

I laugh about this but in India this kind of historical revisionism is very very common.

One of the greatest tragedies of the way India treats its history is WW2. Many Indians (including the Late Bal Thackeray, whose achievements in life drove me to atheism. A man of sectarianism, violence. He embarassed me to be a Hindu when I was 7, he sowed the seeds for countless hindu atheists across the planet) believe that Hitler wasn’t so bad. That the Japanese would “liberate” India. Why? Because one of the most famous Indian heroes was a collaborationist.

In WW2 2.5 million Indians died due to the Japanese. India was in the top ten HIGHEST death tolls amongst all countries in WW2. Indian soldiers helped forge India’s freedom by fighting as part of the deal of non-interference and non-agitation during WW2 in exchange for freedom. These soldiers guaranteed India’s freedom and fought both internal threats such as the seccession of states such as the Nizam of Hyderabad and Invasions such as that of Kashmir. Without these men and women India would be a fractured balkanised state rather than a nation trying to be a superpower. These 2.5 million deaths are casually ignored because it would portray a national hero in a terrible light. Subash Chandra Bose collaborated with both the Nazis and the Japanese during WW2 causing countless atrocities in India.

India would rather remember his ideological opposition to the British rather than the effect of his allies and the formation of the Indian National Army which if it would have succeeded would have been a second tragedy like China or South East Asia. Many Indians straight up didn’t believe that they fought in WW2 and often doing remarkable things.

And it boils down to literature like this. Where reality is ignored for fairy tales in order to feel superior.

The ultimate joke is Indians aren’t taught real achievements of historical Indians. Not many would explain the validity of the zero. The invention of cataract surgery and plastic surgery. The first doctrines of opiate usage as a pain killer. The first cleanliness doctrines. The discovery of the predecessor for vaccinations… Indian developed rockets were what the british took as weapons not the chinese ones which were a protected state secret even in the 1700s.

Ramanujam, Bose and even modern-day scientific greats as Ramachandran are all Indian. They never get a shout out. Most Indians don’t even know who they are. Ramanujam is more remembered for dying tragically rather than his mathematics.

Did you know most Indians couldn’t name the first Indian woman in space or the first career astronaut? (Kalpana Chawla). This is a person who should have been treated like Neil Armstrong! Why? Because there is a distinct part of India that is so fascinated by the achievements of the west that it feels inferior. That rather than build new things to be proud of it has to change history, but as it does it forgets the real things to be proud of. And this faction of people write textbooks. And politicians LOVE being told they are awesome rather than the reality of the situation so they flog these textbooks which fellate their ego and the ego of their constituents.

Save the fairy tales for bed time stories, don’t faff around with History or Science. All that occurs is you create generations who make the same mistakes as their ancestors. And worse, who don’t realise that their own culture is marvellous and worth preserving. Or worse who think that their culture is a lie because the only people telling them about their culture are liars.

Until then? I have a hankering for some Sex Crime… I mean a Big Mac!!!

The Age of Kali


So you don’t believe in any gods? Well neither do I. In fact the day I realised that there were no gods, I probably lost a great deal more of them than most other atheists, you see I am an ex-hindu. An atheist of a million denied gods and denier not of the original sin but of the Age of Kali. Hinduism is the religion I don’t believe in.

Hinduism claims that we live in the last age of the world. The Kali Yuga. Gone are honour and magic from the world. The grace of men has been lost leaving the world with more villains than heroes. It is the end of days and the fading of the asur… It is the twilight of the gods and of mankind. That the cruelty and injustice in the world exist due to the end being near and the breakdown of the mechanisms of dharma and karma.

I am a British medical student, ethnically Indian from the fair city of Manchester. City of football and Oasis. I do study in India and for me it is rather weird. I am expected to follow all these traditions solely because people expect it from someone who is brown. I am in the same boat as Hemant Mehta (the Friendly Atheist); both of us don’t really come from religious backgrounds that treat atheists as badly as the Abrahamic faiths. See Hindu gods are weird compared to the Abrahamic gods that we all know and love (or hate) so intimately. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all essentially born out of the same original belief and so are familiar to us. The Ten Commandments, the bearded messiahs, the desert, misogyny, hate masquerading as love. Hinduism is different, it is old and primal, it is a religion of sex, drugs and magic while at the same time influenced heavily by Victorian culture which revels in the excesses and in ideas such as purity and women on pedestals. [Read more…]

Age of Kali: When it rains, it pours

Sometimes words cannot express how utterly insane and disgusting people can be.

I don’t even know what to write about this. How do you blog about human sacrifice and the hold that these priests have on the population? You can condemn it but so does everyone else.

It’s also terrifying that it isn’t the only human sacrifice that has occurred that year with atleast two other children being sacrificed and a factory worker beheaded at a temple. Sufficient amounts of people believe in it to go through with the idea of killing someone else for the purpose of gaining a benefit from a non-existent being.

It’s utterly shocking that there is no drive to stamp out these witch doctors and priests who utilise people’s ignorance to drive them to such horrific crimes and scare them into behaving like the monsters they are supposed to fear.

Centurion – It’s the hindu way or the highway.

Well I have hit 100 posts! And it coincides with Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri the education minister of a state in India saying things that indicate how off his rocker he really is. The Education Minister of Karnataka believes that they should force all children to read the bhagavad gita for an hour every day.

“The Bhagavad Gita is like the Sun. I think that it is the duty of every Indian to respect the Bhagvad Gita like they respect other elements surrounding them. I strongly feel that if someone does not respect it, they have no place in India. They should leave the country and settle abroad,”

The Gita is a book written by men, just like any other. It’s a remarkable story about morality particularly the value of duty, but ultimately it is just that. A story, much like the Aesop’s fables and or a Thousand and One arabian nights. You aren’t meant to take it seriously lest you turn into someone as close minded as Mr Kageri.
It also matches with some of the issues I have had. The idea is “if you complain then you should just leave”, its a terrible attitude that a lot of people seem to have. A lot of the attitude is that indians cannot do things that western nations do (bollocks!) or that western corruption (aka our love of  wine, women and song) are things fought of by rigid adherence to the old ways little realising that it hurts their own progress as a nation. Ideas are ideas, if they are good they should be adopted irrespective of the cultural background. Adopting the habit of queuing or the idea that marriages shouldn’t be forced upon your children doesn’t mean you should adopt america’s culture of firearms or the british culture of binge drinking.

India is a secular nation, it’s enshrined in the constitution, in much the same way as the USA has a separation of church and state clause (it’s actually inspired by it). This rant is rather illegal in that, but it shows a greater sickness.

India may have a secular constitution but politics is driven by demography. Caste and Religion rule everything behind the scenes. That antics like this can be  used to drum up support. Even opposition to this bill isn’t “Don’t force your religious belief on other people” it’s “Look! See how the ruling party’s mismanagement has caused such fanatics to come to power?”. Caste, creed and religion  are so intertwined in indian  politics that it is secular in name only.

[Thanks to all the readers for reading! I can’t believe I have hit a 100 posts according to the blogger software dealie, now I shall aim for 200.]