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Nov 29 2013

HIV Has A New Strain

There’s a new strain of HIV that”s been discovered in Guinea-Bissau (West Africa). It’s more aggressive than the other two major strains and causes a rapid progression from HIV+ to AIDS according to the researchers at Lund University (Sweden) Instead of around 7 years it takes around 5 years to develop AIDS. 

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Nov 20 2013

Age of Kali – Toilets, Not Temples

 In a fit of exasperation an Indian Minister for Rural Development uttered the lines that shocked the saffron fundies of India. India Needs More Toilets Than Temples.

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Oct 24 2013

The Fallacy of Vitamin D

Natural News are flogging vitamin pills again.

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Oct 16 2013

How to Cripple Healthcare

This isn’t up for debate really. A socialised medical system is pound for pound the most cost effective method of guaranteeing the health of a population.due to a large emphasis on preventative medicine, subsidised costs, economies of scale and the like. Now people look at the NHS bloat and don’t realise that the bloat is …

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Oct 12 2013

Hera’s Ordeal

So the reason I haven’t been posting much is because, well, I nearly died.

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Jul 14 2013

You will know them by their love

Wendy Davis has become a house hold name for her epic filibuster. On Friday, Senators convened to debate the Texas Abortion Bill. But one thing missing? The objections this time were simply ignored. The Texas Abortion bill is a religious bill. I don’t think anyone is a fan of abortion. It is a medical procedure. …

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Jul 04 2013

Neumann Convictions Upheld

Eleven-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died of undiagnosed diabetes on Easter Sunday in March 2008. She was at her parents’ home in the central Wisconsin village of Weston. She died because Dale and Leilani Neumann, ignored obvious symptoms of severe illness as their daughter became too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk, choosing to pray …

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Jul 03 2013

Gift of Life

To me there is no greater gift than giving someone a chance at life which they wouldn’t have had. And one of the ways that anyone can do it is through organ donation.

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Jun 24 2013

FGM Hotline

The UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Hotline goes live today. It is estimated that roughly 70 women a month are brought in with complications with regards to the practice. Most of these are young children. The UK police are treating the practice as child abuse and a special help line to ask both about legal advice …

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem – Economy Class Syndrome

There is a deadly disease out there and it’s colloquially called Economy Class Syndrome. It’s real name is DVT and I will face it down next thursday when I travel for a whopping 18 hours…

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