I Am Truly Disgusted By Avicenna

This man took the time to make some rather spurious claims  about me. A short back story?

People don’t like the fact I am helping others. To them it is easier to make claims that I am not doing so and denigrate what I do and simply imply that  I am the second coming of StalinHitlerSatan. This culminated in one person calling me a paedophile and another making his indepth investigation into what can only be called ASTIgate. What followed was a hilarious inquisition of three people firing a barrage of questions and not liking the answers they got.

I figured that censorship is the last thing I should do. The last time they did something they photoshopped some very sensible words about helping others and thought it would harm my case. Turns out people are smarter than them and also think that if you harm yourself to help another when there is no need you are quite foolish.

But yes. He’s taking on my PTSD claim and ASTI time line when everyone here knows that I said last March that I was not going to Nepal and would attempt to volunteer with them on a later date. Oh well.

I think you should watch his video. And when someone asks you “what barriers are there to PoC in atheism” then show them this. If you are asked “Why do so few atheists write openly about their experiences in the non-western world” show them this. If they ask you why do we have so few people in charity then show them this.

This has encouraged me to do two things. From henceforth I will be more vocal and involved in meat space. If you have an event you think I should attend and socialise with other atheists then let me know when I am back in the UK.

Secondly? It has shown me the fact that no matter how many hands of reconcilliation I offer these idiots are just going to thrash around like this.

You don’t have to believe that I have PTSD. I mean seriously? Most of my life, PTSD was for soldiers. I had to learn to live with it without the infrastructure soldiers got. Do you think I care what this dumbass has to say? Or you? All I have left is a fear of explosions and a distaste for balloons and fireworks. I will live as long as I don’t have to work as a party clown.

I care a little but that is because I feel saddened I have to defend my life to someone who has never had to endure anything beyond this. And then I realised what sort of guy he is. And because I never imagined getting this hate from within atheism. I expect this from Anti-Vax or from the Animal Lib.

When Malala spoke about education, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke about Female Genital Mutilaton and when Taslima Nasrin spoke about misogyny within Islam they were all threatened by people who called them liars and repulsive.

This man is mine. And I will give him a platform to speak. After all, the light kills germs.

If you wish to spite him? Do not donate to me, donate to the Acid Survivor’s Trust International. They were the real victims of this piece. Actually? Atheism is the real victim. We can be good without god. We can also be total tossers and sadly, people will remember him for much longer than they will remember any act of kindness. His acts and his works will leave a dirtier taste in your mouth.

He is a truffle of shit that ruins a box of fine chocolates. Once you have eaten it, you don’t want to eat the rest of the chocolates.

Of and a side note. If people donate enough, I am perfectly willing to write up a response. In fact? Let us create some forfeits to do if we hit different targets. The first one suggested (a long time ago) was if I hit a thousand pounds, I would have to try to eat Durian (the legendarily smelly fruit).

One small truth. I don’t think I write all that well. I am constantly amazed that so many people not just read but write back to tell me that they like my work. It’s been an amazing 2 years and I hope to keep writing and maybe improving year after year.

They Took Our Jerbs!

Phew… I am safe

1. I think he means “Descent”. Nothing very decent about that shirt.

2. It’s okay! It’s only referring to people who are black! and we hate those guys. Black guys though? He has no real problems with them. Some of his best friends are black you know.

3. Judging by that “descent” error, I think this fine chap will be on his way out. I assume to Europe where we have to deal with his terrible T-Shirts and baseball hats.

4. So will John McCain be getting kicked out?

5. Listen mate. If you insult Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern people, no one will bring you take away. Not without adding “the secret ingredient”.

See all this makes me want to do is steal something near and dear to this man and despoil it by participating in it. Something cultural and make it deeply uncool for white racists to do.

Judging from the facebook suggestion?

I think this means I have to learn to line dance to Achey Breaky Heart….



You are Judged by the Company You Keep

If you quote KKK quotes and hang out with a racist, we would assume you are a racist. Okay, the racist may be “family” but you know that you should speak out against it. You may even argue about it. You may even stop being friendly because you personally don’t think the Dutch are subhuman but your hypothetical sister does.

Because you are judged by the company you keep and by not speaking out. You may disagree with something but have to keep your mouth shut, but that just means you are supporting the thing you disagree with in the first place. If a child INSISTS on sticking his fingers into a electrical socket disagreeing with him but not telling him to stop is pretty much agreeing with him is it not?

You are always judged by the company you keep and I have slowly come to notice that the company that many naysayers against Free Thought Blogs and the like are not acceptable. The argument one individual from the slymepit made was “free speech”, well we have free speech here.

Watch this. I think Atheism Plus is heavily mishandled and it’s pure utilisation of safe zones makes debate and discourse impossible. In addition it takes a very very protectionist attitude to both culture and a purely western attitude towards feminism which is simply not universal or applicable in every situation. However due to the lack of any actual method of discourse there is no way to create active change through it. It is unfortunately a pure academic form of feminism and is unsuitable for punching out gender discrepancies in third world nations. It’s participants have little actual experience in field work and from experience are unwilling to defer to anyone who is outside the sphere of their security nor were they willing to grasp that principles are great if you can afford to have them. I have even spoken out explicitly against their cultural/race aspect of their movement because a lot of it tries to paint culture with a big fuck off brush rather than realising individual nuance.

Oh look! It’s a stance I have stated before I moved here. At no point was I ever hassled by the “FTBullies”. In fact my interviewer was Stephanie Zvan and when I specifically mentioned my apprehension with Atheism Plus we discussed precisely the above statement.

Oh look it’s genuine criticism of the movement. I have also disagreed with people like Taslima on Prostitution and Ian Cromwell on race. But the thing is through it all we have been specific about what we dislike about the other’s work. We haven’t stooped to personal attacks (Although I did offer to have a “shout racial slurs at each other till we both lose” contest with Ian),

I am not part of A+, but neither am I in the camp of the Slymepit because of the company they keep.

Stephanie Zvan survived sexual assault. But she was drunk. Oh noes! The Slut! When a Man is Drunk and Gets Laid He Taketh Responsibility! Right boys?

Many Slymepitters are represented at AVfM. Reap and Wooly Bumblebee and Astrokid who you may remember from my take on their work.

But because of free speech they get to say what they like. Free speech is fine, in fact that’s why I am examining a more flexible comment policy because I think I can do better (Hah! Suck it popular bloggers! My comments threads may be relatively empty but they will be elegant!) to give everyone the best of both worlds.

HOWEVER… The usage of this particular article by Wooly Bumblebee has crossed a line. In particular because THIS is precisely the same arguments people made when the young woman who was raped in Delhi. It was also made by AVfM. AVfM supports Indian MRAs who have blamed the rapes in India on women rather than the men.

“Coyote ugly.” It’s a phrase men use to describe the experience of waking up, hungover as shit, in bed next to a girl so ugly you’d rather chew your arm off than have her stir. Yep, another night of too many shooters and very poor judgement. Well played, tequila.

It must be Tequila’s fault!

Understand the difference between action and consent. You cannot give consent when you are drunk. You can barely order pizza yet are assuming you can give realistic consent? Yes both of you may be drunk but if both of you are drunk and want to have sex then both of you will have sex. What people who get drunk and are raped are discussing are women getting date raped through drugs like GHB or just plain old not being sober enough to put up a coordinated defence against a much stronger assailant.

You are however responsible for your actions when drunk. It’s just that simple.

I’m willing to bet that every single varsity athlete or high status (medicine, engineering, computer science) male on any given college campus has had the experience. Why? Because they get hunted. All the time. By women. You see these guys staggering bleary-eyed into the dorm rooms the next morning, bro-punching their friends and saying “Dude, how could you let me do that?”

Because women are all hungry like the wolf?

You want to know something funny? At no point has anyone ever thrown themselves at me because of my degrees. It’s always been because of my winning personality and sense of humour. I used to get women to sleep with me through the art of conversation, wit and being honest about things. It’s never been about me or my degree or my athletic skill. It’s always been because I am genuinely nice. Now I have noticed women who do sleep with these guys and if that brings them happiness then godspeed ladies, but more often than not it’s because they buy into the stupid Alpha male concept and forget that confidence isn’t arrogance. Real confidence is knowing what your limitations are. And we all have limitations. Real confidence isn’t denigrating other people but letting them shine too.

Whoever wrote that article is insulting to EVERY gender. No.1 Women aren’t Gold Diggers/Star Fuckers (Seriously? Doctor Hunting isn’t a thing), No. 2 that buys into the notion of Alpha Males which is just moronic as fuck because the “Alpha Stereotype” does poorly in medicine. It’s a team effort, if you hack your team off they will kill your credibility and your career. You can be an amazing doctor but you are nothing without your support. No. 3 you assume all men are dicks and cannot control their drinks nor who they fuck when drunk.

How could you let me do that is the hallmark of a man who cannot take responsibility for his actions. I am not your keeper, I will take care of you when sick but if you insist on doing things you consider distasteful then it’s your damn fault. I will try and field terrible decision fall outs but I won’t be held responsible for you insisting on doing something. Sleeping with a “ugly” person is not dangerous nor is it disgusting, it’s just you shagging someone who isn’t attractive.

The article goes on an on… Stephanie fields it much better than me. I would have sworn at people a lot more.

Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working in Georgia to “go home”. It’s really that moronic.

And honestly? Let’s face it, racists are morons. There are two kinds of racists, the accidental racist and the guy who should be asking himself this question.

Today’s titan of white power wank is Greg Johnson with his lovely defence and blame shifting piece about the Sikh Temple Massacre. A little back story… I am aware of the difference between skinheads. There are essentially one kind of image that the word “skinhead” portrays. It is the image of the classical neo-nazi. The American History X look. The problem is it’s not. Skinhead was a movement born out of the Lemon subgenre of the Mod movement in the UK. Initially it was an all race movement based on the working class. White and Black kids got together and they shared a love of music. Bob Marley is considered “British Skinhead”… It’s musical influence is Mod mixed in with classical west indian music genres (Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady).

It began in the 60s where the big fear in the UK was the arrival of the south asians. Indians, the original skinhead neo-nazi movement was aimed at south asians. But even at this time there were a significant and vocal anti-nazi population of skinheads. In fact they were the majority. Bands such as Madness, Cockney Rejects and the entire traditional skinhead culture spoke out against the neo-nazi skinheads. However the damage was done, skinheads appeared in the media solely as racist pricks rather than a culture born out of a shared love of west indian music. Skinheads as a mainstream genre was dead. The fringe of ANTIFA and SHARP still exist. You see them at british neo-nazi rallies marching against the racists, but they are a dwindling bunch. I used to be part of ANTIFA, I met them at a BNP rally where I was working as a medic. I too had the preconception of skinheads as solely neo-nazi and then realised we had more in common with them. Such as a shared love of Madness… Fuck there are Skinheads such as Right Said Fred who are GAY. But in our minds when we say skinhead we think Neo-Nazi because the Neo-Nazis have a monopoly on the kind of epic douchebaggery that makes the news. It’s like if we considered the portrayal of the Minotaur themed metalhead in Dexter to be representative of all metal…

With this fascinating piece of needless trivia in mind. Let’s delve into Greg Johnson’s article about the August attacks on a Milwaukee Sikh Temple. [Read more…]

Haterade – Can I speak to the Kettle?

Help! We are being attacked by the Straw Man!

Islamophobia is on the rise. At it’s basic? It is an unnatural fear of Islam with hearsay and gossip being believed rather than reality.

See Islam is the new Communism, the new Fascism. The new enemy, but we don’t want to be racist right? After all muslims generally don’t look “european/american”. So people say things like

Islam’s practice and growth affects us all, whether we subscribe to the religion or not. Islam is becoming more and more prevalent in our society and we are constantly being asked to accommodate it at the expense of our values, principles, institutions and way of life. Many far-sighted, well-informed people think our culture is doomed and our country will be turned into an Islamic state if it is left unchecked.

See, what the author means is “why are we even talking to muslims? Why do we let them have mosques and prayer rooms and societies?”. When asked “why do we have a christian society or a jewish one” they respond with the idea that it’s tradition. 

The people who see our culture as doomed and that we (in the west) will become an islamic muslim filled land are honestly deluding themselves or worse, are scare mongering to drum up support for their bigotry.

We don’t hate gays,
we just hate homosexuality!

So the right wing christian publication Canada Free Press draws up a primer with the idea of informing us about the threat of Islam, starting with the admission that they hate the sin not the sinner. I mean, that they hate Islam not muslims, and we know how that works out.  

Islam teaches that it is the one true religion and that all other religions and belief systems are false and not accepted by Allah. Believers are seen as inherently superior to unbelievers. There is no respect or tolerance for people of other faiths or beliefs in Islam, who are thought of as contemptible, unworthy, enemies of Allah and less than human. Islam teaches that it is a sacred duty of believers to convert, subjugate or kill all unbelievers in order to purify the earth, which belongs to Allah alone. It justifies any act which leads to their conversion, subjugation or death. There is no mention of Allah’s love or regard for unbelievers in the Koran. Allah’s hatred for them and cruelty towards them are mentioned over 500 times however.

Islam is an abrahamic religion. All Abrahamic religions say that they are the “one true faith”. Hell christians are so fractitious that each different creed of christianity says that they are the one true faith and all other christians are doing it wrong. Everything that applies to Islam also applies to Christianity. Hell the Jews actually refer to themselves as “the chosen people” as do the christians. It’s not “everyone good is going to go to magic reward land”, its only people “who believe in Deus Ex Machina of Sin”. Abrahamic faith isn’t one of love despite what it’s says, it may have started like that but at it’s core it is born out of hate and fear.

It’s not torture! It’s enhanced interrogation technique!

Islam’s purpose is to have everyone on earth live under Islamic rule and Islamic law, Sharia. The fact that this means destroying all non-Islamic societies and shedding vast amounts of blood is irrelevant. The command comes straight from Allah through Muhammad to the Koran and is non-negotiable, like everything else in the book. All other forms of government are seen as a sin and an insult to Allah and striving to institute Sharia worldwide is an Islamic imperative. Jihad is the individual and communal effort to expand the territory ruled by believers, to spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law throughout the world by whatever means are necessary. Believers have conducted jihad against unbelievers from Islam’s beginning to the present time. Indeed, every single day that goes by is full of examples of believers conducting jihad against unbelievers and carrying out horrific acts in the name of Islam, up to and including mutilation, torture, homicide and mass murder.

The First missionaries were the Catholics who
came to teach the native populace
 that the Protestants were wrong.
Then came the Protestants who came to teach
that the Catholics were wrong.
The only thing the Protestants and Catholics
really agreed about
was that the natives
had been extremely wrong for
the past two thousand years.

Unlike christians who wish for the world to be a secular and balanced world where no one’s religion is raised over the other and faith is kept out of public office? Unlike christians who have never destroyed any societies and cultures shedding vast amounts of blood or destroying local culture in order to spread theirs? Christians don’t have dominon movements or people passing laws solely on the basis of their faith? 
This shows a kind of specific blindness and hypocrisy ignoring crusade, pogrom and inquisitor to portray christianity as a benign force. It may be one now in comparison to Islam but lest we forget we destroyed the hold of the church over our minds in Europe and so have learn the price of being like Islam. America has not and what we see is a political system where how pious you are is more important than your ability and understanding of complex issues. 

And this forgets that there are christians who also conduct acts of mutilation, torture, homicide and mass murder. They just mainly happen to be black and no one really cares about black people in Africa. 

The missionaries of Africa were a product of colonialism, their mission was the subjugation of people and the method was the destruction of native culture by making people rely on the church rather than their own hands.

Once, Africans had the land and the europeans brought them the bible. Now all the africans have left is the bible and none of the land. Their reliance on faith has left them blinded to their own perils as they suffer horrendously. And still the church does nothing but send more missionaries to spread more ignorance and suffering. Christianity has doomed millions to death as surely as it fired a gun with it’s teachings of abstinence that misfired so horrifically in Africa leaving millions infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS.

Islam permits lying by believers to unbelievers and is in fact the only major religion with a well-developed canon sanctioning this. Lying to unbelievers takes one of two forms in Islam, taqiyya or kitman. Taqiyya is lying or deceiving by saying something which isn’t true and kitman is lying and deceiving by omission, by telling only part of the truth and withholding the rest. Both come from Allah and the Koran and may be used in a wide variety of circumstances, one of them being to gain the trust of unbelievers to make them weaker and more vulnerable prior to defeating them, another being to comply with any of Islam’s myriad imperatives. Taqiyya and kitman have been used extensively throughout Islam’s history to deceive unbelievers and to gloss over Islam’s true nature and intentions and spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law. Our time is no exception. Believers are constantly lying to unbelievers to bring them under Islam’s yoke.

This is not Halal,
But if your life and wellbeing needed it Islam has a
caveat that allows you to take this
to improve the quality of your life.
Because apparently they had an ounce of common sense.

Islam does allow you to lie under a very specific circumstance. See, Islam is actually pretty sensible and does understand the simple concept of duress. See in the Shi’a faith of islam, the rule of Taqiyaa allows you to “lie” about your faith (yes, ONLY your faith) or commit acts of blasphemy and acts illegal to Islam if under compulsion, persecution and direct threat. It also applies if you do so to save someone else’s life.

So Muslims in the past have used this law to save their lives if they needed Insulin prior to humalin (The insulin is bovine and porcine and not Halal). Or if you threaten to kill a puppy if they don’t eat a ham sandwich. Or if their lives are in serious risk. Kitman is “lying by omission” which is “not telling the whole truth”. AKA there is an army over there is the truth but not mentioning the ambush waiting for them is what is called “lying by omission”.

AKA it’s a law filled with common sense. It accepts that not everone is cut out to be a badass martyr and it allows people who just want to get on with their lives an option to keep themselves safe.

Islam and violence cannot be separated. They are virtually one and the same and always have been. Violence is at the heart of the religion and violent men and acts are revered and venerated. 

That’s because Islam is based of the old testament. Just like a certain other historically violent religion. 

The first door to door proselytisers
were a lot more annoying.
On the plus side etiquette allowed you
to shoot them with a crossbow.

Christians and Jews are held in particularly low regard in Islam… They had to pay a poll tax called the Jizya to affirm their inferior status and indigenous Christians and Jews had to pay a land tax called the Kharadj as well… They were also discriminated against in many other legal ways, all of which were designed to punish, humiliate and degrade them and keep them in their place. Even in the best of times their existence was extremely precarious and they could be forced to convert or killed for real or imagined transgressions on a moment’s notice. Hatred, revulsion and discrimination towards Christians and Jews has always been an intrinsic part of Islam and remains so to the present day. Christians and Jews continue to be constantly vilified, discriminated against and victimized by Islam, often violently. Attacks of all sorts are very common throughout the world. This is all the will of Allah as expressed to Muhammad and is entrenched in the Koran.

Indeed, Christians never did that. Instead you had a simple choice. 

Convert… or Die. 

Don’t forget the atrocities of your own, lest they be repeated.  

Misogyny and maltreatment of women are fundamental precepts and defining characteristics of Islam. Under Islam women are treated as chattels, marginalized, dehumanized, objectified, mistreated, beaten, raped, disfigured, persecuted, dominated and killed as a matter of course. This is all perfectly legitimate and is sanctified by Allah’s revelations, the Koran, Muhammad’s behavior and Islamic law. It is endemic in Islamic societies now and has been since Islam first came into existence. Women have no real rights under Islam at all, including the most basic ones of all, the right to life and the right to personal safety and security. Among other things, Islam teaches that a woman is worth less than a man, women are required to cover themselves, women are not allowed to be alone with a man who is not a relative, husbands are allowed to beat their wives, the testimony of a woman in court is worth half of a mans, women cannot travel by themselves, adulterers are to be put to death, a woman must have four male witnesses to prove rape and her testimony is not accepted and on and on in the same vein. In Islam women are under the charge of men and totally controlled and completely subservient to them, be they husbands, fathers, sons, relatives or others. This has been the case from day one.

This is a problem in all abrahamic faith which is inherently misogynistic (If you couldn’t tell). Christianity only accepts women in powerful places now because of WW2 where we HAD to accept women in our factories to maintain production and our destruction of the grasp of the church over normal life thus preventing priests from telling us how hard we should beat our wives.

The same rule that applies to Islam also applied to christianity. It’s just that if you tried it we would take you and put you in jail. The same rule applies to muslims in our nations. The laws of the land always apply.

Islam commands that those who insult Allah, Muhammad or Islam itself should be killed. So should those who desecrate the Koran or commit other acts of blasphemy. Mocking, satirizing, questioning or criticizing are all considered acts of blasphemy.

Yes and Christianity doesn’t? Let’s just remember that the people who stated that they don’t wish for the 9/11 monument to be a solely christian thing received thousands of death threats within a few hours including people offering to kill them.

Believers consider lands which were once possessed by Islam to be Islamic forever, 

Isn’t that the very basis of Israel and the Jewish State?

That’s Islam in brief. So how does it manifest itself in today’s world? The answer is violently, viciously and totally uncompromisingly, the same way it has since its birth. Every day all over the world believers are murdering, maiming, torturing, beating, raping and otherwise horribly treating men, women and children of all ages in its name. Every day all over the world Islam is trying to force unbelievers to submit to its imperatives, to make everyone live under Islamic law. Every day all over the world Islam is attacking freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism. Every day all over the world Islam is trying to wipe out freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and everything else that is requisite in free, non Islamic societies. Every day all over the world Islam is committing terrorist acts, often including mass murder. Islam is a violent, destructive, intolerant, supremacist, expansionist, religion and mindset and it proves the point every day wherever it is found, including wherever it is you happen to live. None of this is occurring, or has ever occurred for that matter, because anyone misinterprets or misunderstands it either. That is what Islam is and has always been, pure and simple.

Islam is no different to Christianity pre-renaissance. The power of free thought broke the hold of the church over Europe. War and death and waste of WW I and II further made people wary of the promises of their clergy. Christianity is neutered and declawed but it still has it’s deadly proponents, the various religious right of europe form the ranks of the Neo Nazi movement. The american right seeks to reduce the rights of Homosexuals and Women. In africa the actions of such groups as the LRA are infamous.

Christianity has always been a brutish violent religion too historically, as have every major religion out there. However they change and tarring all religion with the same brush just makes discourse difficult. And it alienates moderate muslims who don’t like the way their fundies behave. However if you lump them all into the same basket then you are just drumming up hate.

This article is one of hate, it encourages you to fear muslims. Nothing they say is the truth, they just want to dominate you, they just want to steal your daughters and your bacon sandwiches. The article forgets that all Abrahamic Faith shares core principles and the core pr
inciples of Islam are almost the same as christianity. 

Islam has very real problems. There is no intellectual discourse. There is a penchance for violence. There is a penchance for demagoguery and a lot of islamic culture isn’t interested in producing well educated balanced individuals lest they break the shackles of faith. In the west the majority of it’s followers are poor and poorly educated. It is an extremely misogynist faith since unlike Judaism and Christianity there hasn’t been a real feminist movement for it’s followers. No one is willing to speak out and make changes and there is no forum for the voice of moderate Islam while the fundies shout the loudest. Without a mechanism of change the moderates will disappear eventually leaving us with just fundies to deal with.

Articles like this don’t help. They don’t inform and all they do is spread lies and hate and scare people.

Just remember the largest growing faith maybe Islam but that’s only because there is a movement rising faster than Islam. Secularism… And secularism doesn’t like religious stuff in places of power. Be it a solely christian monument to those who perished on 9/11, to the actions of the pope, to the teaching of science in class rooms and yes… to the encouragement of the replacement of our secular law with those from any religious text be it the bible or the koran.

Haterade – Diet version

T-Shirts have been used to offer right wing members of Neo-Nazi groups a way out. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The neo nazi and far right movement are pants on head crazy and dangerous. But like all groups I am sure they are just as dangerous to those who try to leave the fold.

People may join movements in their youth that they regret and cannot escape lest their erstwhile friends realise that and harm them. I think these T-shirts were an amazing way to offer help to those who may need it. Hopefully a few people would seek help.

Kudos to Exit – Deutschland whose work made this possible particularly to having the common sense to have tried to save those people. I know I would have done something to irritate and antagonise the far right rather than have the maturity to do this.

Well done on reducing the number of people who hate.