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Mar 19 2014

They Took Our Jerbs!

1. I think he means “Descent”. Nothing very decent about that shirt. 2. It’s okay! It’s only referring to people who are black! and we hate those guys. Black guys though? He has no real problems with them. Some of his best friends are black you know. 3. Judging by that “descent” error, I think …

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Feb 22 2013

I Get Mail – On Conflict in Atheism

“What do I Think About the Conflict in Atheism?” Asked an email.

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Feb 20 2013

I Get Mail – TAM

So… I got some amusing hate mail. I do reserve the right to post the stupidest and vilest of stuff but so far it’s been “God will punish you” and “You Suck Assorted Phallus” rather than “Anything particularly amusing”

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Jan 21 2013

You are Judged by the Company You Keep

If you quote KKK quotes and hang out with a racist, we would assume you are a racist. Okay, the racist may be “family” but you know that you should speak out against it. You may even argue about it. You may even stop being friendly because you personally don’t think the Dutch are subhuman …

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Oct 29 2012

Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working …

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Aug 15 2011

Haterade – Can I speak to the Kettle?

Help! We are being attacked by the Straw Man! Islamophobia is on the rise. At it’s basic? It is an unnatural fear of Islam with hearsay and gossip being believed rather than reality.See Islam is the new Communism, the new Fascism. The new enemy, but we don’t want to be racist right? After all muslims generally …

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Aug 11 2011

Haterade – Diet version

T-Shirts have been used to offer right wing members of Neo-Nazi groups a way out. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The neo nazi and far right movement are pants on head crazy and dangerous. But like all groups I am sure they are just as dangerous to those who try to leave the fold. People may join movements …

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