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May 22 2013

Hags of Lag – *Thunderfoot doesn’t get Regressive Crap II – Electric Boogaloo

Well he is at it again! I have been sat on this for a while because stuff kept happening that required me to run around and be busy. I just attended an all day medical conference (on Breast Cancer and Reconstruction) and figured I need to unwind a bit. (I do have a post about …

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May 04 2013

Hags of Lag – Youtubes, Escapist and Anita Sarkeesian

I know I covered Thunderfoot’s take on Anita Sarkeesian’s Damsel in Distress video and why I thought his arguments were pointless, but the Escapist’s Critical Miss explains the gripe in a much more succinct way. Can’t put it better myself. Still waiting for “part II” on the Damsel in Distress trope. I want to see modern …

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Apr 23 2013

Hags of Lag – 700 Club

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Apr 21 2013

Hags of Lag – Look! No Hands!

Terrible title aside? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL1h-9hlmhY

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Apr 17 2013

Hags of Lag – Road Rash?

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you heard it here. Someone is making a spiritual successor to the Road Rash series. What is Road Rash you may ask? It’s a game where you drive around racing motorcycles smacking each other with makeshift weapons in order to get to the lead in a no holds …

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Apr 13 2013

Hags of Lag – Honour

Listen, I know videogames are “light on the ladies” when it comes to representing us, but look beyond that for this one. This may be a “sausage fest” but this article shows a company making steps in the right direction.

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Apr 07 2013

Hags of Lag – Guns don’t kill, Games Do

A lot of what we do as people who play games has harmed our image. A lot of the ideas and stereotypes about us are from the behaviour of our online players. The idea of gamers as nowt but childish, sexist, racist children is harming us. And people have noticed, we aren’t a group of …

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Apr 04 2013

Hags of Lag – B00bies

When you see things like this you just are gutted. We as gamers are trying to be more inclusive and we really cannot do that by encouraging games like this. I mean how can we be respected as anything but idiotic if we reward games like this.

Apr 03 2013

Hags of Lag – Rage

Let’s not mince around the topic here. Gamer Rage is infamous in the game community. To those who aren’t part of it? It can be simply described as the lack of sportsmanly behaviour. It can be racism/sexism/homophobia as seen in various slurs bandied around. Games have gotten more competitive and much like sports where “Trash …

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Apr 02 2013

Hags of Lag – Jimquisition gets it

If you aren’t aware about the controversy regarding the game Remember Me, then here is a summary. Apparently the creator had to fight a lot to get his game released because there was the notion that you cannot sell a “Female Protagonist” in a game. It won’t sell. Dudes don’t like Kissing Dudes.

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