A Response to Gamer Gate

Avi, your current post has lots of topics, tangents, culs de sac, and other offshoots, so it’s kinda hard to decide where to dip one’s toe. I would like to dip my toe into your first topic: the importance of ethics in games journalists.

Its funny how no one else has problems reading my work. Sure it’s a crummy blog filled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes but here is the thing? Everyone seems to get it and LIKE it.

Okay. Let’s discuss ethics in games then. [Read more…]

Ethics in Gaming

I am surprised in general about the whole ethics in games journalism.

Oh I agree that games journalism has problems. Games Journalists don’t make the sort of money they need to review games so are reliant on free handouts. This isn’t a bad thing, most game reviewers of note are pretty biased but they make their biases clear. We have PS4 junkies and XBox Junkies and and PC Gamers all promoting their “master” system.

BUT here is the thing? We have always known that. We listen to the game reviewers of our choice as they share the same biases.

Okay? Gaming is a Subjective Medium. There are people who are enthralled by the plots of games, there are people who don’t mind sprite graphics and clunky interfaces and learning curves akin to rock climbing walls rather than gentle hills. Guess what? These gamers aren’t going to take advice from the Call of Duty Shooter Reviewer. Likewise we have reviewers such as Yahtzee whose snark adds to the experience of the review.  [Read more…]

Why Gamergate’s Review Demand doesn’t work

I got this from a review from “Pro-Vox Day” site Calista House and decided to use it as an example to show the difference between an “unbiased GG review” and something run by gamers who are more mature and indeed more pro-diversity.

“I’d give this game a 7/10 due to graphics, music, and replay value from the ‘secret ally’ system.”

To mock this? I give Moby Dick a 7/10 due to size, whaling setting and snooty shelf value.  [Read more…]

Thunderf00t – Looks like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck

You know? A lot of us used to be Thunderfoot fans. And I have come a fair way since then.

Now  here is the thing? Youtube is simply an easier medium to view than a blog. It’s hard to make rebuttals, it’s good for a dialogue but not for a good fisking. In effect it is a monologue. You guys can comment (and I know I get around 600 or so readers per page these  days which means that the vast majority of you are silent! Please! I encourage dialogue and I understand this place is very wild west but comment if you like and think you can add to the discussion)

But Thunderfoot’s taking on “feminism” under the guise of skepticism. I was torn between this and A Voice for Men and I figured that I may as well do this first.  [Read more…]

Jimquisition – I approve of this message and wish I had said it

No seriously. I am not being sarcastic. He does a phenomenal job. I don’t know why these very same Gamer Gate supporters are so hellbent on people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu when there are much bigger abuses in games journalism and asking for more inclusive games is a step in the right direction rather than a harmful one. I mean? This is a place where Total Biscuit (another prominent gamer) has pointed out that there are companies that will only let you review a game IF you give positive reviews.  [Read more…]

A Voice For Me! – Janet Bloomfield and #Gamergate Slander Anita Sarkeesian using Anime

Let us be clear on this. I am a nerd. When I write about this, I feel the need to prove my geek side.

I love a lot of nerdy things. I used to do table top games ranging from Pathfinder and D&D to things like obscure games. If you talked to me about Lunch Money, I would mention Beer Money. If you asked me about gaming? I would point out that I spent most of my school lunch hours playing Soul Calibur and Power Stone. I played played Warhammer. I lived in the arcade heavy parts of the Middle East. I am not an expert gamer with some fancy rig but I do know my Grand Theft Autos from my Saint’s Row. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Videogames and Suicide

During the February half term, William Menzies died.

He went up to his room after lunch. 3 hours later he was found asphyxiated. He had hung himself after tying his hands behind his back. According to his brother, William was in a happy mood and there were no warning signs of depression.

Menzies death has rocked the local community. MY local community. He died in Altrincham. I drink at the Unicorn and the Classroom if readers want to come give me company over a pint.

He went to my old school.  [Read more…]