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Dec 03 2013

Gay Power vs Good Honest Christian

This one’s from the “good Christians” at WND and Peter Barbara is fighting back hard against the terrible assault on the good Christians of America. I suppose this is a terrible thing.

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Nov 06 2013

It Get’s Better – 10 Reasons

I managed to find a list from Defend Marriage (provided by a very nice reader), listing 10 reasons equal marriage rights for GLBT must be opposed and I figured that a short rebuttal is necessary against the most common arguments people give against equal marriage rights. I know a lot of the readers probably agree with me, …

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Nov 02 2013

Gay Propaganda

There is a book ot called Gay Propaganda and it is a collection of original stories, interviews and testimonies in English and Russian. It is an anthology designed to capture the lives of the GLBT in Russia both at home and indeed in exile. It is a provacative look into the life and the love …

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Oct 28 2013

It’s A Sin

Being gay is a sin. We may think it’s laughable to think so but remember religion’s power comes through guilt. That any time you are having fun you are in fact damning your soul to eternal torment and that you are nothing but sinful. And this has a terrible effect on people.

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Oct 28 2013

The Moral Majority

In every nation there exists something called the “moral majority”. It’s a self identified group of holier than thou activists who believe  that they are so wholesome and good that their way of life is the only way of life to follow. These people are usually self identified as religious, either right wingers or identify as …

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Oct 21 2013

Destroying the Sanctity Of Marriage


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Oct 17 2013

California does not Fail Biology, You Do

This one’s from Political Hat who simply doesn’t get why a simple law came into being. 

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Oct 09 2013

Won’t Someone Think of the Children

A large part of the organised homophobia surrounding religious bigotry is that it can leach into secular thought and indeed action. It’s no secret that Mexico is staunchly Catholic and despite progressive moves such as the legalisation of Same Sex Marriage there are still some parts which aren’t playing by the same rulebook.

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Aug 14 2013

Fry Up

Well the Daily Mail has responded to Stephen Fry’s heart felt plea to make a stand and not participate in next year’s Suchi Olympics. And as usual, it’s a vapid and idiotic piece that simply doesn’t get why it’s important to make such a stand.

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Aug 09 2013

In Support of Stephen Fry

Dear Olympians of the Future You may not read this, and you may not read Stephen Fry’s passionate letter, but others may and others will pass it on and hopefully someone may tell you what we the people of the United Kingdom think.

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