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Nov 02 2013

Gay Propaganda

There is a book ot called Gay Propaganda and it is a collection of original stories, interviews and testimonies in English and Russian. It is an anthology designed to capture the lives of the GLBT in Russia both at home and indeed in exile. It is a provacative look into the life and the love …

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May 02 2013

This is it boys, this is war!

In January this year Boone High School began allowing the distribution of Bibles in schools citing that the Bible was being provided to encourage discussion about religion and that any religion related group can submit their own literature.

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Apr 06 2013

In Defence of Jim Carrey

I know I give the rubbery faced anti-vax kook a lot of grief for his beliefs, but this that’s because he deserves it for that. But Ted “Yosemite Sam” Nugent is an idiot. Dear America. Before we start. The correct argument for using guns is “Guns are Cool”. Not that guns somehow reduce your murder …

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Mar 19 2013

Piano Black – Parents Don’t Understand

Being a teenager, I wonder about my parents a lot. I wonder why they just don’t understand the situation I am in. Sometimes I even wonder if my parents were even kids. I’m sure they were, they just don’t care to tell me their little stories. Often times, I think parents try to create this …

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Nov 30 2012

Bread and Circuses – Gay Marriage

Why do they fight against gay marriage? Gay Marriage is the modern Bread and Circus. It’s used to distract from the real issues in the USA. In this case?The cynic in me says this… It was election year and Obama is rather competent. Republicans have nothing else (and to be fair, Obama is guilty of …

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Aug 07 2011

If You Don’t Stand for Something, you will Fall for Anything.

I disagree with Hirsi Ali on this one. Islam is so many different levels of screwed up at this point. It’s a religion where debate is not encouraged. It’s followers are exhorted to be as blinded and as fanatical as possible. It is anti intellectual and anti social. The nice friendly muslims are now a …

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Jun 07 2011

Aminah Abdallah and Freedom

http://damascusgaygirl.blogspot.com/ Aminah Abdallah is a lesbian syrian blogger who wrote an extremely brave account of her and her father standing up to people who threatened to rape her (to correct her behaviour of all things). She has been kidnapped, possibly by supporters of the regime and is part of the violence that has become so …

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May 29 2011

Age of Kali: Fear of a Blogged Planet

Our plans are myriad and excessively complex! The internet is a schizophrenic piece of technology. It is a true soapbox for any and all to air their ills, their dreams and their ideas. It is a world where one minute I can learn about how to make a motor out of a battery, a button …

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