Warlocks are Enemies of God!

In 2006, a documentary was made by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing followed sermons by Kids on Fire School of Ministry Pastor Rebecca Fischer and was an unbiased look at charismatic evangelism and child ministry.

Those charismatics who watched it were filled with pride of such amazing christian behaviour. The more sane christians and secular watchers were horrified at the treatment of children, using fear to scare them into believing.

When I first saw it in 2006, I commented on it being a great way to produce a generation of serial killers as this is nothing short of child abuse for  the sake of fucking up the way someone thinks about the world.

I think Harry Potter is a good role model for kids. It has him take responsibility, shows loyalty to friendship, has positive female role models, acceptance of people for what they are rather than their race. It is a really “twee” book, which has some people complaining but it’s a book of adventures in the vein of old famous five books and goes back to the “childhood adventure in a magic land”.

The people who think it is bad are either nutjobs like this or people who in my humble opinion need to stop treating a children’s book like it is a Man Booker prize entry. It’s meant to entertain 15 year old kids. It’s not meant to evoke new thought process in an adult reader. Judging it by the standards of adult books is like stating that Sesame Street treats the viewer like they are 5 and insults our intelligence.

If you can find Jesus Camp out on the internet, then I suggest you have a watch. If only to expand your mind that these people do exist and that people do honestly think they are a force for good.