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Jan 31 2013

Be Prepared || When Maps Flap, and Knots Fray; Just Remember Scout, “At Least You aren’t Gay”

If you haven’t already heard, various Christian groups are out in force about the Boy Scouts of America trying to be decent (finally) and recognise homosexuals as members. Amongst the Pearl Clutchers we have the Baptist Press who write news with a Christian perspective. If by Christian you mean “Raging Homophobes”.

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Jan 29 2013

Technological Advancement in a Fundamentalist World


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Oct 18 2011

What a Rush

Trolling or Ignorance? Rush Limbaugh yet again shows us why he simply is an appalling human being by not even doing the most basic of research about the LRA which is a horrid christian milita based on child soldiers, rape and slavery. Is it too much to expect him to just check on wikipedia before he says …

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Jul 14 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is Ajmal Kasab’s birthday, for those who don’t know who he is, he is one of the terrorists of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He is the lone survivor of that infamous event and is currently in jail for his crimes awaiting the death sentence. I don’t believe in the death sentence, particularly in this …

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Jul 05 2011

Damn! I should have called myself the Hindunator instead!

The Hindunator – Now with all the guns, and all the pomade! Curses! Is it too late to call myself the Hindunator instead of Avicenna?Gideon from the blog House of Gideon has called me out in his post. I shall respond to him in dual (here and there). My posts here will carry images to add some colour …

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May 22 2011

Dear Minessota

Dear Minessota I am not a particularly angry atheist. I am just a rather well informed one but surely SURELY you guys have realised that the man giving this invocation is a horrific and backwards individual who is trying to take your nation back to the days when people couldn’t fly! This man has misrepresented …

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Mar 31 2011

Animal Liberation – The forgotten war between science and ignorance

Crazy Death Threats against studentsThe animal liberation movement ranges across the spectrum of common sense from scientists to laughable ideas of ecology such as the people who outright ban certain kinds of hunting solely because the animal is cute rather than the actual effect of said animal on the environment to the utterly deadly.For most …

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