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Dec 19 2011

A weird week

There goes a saying, celebrities die in threes. Over the past two days, two more men who shaped the world passed away. Kim Jong Il was obviously the more famous of the two, but the one that saddened me the most was Vaclav Havel. Havel is the man who gave us the Prague Spring, and the …

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Aug 11 2011

Haterade – Diet version

T-Shirts have been used to offer right wing members of Neo-Nazi groups a way out. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The neo nazi and far right movement are pants on head crazy and dangerous. But like all groups I am sure they are just as dangerous to those who try to leave the fold. People may join movements …

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Jun 01 2011

The Human Cost of Andrew Wakefield

For those who are unaware of this fine example of humanity, Andrew Wakefield was the doctor who was responsible for the shoddy piece of research that lead to the rumour that measles vaccines can cause autism. The MMR vaccine was the primary focus of the anti-vaccine stance since this was the vaccine that people believed …

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