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Apr 12 2013

I Get Male – A Response to Pitchguest

Someone posted a video on the comments section on a previous post on racism. And Pitchguest responded with this.

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Mar 16 2013

I Get Mail – Unanswerable Questions from a Creationist

There are apparently a series of questions running around of “totally” unanswerable questions. The mailer identifies as a Christian Creationist and has sent in a list of questions that are supposedly unfieldable… So I used my day off to write up a list of answers…

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Jan 24 2013

Reality vs. Ken Ham

The USA has a major problem with Creationism. Now before you all (Y’all?) descend on me calling me a commie secret muslim (This seems to be a major problem) you have to realise that I actually quite like America. I just feel that a lot of it is wasted on Americans who don’t seem to …

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Jul 10 2011

We are all made of Stars

Gideon’s response from the House of Gideon is up. It’s just bad as a whole. It’s not a difficult argument to counter. “And, throughout the Bible, it says that death is the result of sin. Why would there be a final judgment if everyone were already in Heaven or the pit? There is a hellfire mentioned …

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