Ham – Teaching Science is just Like Being Hitler

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” – Hitler

That’s what Ken Ham’s arguing in his latest blog post.

This is his  take on the notion that people wish to start teaching kids about science at an earlier age. Because teaching biology would entail teaching kids about evolution and that means Ken Ham cannot tell little children that magic did everything. The problem being that Ken Ham’s take on the world is understandable by 5 year olds. [Read more…]

Fair Enough – Bill Nye’s Defence

I read Bill Nye’s defence of why he chose to engage in a debate with Ken Ham. While I think the biggest risk was that a Bill Nye defeat would somehow restart the old “Creationist Wars”, his arguments put him squarely in the victory camp.

But his defence also makes sense, even though Ken Ham may have profited monetarily, Bill Nye probably sowed the seeds of sufficient doubt to encourage children and indeed parents to start questioning the applied theology of creationism. [Read more…]

If Only Ken Ham Made These Arguments! – A Rebuttal

This one’s also from the Christian Post and was part of a request by a creationist who took umbrage to my posts on evolution. Upon insisting that these 5 Christian Arguments are solid, and that had Ken Ham pulled these out, Bill Nye would have crumbled.

I was intruiged, because I came up with a similar argument. With regards to the anti-vaccine “debate”, I found that asking anti-vax about the basics of how the human immune system functioned would often cause them to stop talking altogether as there is no real response to it that supports an anti-vax standpoint.

So it is with interest we delve into this creationist equivalent of the ultimate weapon. [Read more…]

Creationism and Surveying the Evidence

There is a reason why creationists wish to debate and not do research. For starters? There is nothing to research. Biblical research with regards to creationism boils down to “It was magic all along”. There is no divine finger print that can be detected, merely evidence that can be misunderstood.

It is why creationists are claiming the recent discovery of the gravity waves that could be the “echo” of the Big Bang is a victory for creationists. Why? Because they called shotgun on it. There is no actual reason, just tortured Bible verse. It is the attribution of great knowledge to the past and denigration of progress. It is a laughable concept, the Bronze age Jews knew about gravity waves but not iron.

But that’s how they work. The reason they want to do debates is because it lets them display their wares. Now most of them were quiet for a few years thanks to the efforts of people like Christopher Hitchens and Dawkins and because they were not good at debates. While science made colossal strides and progress, creationists trotted out crocoducks and ideal bananas and failed to realise that there was a ball of fire in our sky. [Read more…]

Jewish Chronicle – I do not think we should teach creationism in schools

This one’s by Abraham Hilsenrath on the Jewish Chronicle.

It is rather puzzling to hear non-Christian and Islamic creationists, we often forget that Jews share the same creation mythos and while they may pay lip service to the story they don’t “actively” believe in it.

But there are conservative Jews who do if we think about it. The difference is that Jews don’t try and foist creationism on schools as much as Islam and Christianity do. [Read more…]