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Aug 10 2013

Comfort Food

This one isn’t from the Master of Banana that is Ray Comfort but from the Abandoned to Christ blog by Sunny Shell. For those who are unaware, Professor PZ Myers did an interview with Ray Comfort that turned out to be a little bit crooked. And Professor Myers said so about it. But this has …

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Jun 08 2013

Saruman’s Advice

Do not speak to me of Dr Terry Mortenson. He is a foolish fellow. Something wicked this way comes in Lanarkshire in East Kilbride (Scotland). Apparently they are going to hear the debate about “Creation versus Evolution”. I assume afterwards they are going to hear the debate whether the Earth is Flat or Spherical.

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Jun 06 2013

Dragon Force

Ken Ham is “low hanging fruit”. It’s fun to laugh at him because some of his arguments are just “terrible”. Today’s is no different. Not only is the Earth 6000 odd years old and all of us have come out of the super incest that was Noah but Dragons also existed. “So the valiant knight …

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May 07 2013

This is Why We Need Science in Schools

If you haven’t heard it yet, Zack Kopplin tried and failed to get the “Louisiana Science Education Act” repealed. For those who are unaware, this was passed into being by fellow brown person and all round arsehole Bobby Jindal. And it’s a piece of legislation that allows for the teaching of anything from literal creationism …

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May 05 2013

SSA Blogathon – Stop them! They are Making Fun of Us!

Ken Ham has discovered the Redditz and r/atheism and he is not amused! Stahp! Atheists! Why you hating Creationism!

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Apr 25 2013

TrueU – Because Education challenges Superstition

Focus on the Family’s got a new plan. Basically? University and College is pretty poor for “faith” in dogmatic religions. There is little to no onus to keep going to a church and you are suddenly thrown into a mixing bowl of people who are nothing like the small groups you are used to and …

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Apr 23 2013

Christian Schools? Why You Should!

I was educated for a while in a Christian school and quickly realise one thing. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Sure the nuns kept trying to make ridiculous claims about Jesus but on the whole owing to my Hindu status I was left alone. At no point was I ever told …

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Mar 17 2013

Piano Black – Conversations with Creationists

Being raised in the dirty bible belt south,  I’ve had my fair share of awkward conversations with people with an unquestionable faith for a supreme being. I’ll demonstrate some samples of how a few of these conversations went;

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Mar 16 2013

I Get Mail – Unanswerable Questions from a Creationist

There are apparently a series of questions running around of “totally” unanswerable questions. The mailer identifies as a Christian Creationist and has sent in a list of questions that are supposedly unfieldable… So I used my day off to write up a list of answers…

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Feb 01 2013

Rebuttal for Creationists – Did God Use Evolution – Introduction

This was something I have been working on for a fair while. In fact it’s something I have wanted to do for ages but lacked the drive to begin. What I hope to do here is a series of posts as a rebuttal to Creationist Literature. But Avi! You say! No one fights Creationists Anymore! …

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