A Wizard Did It

This is the basic battle cry of creationists and none are as creationy as the Discovery Institute!

We live in a world where the Creationists have had to lick their wounds. The world’s changed, gone are the court room battles, but the creationists still tap away at education. Science progresses in leaps and bounds while Creationists struggle to even produce junk science.

So they turn to attack pop science. The conversion of science into an easy to consume format. Many bemoan pop-science as harming science. I disagree.

We are a generation of pop scientists. From Bill Nye to even simple stuff like Blue Peter we grew up with pop science and that easy to consume science made us delve into science as a whole. The best Pop-Science attempts from the creationists include “Kinds”, a concept so convoluted that most creationists themselves can’t explain it properly. In which dog breeds are treated the same as whale species which are the same as all fungi. Hell we all remember the ID argument of the Croco-duck and the perfect banana.

So they are forced to look at pop science and go “pfft. That’s clearly wrong! The Bible says x, y and z and reality cannot work that way!” [Read more…]

Mark Armitage – Creationism and Bad Science

Mark H. Armitage earned a BS in Education from Liberty University and an MS in Biology (parasitology), under Richard Lumsden (Ph.D. Rice and Dean of Tulane University’s graduate program) at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, CA. He later graduated Ed.S. in Science Education from Liberty University and is a doctoral candidate there.

This kind of puzzles me as to what a Liberty University BSc and MSc are worth because no such course in biology to my knowledge teaches a creationist world view. [Read more…]

What a Difference a Day Makes – Young/Old Earth Creationism

The recent bust up between Ken Ham and Pat Robertson is kind of amusing to watch. You know how many of us doubted Bill Nye’s possible effect in that creationism debate? See the thing with unmoderated debates is that the audience is biased. Arguing looks fun, but it is just intellectual gymnastics. You aren’t going to convince the truly faithful. What you do convince are the undecideds and the malcontents. The people who have doubts about creationism who see those doubts mirrored. [Read more…]

Ham – Teaching Science is just Like Being Hitler

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” – Hitler

That’s what Ken Ham’s arguing in his latest blog post.

This is his  take on the notion that people wish to start teaching kids about science at an earlier age. Because teaching biology would entail teaching kids about evolution and that means Ken Ham cannot tell little children that magic did everything. The problem being that Ken Ham’s take on the world is understandable by 5 year olds. [Read more…]