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Feb 21 2013

John Stumbles – Measles

I am a total noob to this and still get excited when people link to my work and think it’s good… But this one blew me away. If you want to see something really cool with regards to vaccination, check out John Stumbles. I must correct him though. I am not yet a full doctor…

Dec 22 2012

The Problem of Morality

Jack Kerwick’s article on Atheism and the Problem of Morality got me thinking. Why do people think atheists have a problem with morality. Well apart from the fact it is a typically carpenter god orientated article it’s filled with some of the standard and sadly all to common notions about our morality. Morality is one …

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Dec 19 2012

Things I Learned This Week

I am not a happy bunny, I learnt two things today, two things that probably say more about the United States of America’s toxic culture than anything else. The first was the apparent “attacks on teachers by politicians”. The notion that the school teachers are horrid, greedy and callous individuals personally responsible for the state …

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Dec 18 2012

Attacks on Medical Staff

It has been reported that UN Aid staff are being moved out of Pakistan and the country’s Polio program has been halted due to a series of attacks by insurgents specifically aimed at killing aid workers working to eliminate Polio. So far four women have died with the fifth succumbing to her injuries a short …

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Dec 01 2012

Doubts About Atheism? Fifteen Questions for Atheists Answered

I got these “questions” sent on a Facebook message after I corrected a friend on the whole “Israel Malarky”. Someone took umbrage to me stating that “If god is telling United States of America (or at least ‘MERICA!!!) to support Israel then perhaps we should stop listening to the voices in our head and rather …

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Mar 03 2012


We often joke about witchcraft. Whether it be us laughing at the sheer silliness of modern witchcraft in wicca or satanists or laughing at the ideas a lot of people have about Harry Potter. To us witches are a joke. But in vast parts of Africa where traditional belief in witches is mixed with the …

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Feb 14 2012

Valentine’s Day Massacre: Indiana’s Drones and the Temple of Dumb

Why are we even discussing whether religion and science should be taught on the same footing in a classroom? It is 2012, and we have touched the moon, made smallpox extinct, created the internet and routinely chose to hurl ourselves through the air in metal cylinders powered by dead monsters. And somehow despite all this technology …

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Nov 21 2011

Logical Coherrance

Mr. Kohlmayer certainly thinks that our arguments lack logic and coherence while cherry picking a single quote from a skeptical website. The argument we make is based on a simple concept. If god is completely a non-physical entity then how does he interact with the universe? How does he affect believers? How does he implement his …

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Nov 03 2011

The Seventh Seal

If we agree to be arranged by a tetris player, then I am surewe can fit a few more hundred people in here. Humanity has crossed a very important landmark in our existence. As of this week, it is predicted that there are seven billion people on earth. Who the seven billionth child is? That …

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Sep 25 2011

My Imaginary friend can kick your imaginary friend’s arse!

Stay classy christianity This is just stupid, it’s utilising the position of power and of trust to flog superstitious nonsense. It’s rice conversion, utilising your power as a doctor and the trust you have from that relationship and qualification to flog belief. Christianity is no superior to say… Scientology in providing succor to patients. Do …

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