Top 6 Lies by us Lieberals on Boston

I spent a day being “rather sick” thanks to an accidental consumption of soya that I am intolerant to. Let’s just say no would want to be my friend and I figured I should do something fun.

Like a List. Or should I say Liest?

Today’s epic post of epicness comes from Front Page magazine who are running a top 6 lies about the Boston Bombers while cackling in their boots. It’s their favorite topic after all. Islamofacism… [Read more…]

Christian Schools? Why You Should!

I was educated for a while in a Christian school and quickly realise one thing. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Sure the nuns kept trying to make ridiculous claims about Jesus but on the whole owing to my Hindu status I was left alone. At no point was I ever told I was going to hell. I did have to sit through moral science classes but those were silly rather than anything. [Read more…]

I Get Mail – This is Why We Suck

Apparently someone’s written a list of grievances against the kind of stuff I write and has sent it in so I figured I should at least address some of the grievances. A quick google shows that it’s a list from the Slymepit.

I know I have a couple of readers who don’t agree with where I have moved and indeed I have had a backlash that somehow if I had not accepted this I would have broken through some other way into the “somewhat mainstream” of atheism.

But here is the thing. In over 2 years of writing I made less than a couple of thousand hits. I make that per day now. I know I have moved up. And I know this would not have occurred had I not been a diversity hire. I know that FTB specifically went head hunting for non-white, non-judeo-christian atheists to join in. Patheos didn’t. Atheism United tried to do it but frankly all I have seen is a logo come out of that before it petered out. [Read more…]