Evilution I – The Dawkinator

All Power to the Hypno-Dawkins

Part one of today’s posts consists of wailing on the Washington Post’s very own Jordan Sekulow, Lawyer and someone who Just Does Not Get Atheism. Which is perfectly fine, not everyone gets it. It’s a choice to not get it, just like it is a choice to correct his misconceptions with how atheism, evolution and the world works. [Read more…]

It’s Not Empowerment, It’s Quackery

Prior to the Obstetric/Gynaecological adoption of abortion, it was one of the most riskiest procedures out there. Abortions historically have had some of the worst mortality rates and were generally a practice of last resorts.

We turned it into an outpatient procedure with an incredibly low mortality rate. There are different indications for abortions and what procedure needs to be done depending on the health of the mother and the gestational age of the foetus.

There is a large amount of quackery aimed at women that is aimed almost exclusively under the notion that it is feminist. It’s not. The adoption of medical abortion empowered women far more than the quacks. However doctors are rarely part of the dialogue, so you instead saw a massive movement to push the notion that medicine is anti-female. And many women believe in it.

Medicine doesn’t seem to have time for the patient because most doctors have massive queues of people who wish to see them. People are busy and so have to juggle patients. Not so in the private sector and indeed the Alt/Med brigade where the demand is low so they can see you for 15 to 30 minutes knowing full well there is no one being put out by the long consult.

I read this on Miri’s blog whiich lead me to the original post. And it made me bloody mad. [Read more…]

Metal Minority

What Are You Doing Here?

Oh I read the book and some of it resonated with me. Mainly because I have been asked the question.

I listened to the Radio a lot growing up for my musical fix and while poking around I discovered metal and was hooked. And when I first went to University I discovered Star and the Wendy House nights in Leeds.

These were my first introductions to the world of metal where I noticed something weird.

I was the only Asian kid there. Maybe there were others, but I certainly didn’t meet any after much much later.

It’s where I met some of my first friends and made tentative steps of independence. All the Indian kids were out listening to Dubstep, Jungle and Hip-Hop and Asian Dancehall genres.

I never saw race until later but in retrospect I had just walked into the least racially diverse place ever.

And someone commented on that on my first night out. “What Are You Doing Here?”. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks – Measles Doesn’t Believe in Your God

It’s rather weird to think of the Measles as a deadly killer. In fact the problem is it’s not. The chance of you dying from a Measles infection is very very low.

But the fact of the matter is simple. Measles was once one of the biggest killers on the planet. More feared than Polio and with a death toll that makes HIV look like something more quaint.  [Read more…]

Still think there is no Sexism in Islam?

I wrote a fairly large post taking on A Voice for Men’s Girl Who Writes and her stance that excused and lauded the behaviour of Islam within Afghanistan. In her video she made the claim that Islam treated women (in the Koran) better than other places.

And I responded with “Is that so? Then all the statistics are false because the 1400 year old book says so. Good Game Well Played! Going Home.

Reality has a well known Avi bias. [Read more…]

Ah Bill O’Reilley

You can still say “Merry Christmas”. Not celebrating Christmas the Judeo-Christian way doesn’t mean anything to us even when I was not a Christian. I still sat around waiting for Santa Claus. The only difference is we don’t care that much about the actions of Jesus. Yes that story is very nice but ultimately it’s a story. And if you say “He died for my sins” then I will say that “Harry Potter died to save you from Dark Wizards”.

Then again? It’s a bit early to start your defence on the war on Christmas. It’s bloody June! [Read more…]

William Lane Craig doesn’t like our Help-Line

We all know who he is. Well okay. Most of us know who William Lane Craig is. He is the man who keeps asking Dawkins to debate him as if a debate will demonstrate the existence of a Christian god.

William Lane Craig is a prominent “theologist” who routinely claims that atheism is unsound due to a variety of phillosophical arguments rather than say “real evidence based ones”. And he is not a fan of Recovering from Religion‘s new “Atheist Hotline“.  [Read more…]

Gay? Scouts? In Texas! Hell No!

Boy Scouts in Houston, Texas voted this week to maintain the policies of the Scouts that bar openly gay youth who seek to participate.

Am I the only one who thinks telling them that there are gays who aren’t open about their sexuality? That they should fear stealth homosexuals? This way no boy can be part of the Boy Scouts lest they be secretly gay. [Read more…]